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Wednesday, October 4th

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And it's time for a much needed diversion for all of us we're so happy. And pleased to welcome Dan Brown tore show the author of the brand new book is brand new baby came out yesterday origin hi Dan. Good morning how is it to give birth to a book. I need a little less painful loving giving birth to a human I'm sure but that it's a much longer process system was about four years. And it was at rest your at this time when your publishing house started to just talk about. Things that your fans love like oh I don't know cover our Dan and thematic says that this kind. Of work crew requires just so much at five and I know the of people in your life that have been instrumental in in helping you. But when you're thinking of that can you top this. Moments of origin though where did you start and why did you decide to go into this direction of will god survived science which and quite frankly is a very intriguing thought indeed. Well I I think it's the most important question of our time I grew up with a very my mom with a very devout Christians you to church organist my dad was a mathematics teacher road map textbooks like sort of had. One foot in each world of science religion. And at some point you know pastor priest that how to wait justified these two are just he learned about evolution but I also heard about that Lebanese. And the priest said nice way to an aspect question. And that was really the moment I started out in the question and and and that is the question that benefit that the court of flow of origin missed knew not all of this you new thriller the bid that essentially. Looks at the explosion of technology and ask what is second due to our site. Honestly and when I think about the stand. In in days of goals you know people. Had a lifespan. It was what 32 years or so and they were satisfied with that. We look at our lifespan today and we think what Al 8900. Very satisfactory. But in the future I would say we may look like the people on the covered wagon to the future you know I mean. Oh without a doubt and neo futurists are not entirely in agreement on what. But I will look like whether the technologies like artificial intelligence will save us or destroy us. But one thing they all agree on is what we just had that the future's coming much faster than we think. And we sort of picture ourselves as being very modern. But you know one generation from now. We will look like the ancients and all I have to do now look back a single generation did to your parents to. She people who grew up would not have the technology that we take for granted today. And into that Rome. Of artificial. Intelligence. Altered state reality in and quite frankly. I don't want that how I feel about that will be when we may move to ram home. When the line now more and more ever in the future will be blurred between what's real and fake I mean think about it in the future. You have a life that is filled with pleasure of course it might not be real. Well you know you're absolutely right and an important thing to remember is that. You know didn't these are all personal questions for each of us here we're not force. Chu. Right now all the technologies that exist or not we're not forty to participate in them. You know it all depends on how we use these technologies. You know there there will be good there will be it's quite possible that artificial intelligence will. Help us solve problems on the world on the air like like scarcity or pollution or. I'm over population. It's also as you just said very possible that it will. Create an alternate reality where we are all really interacting with a big world in a much much different way. Are you just mentioned living 200. You know what who knows as possible someday we will be able to actually move our consciousness is out of our bodies. And and live in a digitally conscious state. Indefinitely you know who knows what the future holds. Yet another minute we're gonna get Walt Disney backed credit I'm just it maybe that's not a topic for today but I think about me and then but what they say about it and put it in this book. Origin can you kind of lay out the arc for RS and and Telus and how how you decided that this is the direction. The one it should go and where you fuse all of these things together because of the way you were raised with the the DA duality. Of science and religion in your home I mean you seem like somebody that's been torn for a long time over these kinds of questions I know that plays in your work. It certainly does vibe I write these books to explore themes that are important to me personally. And to try to figure things out for myself personally. Origins starts with a with a a futurist who has made a scientific discovery. That he believes will shake the foundations of world religion. And you know at at the end of the day he. Feels he has scientific answers to questions you know we like where have we come from where are we going what are we doing here and then the question but traditionally religion has that certain. And but likes science enjoy the opening into the and let you know Robert Lang and has caught up in this in this. Mystery in the stories just sort of brought it. Trying to trying to figure out what to discover what and at the end of the novel you find out what a lot in and it's a whole lot of fun. And I know that when you do right Dan you have agree. Fan base of people who can't wait for you write these books. And then have people. Who are so emotionally invested. In these topics. That they actually get Matty you what do you people write to you and and see things to you based upon these books of fish from fiction. That are almost beyond the pale. All yet let me that if that happens quite often and downs. You know I I don't think. That controversy as a bad thing I think predict it spark dialogue on important topics and I thought yeah this'll sound naive but political Chico came out I had no idea it would be controversial. I just ask the hypothetical question about due to say what would it mean for christianity that Jesus were not literally it is some of the that I sort of follow up what are reasonable question I have to put you know there are people who are as you saved or invested in there in their fate of their ideology or philosophy. That when you challenge them. Even in the form of sort of pop up from you know popcorn thriller hit these people can get pretty upset. Yeah they can't effect actually received a missive this morning from someone. Who who wannabe to grilling you on your own faith I think. You get my radio show I that's necessary from my guests. Well then I'm happy with our Bob Brown paper bag I grew up deeply Christian woman but we were Episcopalians by. My mom at the church organ and shoot the choir director I sang in the choir we confirmed so you know what actually went to Bible can't get a good read the Bible. At some point I. You know we started doubting side that went