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Monday, November 20th

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Sometimes we are given tremendous opportunities and that today is one of those days at 1007 here attending now okay. We welcoming to our show a doctor Victor Davis Hanson. The author of the new book the second world wars how the first global conflict was spots. And one doctor Hansen pleasure to have you on the show thanks for doing it. And Grammy me it. It is so wonderful for you to be eager to talk about that topic of great significance and a topic that's been discussed let's face it. Many many times and you have a different kind of approach to this block. So talk a little bit about why you wanted to write about World War II which has been written about many many times. And you're very distinct approach to. Yeah hackers say 8000 books a year that come out on World War II. Well I try to do the range and number chronology of what party the way it was spot on the Lam. On C. In the air and then try to describe what that decision. Will be out to their allies to build things like Obi wan rocker at all. Super battle ship what be among the worst to put warrants or didn't matter. I also called it the second world wars plural recruitment and Arjun was until being divisional Soviet Union Pearl Harbor. The German declaration. Of work its United States all that happened. 1941. It would be known as World War II which is known as successful. German war and I know them against Norway and France Greece Yugoslavia and one all the oral was basically peace and may. 1941. Of them Hitler and the Japanese opened a whole new. Up front against Russia in the United States and Britain and the Pacific and suddenly. People could you know Lisa this is something new it's that and the British culture Kamal what we call the world war true and they re named the great war or war on. And sort try to bring that out and I could explain what reality is once so quickly after 1941 night that he. They want within three years. Or potential war I guess in Indian standard conflicts like the one that we've been in unison so one added that is very short but that casualty count doctor Hansen was. This is nothing some mean people forget I mean there was just a massive. Massive. Amount of dash in this war and many civilians. By the way I think it would produce there's been certainly are Pearson's straight 1942. Men shouldn't six and 41. And even longer since woke up 39 but. It was the largest catastrophe in the history of human experience sixty to 65 million people died within six years. 27000 people died every single day of the war more and Afghanistan are put together prior Fokker. Both sides and forget that it was at first major war of the reform forcibly and Scott Carroll of that church you are. Safety were not in uniform are open execute our billion. And with the first major war with the losers could German Japanese Italians lost four more from the winners. In some ways the war was a story of German soldiers and Japanese soldier killing. Fifty million people who were not armored army uniform. And replaces Russia 27 1000000. Eastern here about nine to ten million in China on the Pacific. About all. Another fifteen to twenty million did depend on. Which account we were troops cross so. It was a they're very strange war we're we have an old we don't we don't think of a parent or is that Germans and Japanese were killing about seven times Morse billions that Neitzel personally but it talks. And they did it without much opposition and China and the Pacific which at least originally. And I think we need to really think back when we hear. Revisionist history about Christian or OSHA to see what was the context suppose I'll like retaliation. And it really was to stop this killing machine. That would kill fifty million people. Let's talk about the the leadership both of Adolf Hitler and as you mentioned. Did you just must've felt pretty emboldened with their success rate right they must've felt that they could that they could dominate based upon what happened in the past. Out was what where was it blurt. Stupid wise and where did that matter and has planning strap planning with this group this. What you had a hunch that. Even though the allies about time Britain tranche a larger army's combined and more GDP and better weapons they really do it. But he told that after World War I they were soskovets kind of ironic that the winners didn't ever want people are ordeal with the blues are surely did it trying to give and we're in the next car. So British appeasement and French appeasement Cory Chitwood. That even though they had greater resource should they wouldn't use it shall have the largest maker of the world and then. When you edit the Russians after August 23 1939 or two week colluding scroll that they congressional power. And the final. Peace and not try Terkel the United States was isolation shall get urged behind. You talk. The British and French don't want to fight the Russians are going to help me and supply. Goods and munitions and everything memorial to be to protect my eastern plank. The United States we have a comment like that it won't want one. And that gave him well a lot of confidence in the when he finished general stole that one and to have papers they were traumatized or war one but after he defeated. The polls. The Norwegians the Danes in the doldrums of Luxembourg. And the Dutch in the French and mucus walls. And the Greeks he thought he was and so unstoppable what he didn't calibrate or. Russia was huge it was so a 180 million people they had no European roads it is far from Germany and puts create. That term interest like in surprise attacks wouldn't worker can shoot the Russian. And he had no ability to get to. The United States either the bonding Corey or sentenced to schools. Land much less slammed on the North American continent in the blitz it failed to not written war and so really sore the next essential war with no means of attacking. The world or the power to make orbit than. Doubtless quickly realized within three years that wander. Let's talk about are our entry into. This war which obviously you was through Pearl Harbor and that it's. Attack. How reluctant. Doctor Hansen what was the United States at this point I mean they World War I was it was very devastating to us and I guess a lot of people saw. We are still like you just said you know through these these places were so far a wave from the United States but then all of a sudden. We have this. And I ask you this to some people disputed what was the attack on Pearl Harbor truly the sneak attack. That FDR. Talked about in his speech to congress. Doesn't look I mean there's a lot of revisionist history it's great that we would weaken our news or comment but. We didn't really alienate as they did the impossible we couldn't do it even when the Doolittle raid try to 3% that was 83000 model. Voyage of the Japanese imperial fleet in the dead of winner. And refueling and what about in radio silence when they came all the way. Hope you'll pay all the way to all 200 due helpful tool or virtually ever been matched that treated she mentioned and they really did believe given the United States had not helped Britain and Japan. That it did not help. France. And that the Pacific was wide open because the colonial powers of trees to clear statute would not join me. And they propagate its aircraft carriers to short term. Destroyed