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Wednesday, December 20th

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As for miss tier is. Do you. Ask congressman blue barrel at a of the eleven congressional district Lou thanks for joining us that would do. X at yesterday's speed bump and why you have to go back and re vote on this. There's procedural issue with the senate there was an amendment by senator trek cruise. Around that belt which saw the fire tornado kinda. Savings for where schools that would allow. Home schoolers. To be included and apparently that that broke the bird rule it in about their per week we get a redo again today. So this is kind of a minor issue and you on CNN problems with the strike down around our world won't vote at all packed. Now I read dead this morning that did Mitch McConnell said that this needs the hard part about this is. It needs to be sold to the American people who have grown very skeptical. About what they hear out of Washington and of course I watch PBS last night and they really couldn't think of anything good to say about the so. Did any year you you've been in sales of with your own companies so. Give me your pitch as to why this is good. Well they have the best part about this news that people might have to wait longer until they see it for themselves so you don't have believed anybody here in Washington. You're going to see it in your own paycheck when there's less withholding tax taken out of your pay which will probably have hit most people in in February of sometime so. You know seeing will be believing and and I think that's that's the great thing about this especially all the Democrats who are. Before you know making all these false claims about what this bill won't do. They're really going to be embarrassed when when the American people get to see it for themselves when they see either wages increase immediately. OK so where you want to correct the record where things have gotten out and he's such yourself. It's not true because I Easton out at a press release that you read this over the weekend so I assume you know and a lot better than most of us where are people getting this wrong. Who wouldn't order giving this strong is with the Democrats are claiming that that that. Taxes will go up. And they're really telling. How has troops there. The individual. Side of this that that will that we're doing it which shall bring everyone's taxes found especially for the middle class. Will expire in 24026. Because of the senate rules. So with that means is that in spite 20/20 six. You know it will have to be extended now the way I see it is. Since the Democrats are voting against this that they won't be in in essence the one who'll be raising every once taxes in 20/20 six if they would not vote to extend so. They're really telling AA baster get some older stockings for for for what they're doing because it's it's not unfair and and really only half truths. Yet because it and just boggles my mind Lou I mean. In my world something is better than nothing and two salad as well you know we're really won't last forever it just seems to give me a headache. Twelve you know the sad thing about this too is that. Is it hard district's 76%. Of the votes. The people but take the standard deduction. And we're doubling that standard deduction. Which means they're getting double the benefit that they had before and and we believe that over 90% of the people will not fulfill their taxes out on a postcard. By tickling and taking the spam standard induction deduction why would you be against that. You know 22. Not a lot of the American people especially the people back home in our area to have more of their money list most. If you were to 73000 dollars you're gonna get. A 2000 dollar tax cut. That's real money and achieve your car payment a new car or something you need in a house or some tips for your kids that's real money to people back home. I don't know how you could argue a bottle allowing the American people have more of their money instead of sending it here here to Washington. Some people of us argued Lou that to this will increase the deficit. And they said it will usually Republicans cry about the deficit and and they say. Look at it grow I would say about adding to the deficit. Well it it you know in the early part of this that's true because we're taking less money away from the American people. It's the if if we grow the economy by point 4%. That's a trillion dollars. We believe the economy will grow by two to 3%. Because of this sort or maybe more so we're we're gonna actually we do sort deficit in the long run by growing the economy by allowing the American people. And American businesses to have more of their own money to invest that they know how to spend it better than we do bring companies back here to two the United States who where we've. Force them out of the country because of our. Our height actress and and not only are we going to reduce the deficit and not only are our the American people going to get a tax cut. But they're gonna see their wages increased because it's going to create more jobs which means competition for these jobs who will be even stronger which means. People will be able to give more money for further jobs so this you know this is so visceral way to win. I'm I'm really proud to have been here to be part of this. And the American people they don't have to believe me they're gonna be a policy for themselves. At the elimination. Of the penalty. For the Affordable Care Act is also something that's been then discussed because there are people who are saying Lou that if you say. Two individuals I pray we're gonna take this penalty away and if you don't have insurance okay. That this will lead to a collapse of those markets and higher rates for people within them what do you say about. Well what I can say is first the ball you don't forcing people who can't afford. Insurance. To