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Friday, November 17th

Debbie Bennett of Operation Care Package talks to Frank Andrews about sending mail to the troops.


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Debbie smothers right derby smothers is iron aimed at Atlanta last like smothers Brothers. Yeah and actually got married third Debbie Bennett now okay gradually since an Ngo and I'm talking to you in Manhattan Illinois about operation care package where his Manhattan Illinois first of all. It'd just add about thirty mile outpatient cargo. Okay each and I was I I wanted to get information on some things for our troops and operation care package came up and what one of the things that impressed me was it said called these people but you're gonna have to waste from the call you back because these are all volunteers they're working and you just got off a construction job right. That's terror. Yeah we're all we're all in cheer and we lab to open partnered Tripp okay Tom I'll tell us an operation care packages. Well where I'm not a prop bet I'll volunteer. I am. Organization and bad basically that totally geared treat and care packages turned troops. Normally. January trade the end of October REIT and approximately 250 packages that week and then we stopped and being at the end of October and we spend the twelve months preparing per credit Matt. Which we actually start mailing big day after Thanksgiving and an unlocked every gate through at least eight Amber's sixth. Because as we melted down and take christmastime she and these are all from our branch of our best served as anybody. That's a Mets their name to me get care packages. So now I feel like if a family has a loved one that's deployed they can they can go to your website and submit the soldier's name. Yeah I get healthy and now it's bad they come directly to meet key. And they're burnt Sudan dollar light bulb and other information endeavors they're worth any Betty I should say guys you know it would stop partly keep everything private. They care packages that we and I have to stage it's not just your regular care package of Maggie thought hygiene and there's been little gebbie. Both well back further step towards some much lab Hewitt not beliefs. And that's that's capture Amal over the country. I'll bet now yeah I'm gonna ask you since she Europe volunteer you come home from work and you set 150 packages a week is there some reason why you do this means someone in your family that was deployed what sparked you. It's data and chipped out and degree wedge and it was by the first time that I would ever and it's and that would be yogurt and a packaged in my Brad air because. It where it and that's special force than most but I and we never knew where he bled and never had an address so when direct or started. We actually had an address. And he may dairy mart to me when I was gonna and it's earth package. He said you know there's like seven guys in my group that will never get mail. Art or something like bad and there weren't that many guys and it's groups. And it just kind of like hit me thinking about all that out and good men and women who is thirteen. Are eager or maybe don't have any kind of stepped Manny and army need their family can support just send them packages. Or Brad or whenever resent. Bet I am so we eat me and a couple golf. And that each had their parents deployed we just started sending care packages to whoever we can get my address or is it just trying to grill. I guess now out and not tell people what the donation is and how they would get the name of of a military person and how they would make a donation to help you. And what they don't. Amount than game that people they would they could submit them to ask. But anybody can make we accept donations all the cabinet current course posted just their biggest expense. That Aaron we take items chill if the archbishop O'Malley example lightweight items. I'm just because we don't want double ship being. I didn't go to our web site it's WW Debbie your operation care packages and web ads. Dot org. We also are on pace back we have that they respect age and trade show or not are bad arm chair it's so great about sound and pictures and expect. About everybody that makes defamation and they're big kid big clamor anything she of course you can always email me all art Powell if you have information about likened Ed do you need it likely the message. I you know god bless you for what you do I thank you for your brother service Simon and I'm at when we come back from the news on and give everybody your email and your address Debbie thank you so much for talking to us. Well I think we appreciate you inept and god bless everybody that's every net Drake and thank you.