Dave Pedri, Luzerne County Manager, about the tornado in Wilkes-Barre Township, with Frank Andrews

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Thursday, June 14th
Dave Pedri, Luzerne County Manager, talks about the tornado on June 13, 2018 in Wilkes-Barre Township with Frank Andrews

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Dave Hendry is Lucerne county manager. Dave has been on the scene there for a long long time and that he is on the phone right now David what's the situation what's going on at the scene right now. After trying to trap me on right now we're going through. It's DC media literally building by building. PLO bear are you yeah I dare her next goal is to watch it all utilities up and running. After that Timothy began there's little store and for the construction. On a long process side it's all been planned out pretty well. Now there's some of these buildings are just absolutely destroy there's no chance of salvaging any part of them right. CFM the come knock construction expert but you're talking to major major issue here you know one area that. To try to be IE you in in the one section by age Panera Bread and LA they'll. There was any piece of a U haul trailer. Dallas about a quarter mile away. From the U haul location social but the flew over quarter mile away and through the roof there were little very violent storm to cost some major damage touched. You know at everybody that we have talked to everybody wait we have so they could have been so much worse reap what do we could have been dealing with fatalities easily. Talk about a good 10 o'clock at night bothered that we can't. People will be out there shopping at the very busy up out of the heart itself the people eighth and the area that's accurate. I mean look at the mall parking lot you see concrete blocks. That actually to them all part of our process streak. It could be me I could have been horrible. Or very very lucky that we are no breakout success property damage and I don't mean to downplay the property damaged pressure for the business owner there's there's their livelihood everything that put food on the table. Although we're very very lucky that that there are no fatalities no major injuries. I know I know one of your jobs and and you do very well as tying everything together to make sure that the that the area is taken care of our youth are you confident that the state. At everything is just coming together tend to give you what you need. But it came out of there everything police got the governor. Made a personal appears as well. All we had Federal Reserve. There are eight people there are certainly people there. Congressman Carl right people there as well Clinton now the matter you're getting together. It is a government entity so our bulk bureaucracy without enough people are we're talking not getting all the intimate together. A once we know I hope this state or federal or as a vehicle of this stuff to go to the area. Okay what once once final question do you we've been talking about the Robert Decker stopping on the highway WNET has some pictures of us people that are standing around looking so I imagine that that could be a little bit of a problem. Charlotte the it. Other than that the government of rabbit every single day but I'll actually be other member of the public fairly clear at this point out if he'll be buried in Europe. I would want my wanted to root for when the route was still moving. Because the wind it is kind of really are prepared. If it did it didn't make entry anybody camera people to simulate the feel at this point. Believe we have more effective out there that there's so he popped up in the air. Pictures on FaceBook an area along the Liberty City area there. Andre and I are Bengal are perfect article cannot bear market during the night. Our major break it himself and you know that a lot more people aren't. But I think were over reporter art direction. I days thanks for taking I know you're busy thanks for taking time to talk to W Alcan gristle reggae category critical mark my pleasure dipendra Lucerne county manager now.