District 16-31 Little League.

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Thursday, June 28th
Hot weather is on the way. Plans are made to change some times for Little League games. Bob Bertoni, District Administator District 16/31 talks with WILK's Rob Neyhard

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You know when it gets that hot there are precautions that you need to take. And one of the precautions has to do with delivered to the Little League playoffs that are taking place. And one of the when they head honchos of district sixteen is Bob Byrd Tony and he's joining us right now hello Bob. Around. I'm okay how does it feel being called a head honcho. And now. Has gone through Google on responsibility and a little bit of aggravation. A lot of but but you want to risk. Possibilities. And one of the responsible things you guys have decided to do. Is moved some of the Little League games over the weekend because of what probably is going to hit is beginning tomorrow. He you know I'm I've been involved you know at least for 37. Sears around also you know relies Kukoc and travel coach and we played some games and so on whether that you know is just not conducive to playing. Outside at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and so it was looked at the forecast would looked at. The temperature not just the temperature though the community in the Olympics which is. Is really the legal guys you know they're called for a 102 point. Index. Had about conserving room Saturday and even higher on Sunday though. Yeah when you when you put eight denying too vulnerable children and I don't have been in the in the locker who didn't. One under review whether. A lot of times you don't get the great results from the not only that we have we have two men and ladies won't part of the game learn year. We had an umpire so last year actually in the mood you know he's delusional mind so. Listen it's on the weekend. We've got the morning let's let's let's move to cooler timeframe. We'll go on nine and 11911. On Sunday that many cost some inconvenience. I understand. We'd rather err on the side of caution and then go into the morning. Create a little inconvenience. In the long run I think it's. Safety for the kids first and that's our number one priority. And and that's Celine and me we were crying about the safety of the kids not bloody Tuesday adults out there but. Now we're talking about something that's really dangerous and your right to their their you know sometimes we forget their kids there there are children you know. We didn't we did it. He yesterday because they're so there's a lot that goes into scheduling a tournament game and literally there really is certainly on. We're based on their own voters and the ambulance here. And we're very grateful for and bring it really does and so you have to give them enough time. To you know. Redo the scandals and make to make sure that everybody's prepared. We do it a little different Liverpool player format where each week will host. Two names on the day calm and that he gives it gives the league's opportunity and Nicol put more money it gives everybody more games supported. And then that you know we tell our schemes. On them TVs on doing fine so you know I kinda believe the bigger. States frauds mr. Clemens. So it's. There's a lot more that don't do that from skip and umpires scheduling volunteers to getting the feel good that he thinks her. That's like that's sort of more time we gave them. I felt it was better so that's where we've decided to announce that yes. Now it will the the new times be in the newspapers and such. They there already are and if you go to our web site keep your streaks six teen. Slash 31 dot com. That you see all the times Albany times. All the locations we have a day to day updates on that all the is being put this group web site are insulation agriculture does a great job of I'll keep doing that. Didn't keep in the public informed and we also have Twitter and FaceBook as well we have a ton of followers so it didn't wanna check that as well. Well that's good that's good look. To all right so. I think that pretty much explains everything as to why you're doing and and alerting people. You don't there are times changes and just to and go to those different sites and and you'll see whether. You know when you or your child was playing and of course by now. You know the parents would know that you know you talk about friends and grandparents and uncles aunts and. Yeah. It's amazing how much. Interest there is the united district games in the crowd that we get it. We're we're so grateful because we compromise our community. That really supports youth sports. Who's like this awesome with. Owning their kids so we always have great crowds. So we like to keep but you know we like to keep Republicans on the as well because. Most leagues or are you mean literally billions more into the in the little town in reserve account and so they get a good following so we have to make sure that we do what he informed. All right glad you joined us Bob good luck and enjoy the rest of your summer. Thank you Robin you or do you as well tire right.