Congressman Barletta on running for Senate

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Wednesday, August 30th

Congressman Lou Barletta with WILK's Sue Henry on his run for Senate


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Congressman Bartlett at the eleventh congressional district announced that he would like to seek. A US senate CT wolf faced Bob Casey if he goes through the primary successfully he joins us right now on W I'll OK good morning Lou. If you read our trip speech Jack G what the last 26 hours been like. It's been actually it's been a load off my chest you know this is this something that. That I've been thinking about and considering four for the past few months not talking with with burgers by apparently were girls my friends. People around the states before Washington you know as a big decision. You know I I sit in in what is a fairly safe seats for me. Could could probably hold onto. If I defy you wanted to. But at the end of the base so that's not what I went to Washington formats. Really what it came down to. Is this is not about me. One vote. And I realized this after looking at that boat bed for the Affordable Care Act obamacare. One vote could make a difference between continuing. With president Obama's policies. Or. Or voting for and helping. The policies that the American people or report taking our country in a totally different direction this one vote this election breaker Pennsylvania. Could be the difference and at the end of the day I've felt a responsibility. Two. Took a risk might seek for a country. You've taken risks before your last hour at. I have in color I have one right. When I started it businesswomen are great and I started our business when everyone thought I was crazy because you know we have any money we we we really know what we're doing but. But we worked hard I took a risk when I decided to to change directions to my license and run for mayor table from because that is like the politics here and they'd open. I took a risk or Mario ran against bill Paul Kanjorski everywhere so that was crazy was a giant here in this district. District that was heavily Democrat. You know so that's never been. An obstacle for May have you know for me it's immortal I think is right and and have the courage to do it you know when I. What you know I've dealt with the problem of illegal immigration and papal nobody in the country. What was willing to stand stand forward and in fact. Politicians. Went out of their way to stay away from me when I first. When I first took on that battle with the governor's race for the pilot it was the McCain Clinton and Obama. You know they were traveling all over Pennsylvania and nobody would come and open and I accept this must be a must be because of me. But you know I just do I think is right I'm not afraid and you know I lose an election because they stood up for what I believe in them and so what you know itself it's about it's about the reason you're doing it but not about yourself. Okay and now obviously if you make it the primary you would be. Challenging them Bob Casey of a Scranton who why do you believe Lou that he needs. A strident challenger out where where do you believe that he has failed. Pennsylvania. We'll personable so luckily I believe in term limits. You know and spending a short time in Washington. It just confirms what I believe that sometimes people stay there too long. You begin to lose touch with. With the people we represent what I what I went when I ran for congress myself that would only served ten or twelve years. And I believe twelve years is an offer for the senate them and it's time for four or someone else. The most important thing is that in those twelve years. You know what you think about it where people mostly Tellme is is that they they don't really know what. You know what has been accomplished and in those twelve years. But what we do know is that the people of Pennsylvania don't want it's something different than that Barack Obama's policies when they voted for Donald Trump. I think it's wrong to go against what the American people the people Pennsylvania voted for. To vote against the American worker and and two to basically. Just resist whatever the president is going to do because you know because he's from the other party and that's I think it's wrong and what makes it's so important who is that this one vote. Could be the whole difference can be the difference between obamacare could be the difference between securing our borders stopping illegal immigration. Infrastructure. The next Supreme Court justice which will affect our country for thirty or forty years. And what I want I think all of that. That we know what we're gonna get if we continue. You know having somebody to Washington was going to. Stand in the way of what the people voted for I could be the difference and and got in orbit I have as the forward. When the President Obama was the president he was from the other party. Lou what did you do in order to work with him on an issue or two. Well so you know like I pulled it you know we can go back people can can say things but I think I can improve. What what I say and I've got I've gone back to my time as mayor. It didn't matter if a person was Democrat or Republican I worked with City Council I think there with the registration was able that was a city that was two to one Democrats. You know I won three elections here with the last time with 90% of the vote. If so is the same thing with which when he gets consortia that district was almost to the one Democrats so. I've always been able to read relate to people regardless of of their registration when I went to Washington and I saw how. How partisan politics. Was holding back our country I think go to Washington like a good day for me is not making somebody else on the other side looked bad. You know a good day for me is actually. Working together not injured not forget everything you want and and you have to be willing to do that so. So to do my part I joined the bipartisan working group. What I got there there's 27 of us Democrats or Republicans who beat. Every morning at 