Dr. Demento

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Tuesday, February 6th

Wind up your radios! The inconic Dr. Demento, along with producer John Cafiero, joins WILK's Sue Henry to discuss the new "Dr. Demento Covered in Punk" project.


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Have guests on the show and I am right now as we welcome. To Debbie Giles gave the legendary radio icon. Doctor dement good morning doctor. Who. And up beat her pretty no delusional and her. Oh my goodness I've waited all my life to hear you say that and now you have some going home yeah. And we'll stick around and also the producer. Of these fabulous new record which I've heard doctor dement show covered in punk John can't fear out John welcome it's great to hear your voices well. It's thanks so much for having us and it's great to hear you opening up this segment with my band of stock pops. Start doing my favorite demented track patients. You know what is it a coincidence John or something further. I think a little ball. Autism so I gag guy that day job and you put this together you went to doctor dement telling he had this concept because you. Love punk rock music like I do they knew he sang in a misfits song which I think is amazed being ending don't thank you and I saw in Chicago at that every union turn they had been in it was a 2016 and their fabulous and I'm. Glad you enjoyed that I worked for fourteen years to see that come to fruition I also managed to mess that's enough work for them creatively NN the business capacity for twenty years now. You are an amazing person an and he produced Ramones Roberts asked our own say you're in my heart to. I'll thank you I'm glad you enjoyed a valid another labor of love for me it was really an honor to get to do it. So how did you persuade the dot that this was a fine idea and how did you persuade these artists to. Cut these songs which have of course I would be sweating bullets because they're so well loved you know like shaving cream put the love that song. Well I don't I'd certainly love it most of my introduction to the whole world of doctor demand so our first hurt it when I was about six or seven years old. And I haven't looked back I've continued did you get further and further into that route all of that the world the docket created ever since. And that project is just the next step forward an extension of that it's. Like everything else like you're really at the labor of love it's something that I'm genuinely passionate about and I think that that comes across. With the people that I work with that sincerity and that belief in the project and I think it's contagious and infectious. And that's really I think how old the dot became interest stated in the barriers artists I think people just believed in its. The concept and down the end result speaks for itself I couldn't be happier with the way that it turned out. What you think doc I think that a novelty records are kind of punk crack and their own right aren't they they're kind of rebellious and Acer. Oh absolutely and play priest Sex Pistols and especially the Ramones when they first came on the scene back in 1976. So. This this was a natural comedic get back into it. Understand that day in your lifetime you've always been attracted to music even you when your little kid out there in the midwest humor. Are collecting records and. You know I started real early right back to my folks had a record collection my dad played the piano so there was always music around the house. And I would do find your first novelty songs back in the day when you're kiddo what really struck Q and and it take to these novelty songs and these things off well. What I wish for your soul my dad brought home. A copy of cocktails for two flesh Spike Jones which was brand new with a time and that's got gunshots and all kinds of noises and it's fact that. Like the production so I think four years old I wish immediately attracted to have to. And a just turned more funnies so a total with all other kinds of music effect throughout our I would do it. Get that you were along with everything else so we have full control fan in the golden bear the fifties. Load over some blue suede Jews and literature and all that stuff. At that time there was always funny songs on the radio along with Little Richard and done whatever. And so that would almost always felt a novelty song on the radio whether it was the monster mash or. A horror purpose purple people leader or transfusion. Continued I'm just Taliban so content should. Desperate effort ever gonna speed again declared to be fair nervous nor is there a. That's got to do it right it was over that song that somebody called Jude demented in the first place. That short version of the during the the the the and it's good to know now that we are out we. I'll love rainy all three of us that are talking Alex let's not kid ourselves. You combine you're your love of these beautiful novelty records and then these objects with. A desire to be on their radio how did you know this was your calling. Like I love playing record source told what about play records for other people they don't abuse my friends with record so they have been. And then I got a chance to play records for the rock props at my high school in Minneapolis. And after the basketball game people take off