force them or without penalty which wears many people have to pay the penalty of 3000 dollar penalty only makes certain there -- situation worse. What we need to do obviously you obamacare or Affordable Care Act which if you prefer to call it. Is collapsing. It is not working and in these should be replaced and it's a shame that's why one more vote in the senate is a big deal because the had it not been for John McCain spoke you know of the Affordable Care Act would have been gone we would have been able to repeal and replace it. And that's still there's something that we need to do. This can all work hand and it's proven it can't work because it's falling apart. In terms of the people who say that this whole. This whole thing you've done Harry is a scheme to benefit the wealthy and corporations. And saying you know corporations people. Perceived loose sometimes is evil empires who. Don't give generously to their employees and they feel they're just gonna hand over what ever they get right to their shareholders how do you dwell on that one. Well you know good the American people aren't stupid businesses employ people. And then when you chase businesses out of the country because we have the highest tax rates in the world. Guess who loses. Not the business because the business is now operating somewhere else it's the American people who have now lost their jobs. And the Democrats just believe that the American people are stupor that they cannot figure this child businesses are people people work there. And and we've we we compete in the global economy and and we are now going to be one of the most competitive. Countries. In the world because we have the best workforce as well also when you lower the rates and you allow businesses to to come back here. People get to keep their jobs and they get their earned more so. You know this scare tactic here in and the site via that. You know let's just keep taxing businesses more until until they leave it's somehow good for for you back in northeastern Pennsylvania is ludicrous. We need to know Lou because I was saying it's a selfish thing but I have to ask. In your opinion. What do you think this means to. The business community of northeastern Pennsylvania kind of address the issue of the residents who live here but what does this mean what. What are you hearing when you talk to business men and women a bow. This particular tax that what are they saying to you. Well you know for three years now we've we have not watched our our economy grow barn fire. By more than 2% and just look at the stock market and and that speaks again for itself. Just the anticipation. Of lowering taxes. Aluminum rolling back some of the job killing regulations that the Obama administration that put on. And really have had as their foot on the throat of the American business. Interpret Norris can can go out and start businesses and again our people can expand they they could hire more they are excited about what the future holds. Because government is finally going to get out of the way and I and allow these these you know I was. A small businessmen and so it's sort of we started up a company for 29 dollars and 95%. And that the only way it happened just because I was able to walk into a local bank with an idea was just a young kid would have a dream. And then walked delicately 500 dollar line of credit. That happened today. Because of Washington you know we've taken away the entrepreneurial spirit and dreams of a so many people and and people see light at the end of the tunnel where Washington is going to step aside and and and let you know American ingenuity take over again and and this spot market reflection. Why Lou this all sounds so great so I have to ask you why a people up on one side of the aisle are are so down on this why would you be down on ideas of a Foster rain. Entrepreneurship. Giving people in the middle classed money that they haven't been able to get through raises three years. And making people a little bit more financially secure. Growing the domestic product. And Saddam may be raising these stock market higher I mean I like this to me is I am baffled why are people. So opposed to what you're doing. Well that the John Kennedy Democrat party is gone they have moved so far total up to where they believe they're bigger government is better government. That it is better for you to work incentive money to Washington journal at Washington give the money away to people. Who bases should should have let the they want. More regulations they want more control of people's lives are more control your health care control you know what businesses can do and it hasn't worked. It hasn't worked hasn't worked around the world and you know capitalism and free markets. Oh that was held this country group the top people. You know can get out of the basement and get up to the topped. For you don't you don't get there by throwing rocks at people you get there by give me in my hand open. And and letting you know American people look. You know I have a dream and and and let it happen and there's there's a total difference of ideology of of how to grow this economy and how to help people. And I think it one year under president trump been watching. Now what he's doing keeping his promises. Looking at the stock market looking at unemployment has sent a seventeen year low. But you know looking at what we're doing here with Texas. You can see the difference between two parties. Well it seems fairly clear that and some people believe that this is that it won't what was it called him and turn your member. Tablet the end of the world and a collapse Armageddon Armageddon Armageddon. Still it took two Democrats are Washington who actually. You don't have to think about us allowing you to keep your own money. That is Armageddon to them because now they're you're not sending her to Washington. And let us tell you how we're gonna spend your