battleships in the 98 the super peace. And of course carriers will not fair and they didn't hit the oral tanks they didn't trickle aren't true. Attractive machine shops they didn't invade the to get these shipyards in Oakland or San Diego so. It was just enough to get the United States angry. It was monopoly power. Of a magnitude could do much the American abilities you're currently. Let's stupidest thing you can do wars short. Of global substantial conflict with the power of the past thirty country GDP. And no record shall population. And you have no ability to armor of a long one particular ability to get a very angry too. Fight back in the United States already have poor injured bombers and within. Three years they were terrible about 121000 Ballmer school art group. It would be able to bomb Japan from that. America America aren't. Talk a little bit about the leadership. Of fan England under. Winston Churchill of to free came on the show doctor Hansen we are talking about some of our. Modern day leadership and it doesn't seem to be as so cerebral. And it's. Passionate may be as as Winston church tell cookbook. It isn't a remarkable figure in in history and and really leading you know. Was one of the individuals who is who. Really put up during this when others so we're we're not apt to I mean that this guy was an amazing later. That he was community had to become prime minister and make him the first day of the invasion of France lecture me. I think that after transfer almost of the British aristocracy would quit the view the district should TJ geo strategic banker. Many ask himself questions and it is a new corporate capable of knocking out Peoria for the British air force. And Germany's navy is an able to land troops on bread and of course Cantu was no so Lisa why should we give up. And he thought eventually they'll track record independence of mind calm the first sort of grand vision of world com question they'll cut the Soviet Union and eventually night's speech comment all out. Hitler and Mussolini take two examples or combat veteran very rape fighters that they. There will oracle they had no administrative ability your strategic vision worse Franklin Roosevelt has been. Assistant secretary of the navy in World War I and cultural that the first order the capital city. And they can understand whole loop when you go to war what are your objectives what you wanna achievement you have the means to match or gender. And of course base here. We have to go to Rome Berlin and Tokyo and physically reject these governments compete and humiliate the people. And demand the unconditional surrender where Hitler actually cultural. Base had been surprised a packed declared war that they had no ability to camp. And through going to Detroit and discord between poor production or dictatorship pure smoke alarm off. Manchester England's production plant Castro almost lose. So they lived in the world group so I guess we've called surreal fantasy. When you look at today's modern landscape and oftentimes I'm sure you heard the rhetoric that we are quote. Unquote on the brink. A world war three how do you feel about these the climate and if there is is trouble we're do you think it will come from. Well I don't think we are on the cost the world war three but I think we have to learn from world war truth it to try and that's the ability to convince you aggression that it would be stupid to track. It's not just based on material resource and Britain and France had a greater army have better air force together and memberships in Germany. But they didn't convey the world what they would use some after the Munich agreement example. Five years of appeasement and isolation of Americanism. A isolationist America from the pollution Russia put. We're getting now is Iran and North Korea need to know. That our fleet is larger than all reaching the world today. And have earned recruiter. Capabilities are greater than any other country. There are conventional forces are greater and just because we pulled over Rocco we didn't do too well bombing Libya certainly mean our work. Slow patent assault in Afghanistan is not. A true reflection of the United States power will. So I think what we're trying to do right now is to tell North Korea palatial horse and he should pick or top rhetoric or even actually crazy unpredictable. And and ran as Portugal. That's a very stupid thing to attack the United States in the will result in the destruction that. I think over the last ten years or so will argue breeze spoke rhetorical actual. People got the impression the United States was very strong. Home where they would either could not or would not express such trying to make the bulk of certain contempt order entries that are sure. What this probably aren't base is that China built illegally and he helped China sea. Or the Iranian deal all. The portal from where are or licensing to change the organization and the current little speech. I'm not trying to pick from the Obama administration because bush made a lot of mistakes as well but I guess if these impressions created instant. We were very strong but we will not going to use such panic throughout history that that earns a particular contempt. From a graduation suitable part that there Apollo I would really attract people book. They're not even willing to defend their interest I don't think that's quite darker but that doesn't matter to be pressure on the these aggressors. What do you think about the leadership of president trump he just came back from the big international trip to edgy where's he going right and where's he going wrong. What leadership is is it content in the modern American states. Foreign culture considerable part people the president sets with troll obviously that. This president would prefer not to have either political or military experience so he is given much more latitude. To this and tenants and older Nikki Haley PUN Brooks tortured state. Featuring masters and national security bars or work. Jim Mattis that defense and Mike Pompeo CIA. And I think those are excellent people. And I think they've played sort of double good cop and they leak. Benefit or they use console unpredictability. And they've leveraged people make sure you know we don't know what prompts going to do be sure you better be careful what you wanna cut a deal. We were or where your true define her elaborate or contextualize what trump want. And that I don't know that council crazy but. Throughout history. Unpredictability. And erratic behavior sometimes tickets and pressure control. Seat belt which is good Whitaker always predictable and are always going to all of charges are always going to. So you won't use force when it's Dean Acheson. Explaining to the Communist Chinese in nineteen tricky that we. We're not perfect health career or April last year 1990 challenge Saddam Hussein we just don't terrible error dispute between you and way. Or the British saying you know. We'll pick mine sweeper probable falcons can reassure Argentina. The irony is that so we're judicious way of assuring that scripture much more pain. And calling somebody's pocket now. Interesting stuff doctor Hansen what a great. Topic thank you very much for joining us today and I think you about your book the second world wars. How the first global conflict was fought and won doctor Victor Davis Hanson is a contributor to the national review. And it really Smart so thanks so much. Think you're driving me absolutely.