DeWitt Smith "Home At Last"

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Thursday, September 14th

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This morning Hannah very brief conversation with the PG wit Smith. Who will be at the booster however and looks very Amare to talk about her book. Home out last and I would describe her as a court career has so you're she comes due at Smith that was so great to speak she for a couple this morning and WI okay. And now it's our turn to their share you with the audience so welcome. Paul thanks so good morning to you again. Good morning you're so funny. And I I appreciate that about people is that they they are humorous. Tom even from the first sentence when I talked to them sleuths at great trait to have. Well I grew up and how well the bottom like you don't have to beat not still live here but it helped go public company that. Our my sister and I heard all the time from my stepmother and rob me it helped cost. He seemed until. You know we're not regular way we work very irregular spam by. Rights and now your fate claim. That was part of the the founding of the times leader newspaper and it kept that paper in the family for. A couple of generations so you know a little bit about to that side of the table to and that's kind of though wacky industry talk a little bit about growing up. In that the home of people who had such a vested interest in the newspaper business. While the my grandfather colonel artist grace Smith found that the paper with his who will make from Lafayette. And Fred curtain doll with a colleague came to live and wilkes-barre. And and then just through the years the and to a strike the publishing company looks spent publishing company acquired. The time we leaders are papers that became the types or shall I grew up with five newspapers and out every day. And the times greater than wilkes-barre record that Philadelphia Inquirer. And the New York concert in New York Herald Tribune. Try the early early age I saw a newspaper go over the place. But I learned to read the newspapers. And that was my entertainment so I wouldn't doctrine make it from a very young age. You don't see is entertainment but I think they are and I think you're right that you do. Get very. Unique view from sitting down and reading a couple of them the you know a little bit about how how they right. How two different newspapers in the same town can report a story. And the growth to get so base of knowledge which a huge way used. As a professional. But I I talk about how I have opt printer ink in my blood. And a lot of our young readers have no idea what printers and kids who actually everything on line. But. Maybe. On the third generation journalists in the assembly and I'd. I can get picked up content curiosity. Endless curiosity and the cash interest in conversations. Were held. In the at the dining room table that the grownups held without. Call politics and what was going on and records system should streaks. And and it what is really contagious. I was lucky to be a bright and good student so I listened attentively and my lesson potato that circuit created a person should form. Select to be part of a family that was kind of intertwined with the history of filing Valiante. And it would you remember running into. When you were a kid in and meanwhile that person's really character. For instance. My IE. Ancestors came here but back in the seventeen hundreds and settled and so. Along with that long term residency was there. Also long time knowledge of about who else but here and I have been passed down from generation to generation someone much. Trolley to take my export younger sister to me how to rickets clan state park wouldn't go buy into that mister Beckett. And that she named for his daughter. So we happens secret personal connection. I. Yeah who who mr. Rick wise you know end and trap and at this Georgian library that he had out. On the mountain. And it if he. The books that he had and they hear him talk with my father about the politics with what was going on. And strikes so we're going on cold strikes or newspaper strikes. I got a really good education. I'll. How things work. And how things work through politics. Now in your book that you do write about it your childhood not actually being totally idyllic and I think a lot of us can relate. Although some yeah try to high aid. These facts from. The others say your candid about them. See I think I I grew up and household whatever to alcoholics and won the functioning and the other was not. And it was. Thing I've never had the vocabulary. To describe. Why this. Movie would selflessly. You know that's fine tuning it is slightly under threat. And I my father showed up for work all the time man and would prompt and very responsible. But he would also on the weekend you know a quicker as usual at. And do you eat the first time ever saw men in drag was so much other dress stopped. And it's like maternity clothes and he wandered across the street to a god parties that women were passing next door. And sat themselves down to. McGill I think I just booked in the neighborhood and actually I trap by age. And all the women laughed out gloriously and offered him with each hour which is exactly what he wanted to know what can talk. And I thought you know I think of people that couldn't bank shot dead right about that think it's very weird. I