money. You know it's just a shame it's it's it's about preferred for decades that the American people watching good jobs. I'll leave our country and we watched their wages stayed stagnant. You know all the time Washington's taking more more money out of your paychecks. And and sending and here Washington forgot about American families and American workers and today we make it clear. That the old way of doing business is over we're gonna allow you to keep more of your money and we believe that you know how to spend it better than us. I know this is going to be a tough one for you put dough how long do you think it will take four. This to. Manifests. Itself. And make people believe this really is sent in February we're gonna start to see it and that's that's all on that but where do you think. We'll see maybe the ad gross. The GDP take off really really learn to think revised it for the fourth quarter to arm almost lower re great career. A big deal to big number. Have big it's a big deal especially since we haven't seen it grow more than two you know over the last eight years under Obama's policies. So so we are already are we beginning to see it and every cent in the stock market. And the fact that businesses now or realism we you know another big another big VO RP. And our bill. Is that we are going to allow. Businesses to immediately expense. On their equipment. Which means that they can go out there and buy new equipment which means more employees. More manufacturing jobs. So we're we're gonna see you're the economy grow throughout the year people will see it in their paychecks starting in February this will be the last here in April. That you'll be throwing out your your taxes this way next year. 90% of the people listening to your your show too will probably show without their pact is out on a postcard. And and received from more of their tax money back so. You know like this that they could make threats but but the American people are going to see it for themselves. So seek care you're seeking higher office in new in Iran for the senate and learning to read you something from a Bob Casey that he put out yesterday and I want you to respond to it. The title is GOP tax scheme is a gut punched in the middle class. This whole scheme is a gut punch of the middle class now Republicans in the house and senate. Are saying their next step is to go after Social Security. Medicare and Medicaid Allen not stand by as Republicans in Washington plot to cut these vital programs for the middle class. Especially after they passed into law these tax giveaways for big corporations in the super rich. We probably couldn't contrast to people more than than this to I believe that when we grow the economy in Washington takes in more money because the economy has grown. These programs will get stronger not weaker. The only way to get weaker as well we have less money because people are out of work. And when you cut out the waste fraud and abuse that that exists. In in some of the welfare programs. Such as such as what I have proven. In the in the would senator Casey is voted for the Affordable Care Act 750. Million dollars of taxpayer money went to people. Who were in the country illegally or did not qualify toward tax credit because we weren't verifying their Social Security number. But so that's a lot of money. The language that I used in in that bill. They used language here in this type spill where. You won't market it child packed tax credit which we increased by the way from 1000 dollars to 2000 dollars. But those parents can't get a tax credit for their children and let me verify their Social Security number so I believe if we grow the economy we cut out the waste fraud and abuse. We're going to be able to strengthen these programs well not weaken airmen and you know it's just the two different philosophies. Okay now where where will you go from here. After this is done what what is Washington and looking at next in terms of this and I may be answered this before you answer that is that does some people are saying this me may a be a big win for the president is there any. Any doubt that this is a win for him because I think it's a 100% one form but I don't know where people are getting it may be UN for him. And it's a huge win for him it's something it's something that he campaigned on another promise kept by a president and argues for that here. I could see whether you know pop of their heads are blowing off here because they're used to somebody running for office and and actually doing. With these are they were going to do. I think with with what is up next who is welfare reform. Two to again make sure there were taking care of the people who really need to help them. The best way to do that is is to encourage and train people to get them off welfare and get them a job. Welfare is not a way of life and it is just stopped captives until we can get people. He knows so that too dependent on themselves and not not the government. And and also cut out the waste in the front we all know what we all see that we we hear about it. And who dissent heard it doesn't hurt you were hired her to people who actually need that money so that's that's what I believe will be next. And then that that that the same time I think we've we've got to get infrastructure dug through its and that's another thing that won't grow the economy and and we all know that that's very important that we are we built things and and especially Europe the structure. Everything just before we let it go out. Slow to get to integrate their first time in thirty some years. But. That's a good day I think for for a country that that the American people are are going to get to keep more of their own money. And then I believe Washington at least some of us and Washington are actually listening to the people. Congress and the Bartlett thanks again in the shadow never have been very Christmas Merry Christmas.