Dave Workman of the Second Amendment Foundation, about attacks on the 2nd amendment

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Friday, February 23rd

Dave Workman of the Second Amendment Foundation, talks to Frank Andrews about attacks on the Second Amendment and gun control.


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Dave Workman is on the line with those from right now David thank you for joining us. Well I appreciate the imitation or injury calendar views now first of all believe what the Second Amendment some nations isn't who you are. Okay the Second Amendment foundation is affordable one C three organization. Be. The focus is on. Education and litigation. It's the Second Amendment foundation that this actually brought to chase. Of McDonald cursed city you're Chicago so that was decided by the Supreme Court in June 2000 Canucks. Then they're not only notified that cities in good band but incorporated. The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms of the stage. Via the fourteenth amendment. I love it amendment foundation and its sister organization the total since the proper way to keep and bear arms. Annually put on the eighth. We did conference call will be good rage policy conference. Stand that happens on the final weekend of September this year by most all coincidence it's going to be in Chicago. And did an important won't do what happens is is typically a trench. Squandered so good good nor aid activists in his Second Amendment advocates. Two of those this year some time together but he would have panel discussions. Or there are some special presentation. So in debt they talk about guilt or it's. A day it will once when someone says to you or someone you know texts me on our program and says the Second Amendment is no longer relevant you know you you can't beat you can't stand up to two a military you know our military that has you know lasers and nuclear weapons what law how do you answer that. Well tell that to the Afghan Samir vehicle off. Explains. And the United States. If for better or worse. He didn't want to battle against it almost guerrilla organization. In Vietnam on 1960s. And generally given these. End of the believe meet the grueling worker can work it is same thing at the door on Indian. In the Middle Eastern in Afghanistan and here Hillary did it doesn't Russians. So were beaten to a standstill when they win it looks. And a bit they'd certainly have or at least at a time when most powerful military on organic. So. That if the argument live debt can't that that's nonsense is crazy tracks. The American. That is the one that already independent talks in Great Britain what was at the time. The year of the greatest military in the world. And he is so it was a bit but Trulia. Come on nonsensical thing. He he just doesn't add up beside between India and unfortunately in the United States. Our military. They'd a big deal would be my guess it's most of the military know all the military are supportive of the entire constitution. That includes the Second Amendment I don't know who will ever get there. Yet you know dame something happened there was some political wires last night in and said China has suggested that if you want to deal with the violence problem in America should do what we do restrict all guns and I went well there you go. That explains that a colleague and we would never wanna be in that kind of a situation. Because you can't speak up against the government because you have no power even if you don't choose to use that you just did you mean it's just money. Franco but it never mirror what liberal social laughing yeah. Som. It would be bold pieces was not tax. There are doing at least in theory a lot of reasons for the Second Amendment only of the U blue ones that. He says supplied even when I was you wanted junior high school were talking about emerging government is that. It is the final check and balance so obese citizens against the government its its failure to protect us from government tyranny. That's what the founders. They darn truth we'd had. Don't don't like to keep and bear arms. Is don't need it even leave the door right there they they may get a certainty. And area heard of the people who don't like firearms till we see you gotta wanna get on just don't try to take that right away from somebody. Thought Dave did you know I know it in the Second Amendment is often under attack but right now in this in this society in the climate is this is as one of the strongest attacks that you have seen. And I think something it has changed automatically. Action in the last a few years since sandy hook tragedy role in 2012. And that is the bill the mobilization. Ability and I guilders. By billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and sure sure oh yeah and a few others who had just canceled boat load of money. And they're using that money and how what. Against. This Second Amendment. Now you know that may be glitter that may be bad but it's still way it is the end. I don't know unfortunately. A lot of people are buying into this argument that we don't need to Second Amendment any more like curing Qiyue. That. Five minutes after the Second Amendment. Would be re puke that's sort of people so they figure out oh my god we do need that we're in trouble. Did you know I have set on the air and I cannot continue to saying that it is people appreciate the freedom of the press and the freedom of religion in the freedom of speech it's the Second Amendment protects those freedoms. Did it really has been considered a cornerstone of Bibi or right. And I think you'd just take it they're you cracked the code. It is still write that protects all the other rights from being well infringe or even he Maurice. Side in Vienna and the oldest or the reporter I happened to be hard to remember the fourth stage it looked fled what club professional journalist. And oh the reporters start really come over here all the time due to ship about guns and endured get some intra rationed. I don't look. If they are able to Maurice the Second Amendment would keeps the idea that somebody isn't gonna command are you would need a practicing. First Amendment there. Lot of people don't like what reporters do they end you know and unfortunately there are people who would dearly love to race. The weight of three speed troubled freedom of the poorest. Cyan and what about. The right to practice the religion UA EU you can you can go to the church of your choice to not go to church at all. You want that to change can do not many. Yeah stay and I'm I'm Chicago I'm getting a lot of text from people who wanna know how they get in touch with the Second Amendment foundation can you give us some information about that and annual rite of for a magazine tell us about that as well. Yeah I'm the senior editor of the domain dot com and used to beat current week. But the government doesn't come as opium Koreans and a lot more engaged monthly magazine. And I also on the senior editor of liberty park for a so we just an independent new the organ that is such. Oh boy Alan Gottlieb was elder bush like amendment foundation to find out about the Second Amendment foundation. On your computer and just get log onto. It's eight if dot org. And it's sister organization but citizens committee is seen CR. TDC. Dot org. All right now I have one final question before we say good bye why you have such a strong resentment of our groundhog Punxsutawney. What I know if that's no what it might well. Right now she's yeah it's better. Had to learn that out that's the first thing you mentioned my colleague Dave do you have a good weekend thank you so much for joining us on the work to do. My point I think here for Arctic.