2 every Tuesday morning when we're in Washington at 8 o'clock in the morning to work together. I come home and I try to practice that's saying. That's same thing I've partnered with senator you'd be checked a Democrat on on so many things whether it was. They'll try to stop gangs from our communities then and now. You know and most importantly. Saving and bringing an afterschool program assurance program to to lose their accounting. President Obama has invite my time as a chairman on a subcommittee on transportation and infrastructure. I worked with President Obama. On on what he wanted what he agreed with was that we have to begin to shrink the the federal footprint. Of properties. In the United States so that was something that we agreed on and Aaron have worked together with an administration and in accomplishing that so it doesn't matter where the idea comes from. A lot of policy that I can be completely disagree weapons and not and that's OK but. But where there's agreement I think you've got to work together I don't think you can take an attitude. That I'm gonna resist no matter what the president does and before even doesn't. And that's that's flies in the face so of Pennsylvania voters. I'm you have men not lauded and criticized for the work they did as the mayor of hazel ten regarding. Crackdown on illegal immigration. Which has been now obviously not. Successful. In in terms of the ability to enforce it but how do you see this because a lot of people criticize you for possibly. Wasting assets to 5% core ordinance on itself by Charlie is he the. That people are criticizing me for standing up and and trying to protect and defend the people but I represent has over. I'm okay what factors that's what I took an oath to do and the reason I had to do it is because those that world Washington. We wouldn't and different and I created a problem that. That that trickle down right into small towns like Capel from and all across the country and nobody. Would do anything about it our population in April and grew by 50% which is the huge growth forest city. But our tax revenue remains the same. You know it is impossible provides services to people when when you don't have the revenue we have a bigger population and you know have the revenue and I saw how illegal immigration. Affect our communities whether it was in the emergency room of hospitals whether it was an. In our schools whether it's in our police department whether it it was just the quality of life and and nobody I want to Washington in December 2005 so this was the Republicans were we're both local Republican administration. And I met with the department of justice and asked for help and so I need help you know I can't do this our own and they were great they brought in all these experts talked to make. And at the end of the day they gave me a coffee mug. A lapel pin a pat on the back end and sent me home and I realized that the federal government. Cause of this problem but they weren't gonna doing about it and and I did. Yes I would you know yes but it does that the bill that I wrote bad hair and hazel from what struck down by day. A little further Circuit Court which brings us to be important so appointing people through the courts. That that won't legislate from the bench. But my law. Has been used across America. State of Arizona used the business portion of oil law went to the Supreme Court and one actually hit the business portion of the papal a lot of legal limit my circuit. Fremont Nebraska use the entire ordinance we wrote here and one in the gates circuit. And many cities across America. Have followed that so. You know had we have we've been in another another district the Walt. May be legal but more importantly it began a movement in America. Where the American people said. Illegal immigration is wrong and not intent for that I I don't apologize. As for where we stand now there are of course there have been some up pieces of a legislation that you then. Part of including nine. If you over stage here v.s that could be crying amen ends and so on and so forth that might my question is kind of broad based in G do you believe. That to people in the United States are coming around. To these ideas based upon what they see and what they hear and about the border wallow in what how do you feel about that at this moment. So so I believe that that the American people that have to come around I believe. The American people were already there because they saw firsthand how legal immigration. Depresses the wages of the American workers have threat to the American worker it's sort of threats of illegal immigrants who came here wait it came her properly and now. Found themselves pushed out of the job. Because of illegal workers. So what it ought. I argued from from the back from the time when I was mayor that the American people understand. The threat. It is for the American worker and American family our national security of of what not doing anything about illegal immigration. Is it's been our politicians who who have who have the courage to stand opposite with and I I think a lot of criticism for I've been called every name in the book. And I'd I didn't back down because I believe. You know. We need to stand up for the American people and and politicians. Are afraid to do that because they're afraid of losing an election they're afraid of being called names. So therefore they wait till late think it's great. And I I've watched this from the time that I first stood up. Politicians who. Who criticize me you know I remember who went cage finally remember that she's at 32 year old girl who was killed with her father by an illegal immigrant who was. Who was left and came back into the country five times. You know the very first bill I produce like that the Washington it was who was bill punishing Sanctuary Cities I was a mayor that was. Was ridiculed and criticized for standing up and enforcing our laws. And then there are mayors around the country who defies thumbed their nose at at at at the federal government. And and become a safe haven for illegal immigrants to the very first delay did was introduced