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Monday, July 3rd
Many pets are not fans of fireworks. WILK's Sue Henry asked Dr. Michelle Damcott with Plains Animal Hospital for some tips.

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And it just hard holiday for people. Who have animals who are scared of fireworks mostly because the fireworks start at June 15 and they stopped in the middle of up based app. December 31 in jet. It's a long time and I don't know if that's part of the problem I don't know if you just more aware. Talk about the do's and don'ts. When you have pants. And there are fireworks so doctor Michelle damn cut of the planes animal hospital was kind enough to join us today. To give a sack her. Thoughts on this issue it and a doctor Jim pat we we appreciate this so much you have no idea. Oh thank you for having me I'm glad to be here. It is our privilege now talk of a little bit in May be broad based terms abouts. Why certain pats are are scared to allow other person just in there and Melo is as usual so what goes on. Well I'm a lot of that have to do that how they were socialized and they were younger and Sen Dodd like I have a couple dog to run exposed to a lot. During an important socialization period and that they were exposed to loud Billy says. And you know can they can be scared of fireworks there thunderstorms there are other things that they're just not used to hearing. And Dagestan and laid just like people funds are high anxiety and some iron I just to you know real relaxed and. Could just the result of an an Easter trauma they also may have experienced oh certainly in the pack now is it. That this has become a more high profile issue. In the last couple of years is it because the advent of FaceBook is because more people share is because the fireworks are longer a monger monger. I think that the combination of all the you know around here and particular. If you like fireworks gone on your blog and sometimes in the middle of the date time on a Monday afternoon you just never know when it's gonna happen. The other thing anti social media yeah doctor Google. Then I'll contribute to. You know different ways that people can help their pat summit which acts. Are reasonable and come up which can be very detrimental for the health of your patent. All right let's talk about as some people sharing and and they talk about possibly. Tranquilizing. Them they're patsy using me human medicines and no doctor Jan got that at some points if pats have anxiety. Veterinarians do prescribed. For the pats out but if you discipline yourself is it necessarily a good idea. Well absolutely not and unfortunately I see things like that on FaceBook all the time. Doesn't that just make me train you and though it's important for all of us to realize at some medication that appropriate. But not on human medications whether there over the counter or prescription art I think fact Patton and certainly. The theme doses are always appropriate that we use fact well fact pat. Now is there any route it is there anything that people should lead because I saw of people saying and Valium xanax whatever. Is there and that that that they act absolutely should avoid is there anything. That maybe they can use that might come their pets down. Sure that's. Well you know he even have to touch your veterinarian before you do anything even simple medications that are over the counter. Because you can recommend some think you're lever our I have something on the Internet. But they won't know if your dog has their liver condition their heart disease election in if there's any kind of seizure activity so. He needs to Ali make sure they capture veterinarian before you get your dog tired even your trust any type of medications. A lot of things that you can do you in terms of medication it's not a two man non medication options. In high I have this problem with my own dogs so while it tries to make a week. Speak for them I'd try catch. Make quiet area it will close the windows closed doors even turn on the air conditioners in the TV and seemed to help them quite a bit. If they get back and I'll even put them in their creek and so that's something that decree is their safety area. And so that's just kinda helps you damn if you have patents that are outside make sure to bring them and especially your cats and dogs. And just trying to exit that faith based for that. Out that awful feed out of your stress so you're strapped. And you feed them trampoline are shaking in schools bring you tried to phone and you're actually reinforcing their they're geared behavior. Could try not to do that China go on as you know on your normal routine and and trying to extract. I'm also you could also looking cute things over the counter such as standard sure. The pictured Serb basically that back that you put under died and and it kind of makes them feel like they're getting high and it just provides them capture that helped calm them down and they can get a little bit more say. They've also different ceremony. That are available over the counter. Can have a calming effect as wow for dog and particulate that the capital. Which is the ceremony that's given off by a right after she gets Specter pops. And salad did just trying to have a comment and it's available in colors and very thing and so on. On capitol also have few away which is comparative her earthy and. It's aromatherapy for pats. Basically basically yeah. And just the combination of these simple types of things can be and not fear pat says it kind of make sure you. The fire election of the storm or whatever whatever they need kids. Immediate threat. These are very good tips and and the condition and the TV that that might be able to block a lot of it and thought about that. Component that you talked about of comforting them too much because they gorgeous looking unit make ourselves feel better yeah only if they don't wanna cut out but what does the dog jumps in your lap then obviously. Nick yeah. How well I wanted to ask dumb play in the mountain you know give them something like yes acute Troy there's something to keep them distracted. And we need do you even doing something just. Settling down laying down sitting there being peaceful. That's when you wanna pet than me and reinforce that type of behavior. What about Arab League we did talk about as some of the things are available how essential oils like people used it on a little doubt little diffuse or. Yeah and and those things are available on the power again this all depends on on the pass some had these types that conservative treatments will be. We'll be just not fun dog than anything Kathleen says he played on that occasion by the veterinary and. Okay and it in the aftermath. Of this do you see people coming in and and and talking to you about this issue alive the other thing that the Michelle that I do wanna touch upon before I forget. Is that I read on the Internet that some people surrender their pets to shelters this time Mears is truce to letters that just mythology from the Internet. Well I think there is some choose to election it's something that we we tried to prevent an and we do see. A lot of people calling this time appeared to discuss what can we view you know my dogs very anxious. My god protect Cingular you know those there as a tight fitting that we see we also feel a lot of us patents that are lobster have run away. You know because they've been so scared they've broken out the window or something. And so another. Good tip would be to have here your dog like your cap micro chipped had a time just to make sure that if something's got to bed that's happened. You know we would be able to get sent home. Aren't anything else before we let you back get back to your busy day today. Well if he do you have a problem economic China called ASPCA pat placing control help lines. If he's self medicated or you know given your your pet something I they've gotten into something that we need you know you don't know if it. It's good for their help thank you think that has the inappropriate don't. And just make sure that that forehand. Before you get your pet any kind of medication you Ali talked your dictionary to make sure it's the appropriate medication and that the appropriate dose. So good to talk TV today doctor Michelle damn cut of the planes animal house and I know you're schedules packed and we appreciate it. Yes then and anyone can give us the cops are coming in yet. He can reach a franchise seventy 1894 at 030. Appreciated I've always had such great experiences mixed with the folks over planes there terrific job thank our might leave.