Dr Ruth Westheimer

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Thursday, January 11th

Therapist and author Dr. Ruth Westheimer talks about her latest book Stay or Go: Dr. Ruth’s Rules for Relationships with WILK's Sue Henry


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Our pleasure to. Welcome to our show doctor Ruth Westheimer good morning doctor how are you. I'm very good good my deal. It is great to talk you are your home in Washington Heights. Or why hadn't. Something I admire about you is that all of your vast fame has not spoil G too terribly much. Well we have because they have proper and always look for. George Washington which. I wore full I would pan am 65 yen. Up. That is so great it's great to hear your laugh and I think it would make sure endearing to people doctor Ruth is the fact that you could talk. About. Subjects like sex you can actually bring it up get people to talk about it and I no way of saying you said that. The way people talk about it has changed over the years but it the Genesis of of what they wanna know about the problems that they have. I remain true right. Absolutely. So at some of the ancient that's I did the book. Think our global. Problem of me so bad they're war as you can as much better. Carl Bob probably shouldn't even today in Cuba. Yeah. For example both of them. Or as I can see. Are some of the old and Asian protect them among the topics I feel exactly that saying. All in all you just can't come look forward. More. They have people that run the outfit you will talk about friendship. And I say. Trying to support to do and inched up because people don't. So that's why I observed that the vote failed. I call about relationships lobby your relationship. Pray in your book is a brand new it just came out did two days ago let's let this one doctor Ruth. Love and lust. Aren't enough to make people compatible. And that tool the yeah I think it didn't bunt. I think confidential won't. Do you explain coming into us. You are killed next to Muhammad this I had almost a full page on the won't even adapt them you can borrow and in the I don't have solved one. I don't belly well about the sport in so many people do what we. Yes I followed all the rules are more social would walk wallflower I know for. Sure that you feel I'm in the relationship. Won't you can't give it their relationship. Or less than that is best out of me. Feel about that was there there are volleys then dating services and as some of the app where we're very prehistoric and now we have things like. Hindered actor and so that was so how are you see that is as both I had an hour. Think folk all I had battled contract about people would be the only. I won't get to battle also would say about nobody wants. I aren't what they settled. Into people would have intentions he. Bad move some bodies. Are in the public. Want to go public and it's popular it's not work that you wouldn't play. I've unfolded because I want he didn't compete in relationships. Power but by the people next to no limitations. Now doctor Ruth we see on the Internet all the time now that the future may include. Robots as romantic partners. You. Don't happen doctor Ruth do you think. I repeat have been well all of you that things. Fixing how. Do you feel on what can build. Up an Oceanside. I want our relationship didn't between two people could cure match until that man. And a woman. And expressed. Between people not to give our bond so I imagine. I can imagine with all the ballot. Can and can't. Do you would be. A. I don't know doctor Ruth I think the future is wide open and we might not be as but I think robots really should vacuum instead I think you're right about about Allen but. It to meet you didn't bring up that component though. Of loneliness. And gifts they're could be something program to. Stave off loneliness. I think that that might be a selling point. But because that add me to meet people. I'm in I don't even live on blog is fine I just don't want to get sanctioned by the public. I'll catch it but look you know we're gonna just leave it at bats. And say that weekend and judge the future. Of our relationships. By looking at where they've ban to gauge. Where they will go in the future how we use that that kind of information we wanted to try to fool ourselves to believe. That we should continue down a path that maybe is not dead. And because the one important that used to be and then stick. At in his campaign bank more efficient and good arm until election. But you have to make sure don't want to run American shrapnel killed them in order form you. All I am Jordan. Which I won't completely. Won't you wouldn't think that you active global. Or form can put back if you want but she achieved what the talks if all flatten out but that's what Obama outspent by. And that's why I think people. Seoul South Carolina. You'll even with good intentions. Might not be able to think the relationship. You just read the book that their money can't buy you love but. Doesn't mean you shouldn't examine the cost of that love can you talk that. And rat would have to know once you can factor of five and what you don't confide. All the apparent you know had to sacrifice something. Full event fate of the relationship. Is perfect to me are high end ultra met this morning. Fact is back but didn't thank the people outside. You can't expect. That. Who at last you all and hope they wouldn't. I don't know what you want heat if you I'm not waiting to be flexible and Philip so what I'm very important at stake you think you flexibility. A little bit about the need to. Movement in the times op movement because these are obviously in artery in his. Right well now what I applaud I am about the country on the ballot I'm not talking about the world being played. Or only add that all our full full. Tall and proud camp but I wouldn't crunch. Actually not well. I'm old fashioned war. I wonder man who opened the door opening. I have one chip that they can let McCain I want people to be able. To talk. It won't want to include. What they (%expletive) said okay you know. How unpleasant to walk away. Constantly. At Broward. I don't feel it and some didn't associate me and absorbing. Orange donut from complications since. You have to talk to cabinet. And make sure and won't and that's a relationship remains productive. Do you worry doctor Ruth it to people will not. Be able to speak to each other had men and women anywhere because they're so intimidated. That what they might bring up might be misconstrued. Absolutely. I think what went wrong in that kind of what big ticket I'm out but I'm such an uptick means. Well I believe it'll pop. Beat me they wouldn't pop because it would seem to salt. It shouldn't webcam up at it if it may hold them and or even chew them out to Goldman would get. About talking to which I won't get going to keep quiet I thinking even more will or won't. I'm batting well it about the old big stage. I think all of the all social why despite all of that talks. Pat I am I'm worried about the world. Feel that Latin saying look at the relationship think you can say to get that the market that go to see what happens if necessary. Our relationship they're not caught won't. Go back. And aspect on the right. I'm somebody wants. Now conversely doctor Ruth the I I think that has also opened up people to. Go back and find people on FaceBook in in the past that dead maybe you word their boyfriends or girlfriends what about that kind of behavior. Yeah and that's the I told him I think sometimes. People might affect our pay more because of circumstances or watched about. Still it and I child won't okay and find common ground. To have a relationship I'd be elected. I would say Bravo. To the social why won't say it then didn't have since stepped up what acting. Doctor Ruth Westheimer was great to talk to you you just sound so upbeat and positive and it's a great. How someone knows sir renowned as yourself on the show to talk about the book. Stay are go what a total pleasure for us to talk to you. Don't bounce out of balance.