Dr Cynthia Edwards-Hawver, psychologist, about shock you get when hearing something about someone, talks to Frank andrews

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Wednesday, November 29th

Dr. Cynthia Edwards-Hawver, psychologist, talks to Frank Andrews about the shock you get when you hear something bad about someone; relating to the recent sexual harassment allegations against various famous people.


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Doctor Cynthia Edwards harbor is a psychologist with a practice in now lack on economy and clarks summit an investor to join us. Doctor Robert. My my question is open this is not just a map flowers story and there are a lot of people this kind of get that shot where someone that they love and therefore they hear something and it it just throws him into a frenzy how they deal with that. I thank you it's a very traumatic for everyone involved then. You know I think it's important for people to realize that as. You know I trauma or you know and perfect and we can it's done you've world up until that time and you knew the person is completely changed. If you look back now when you realize that person that you know isn't necessarily the person you could be bringing its. How do you go through the advent of the mental gymnastics of deciding is this a good person bad disease and do I stay with them in my done up. Immunized so that's a tough tough processes and it. It is that carried a file called I mean especially when we you know we feel and friendship play keynote. What happened they'd call 2:1 PM you can people do go colonel you don't get over each. I won't eat her he killed between all sometimes phenomenal. I come into really a grieving process to look back and and and trying re offense the cold relationship issue once you know X. Thought I was asking these tough questions but for the people that might be relating to this right now you don't spend they've just found out that there if their partner is you know using cocaine may just find out could do another gambling it is fun now did you know so it's just something like that. Can they go through that alone or do they really need to work through that what sort of professional. I think it's really important to work through with a professional because you can get stuck in your own creed or eight earned and I don't. Com and sometimes that you know what person. But in the same we are friends you know giving individual and possibly only therapy troop or true. That together is very important but it's definitely something Matt you know you should see how I don't professional. Now doctor however this church who were I attend there there's a thousand people a week that goes through the rooms they're working on addiction AEA narcotics anonymous and and that one of those statements this may there is good person bad disease. And so we're talking about the person who realizes their loved one might have this disease but what about that person what's the problem. You know are are they throw away I mean because that's what I mean you can't compare it to Matt Lauer and all this up because the media you know frozen into it a different genre here but but the person who does have that dark side what do they do how they get out of that. Thank it'll call I mean that's something we struggle women in the field of psychology you know clean look at something like you know someone to win. You know sexually assaulted someone and there's a little bit more. On the likelihood of recovery and treatment options but we're talking about something like. Actual you know Paris peeling com had a feeling and those are really hard to treat me really don't have. Sure fire cure for a match. But I do think. You know being able to go to someone and you stop yourself from acting on those impulses is a possibility and I highly encourage anybody that. Mean actually seek professional. Last question and kind of related and unrelated since our last conversation with you and since all of the news have you seen more women come forward talking about their own trauma. I have it's actually you know had phone calls recently from women that are. 65 to seven years old Bethlehem Ben openness and now all entire life until we have definitely seen an increase in people. Calling to seek help for just the good thing. What one last last question we have a text here. Ask her what she thinks of Harvey Weinstein and others going on a therapeutic seven day trip out the second. Yeah I don't think it's therapeutic applications yeah. The call of the problem what are you want to she's. I mean we know people that are in jail for this didn't hound them treatment people an outpatient psychiatric facility pending that takes you restore a couple. On account doctor tell us again just to Wear your practices how people get in touch with you and I'm good and I'm going to be grateful for your help like knowing interrupted a busy day again. Now now that's fine I appreciate auntie I probably didn't clarks summit 412 feet streets and my website is www. Person PR offer HA WV ER. And let. Dot com and our it doesn't feel Hubbard act out. I Don thanks for let me buggy again thanks for your insight I'm grateful okay you keep our eye I've I.