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Tuesday, June 13th

US Congressman Lou Barletta  (R-11th) with WILK's Sue Henry discussing his "Verify First Act" and what else if happening in Washington, DC.


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Congress in Dubai Ireland when he appears with us. When you're a trigger. It is good to speak Hughes well the what are your working on today this vote on this legislation that you introduced the verified first pac ten HR 2581. The should be just be common sense will find ourselves in positions where we can give. Out something without any kind of verification and explain the background on this but it seems so frustrating to the average person. Well try buying something that targeted and taken aback for Wal-Mart and try to get a read on what are without a receipt I mean the American people would expect. That we were doing this put their money in and we're not talking about a huge dollars to talk about 750. Million dollars of taxpayer money. Went out the door to people were who did not qualify were committing fraud. Under Obama care. And won't be whole our bill that we passed. Have the same lines which and I am numb that's when I had to eventually get to the president. And so that is the American people won't stand criticism you know this is their money and and we're going to give this money would call you Trace basically. They would get the money on as a tax credit the people were here illegal your a did not qualify cool for a sore. This credit and then try to get it back off of them after they find out. That they didn't qualify so Michael pretty simple yet that it won't require that actually amend the internal revenue code. And specify that any advance payment of tax credits to purchase health care shall not be made. To any individual unless the secretary of health and human services in the treasury verify. He individual's status as a citizen national or someone lawfully present. In the United States it's just common sense it's so hard to believe that I had a fight so hard to get this this culpable or. Well I did this 750. Million men that went out was it was any of that recouped and went when people are getting this this tax credit. Com it is there any kind of agreement that they enter into that if there are doing it and it's fraudulent. That there are teeth in here to go after them. Well yeah it's it's interesting because I've been trying to find that answer how much that this only did we get back in and they can't tell me. Because everybody's pointing a finger to someone else and that's that was the whole problem is nobody was actually being held accountable. Poor for retrieving this money or who who is responsible for Ford verifying that and and my language actually makes somebody a comparable amount will be the secretary of a helping the service to them and the treasury. And then we will get a report back. Has to as to what's happening and you're talking the chairman Kevin Brady. Money's a taxpayer money that we're giving. As a credit the American people expect that we're doing this with their money and and there are families around this country can afford to have their pacts follow that person in the Washington. He's given to people were committing fraud. And in other venues London Italian that there are some entity is like in Pennsylvania the office of the inspector general. Play for keeps if you owe them a penny the outcome after. So I only know you need to create a perception that hey you know way if you take this and you don't as a group we're gonna get it back from new one where another. Well it's interesting because you know I'll go to the floor today before before the vote in and knock. And talk about and will be interesting bee bee attack double comment somehow. You know we're trying to hurt somebody in and look some weeks. Lots of people in America would like tax credits that they've all those are. Oh but that's not the way government works and that's wrong with taxpayers expect us to do and doesn't matter what the reason is there should be no fraud here with taxpayer money and you you would think this would have a unanimous vote but they'll be interest in the seat with a final count this. Current and eight is it true that this can't. You did this won't go anywhere if. The the eight HCA is is not some. Enact it. Well no the food that's separate so this will go over to the salmon and and not know watched very closely. Well what happens with the senator whether or not it will make its way into into the bill went and mount. You know again. I I just don't know how you argue against Chris I I really don't and I know world. You know people won't won't won't try to say you're you're hurting someone but this is fraud were talking about truck could not qualify for this tax credit so you know it's going to be interesting to see what happens from there. We're gonna hurt people who are committing fraud shame on you. That's what they look at it here believe it or not in in in Washington you get called main score for calling them out and and now you know this is just like this so this is coming it has this stop you know American people. I in the selection made it very clear that they work hard for their money big cervical Washington and they expect people here in Washington. To treat their money would respect and make sure that it's being used for what based center for. And then the two got up there as there is fraud waste and abuse all over this town. And in the got to come to an end the American people expect that and I think this is just going to be the first step because. Well we're gonna continue to fight for who flew toward the people voted for me they want their money could go to what. It's being sent here for not proper that people were committing fraud. We've been watching as the end the term the administration is is under attack day in and day out and today certainly and Jeff Sessions will be in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. To talk about so whatever kind of encounters he may or may not have had with so the with the Russian officials. Thought for you watching this in Washington for awhile now Lou what it's really gone on down there because a lot of people are looking at back. And they're saying what is distraction what what are lawmakers really doing how would you like to kind of first talk about what's what's going on and maybe some frustrations well with that situation. Sure there's two things going on it's very clear that the Democrats. Are hard to going to do everything they can't every days to try to stop this president from from achieving anything. They're going to recess that they've been there haven't been shy about it one on. You know accusing them of that there admitting that they're going to resist this president every step of the way everything that but he does. The media and mainstream media national media obviously is complicit with her with this whole. Idea. That at least they were gonna find something about Donald Trump. And then try to load and