or shoot they banned from that you have and so. I have the most records of anybody in the school so like I brought my own them does. Oh there was one time. Just hope you blocked by Elvis had just come out. And I found out that it was going to be played on Dick Clark's American Bandstand the next station like rush tall and taped it on tape recorder. Before the record which are available Minneapolis had brought the tape to the helicopter. And as soon as. Elvis started this thing every girl in the hole placement. So I told little feeling of power terror and so thank you can but it. That that would it was a moment of inspiration that led B has been some time later to become a disc jockey. I am sure were first syndicated in the seventy's that happened for you right how did somebody say. We got a get this guy ran across the country and that the old days as syndication where the east at your thing aiming at delivered to the stations was that I record or was it on tape what. Originally campaign. That it went on vinyl discs for quite awhile and then finally on treaty but in all it was purely a matter of Reading slipped. A good bet on me on the radio for about two and a half here is this suddenly. Look deeply new rating book and their once the number one rated show of any kind. In Los Angeles on Sunday night I beat all the AM stations and everybody shall. People from Poland that might play event might be good to play in Wilkes where maybe Peoria. It was on an inscription on the radio station for many many hours as Arianna you are act actually right about that and am. We are playing these sons of first you know some of them are a little bit or risque there little growing up edgy in do you eat when you look at the culture today and it's a chip PC culture. Are there songs that you played the think he could not get away with in this day and age. Where a few too many but there are few. It's subtly enough truck. Pop song making fun of gay people we're we're kind of full cable and I started. Then then they were really coming ouch. But now at least certain ones people seem to be able to accept again as as part of the past. Like CP cabbage and so like credit and big brute he won't. That that that which that was actually a minor hit Beckett in the seventies big group. So and I don't know if I can get away with once in awhile to kind of all depends found. I'll be here attitude butcher your right there saw anything having to do in any way we've race relations is real touchy. For sure I remember you had a son. I'm she's big and round I can get away without any more now. Oh well. But I think I'm confused and uncertain women especially would be upset without they have not heard any. There were any static over grabbed it of course that only gets on May be every. Here's your honor but I remember it John Mark it's I teach you about put this together because. And I'll light up on this thing from that the cutting edge people like a lovely Colleen green who is on sound too. Absolutely not me myself I'd like us and let her she's fabulous. To Philadelphia we have to Philadelphia and here because the Eagles Phillies on the dead milkman around here. And really are. My goodness gracious so you advance is is gonna happen in this is how you drew but drew it up and practice race. Yeah well I kind of art was the architect of the entire thing it was really that crazy idea that I have that I just wanted to see come to fruition and I've built it brick by upper cut mean literally each and every aspect of this record from start to finish is something that I did personally. And found it really was a labor of love but it would certainly a huge undertaking at the project went on. From the time my first pitched it to doctor demand though to actually having a 100% completed ready to go to practice. With about forty years but Brandon I worked on other things in between so with a little bit on and off. But it's still was quite the undertaking and literally you've got 33 new tracks. Produced specifically for this record lost a total of 64 track with the whole radio show. That encompasses that because it's a two hour it's really two hours and forty minutes. Two discs on CD three disc on vinyl program where it's just the bizarre episode upon rocks themed episode of the doctor dement tocchet helped. Complete with the opening scene. The jingle the bumpers. And the doc himself front and back announcing all the tracks sharing interest in fact more than anecdotes about the songs are the bands. On the and then the tracks themselves so that's really all all whole wall that you get. I'm not to mention that the rich booklet that's got tons of artwork and liner notes. A lot of great stuff to learn and read it and just have fun what about the whole world of doctor demands so that. I hope people enjoy it but. Really every band on there is somebody that I saw. Would be a great contribution to the record or have the right personality to represented. To differentiate its grand funk rock and then just mixed up with some cool personalities. Now this sense combining of weird Al yank Vick with this collapse sick. Beyond the brat by the Ramones how was that envisioned and then did we're out jumped at the chance. I always wanted I really did envision now as sort of the finale of the record I wanted to see Al do sort of a quarter of course