Congressman Lou Barletta (Republican-11th District), candidate for U.S. Senate, talks to Frank Andrews about the rally on Thursday

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Wednesday, August 1st
Congressman Lou Barletta (Republican-11th District), candidate for U.S. Senate, talks to Frank Andrews about the rally on Thursday, August 2nd and various issues in the race against Bob Casey.

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Congressman thanks for joining us. Barbara to talk to your current I imagine you're tired running around and doing all the campaigning true what what are you expecting tomorrow at this rally. Well there are different. You know create a lot of excitement for the race the fact of the program does. Is coming into loans they notes in the northeastern Pennsylvania where he wanted to go. Take him and then to add to the agenda and policies look he's sure he's trying to accomplish for the people of of of of our country. Not known congressman in my. He could just kind of give us from your point of view the difference between you and senator Casey. Yeah I think I think it's the valued at Pennsylvania values that are different you know our you know club case this is not a simple location that was elected in 2006. All that Casey was a moderate Democrat pro life. About KP today has moved very far left along with his party and his record there's a little bit older and much out. That's not who Pennsylvania has until they're does not support Sanctuary Cities. Well I'm looking at a policy their taxes go up my about the tax cuts slow creep cool cause you know they want job. A creation and that's what's happening under this president that's what I've been able to do supporting that agenda lower taxes and then and national security. I am not quite there for multimillionaire. Scott could stop illegal immigration and secure our borders long before anyone in the country. Shot I had the courage to stand up. Okay here on the other hand. Support system many policies that create a legal immigration so that the prince couldn't be greater than cold light years you're not. And you know values and I think it would be a great senator where people go or you know or the people of Massachusetts but that's not cool. The people of Pennsylvania are there looks like on them and they want group or so ago remember protectorate. And not know why it took quite there have been. Luckily this standout. One I have seen no no matter puts people in my own party but I'll stand up and I've proven that as mayor and in my short term in congress. Should die you know congressman it's true you you're talking about immigration issues long before it became you know major headlines every single day. But the USA today has an article that says time for open borders to Cato Institute is talking about how we need open borders that's kind of extreme and wacky isn't. Was very extreme and that's really what would happen to Democrat party in a bunker if she's been. We didn't go via struck fans and resist everything that the president is doing out. You'll get into saying no to a matter who the president nominated for the Supreme Court is just. And radicalism radical position not you know not even know who the person is confirmed voting no no matter who it is. Aren't the Democrat party they want to open borders they wanna do away with Irish and no mistake. It's their goal is just think they could go controlled house and control those senators to impeach president trump that's the ultimate goal. Colin and that's a with a couple Pennsylvania want. Now you're you mentioned ice Philadelphia canceling the contract with ice. It in your opinion how do you know what what is the value of vice and walk and what would be the error the Philadelphia getting rid of ice. Oh my gosh. You don't spend most or Sanctuary City bowed. But not a not only twelve you know Kurt where are Democrats to be saying that we should eliminate I insult others literally ludicrous I mean. I am not only do they can do they are tracked down and and and and and work with people who are in the country illegally but they they they arrest people for human try trafficking. Gang members I mean. This has become what we want these these men and women put their lives on the line to you know could get a yellow comes in numbers and end up. The better there than to keep us safe and I didn't so what do you recall I think that we should eliminate guys. Sean and an apples to borders since sanctuary that is what's going to happen towards jobs in America. We're gonna we're gonna be open market where people could come in from all over the world to create American jobs. And illegal immigration the press is the way to look the American worker and president in this agenda in the policy that I support. And those jobs to become the American people first looks good horse by people who need to go the country's first African American people hurt the most that's why don't try or never told you that I believe them and that's why I supported the. Should not let congressman. You know I was talking to someone in your campaign setting up this interview with you and I I just you know I was talking a little bit about you know the negativity in the protesters and and someone so I've never seen such hate and we talked about this story yesterday in Florida where one reporter called the trump supporters toothless garbage people and and struck says he went to bed Virginia Wal-Mart you can smell the trump supporters. And what was your reaction to that kind of craziness. Well we've started with Hillary Clinton saying you know Vasco deplorable. It's what do you think of people that that the the support Donald Trump this is what they think. Well of the American people that'll that'll let go of him I think she remembered the campaign because they thought they had this race one just like huckleberry the