the bop museum SI also learned about evolution. And so we should wait many here were happening. And I went to a priest and I hit me I'm learning to Tibetan government Genesis the big and learning about evolution anatomy which story is true. And the priest said nice boys don't ask that question. I bet was not the answer I need to be here. And I started asking that question when they're really pursue science ever since. And has started to realize that if you get deeper and defiant. It starts to come full circle. And starts to look almost like philosophy and religion when you're really enough. And that and higher echelons of science not that I understand what certain web. I read about part of the youths and that. We don't understand these are some of the most religious people out there and all our people were studying science could do deep well. I also just say as far as. Intentional or not religion that but I'm not an anti religious person and anyway I think that religion doesn't enormous amount of good in the world. I also think that it can be used out to our detriment. And that there are times when the banner of religion is is. Waved as your community from have entered to endure any kind of rational scrutiny and we're not allowed to question. I think that's where religion falls down this inability to question. And of course if you look at him some of the fade than I look at catholicism specifically. People in the feet. Who were immune to asking questions about faith. And quite frankly they've been canonized. As saints so couple that aren't or Ito asking questions having. You know a moment of crisis in your own life for you. EU can't. It's happened before and I think that it's it's almost unfair. Not to ask questions although it does keep it easier for people if you shut up pray. Yeah I mean that there's certainly if you if you're not sure enough about your ideas or if you're own faces. It's sure I can buy a novel. That's something that you should look at a little more careful. Yeah indeed no when you put Al books in the modern parent and use since Shuster are writing. When you start reading your first bucks you could not have pictured. The landscape. Of the publishing industry. In the stands at bat head back in the day. Eden flew to think about ebooks or you know bricks and mortar stores that are. On you know not as vibrant as he used to be at Sierra how has that changed at all the way that you. A live your life says as a prominent author. Yeah it is interesting to be you're you're actually right you know under the bridge code came out I I went on a tour across America and I. This is you know count look what thunderbolt bricks and mortar stores you know the independent the Barnes and Noble's the borders are in that disappeared. And now would be the with the online read it it's it's kind of a double edged sword because authors are of course very happy. You have international distribution digital. And get you electronic era has been a real boom for unknown writers that you don't have to wait. Should be published to distribute richer you'll be consistent run and Hubble created new book. And I have global distribution. Of your material that's a wonderful thing for readers it's a wonderful thing for writers but it simultaneously. There's very very hard on traditional book selling. And the traditional booksellers are the people who really. They are passionate about. And you can walk insurance local bookstore whatever maybe. At the owner of one of the salespeople gazelle or hey Dan how are great this field. I know exactly what you like and this new book just came in and I can tell you gotta love it and that sort of that personal experience we're not getting anymore. You know what their arguments that I have because I I teach at a local college with my students is always about. Books verses movies and that the notion obviously the books are not look it it's and feel for you though do you care. When you're writing anymore whether or not your book will be made into movies do you act any differently as an author when you think about that. Well I you know it certainly making movies has been great fun working would really interstate wonderful people are Howard Tom Hanks are true very. On the hard working Smart guys have all honored to work put them. But the second time I am a novelist I write books and I don't think in terms of movies. I think in terms are right in the best book I could possibly right. I'm definitely a pass that onto them because they they debate wholeheartedly and I have a lot of people would actually agree with you that would. Somebody sets out they're not necessarily looking toward the future they're looking toward the president. N in this a day an Angel what is your world look like now when you sit back. And reflected upon finishing this I mean Eric G three reviews of your books and four. Four or five under or do you know inside criticism do you care what people say. What I mean writers are supposed to care of people say that of course you when your creative person you. You want to have one to love what you've done whether position of lighter shaft it doesn't matter you want people look what you've done. You know origin is out there and 54 languages around the world there are. Literally hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of reviews that are being written I don't have time to look at them all the most important thing for me. Is that what I need readers that they say oh my god loved this book. And that's ability just a moment of optional have been out there and 24 hours but few people have talked to have been so enthusiastic and that Armenians. Mean Deborah. Dan Brown what a pleasure you're such an upbeat and pleasant guy and I didn't know honestly and know what to expect because your your books are so. Intertwined with academia. And a science and religion I was fearful it LB you really thoughtful so over how well we showed. No as a teacher you know your your teachers the most noble profession and I. I treasure teachers my hero with a teacher and so I'm I'm grateful for all the work that you do in in the field of education group. Dad that's your your. Are you actually do in my my dad and a whole lot of my favorite teachers along the way. Yes I'd want that that's not your daddy really admired and give me a quality about that teacher that you'll never forget and made Jude the best person he could be in the stay managed. I one teacher was Jack he. He was my ninth grade English teacher of Exeter academy. He said very very little. But really really taught me that language is about communication it's not about showing off how many words you know. Or putting in Germany Florida because it is about communicating. And so the best possible writer you can be used to writer. That uses language to all the stories not too long to sort of linguistic acrobatics. And I think you proved that today in this interview that you listen to that teacher very very well Dan Brown author of origin what a great treat this less trust thank you so much. Thank you.