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Thursday, June 15th

An update on the 4th day of deliberations in the trial of Bill Cosby with WILK's Sue Henry and Mike Sisak (Associated Press) and Joe Holden (CBS 3 Philadelphia)


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And that would not. Would be great depleted just talked to somebody up the Bill Cosby Trout today will you ask and we delivered here comes ladies and gentlemen. Straight out in Norris town here's Mike's a sack. Good morning until. It's. You know lot I've gotten a little bit late I had it figured out where you last night but their back it in the jury room the morning and deliberation room. A port de there is gone on thirty hours though. But he your complete activity in the background. But they are inside out are from from where we are outside the courthouse. What would wait and plot the media matters. Bought the. And I agitation and as we are sort I think. We've got left I mean attention is is rising and at we gave you need to secure bases. One and plunk down that chair looking kind of angry Haiti had his mind made up made up already eat it eat it your all the money. I'm others that we're listening at very carefully and then had to hide oh. Pondering that the evidence that they were re hearing. I have gotten a judge futile shorter and in the book is. Conduct. And T at that time not so much by the jury and a lot of a verdict but just by the mechanics of getting on the kneecap the money that they want her to. The money that they want it here are some of hadn't even been transcribed yet. Yeah I am not a difficult dynamic and when you get right down took but I it don't want night and say about this is. Basis to be taking this work extremely seriously and it seems extremely meticulous. He had been praised by the judge for being conscientious and taking their role that very seriously. There are delivered very deliberative and their deliberation. And I don't necessarily know he can take anything from that interpret what it means for. Guilt or not guilty. But it just shows that they are not. In there. Polling taking a vote they're really looking at this evident they act Oreo at six different things to be a red backed them are by. You know the last few days yesterday they have to hear. The police interview. That they'll copy it back in January he got by the bike Europe the alleged incident. And enable though I have for clarity on what the charges they've acted here but at a deposition testimony. They are really looking at. What he said about that and also what his accuser undercut that that the exact wording what they call police wallet is being investigated. We love about Bill Cosby and and and what tees. You know his his persona but you know what about the accuser. Hundred can't stand wolf what's her demeanor likes throughout this terror how to she appeared you. Q did the very. Com Majid certainly he capped by acute comps straightforward. Direct. And respectful of both into the process to the rocket in and get a defense lawyer. Yesterday as that process or on any we saw that erode a little bit. Week you know the tension start to rise occurred well and especially with her and a mother Dion back on that would in the courtroom at some of that testimony was being read back to jury. And she part of that money involved with health on call several telephone call but she with a copy where she confided in. About the alleged assault and in which she in which he's. But he apologized for it and when they were reading some of that testimony she was breaking down here and you'd like being viewed the clock to like them away. I sat in the front row of the courtroom. Looking looking on as jurors were again processing that cap money that they'd get back we. This is I believe some kind of a seesaw type Eva and because lot of people might thought that when the defense. Put up a bare minimum with one witness going six minutes they thought to have perhaps. This is what would favor. The accuser. And gotten it now that this this drags on and on and on. I guess many people I mean a fire there I would I would speculate that it may be in this trial or. An acquittal I I know you can never tell all but what what's the mood down there is it is it's whip sawing back and forth. He's accurate pointed to defense case the thickness that the testimony from that they detected that in depth in case it out. Oddly confident alone app provide for more than an hour. Prosecution called while witnesses Hughes has won a well Whitaker. That there are people here particularly hot media we in the media com. But does involve lawyers that's ripping that are kind of considering what happened it there is no verdict if there are all out. That. Make it impossible for of the jury go one way or the other. Any we have a piece not a day actually that export some of those. Contingency. And one of them is basically if there's a hung jury are deadlocked jury got all freaked out. They would give deep hockey team the option and a charge remain in place basically. And to Baylor remain and keep you would consult on Dick Bennett if you want to go through it began and that would help make their decision on whether they have the trial. And that this also is someone to have floated on the Saturday in new year there I know you're in a facts guy but what if they had just download the bench trial within a judge. I'd I would think the dynamics significantly. I don't know how I added up to speculate out the candy it would I change all though the way to cases presented. You know from the witnesses that they called in to appeal to jury to explain things I'm may not have been necessary. I'm judged either O'Neal knows this case I'd better than anyone. And certainly knows the law. I think that that might have been less favorable view Bill Cosby because a judge. It's certainly considered reasonable doubt but I eat if one person and a few that doubt in one part at a well. Your defendants that help you much more about odds are greater. And Bill Cosby really do the Fat Albert thing yesterday in my. That's been part of his routine he's got to the last couple days he's been and I then it out throughout the trial. Of earlier last week a woman after her a birthday greeting you'd use the opal I had a little bit that people walking into court. People here talking about how he's referring to the room where he hold up I keep waiting in the dressing room he's a overeat yelling his team with. A lot of stories about. Did old Hollywood data college days but still before. We now I have another especially get. Well that's an opt out my and the people saw a great grand Nepa. I would know him well yeah