was only nine years old when I saw this side from popping. But. That was sort of the costume party movement that there was about how to compete how to custom. And certainly that kind of firm. Upbringing far from your small age their terrier adulthood. There are things he would take away from maps that says making her yard today and there are things you take away from that it's. That are painful aren't. Yes absolutely. It wasn't until I moved to Miami and I got sober myself as a recovering alcoholic. Are celebrated 32 years of sobriety. And and along the way I have. Stuff I started therapy and just to stand movement once he movement for adult children of alcoholics. Own defense and the cut was pulled back and I have a whole other explanation. Of what was going on in my childhood. But just to grownups that was what it. Happened to see impressions of all that and the effects of all they alcoholism on the children. And sometimes it was funny and sometimes it would send it. One of the less certain than I don't wanna be macabre about it but won the lesson much other topic I forced it to me but how to have a good time. He loved. Going to parties and having a good time. And contacted her eightieth birthday party here at a big dinner sceptical west violent content wilkes-barre each. But I spoke to an old friend that he is just coming home. And I'll I had Q&A cap and such a good time and he turned the inscription Yugoslav and we just had a good time I've known him since he was forty years old and he has always had a good time. And the take away what is that he passed it onto a afford it are five daughters. You know so. And not just that things that happened but we all know how to have a good time and enjoy our lives. Of course when do you do gets over though everything just kind of change enough a lot of good time equals drinking and then you don't have that anymore. And it it really rips a lot of heat because a lot of people want hang with Ian Murray to. Absolutely. The that the people at risk. Parting wisdom and I'm Miami. I never saw coming weekend and no one ever called me and I talk what what I wonder what happened and one that they thought I just got the bubonic plague in diet. It yeah so I didn't. And it was interesting to see all of a sudden. Tim our friend favorite just drinking companions. And I have a whole new place panda and a whole new status so I may ask and tax. That was the easy for me to do. I I don't know why it was not easy but I think I was just. Blessed with understanding. Code. About the nature of alcoholism. I haven't had any. That's Summers this summer of 85 I was editing. There were three white papers. From the general them. Called knowing good medicine and the American Medical Association. On. There's DNA. I'll alcoholism there was so under the two white papers on the fact that alcoholism lesser Vinatieri. That day that somebody asked me a question. It drinking a problem in your life had a hole. I'm back lode of information. And education about what alcoholism was so I'd never heard the word applied to me your money. It was an odd moment. That is so interesting because it seems to me duet that a lot of people saw what was transpiring in your life but nobody equated that to alcoholism they. They equated it to a good time. Yes they had quite a bit to the Stanley wasn't very colorful than it actually. That was how they described as not that we were crazy old man there's so colorful. And and that they alcoholism you know I thought and nobody misbehaved nobody ever had drunken. Car accidents are falling down episode there and need to silence about me sort but I didn't think that captivity at the main dish. Now I'll let them make it out of court the wicked stepmother was so I caddie caricature right out of should develop. This is a deal with Smith should be at the use your house tomorrow evening with her book home at last and I'm not gonna have. Allude to much of the cover art because to be kind of I think the talk about what the folks at the district has how did you hook it up with with them and and what are you going to do tomorrow when you're at the library at and at what time. I just. Put on my I could become a big girl panties and walked in and said I understand you have meet the Oscar night here in the summer. And Google and she about it and I shut the cover my pocket instead. You know I grew up in Dallas and I would love the opportunity to speak here so all of that came out of a cold call in just walking and through the doors of the used out. And be focused tomorrow is that the promise of recovery. I I had my belief is that. Adult children of alcoholics tap into the ball won't stick to actually eat what the wounds are. What they experience as a continuation. And a pattern of bad relationships. And I'm saying. It doesn't have to be that way and my experience is the way to break it it should care because going to therapist has would be colder rain. Do you its snippets or pleasure to have you on the book is home at last time has stayed the show tomorrow night at the Easter how it's. Get caught you it's nice and early and have people and that god and then Nancy your tot can get your book and then. Cut out for a nice dinner and have a great night in downtown Wilkes-Barre so I take you so much for. Appearing today. Paula it's my pleasure thank you so much true serve it's driving me for an interview room.