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Wednesday, August 1st
President Trump will be at Mohegan sun Arena in Wilkes Barre Township tomorrow night. On the stage with him will be Congressman Lou Barletta who gave with WILK's Webster and Nancy a preview... Hazleton native Congressman Barletta is going against incumbent Democrat and Scranton native Bob Casey for his senate seat. The president is expected to speak around 7pm

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Tomorrow a big events in the area we've got the president Donald Trump going to be arriving at Mohegan Sun arena and he is going to be there for campaign rally for congressman Lou Bartlett who is the Republican candidate. For the US senate seat he's up against the incumbent Democrat Bob Casey you blew Bartlett with us today good morning announcement and Good Morning America the warning no worker pay just I know you're big baseball fan how about that Mets scoreless night Tony for. I do I'm sure that's it's just as hard for me to accomplish and they moved to fans felt. I don't know liquid from the other side in the southern city do that well yeah. I. I'll tell you it reminded me of my Little League days until they've pharmacy was routinely beaten by scores of that much so that the harder and back my Hillary Dennis and yes you are up. Our group through both the. Right so anyway talk about this a rally to Mariette the president coming in some that you you bag I guess people have said that a on the trunk train from the beginning so this is someone that you supported early on. Seems like you guys have a pretty good relationship. And the first person now due to endorse O'Donnell trump and the candidate I think we have left little 1% chance of winning effort time and I couldn't let go back to to Washington and my colleagues. They can probably collapsing in OK get. Well I'm not laughing now let's do what it would have been easier if the time because nobody is our current pro eight people have developed relationships we'll come. Coach nick who is campaigning in Pennsylvania and the Obama transition team met. Or is considered or couple got that position so I don't know. Donald Trump the person. You know I admire his business. Savage. Or what attracted me to import has occurred this stand up and say things that. You know I may have you know more and fighting the problem legal immigration and I knew how are prepared to could stand up there because you're going to be Copeland. Well and your decision needed to run for senate it was based at at least in part on the president's urging is that right. It is very easy target called me one night stand now you don't talk to me about him the importance of one vote in the senate. And that you know we won his his policies which you know we are we exceeded you know the economy soaring out there working for word in America people. So that one vote in the senate could be the difference in intimate achieving that end up. Here are it was a big decision for me confirm giving up I'm giving up a policy that you both know what are very hard for beating Paul Kanjorski. What was someone else. You know people said that I couldn't win is a Democrat in the democratic area. So with a big decision to give up that seat. Orders but it did that important when growth as we know it would be the difference than in many issues that that we care about. You know immigration is an issue obviously that you are very closely connected to and you're just talking about the president and his fight for it on illegal immigration. I'll that recently you know the separation of Paris thing has so are really shocked many people in this country. On that is something that you first came out and supported what he was doing and just wondering what your thoughts are on this and we're looking at. It was a process it's a process sure it's tough you know I mean nobody wants to treat. You know children separated from their parents. So I don't think anybody felt good about it it was the it was a lot more firmly confidence from brick goes back even the President Obama. As well and it was really the florist. Or settlement. Act does that really caused this that there had to be fixed by congress the president was going by you know who to rule that. We aren't yet they did he change that policy that was it changed it was not a compared miners. He did Nancy and I think I honestly believes. You know was at a certain nobody wants this war deceit. And he himself in a bit more civil like what he was sitting there and and he decided to do that before congress that could have been something and now. You know I it was unfortunate but you know it was so that was what we had him he's trying to fix our immigration. Problem and then this goes back to what steps for a long time it's police secure the border we went out this probably won't be separating. Parents and children live and people would be traveling 2000 miles with their families across Mexico. To get into the United States because they know once they do this is what happens we become. The only emotionally charged because we aren't a generous country and everything is you have the issue of children and Kyra but if we. You solve the problem and securing our borders. And and propelling people especially after coming for asylum if you travel in because you clear. Or he could violence we have a way to do it we have a system to these and and this has been a failure of congress and a failure of the frustrations of not enforcing immigration a lot of I know better than any order the mayor of those small town who had to deal with hurt when the federal government didn't get vocal. On how it was going to do it. Well yeah I would some of you know a the