that have to go against Sanctuary Cities I couldn't get anybody to cosponsor of the bill. But it went K style was killed. So many politicians in Washington ran to the TV cameras that is to say you know we need to do something about this statement saying we have to four from. Before I was mayor. And and so no I I I don't think the American people came around on it I think politicians. Who think now it's safe to talk about it. Are coming around and the American people are tired of that they're part of politicians who will say what. What you wanna hear but but don't have the courage to do it do anything about it. And they've they're more worried about getting himself elected them. That's saying listen this is right and if I don't get elected forward. I'll go home knowing that I did what I thought was right. You're election know when you did did take down the veteran lawmaker Paul Kanjorski Democrat in name Democrat area. I believe was achieved in part because of his adult for. The affordable. Care act and it if I miss remember that you can say no that's not it but disk thing. It is really. I mean it it's languishing now one man and I guess there's. The notion out there that some people actually like in and if you should try to do anything about it you're gonna pay the price. How do you see it because it's it's something that says the president wanted to die and then it hasn't been done and a lot of people are unsatisfied with the way he was written and so what he sees this. Well there's smoke there's no question Affordable Care Act obviously it was a main issue. In many elections are part part of the reason Donald Trump. He got elected as well and and so many in Washington who voted to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. I mean here Pennsylvania. And you know we could we could talk about that one vote which would have eliminated it but here Pennsylvania weeks we treat our premiums. Increased by under and 25%. You know how many people here you know its true peep peep many people are struggling to pay their bills week to week. So to do nothing about it and to help one vote be the difference. If I think is very important and and and you know whether it's Bob case here any other Democrat in in Washington they are responsible for plus having me Affordable Care Act in a responsible. You know yes we we we focus so much on John McCain's vote. That that was the difference but do not with not one Democrat. Voted to. To realize that this is probably American people can afford it and and that we need to do something where we're health care is affordable and and and accessible. And that's the difference and let's put this election's going to be about you know whether we wanna continue with what obamacare and the other policies that Barack Obama. You know put in place for. Going another direction like the American people voted for and stand with the workers and stand with the American people that's what I'm going to do. Enough finally I can't let you go without asking you how much. Impact. President trump pat on your decision to run for senate. Well you know I was obviously encouraged to. You know by him because he ran on on many policy that I believe. Believe them and that's why that was one of nearly. One of the first in Washington to endorse some divide it one another politician and it's it's not working. And and he was saying frame except that I already believed and and that's what I wanted to so you know I I gravitated to him because I wanted things done differently or Washington and so did the American people so. Obviously he wants somebody in the in the senate because the balance of the senate could be right here in Pennsylvania just like. People Pennsylvania sent Donald Trump to the White House. We can also send somebody to the senate that could make sure that the policies that they like. Well actually happens so that's how important is this election is it's it's that one vote and I look at it as a responsibility as I said it in my announcement video. Sue I I look at this that this is my responsibility I am. Maybe one of of few people. Who could who could win this election. And just sit back and say I'm gonna just sitting in my own say exceed. I'm willing to whisk risk my job because it's much bigger than me it's it's about our country. And that's what direction we're going and that's at the end of the day. Wire and made this decision. Then the media would have us believe that a Donald Trump as a burden to just about everybody and you will be obviously yoke to hammer you okay and that. I'm perfectly fine because. I don't believe that the people have voted for dot com don't want it to compulsive lecture about securing our borders that wanna stop illegal immigration. That one as one of our business is the stop leaving America leaving our jobs behind all the things that he's willing has to do to make sure that we're safe. To make sure we have an education to take care of our veterans. You know who can be against. And and and you know so to be against Donald Trump because he's Donald trumped. Is not an option for me I believe in the policy that wanna take care of our veterans I want I want to put America first. I believe that we should. And we should protect the American workers and secure our borders. Both of those things I'm going to fight for and that's the difference in this bill election. Otherwise we're going to be continuing with with president Obama's policies are Hillary Clinton's policies. Which which is not what the American people wanna do so yes. I you know I'm not going to run away from work from what I believe in him for what I stand for people here at home. You know they've known me a long time and am I'm gonna go there and do what I think is right and and not worry about winning or losing elections it's not about me it's about our country. The Merrill at a announcing yesterday he would run for United States senate in Pennsylvania thanks for taking all this time this morning to explain why in the particulars we appreciate it. Thanks so many people would fit that helped make. Go overboard let it dot com if you wanna join the fight.