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Wednesday, August 23rd

Dr. Dale Bredesen  Alzheimer's Research with WILK's Sue Henry


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Doctor dale. Gradison who is the author of the end of alzheimer's the first program to preach and it's. And reverse. Cognitive decline wowed doctor those are two things that we think about often in our lives and thanks again in the book are due in the Shatner. Thanks so okay let's talk about to. But then prevention. First give us the lowdown because so many people wonder well what can I do and so many people think there's nothing I can do so what do you suggest. So here's the big change we always ask will you what kind to tell me what to do. You want to start one step before that you wanna get the value it. You know 5060 years ago people started looking at their cholesterol thing mom okay this is associated. With cardiovascular disease. What we're describing and I go through this in the book in detail as well as all the different people. Who for now reverse their cognitive decline we have over a thousand people now this protocol is to get evaluated again he cognitive assessment. Some people call this quote eight colonoscopy. Just that you know that you get a call and ask me when you turn fifty if you're over 45 you should have acog not to be and then there's this debate because so blood tests. But look at all of you are genetic and biochemical and hormonal and toxic risk factors. So what you can do for prevention. If you're vitamin. HF PRP almost fifty pregnant the world were all these things. If they are sub optimal that you could optimize these infected has been dramatic impact. Our newer car connection. If someone is listening today and they wanna get that Don is that something a doctor can order and doesn't fall out of the range of it whether or not your your insurance will cover. Yeah that's a very good point. So the insurance cards do not yet there for a lot of these things and so you could take the book and your doctor and say look I need these tests. It's important to remember that he he's nursing home it's going to be extremely expensive. So this is a good investment it may cost you few hundred dollars to save many many thousands of dollars and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. But you want to know where things stand it especially. If you are over 45 especially if there is a family history dementia and especially if you are a police for positive. Which is it genetic is most important genetic risk factor. But we are trading positions so we have over 450. Practitioners. In seven different countries and all over the US now. Who have trained specifically in this protocol. So they can tell you hear further tests to get. And here is the optimal program for you people also developed a computer based algorithm that tells you. Hero of the various contributors in your case. It's different for each person of course and then they they are for an optimal program to prevent and reverse cognitive decline. Ever we're looking at metabolic factors that to me. I put a person on the track for this. I'll team name and doctor some other things that it may be happening with people that they might problem being able to solve very quickly. On their own if they find themselves in some sort of a deep fine. Yes so we're looking at because that's what we've been researching now for thirty years in the laboratory. What is the reason that this is so common why is alzheimer's such a problem what are the things that actually cause this. And the surprise is that what we call alzheimer's disease. Is actually a protective response to three different. Areas three different things. Number one chronic inflammation that can be from leaky gut. That can be from eating too much trans fats to me trans fats. Too much sugar can be from exposure to Lyme Disease it can be from herpes simplex. Compete ginger balance from your mouth all these things you need to look at to see what is causing this. Chronic inflammation because it does contribute to alzheimer's your brain the makes. The amyloid of alzheimer's. To defend itself against these microbes but against this inflammatory response the second thing is that if you have. Decreased TrueCrypt supports civil. Poor nutrition. Poor hormones. Vitamin. Aside related hormones DH CAA on. Not brain derived you know tropic factored nerve growth factor these are all things that are supporting. You were huge. So NAVTEQ network in your brain if they are sub optimal you are gonna start downsizing. That network. Just this you downsize the company when you don't have enough coming in. And then the third group is. People who are exposed to toxins and most of us don't realize. That we are exposed to these things until we start having confidence declined. So your brain actually makes the amyloid of alzheimer's to protect itself against things like Mercury. Copper. Iron Michael talks of the content made by mold. So typically we don't know that these things are there. Unless we checked for the and when you look at people who have confidence declines they never have a single factor that sub optimal. Typically we find ten to 25 things. That are sub optimal and that can all be addressed and when you address those EC unprecedented. Improvement. You have decades of research these things to make sense. People the medical community to the except we have to say in how well the medical community. Change based upon what you say which again to a layperson makes a heck of a lot of sense. Do you print up for really good point when I talked to people about this. They will say Jesus that that actually makes much sense of course I need to look at all these things of course you need to evaluate all of these different things of course it's not just one thing. However when you talk to someone who's been trained in medicine they say although that's not what I was taught in medical school. That they talked to the head of one of the most outstanding medical school in the United States just a few days ago. And what he says he was. You know this is really important but. We're not gonna teach in medical school until it's well accepted by everybody and it won't be well accepted by everybody until we teach it in medical school. So that's the problem we have in medicine too much. Tradition and permission. We ask the third party payers in my allowed to get this passed and my allowed to get this drug. Tradition in permission is giving us a major problem that his twentieth century medicine. We need to come into the 21 century medicine and look at all these factors these are complex. Chronic illness that. That are now killing us we are using the checkers strategy that we use penicillin for pneumonia. Yet in the chess match alzheimer's cardiovascular disease. Everybody understand that a few of cardiovascular disease you need to have a whole program you need to do your exercise you need to. Do you change your diet. But people are not doing that nearly enough for cognitive decline that's where things are headed and to be able to look at the biochemistry. And pinpoint these specific things. Is extremely helpful. So I tell people. Quick thinking about these silver bullet now it's about the silver buckshot. We're gonna hit all the things that a contributing to cognitive decline or risk for such decline. I have to ask you about and the part of the title of the book where you talk about reversing. Cognitive decline because often we hear when those someone is at a certain stage there's nothing that can be done. And I don't want anybody did experience false hope but what can be done. You're absolutely right and false hope it's the last thing at the same time. False lack of hope is equally bad. And we've seen an unprecedented improvements these are published in peer reviewed journal. They're freely available online you can go look them up. When we publish these first examples between 1426. Teams we have over 5000 emails and calls. Saying we need more information how how is this done what is the background which is why I wrote the book. So if you take a look in their you'll see many examples we give many examples of the patients. They're testing before hand they're testing afterward and most important effect that they have sustained. There improvement as war that they stay on the program. They sustain their improvement we have the longest people on the program now. Or five and a half years that will last 102030 years we don't know yet we're fine and half years. Into it but you can read about these various people and look at their specific. Both in the book and the ones that have been published in the online journals. You realize that Ed addressing a metabolic factors. And so forth may be a wonderful way to do this and again it seems so simple but. Have a suspicion doctored the big pharmaceuticals. I don't like to be cut out of the action on stuff like this and people are suspicious of diseases that it can be cured or somewhat solved and companies won't let us have it because it would mean drugs would go away. Well and in fact what people and in the drug companies need to realize is in fact the drugs will work better. On deep background of an entire program this is no longer about. Isolated model therapeutics. This is about program that it. And it's fine you include drugs absolutely but the drugs are gonna work better on the backbone of the whole program so again killed 36 holding your wrote. The drug is a superb. Way to close one of those holes but what about the other 35 that's where the program comes in so in fact that's linked to drugs work even better. It was our pleasure to have you on the show and I have to go doctor dale for Edison and the book is the animals timers the first program to prevent. And reverse cognitive decline it is our pleasure this information is so important and we evaluate highly so thanks to do in the shop. Thank you very much so Aaron break.