Dominic Perini Lack Heritage Festival

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Friday, March 16th

Dominic Perini with the Lackawanna Valley Heritage Festival joins WILK's Rob Neyhard with details.


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Wanna bring I'm dumb careening. Because well and interest thing happen thing happened yesterday would with median time. And we got talking about the lack won a county heritage fair ice that if you get a chance to call tomorrow because that's going to be a big deal we wanna get you wanna talk about it so. So dom. Welcome good morning rob Lowery well since yesterday quite well. If it happened right away right but I don't pull out by accident you. I get I get this message that and I go to voicemail and it just background noise I think it is this I thought it was my cousin calling. A from Florida. And I hit written and and it's the word on why you expect it to. And that we ended up talking about all kinds of things that led to. The lack about a county heritage fair that's taking place next year which I think gives them. A great thing and I and I asked on the call and explain a little bit more about who what what this is going to be all about and why it's going to be so much fun. OK so here here's what we envision the lot a lot of Connie commissioners officially announced a lot a lot of county heritage here yesterday and we have had a committee together for probably fifteen to eighteen months or any. Look at into the feasibility. Of whether a lot Kuwata Connie affair would work. Action all blocked a lot of Connie is probably one of the only county that doesn't happen there right Wayne has one who's cern has won Wyoming has won. Lack a lot of content doesn't. So all the commissioners. Put together a board. Of about fifteen people that come from. This type of backgrounds. As you know Alford a listeners that may not know my name or who I am I run the fireman's picnic in Jessup that is tied around. The week goes to say you've followed festivities up there just one couple and it's really grown to one heck of a party and and that's only done between olive view great people out there. But anyway we fact that they can't do that the commissioners. Chat that the company was missing something and so they put these this board together. Some people Lotta like myself. Kristi Matty hull who everyone knows mr. chairman a lot faster partly out of we got a couple people on it from other affairs. And we started to develop whether this would be feasible. We come up with a spot to which is montage. Mountain. We did that because we have the advocate theater there for entertainment. We have the Yankees. Stadium there for partying. And we have the top of the montage mollen for illegal lottery slight will be open. Because the event will take place may 29 through June 2. The reason we're calling it heritage fair and not an agricultural fair is even though we may have some type of agriculture. Items in this fair. Would work we're going to ask their ethnic. Situations like we're gonna asked churches. If they want to put up just that we're gonna ask the fire companies were gonna ask. Vendors that would bring nest of variety of foods. That people could come to demolish it. And they can have polish T they could have been oh they may have ravioli Shmuel. And and work and that's what we're trying to do wee wee bit like I said that work about it. The vacation bureau gracefully got some start up money. And we're going to advertise we're thinking maybe 23 hours all right now. And we don't know all the particulars yet we don't know whether it's going to be OK one price. We don't know whether it's going to be you comment paid apart and then you're right there right yet to buy a ticket for her rights but we're work and goals logistics. Are there so that those are the questions that come to people's minds. Are always always talking about the price of such things. Absolutely and and what we're going to try to do is we're gonna try to do this family. Minded we're gonna try to do this stats you know everybody has to make a profit or doesn't work. But we're gonna try to do it badly minded. Where you know if we could get into a situation where could be pay one price. We may do that if we can't because of this travel up the mollen. You know what would have to figure out as time goes on at. How we're gonna make it the best affordable for families. I think it's outstanding and and I know everybody's gonna stay in touch with you as we get closer to this it's one more great event for families to attend here in northeastern Pennsylvania with. We have so many things to do. And and there are a lot of fun especially because of our our heritage is our backgrounds. Are ethnic backgrounds we get to share. And this will be one more dumb it was good talking with you. Rather it was great talking to you and and one question everybody ask us about about an issue traffic yes you know they know that. The way and it went up when the assets theater has allied nation has something in the Yankees have substance. Bob molded traffic well we've got we've got these. Yankees live nation and and with the bossy who or whom whomever posse we may and up wit but what is offered their services. Where were going to move people out that there. Without a problem no different than if you go to any other fair would it tractor pull or anything else. That's outstanding then that definitely will help dumb until until we talk again. Until you but call me again or whatever. But thanks for joining me in the talks soon. Thank you rob thanks for having masses and don't forget just such common joke. All I got Johnny we sincerely want to sort of Memorial Day I know well you IDG ideal people post that would that he did great met yes he is. Okay thanks again.