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Friday, September 1st

Dinesh D'Souza on his new book "The Big Lie" with WILK's Sue Henry


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Like Dinesh D'Souza act. Who was not on a couple of times on the shows are as great to talk to him and he has. A book right now that's that's super super timely Dinesh is first good morning. Good morning it's great to have you on an is wonderful to complete a book but then wish. You hadn't completed date yet because there's so much more to say based upon the events that are still happening. Oh my god the book feel like it was Ditka carved out of the headlines. And with all these swirling accusations. Of factors I'm flying in the air in all directions. And of course Charlotte they'll be ninety but a moment around this city you know I'm not habits. That the book it gives you a road map to understand. OK so this will help few too. Wade through all you see and hear with your ears in this air and I think it's become harder than ever. To make up your mind because of the the way that things are covered you really need to dig deep. So tell us first of all about the inspiration. For your book the big lie it's its title refers back to a murderous tyrant. Yeah the big lie I was a phrase coined by Hitler and Hitler made the point that small lies are easy to protect. But the big lie is so big you can get your head around it so it was pointed it's easier to so a big lies in a small lie. So you know we talk a lot about big news and how the media distorts that's about incidents. A bit of a book about fake history and shake scholarship and in which. Essentially the political left has sold at big lie and the big lie is that fascism and nazism. Are phenomenal all of the right. The effort through pippin. Factors Aman crop at just a part of the larger story. And even the encyclopedias. Textbooks who routinely say Hitler was a right wing or Mussolini was a right Winger. Now in reality Woodley he was a Marxist and a lifelong socialist. I hit player party was called the national socialist. A German workers' party. So these were left wingers and they were recognized to be so that you could not only by themselves but also by their critics to. And so this whole notion of moving fascism from that left and right column. This is a scab that was pulled by progressives after World War II so ultimately writing a book that is about the present but it also incurred. In that light at about 75 years old that a lot of. To kind of validate their point eight. Right but my point to is that that is I would literally call it's big not be at them and I am what I mean by that is that nationalism. Is not. Equivalent to fascism. Remember Bob I come are originally from India Gandhi was a national test. Bob Mandela in South Africa was a nationalist all the anti colonial leader nationalist. I was Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln now does it make any sense to call these people just smell. So clearly nationalism doesn't equal factions. Times as you know from your own life and I'm sure this happens to a lot. People call you names to shut you up and shut you down and this is kind of become. Part of the motif that we sob break out in the election season. If you are going to support Donald Trump. You are equally heated to being a big get you equated to being. A homo phone Europe completed. To being a racist. You would help people to defend themselves against these charges because we hear words like that are natural tendency is to shut out. Yeah I sat up and to back off and also to do what you could call people explanation that I have a war. And so Republicans for a long time we're doing that with the race card. In fact what was what project is a former. Head of the Republican National Committee Ken melman was going to black church is apologizing for the race and history of the Republican Party now. It got the complete fool the Republican Party has no racist history the Republican Party the party that emancipated the slaves. Fact the thirteenth fourteenth and fifteenth amendment. Who fought segregation shut down the Ku Klux Klan enabled us civil rights legislation of this sixties. So that I that this happened it happened because a guy like Melvin as a soccer deep bite into a pickle right. And he himself begin to repeated so you know right successful. When even the victim of the lie begins to believe it. And certainly throughout history we have seen. Individuals. From the democratic side of the idol. Who have done things. In order to stop. Progress in its seems to me that they're not called out often enough for our house their reinvented than you do top. In your book about so Margaret Sanger. All the book covered so many people from saying Erica asked the yard JFK Albie icon of modern progressive with all the way to George Soros now. The guy Jorge Solis as one of the main funders of who refused factions of one of the so call. And he factors group. But the interesting thing is when Soros was a teenager in his native Hungary he and a bunch of other guys would go through Jewish neighborhood confiscated Jewish property. And darted over to the Nazi dominated receipt. Sort of act reasonably about this site he'd crop it's CBS news. And he goes yeah I did got it. I'm crop goes well geez you know you are young boy that but Jordan belt Bab Al. Are you feel about it don't you feel a sense of regret or remorse and sort of absolutely not. Although things are happening anyway. I didn't caught them back out for them so as go get my point we will let you know if anybody in the drop administration that direct link to that Nazis was. Actually physically involved in confiscating Jewish property that the media uproar would be absolutely deafening but because our as a Democrat. Because he's finding the so called and he fractured the left covered up forum. And how about Margaret Sanger who is obviously. Part of stuff Planned Parenthood that you say you didn't. She he was a known racist right. Well as he was I've known racist back there. The least of which he had something called the negro project which was aimed at diminishing the size of the African American population. But. Even more seriously Margaret Sanger and a group of fellow progressives. Drew up a series of blueprints for forced sterilization. Some of the other progressives included what they called euthanasia. Which is just say 11 guy proposed lethal chambers. To get rid of this sick the disable BEB be aged the mentally and well. The Nazis got wind of this drumbeat international conferences. And the knock is called great idea and the Nazis sterilization laws of 1933. And the Nazi euthanasia laws of 1935. Well based on the models of the blueprints drawn up by American progressives like moderates and. You heard about Britain about to say this this group the this anti fascist. Group. Anti fact anti fat how every one of them framed and up and there has been. Be very so lull. At condemnation of the of this group. From the left and involved I I think to Nash and tactics that are a dangerous and violent. Are they to Wear masks and the do evil acts. So tell me about you know where who who do you think they are and who you think is paying for them. And if you think they should be labeled terrorist group. Well they are