president trying to force congress hand I guess I can kind of see that but. It wasn't that into motion there have been something in place that would have allowed them to reconnect the dots like Mary Read you know the kids back up with the parents once everybody gets oil and oil. Apparently doing the problem India you may have talked about it or not but. Many times what what they're finding down there that that parents whether there come from Guatemala Honduras wherever there Cummins. We're paying coyotes and and saying that the cartel to bring their families their children. Into the United States so in many cases. They'll cool day except was apparent. Was actually not and and it was a responsibility by the government to make sure that will release. These children back into the hands of somebody. Who is in fact lost their parents so it is really a complicated issue it's not as simple as the. But it did something wrong I mean we did something our hunger is this a problem there there are not able to connect them on it spends too much time just talking about that let's talk about you know and Pennsylvania you are now running. I'm not in case district but obviously the whole state and this is a purple state we've got red areas we got blue areas cell. Obviously the president's going to help you with many Republican isn't some Democrats who you know come over two you know like Donald Trump but. How you going to get the independence or the Democrats. On your side as well because maybe aligning yourself with the president may not be helpful you know to those who are in the middle kind of unsure. Yeah I hope those people in the middle specially many of the collar Democrats to vote for Carl trump that's how we want console right here. Many union Democrats actually the rank and file who voted for him and many of those independents that are not so that is so interest in the injured in the here. Oh you know what we talk about what. Where the president they're interested in. And they picture there clamored that they have a job for their jobs secure. Other are there are or their neighborhoods say. Somebody who's speaking for them and that's what Donald Trump did he became especially in those are comics he became the voice of people who gave up all politicians. And then we know that. People in north eastern PA they might be Democrats or Republicans. But they vote for the person they've they've done that forever part of the Reagan Democrats and when they can somebody who's who's strong enough to speak what their thinking and stand up for the American worker. They're gonna support the economy is doing very good why don't we wanna change that unemployment 4% stock market's up over 20% black unemployment. At an all time low our Hispanic unemployment at all I'm wolf there's more jobs than people unemployed. So so those folks that we're here talking about. They're. Thinking things going pretty good I don't know why you're wanna change that hit the captain of the ship at a time when the strips seemed to be going in the right direction. So that the president I mean obviously showing up for the for your campaign rally tomorrow who rang whose doorbell here if that's. Did did he offer or did you ask. Well that's something that we talked about we you know we talk occasionally and and right after the primary. He called to congratulate mayor talk about the campaign and so that he he was going to come into our Pennsylvania to help brilliant. I ought to be honest with you. Many people on the campaign and and then around Pennsylvania he wanna begin to come out to western PA. First campaign office there please my name might be in western PA. But the president who was it was very clear. He wanted to come here and if you wanna that. More than basically said let's go back awoke there let's go back to the hockey arena. What. Huge crowd him and not I wanna come back there are so. That's what does he decide it really is this this looks like he wanted to go. I are you concerned at all you know that this is kind of more inside stuff when you talk about the Coke Brothers in the fact that you know they usually give a lot of money to GOP candidates and I'm happy they think that says some members. Are not so conservatives in and they actually. That kind of pinpoint it you is someone that they will not support I guess because they say you have supported a spending bill that increased federal spending and that is against you know obviously their Credo so to speak. I you know I I know that in I don't know if that really matters Stuart not the president obviously came out against the yesterday but. Does that concern you. No it doesn't Nancy because. I'll you know the suspending Gilbert talking about he raised the pay you up more of our military people it's it's. I think money more to the military we have people we are sons and daughters America were getting on airplanes flying defending our country with planes that we're not saying it's. The military was massively under under our veterans are getting are are getting. More money you know they were at risk for a billion dollars and that's bill that I voted for that goes to GOP Horry. Crisis how do you say no to that. Boots on the on the bus that's terrible way to do business. It's not my idea I didn't want to it was simply get out but I look into the state notre those friendly toward depending on us for help. And that and our military people so. You know being attacked by the Coke Brothers from the from the right and being attacked from Bob treat similar note that cost me aren't perfect for Pennsylvania. The president is committed to be here tomorrow and I campaigning for congressman Lou Bartlett a congressman thank you for spent some time in a court.