only trick. They may have the outcome of this race protect that which still be wrong just like they were in a presidential election. Oh you don't do so many agree to a can't believe that they lost that election that you remember they are. Donald Trump a candidate or do you accept the outcome. Of the election of the people and to go out and accept that that's going on two years now and they still. Every day wake up and try to find a way to get so you can conclude the American people. They don't they would rather see them trail. And then support the president when he's doing something good you can't say no to everything and then we can have a senator that's going to say no to everything and yeah that's why this election is so important that's where the president coming here and then and now that's why at forty. Well one this on the ballot in November it's going to be very very very close race. You know I I had talked to Laura trump Annan on Monday and after we talked about some specific issues I century you know well what all the criticism you know I mean being named trump is enough for her to get bashed every day assess how do you deal with the negativity and I asked the same thing I imagine that you being aligned with the president YouTube did quite a bit of a flat -- how do you handle the negativity. When that he's got to keep going and don't look that the people who you're helping and how many people where you are helping you know it but I. Well first up against illegal immigration and edit it it may not be as much now as to what expect them because. You know because they did it before a lot of other people who saw the trouble is called legends and -- where people call your racial stuff together event I immigrant and none about it she you know it's it's function the farthest from the truth speak you have to realize is. We're trying to help. And if you backed down every time somebody called you or made him. You know then then we're not gonna happen you real leaders in this country and you know I think try and sort of example or family. Openly debate going there they only could be at a middle won't risk. You know all these all this criticism make a move very well without a bit but they care about the country. And then again you know in the campaign that was a big issue that the Democrats talking about because Hillary Clinton immortal a warmer than. And you know being. You know the first woman president respect incur. When the men who who have been more peace disrespectful for the women of of the truck crammed women who what are some vodka whether it's Maloney but you know it's just all of the moment. There's so it's unbelievable what he tripped. And the computers that took the only cup. What the American people want it yes but he could deplorable wanna Donald Trump because they wanna somebody or understand that the average American. Send an open call program but the court our men and women and aren't they just can't handle it. I'm in other the president last night mentioned Matt. Voter ID of course is getting bashed because they say you need and I didn't go to the grocery store which you know is kind of like teach stimulus to taking one small thing and and forgetting the big issue but voter ID is impossible and and and and how serious is that a problem that non citizens are being registered to vote. What's very serious especially. Especially since there's been so much attention on whether the Russians. Are colluding with our election or the people are really concerned about making sure that our elections aren't aren't tampered with. Shouldn't we wanna make sure that anyone who. Shouldn't be able to podium you cannot cut and then. You know so it's it's all almost a contradiction for those who who are focused on a rush of collusion and with the our our elections but yet. You know what knowing that they're. People or in the country illegally and broken. You all the boat harbor at the scene in cool though you're. You know why don't we wanna screw up that what do we wanna protect. The boat they election prompt people right here in America or treat. She doesn't want one more thing you that I wanna ask him the president also said that he you know he doesn't have any problem doesn't care about the political ramifications if this just on the government to get the funding any thoughts on shutting down the government broad. He's the master negotiator trying to true though he he had realized that. You know what I can negotiate and he's really pushing congress to do with the American people. Who voted for and and that's really what what the problem has been the problem is in the shadows and the and those in the house trauma in his own party. Well you don't fall through with what people want and the presidential election with a very clear and I think this president making these these threats. I really to our country congress open and I get them do their job. And Erik Cole crew with what the people. So and wanted in this last election and that's what my election is what followed Casey at the whole crew on their agenda that's working there are more jobs moment. Then people were unemployed were seen manufacturing jobs come back into this country were seen the won't bring go you know. Good to what the people voter coercion and now we need to continue that there's one vote in the senate. Could be that different from that in general or going back to this you know go up also the bronco. Obama she thought congressman I assume that's done tomorrow you'll be meeting the president when Air Force One arrives. You the president called rush today to congratulate him so if you're in the motorcade and your coming by inch between three and six you can have the president called frank Andrew show. All all measures it I can't thank you for George yes I will be at the rally covering it live tomorrow thank you congressman you're not there.