Dr Cynthia Edwards-Hawver, psychologist, about sexual assault, on the Frank Andrews show

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Thursday, November 16th

Dr. Cynthia Edwards-Hawver, psychologist, talks about sexual assault and trauma, on the Frank Andrews show


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So I asked doctor Cynthia Edwards Harvard from other clarks summit area to come on our program doctor you you're a psychologist correct. That's correct Tom Tommy little bit about your practice. Cool enough owner mr. Mugabe cracked into clarks summit com we have a group of chicks Eric wound only specialized in trauma. I'm sexual assault eating disorder. Chronic illness and I'm really motivational positive psychology. Wow I you you're you're you're just hit the nail on the head there now one up when I said that people were criticizing sank while it was forty years ago does the time matter when people are dealing with trauma. Now that actually you know I think errors he knows something that can be done about it doesn't take a long time or trauma victims to feel comfortable all. To actually come forward and then you know and were seen in the media in this one case starts to come Powell. You know very good friends and empowerment that women start to feel like they will be believed salad for not uncommon for our you know one. One has the courage to come forward for other people the games. So I imagine you being a specialist in this area that it wouldn't work in I'm not asking I'm not ask you common enemy and a specific cases here but. When people say why don't I I don't wanna believe them because there was evidence. We should believe the person who comes forward. Because the trauma is speaking correct I mean I'm sure you feel that way too. Yeah I crap and I and I think if you read on most of the research studies into burying. Very rare on it for someone to come forward should not actually how that happened about it and they wouldn't put themselves through that scrutiny nor. You know risk you know their career their reputation can make something like. Now that the whole Franken case but in MP it appears that this woman you know this happened years and years and years ago this woman said that she came forward because there was a lawmaker on Capitol Hill but came forward and talked about harassment aimed at her and she said that gave her courage and you're saying that that's kind of it is is what happens something happens it gives people the current shrank. Absolutely I mean I think it goes back you know to you know. Can't fix social psychology where you know one person can come forward and then other people feel like OK and she did I mean you do the same things calm because. People are listening and it's safe now on many customers don't come forward because they feel that your that normal believe Imus. You know I I was thinking about this and you can tell me if if I'm right pick people who make unemployment would you recommend and they wanna talk to you it's not like they sit down the first deployment and might dump the whole trauma sometimes it takes awhile for them to even talk to a a therapist right. Cracked means anti tumor and it actually doing a trauma training you know these next few days and that's one of the focuses in you know people in the field of Hamas understand that no one's going to come forward and come into the first fashion and usually Friday. I was sexually assaulted I would actually be that the trial they usually pay kind of them. To track due to be able to share that information. So and when these people come forward that some. Big step for them with took to be able especially if they're dornin on national TV that's a major. Task that that itself is trauma attic and think. If it is I mean very traumatic because he knows how many women keep it secret for so long because they don't. Want all of you military trial they are worried about protecting a family member of learned so worried about. You know getting tired from their job or their career in the past you know could actually you know it's hard enough Teixeira would your therapist club along go out into the world and they ask that happened today. Doctor however what is the effect is people. Don't deal with their trauma if they don't come forward to talk to someone as they just keep it in for their whole life. It's devastating you know I mean you could. Probably your whole show on that I mean most people we know who suffer from all mall alternative paying huge. Some dramatic Heatley drugs or alcohol don't pinching each do not you know feel good about themselves than you know get in relationships are bad people. Com and sometimes even end up in JL resorting you know it's nothing good ever comes out of not for resolving your trauma often come you can try and keep map again and that. Honored you know numbing cold but it's still the. Okay or one more question and I'm gonna ask you give us a contact in case people want to get in touch with you but shot it. If it would be it would just blessed my hardest there is just somebody out there even if there's one person dead because of this interview would would come forward and deal with something that's tearing them up inside what would you say to a person that has trauma that is not dealing with the. I would think that you know definitely seek professional help thank someone who specializes in trauma because. He's known persons who specializes in Amman that. You know you can go and talk to is going to believe it or mob mentality when they're gonna ask for you American much encourage you and if you're not ready to. Necessarily confront and our come forward you're still going and speaking to someone to get health that you need anger not living. No bid that every day of your life. There's people wanna get in touch with your office how they do that. How are you commuter go to my web site at WWW. From the other offer AG WV ER dot com. Or you can call at 5705753765. All right we'll put them on our website thank you so much stock and go back to your training we're grateful for your time I got invited.