demented to stand not upon classic for the grand finale being met Alice. The most successful. Funny music artists of all time and that he was born and also doctor dement social. So when I touched down on doing bead on the brat that he loved the idea he loved the idea the record generally he's a huge fan of the Ramones. And it was also really interest didn't have any opportunity. To do. A quarter on quote straight yet demented song because we both agreed that fill the original lyrics to beat on the brat or demented enough justice they were written by the Ramones. So there was no reason for and the parity the Lear. And not Al with the absolute pleasure to work welfare and I had the honor of really it's my band Osaka pop star that back. Backs and opt without on lead vocal and accordion nom the cadence. Backing vocal behind than we had a blast recording not the studio was buried. Beautiful dot what did you think about weird Al when he first since started to contact do it does sound odd ideas. Well he's certainly a paper cassette tape the debate may down one of those. Clearly cassette recorder with the piano keys on the front (%expletive) and that helped contain microphone. And he was able to make it sound pretty darn good he he had already figured out before recently that very first thing people figured out how to. Make his boyish projected. So that you could hear the lyrics and the lyrics were funny right away from that very first thought that they kept getting better and better or. That was a no brainer one choice started getting things from him. Well he must give you a lot of credit for has giants' success I mean. For years and years and years he has managed to stay fashion. And put out things that people still finder are amusing says he sent students and Newsome twenty dollar bills and the mailer and. That's the tickets that he gives me to lots of props he's always good about saying how he started. By listening to the radio with his head tucked his hip in the radio tucked under the pillow. Because you don't think he'd look east he'd discovered this show. I just tuning across the dial and then he does he have a show on his bedside radio once. And I just happened to be playing in these skeptic cute this little Binyamin navy and his mother happened the commander of the ropes. It won't help them out so. Until we have to the field for a while but keep record heat here Alan German. Spike Jones. Stand free Kurt. Although spray furthest from the center in some capacity he gradually dot I can do that and meanwhile he was learning to play the accordion. Not so much. Or by learning old soul a meal and a lady of Spain. But I. Look he's he's brought a new Elton John album goodbye yellow brick road and he decided I'm going to teach myself to play every song on that album on the accordion that so that's kind of probably developed his accordion style. You know what it is so great for both of you to take the time to be with us today I can't think of finer pairing of people to appear on radio that we can talk to about doctor demand toe covered him punk. The doctor demand dough himself iMac as I've already confessed to you doctor demand I am not a long time fan ears and you had did you did so much. To make our lives says so much happier Sus thank Q. Felt very cute similar I would like to hear you play that. And then John can't Sierra you two have brought me in so much joy what's your work. And yeah it is just the convergence Herat trying to be a phenomenal and I hope people check out these disks. There are wonderful you have a great series of martyrs on them everyone from Joan Jett to have Brack from space coast any look that way right. Not at all you've got pretty much everybody under the sun here there's there's definitely something for everybody and there's an eclectic guy an eclectic personality for each and every case status. It's pretty exciting I'm really really genuinely thrilled to. With the latest project turned out at all the great people came on board to be a part of that. So are you going to be what the misfits in in May during the same reunion show. Oh absolutely yeah it's that's gonna be up amazing Emmy nom I'm here based on the East Coast so we're all originally from New Jersey. And we're very excited I mean it's. Sturdy four years in the making now 34 years since the original misfits played their hometowns. And literally will be the first time they've ever played an arena. In their hometowns so we're very excited about the shall to may nineteenth at the Prudential Center went on sale on Friday and at all. On the idea would be and it's it's a phenomenal thinks so. I can't thank you both enough for being on the Saturday and so fabulous and the best of luck to the two of you. Thank you so much still at nine FM radio listeners marriage didn't wanna know more about the record tickets sample tracks or online it covered him popped dot com. And we hope that check it out and I would just want to say that we're thrilled that it's now the number one record but the number one comedy album billboard for two consecutive weeks. And it deserves to be there. Thank you. Thank you but also checked out doctored even until dot com I still do and who know brand new show every single week dark dirty Metso dot com land after radios. Yeah see you don't forget to. Do you yeah. And it thank you summit.