most of daylight Evita now period Philadelphia most of the school board members might have merit. Do how are you know argued are backed the boat out the bad ideal you that you literally knocks this act done to the phone off Virginia. Yes I did. You know it that it this is a really incredible sight here because. You know in this quick pace that blizzard media. Culture that we find ourselves Dan. I'd jury trial he you know what it is it can be and I partner can happen very quickly and not so assured that. You know what duke there's a question about speculating what is the jury duty. Who knows and I don't think it's our job it really it would really be on a way you're trying to get to the bottom of where their app. It's just clear they appear to be very conscientious. That they're working to. Get the best. Evidence or recollection of the testimony and in front of them. So they can deliberate Mike elaborated that there appeared to be some jurors who are frustrated theater and sports are hired. Are they admit to their parade. But with a man's life at stake here it's the disputed they're taking this very seriously. And that terror their mission is to either get get to the bottom of the three beat them are aggravated that these assault charges. And you know find out how that fits what the evidence that's been presented in court. So while we're all waiting out here and pontificating on why this is taking so long jury then they're doing now Boyd Arctic and expect them to do. And I think that's really laudable as is no rush to judgment no or whatnot but judge Joseph pretty soon the the deliberations will supersede the time of the actual testimony. Yeah over so deep that kept the money left it up five days that. Six minutes really and now we're in 83. Days or of deliberation. Or approach to the thirty hour mark of that jury being in bed deliberation process itself I'm counting in the questions I'm counting and dinner. Lunch what that they stop their continue to hash out what's going on. And if I mean it strikes me it's the instructions from the judge every night is that. Opt for those of you who still have the call family make it hello how are you. I'm tired we'll talk soon that's the extent of their conversations with family back in Allegheny County. And so. Pressure or the jobs that. They're now having to do it just incredible it really is. Something that I don't know I I don't think I could do this. And I I pose their questions a lot of people out here our colleagues. Could you be separated from babbling now going on nine solid days. Those who have kids or grandkids work. There's some young people on the jury is maybe in their twenties. And that they've been separated now with just very terse hello and goodbye for all that I've earlier a monumental have been asked the. That and again now a lot of people tried to shy away from that side up but any citizen who. Stays in the jury people. It gets picked sits there and listens intently and then you good because some of this. Out testimony. It looks like they are really looking word by word by word. Of which way they should go well isn't that true I mean they out consent or what I earned their just being Peter very doubtful. He liked to hang out based on what they're asking the judge to review it is there these inconsistencies. Are large enough to are they keep it out. I think there's there's a lot of doubt shelling just on paper what the report beat. Odd that that is after all. What dirt they're charged to do with you they could and they find reasonable doubt in these stories. That testimony and these allegations. And bit request to review the police report that testimony about the pills. Beat definition of the words quote. Without her knowledge. Jerry telling. That some people. A little little pictorial or snapshot if you will look. Of where in their head they are a venue you marry although those elements which it die impression that. Some jurors just look. Beat they look like they have just they are it is the key Central America and others are very panicked so. The Who noted that this is if there's more going on back there where it if they are literally going line by line. It will be incredible to be. In an interview after the fact. Oh how they spent their time back there. Yet the sexual assault cases in general. Are extremely difficult today that he said she said element of these cases. Is very very difficult prosecutors will towel somebody listened and we do take this to court. It won't be easy we wanna take your case to court it they they say that many times and it's just hard for people actually come forward and relive these things it's difficult this is a very difficult circumstance unaware around. It at all the way around 360 degrees adds reputation is that Khalid. There's been much made about. You know it. Roll. And we've seen in a deposition at least been a police report summit is worth part of his story. We heard from the witness stand the other side of it how. They paint him as a predator. Though the outcome of this has. Significant stage four everybody. Joseph hole and a blast from our past that they were good to talk at the Texas Tech and then you two were on hand many many big cases that we add up here together and we were all again. We bring them up yeah we talk we talk about that we that we talk about them as. You know having been. Honored to sit bring those stories of people. And those cases the course. Garnered a lot of attention when we recovering them but I think we will look back in think about how Dave played out. We compare tons of deliberations were no serious statewide corruption cases and other high profile trial and you know that this that this began one of those cases up there with them. And there's a lot of attention here and you know I think people are getting. Anxious. But it's the who's got to play out. In due time. Aaron do holder I think I saw you giving what was it says Williams a hard time the other day was that you. Yeah we just got a question or thought to what that's all that's all I'm just the fan access but I am always pleased when I AM when icu and then when I read Mac's work and I think that it's great to have people who came through northeastern Pennsylvania and are so important at this particular tacit extra joining the call day. All it was so good the stock Q we met you I've missed you guys or is different but I love my my spot up there yell at great a lot of people may ship near Baghdad not the school board members. And how they were hybrid and suddenly packed it up. Good but I did to now are right take care. That is the the latest out of Philadelphia word not much is happening in the past be Chara.