tried to just throw him down day in and day out in the meantime. Lawmakers who who go to work every day we we continue to stay focused. On on what we're doing in the media won't won't say this Sulu but we passed more bills in the house. And any congress since George H. W. Bush. Among the most ever actually 37 have been signed a 150 bills have been passed. Last week very important bill which we've sat. What with that bid that was Dodd-Frank that wish cricket that really held back community banks and small banks from lending money to people. They beat her banks and help people with more mortgages or or home improvements or buying a caller every eight people who rely on these banks. There can't have been tied one pass that bill today we're gonna pass the joke. I'll be accountability. Act and that will allow us to fire bad employees in the in the B basis of these are excellent. Well we passed the bill let them that it's 781 million dollar score there are no believed addictions you look at every beat in the paper. I mean you have to YouTube really got the pockets somebody to find out whether or not any of this stuff is true that. But no you know on the field some of my comic comedian wanna hear about Russia into their insurer. And are you getting cooperation from the senate on these things to. Well people that's that's an awful mother story because they do have different rules over the senator McConnell get sixty votes are even know we have a majority. That they won't get things stand and you know the American people say well you know we give Republicans the house we gave them the senate and I have the White House why are cringe getting the president will let the reason why. You know it's not one Democrat won't vote. For any thing. Then it's impossible to get to those of the sixty votes and that's not go with. That's an American people want us to accomplish things they want us to seek to get things passed and we should do them in a bipartisan way. You know what I really want people pay attention to what happens with the infrastructure built because this is it's. This is meat and potatoes for Democrats and they love infrastructure are too. I love infrastructure I think it's. It will help everyone but people make good money and and not but that money goes right back into the local economy let's see what happens. With the president's infrastructure bill whether the Democrats will vote even that far to say. We're not even interested in passing a jobs bill like infrastructure and and met until until there are some bi partisan supporter. I think we're gonna continue to read about Russia and whatever else Donald Trump did wrong today. In terms of that infrastructure. Legislation com what. Could that mean for us Lou we know that in northeastern Pennsylvania because it's it's almost more like a human punchline Harry you know every day we drive on these roads and their horrible on whatever. What will that really mean for us I mean it in the Obama administration they have that shovel ready business and well a lot of people saw how that money was spent or misspent in an insert and realms what what is better about what to president found wants this time around what would mean I had to be selfish but I do wanna be selfish to us. Well and I guess I do too especially sitting on the on the transportation infrastructure committee that met with the White House. A transportation team just recently to talk about just that about what we can do an M and how it helps especially back home in Pennsylvania. You the first thing he realizes what what people say your shovel ready aren't really show already. And and the reason they're not shovel ready is because the permitting process and if he talked to anybody in that industry they'll they'll call you what the problem is the permitting process is sole links for you sold slow. That eventually. You know these projects take. 121416. Years. And so one of the things were gonna do to speed up their permitting process. So that we can get these jobs in and out of the war and and output construction that's number one especially in Pennsylvania work. We're gas lines are so important to their work there or there or I think a thousand. Who wells that are that are ready to go but there's no pipeline so it's like. It's like being in college and having a keg of beer no. You know that's great but but in must rebuild the pipelines unless we get this gas for the market. It's gonna do any good I talk to the White House about you wanna walk look up local projects. Interstate 81. Well I don't know there's another interstate anywhere in the in the country that. That is taking four more rulings. On whether we we you know we go from New York always down our district goes down a Carlyle like a train it is. It is a nightmare and that this is a project that that a I talked to the White House about that that would help us locally would help economic development and and keep people safer so. You know that's that's something that's that's very important I just had a bill passed actually you know. That he's going to as I was fighting for what they're paid open and some other. The cities that. That were hit with this massive smoke. Snowstorm that we got this winter. Well unfortunately because. The money spent by looks there is open and the other communities it reached its. State threshold. It could not be the cause of the disaster. My bill. Forces agreement to look at the local impact of the disaster so opposite you like what they're paid open markets and or somewhere else. Has devastated the doesn't have the meat that they Tressel police are saying what that are going to be a lot to the communities. Back home but. But you know there's not a better than infrastructure for getting people back to work. You when you think they're there might be some. A decision made about a wilkes-barre his appeal for that money moved. Well you know they just let down and down and knock down in Washington and end up. Coppola I understand it was a it was a good meeting. But it's going to be a tough. You know that that they are gonna go through the appeal process but it's going to be a tough road coupled to be honest with you because of of the threshold that I just pop field and that's why my bill would be so important because well there there for. Would have a better chance of getting them money. Because it would not have to meet that that's state stressful so it's it's it's a tough road and I I applaud them for for not giving up I was a mayor. And I know how or how frustrating it is. You know they could spend. The Seahawks so much money that is not in their departure. But yet it doesn't doesn't need of the rules and regulations here so we're gonna try to change some of those rules and regulations. So that in the future. You know this this won't happen again. Apparently brown and it's I was very detective and we will break. We will most of certainly watches you're called to no good nick 171000 different ways this afternoon they have the works out a I've been called. Or before things about it.