indeed there are domestic group in America they dressed like Mussolini's black church. They carry weapons. They show up in major cities they threaten people they beat a mop it up to shut down increased speech they drive because off the campus. They run like a sort of paramilitary operation in Berkeley where it seems like the Mary is one of their allies. About the very dangerous group. In fact more dangerous than the white Nationalists because the white Nationalists are all powerful happy political cultural power. The white Nationalists don't have powerful people in academia Hollywood the media cheering mob. But I 95 dollars. So I'd be put to me it is a little bit like be black shirts and little leak in the 1920s. There also a little bit like the Ku klux why don't you think about the Ku klux squad which has also by the way an extension of Democratic Party. The glass and guys wore masks they award seats they covered up their fate is they carried weapons they terrorize people. They targeted political opponents so that some degree you could almost say that I'd keep that represent a continuity. With the democratic party's ugly past. Give me your impression of of what we saw in Charlottesville Virginia in in terms of its context. And how. Important it is in our history because I sometimes I think things are just blown way out of proportion although I wanna say this was very very serious. And someone that killed where will this and be in our historical. Rear view mirror in your opinion. I think it will be actually you recognize the event itself. As as a kind of a fraud. And what I mean by that is that the fellow who organize Charlotte Billick I'd be Jason Castro. With a guy who put on the rally. When you look at his background you discovered it was an Obama supporter. And he was also an occupy. You know be Occupy Movement Occupy Wall Street and so he was part of that you luckily. So think about how could somebody who supposedly a white supremacist. Be an Obama supporter and occupy guys so. I think that when we probe into Charlotte and the media doesn't want to do this release may don't wanna do this as Charlotte that affects their tableau. Yet you've got these neo Nazis supposedly wearing trop. So it fit their narrative that fascism and nazism on the right. But I think there's more to it than meets the high. Now before that point of course is that these groups are marginal I mean today at the Ku Klux Klan would have a rally anyway in the country they'd be lucky to get 200 people. And those 200 people would be encircled by 500 Colin protesters. But the clock at one time had real power. In the 1920s the Klan marched 50000 courted by a man down Fifth Avenue in New York City. And they were going to Madison Square Garden the site of the Democratic National Convention and many of the clients but what delegates. Country right now. Down in in the Houston area and Louisiana. May blow apart the narrative that Americans. Are. Hateful racists. Who. Despise each other to the core as some would want us to believe when we've seen. Acts of heroism. Involving people of all colors. Saving neighbors and strangers I mean to me Daschle although this is a terrible tragedy. This event has the potential. To unite this country something that I I think certain people do not want. Well I think that's true but I also think it exposes. But now he strange that we see on the left I mean there have been a number of people it was a professor and Florida for example will go to eight. Access got to come up and those guys voted for the Republicans so you don't coming. And we have all these guys it was a piece of may have been the cover of the French magazine it basically goes thank god for the flooded taxes that drought in a bunch of neo Nazis. And so you you'd begin to exceed that even though B. Actual. Incident itself and all of all the acts of heroism showed the best of America. Looking back there somewhere in the dark is also the worst. To see the best of America's steamrolled the worst of American into oblivion. Yeah that that really do what we need to do. And I knew you'd like you do it not just by emphasizing the good but also exposed in the back in but the point of my book titled the big lie. It's what you actually know what Eli Hughes the life becomes power to. And so that's what I'm hoping to do in my last book Hillary's America I like the blow up the race card which. Again the Democrats who have fraudulently playing and and other fraudulently played the ashes of car did not take you got ought in this new card. We we see through. Polling which of course so was not to accurately election last November that they at the president's approval ratings are not that do great in fact some call them dismal. That does some people believe he is ripping the country apart day dash IDC our president at the moment. Well profits as an outsider and he's made some mistakes and he's obviously had to shuffle is in our team a couple of times around that's not all that bother some or surprising. I think what to me it's surprising in a positive way. Is number one his unbelievable indefatigable energy number two is a willingness to fight on all fronts. Even Reagan would shut to a three priorities and let a lot of other stuff go. Drop literally is not only fighting a political oh what he's fighting a cultural. And sort his sort of unbelievable bravery in taking on the media. No Republican president to my knowledge has done this in my life. Trumpet doing it and it's making the media hopping mad because he's actually calling their credibility into question the media likes to be a filter. Because of there like a mirror in which the country sees itself are not actually exceed the news does not act. Actually making any decisions and spitting and a certain way truck is actually calling attention to the fact that America is not a mirror and so this is a very interesting every cultural development in America today. There's Amanda do. We are dead Dianne Feinstein make some remarks the other day that weren't really popular with her audience and she made them in San Francisco. Of all places. That need just may be. Donald Trump will never won made it through the entire term and number two has the potential to be. A good president did you feint. Well honestly is trump. Does that because the forces against strong but terrified but I need not simply the fact that you drop was just fighting the Democratic Party that you want. The company also fighting half of the Republican Party. And moreover he's fighting the media he's fighting Wikipedia he's fighting Ali with sweet big megaphone. So there's all this kind of Al. What these platoons that are mobilized against dropped political cultural intellectual and saw. That you laid by the comedian every single day and yet there you at least banding call. And he has a kind of peculiar knack for being able to to take a punch. And keep moving. So I think that trump has a chance but well and if he does quite honestly that will be a different country. I'm waiting and just like you how is our pleasure Dinesh D'Souza it's. Always preaching or your voice when we speak to you you make so much sense and I encourage people to check out. You book the big lie in all the other work that you do witches. Very provocative thank you. I appreciate it thank you.