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Wednesday, August 1st
Blair Ellis is the RNC Deputy National Press Secretary. She joins WILK's Webster and Nancy with a preview of President Donald Trump's upcoming visit to Mohegan Sun Arena.

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The president is coming to town Indiana torso Mohegan Sun arena tomorrow and talking all about the details involved in that in the planning in the rose going to be close and all the rest is going on. But right now joining us on the phone Blair Ellis Blair is the Republican National Committee deputy national Press Secretary RNC spokesperson Blair good morning. This morning thank you for having me on the floor and. It seems the president likes to do this I campaigning thing is is kinda going from place to place and it seems to be going into full swing. So tomorrow he's going to be at the Mohegan Sun arena for. Lou Bartlett that these two they go back cut to the beginning of the campaign you know Bartlett of one of the first two to support him. Absolutely always been so excited to see president Charles. Count me out on the campaign trail where a little less than a hundred days away from that term elections in November and mr. trump is wasted no time. We're thrilled that it out and about and nobody knows how rally our our base our supporters in and really wrapped people up quite like hand felt. I'm really excited to have an an in Pennsylvania he didn't score yesterday. There's just get more confidence that we're thrilled that thrilled to have them around talking to the American people and and hear from them about what they hope to see enough that the next two year years. How closely do the gears match between the committee the national committee and and the president himself I mean you know we know the president speaking style the very. From the hip and off the cuff and and me no free thought free association. So it doesn't meeting happened where we say can get at least touch undercover or can we make sure we mention is that happened at all are you just let him go. There are you Mr. President. It just doesn't that you can't does best which is and you so delicately put it back I eat more proper cup which which we about the the American people really resonate west. That limits the amount to ethical limits the amount of court nation. And discussion that that we have. That's for sure we are in touch when appropriate which he would the cracks staffers. And the currencies theory actress strategic or we're more the long term thinkers are more the ones that are. They can shoot four years on the road people are right now we're focused 12018 the terms as we are but we're also look at had a twenty Tony we just announced Charlotte at that. 20/20 am and he did you try and we're the party again. There are steps and around are stuck around for that so we're definitely a little bit more of the long term strategic planner but. We always look forward to working with the president trump and and his team was when appropriate. Obviously money means a lot in these races and and the more money have for candidate they own it really can make a difference on the Coke Brothers have. Really kind of thrown a wrench in things that don't are wise and you know they've got a lot of money in and and they're not happy I guess what some of the positions the president has taken. And little Bartlett is one of that they're targets they basically have said that. You know they're not going to support him because of the a budget deal that he you know agree to that increases federal spending and the deficit. Out how does that impact what you guys are doing I know the president has his thoughts on that we've heard him. You know pretty much against the Coke Brothers but you know for you guys as the little party outlook how does that all fit and patty work that out. Sure they'll either because Brothers or are 41 and foremost a business so they're gonna make decisions that any business that are around the state see most appropriate for their computer that's back when and where it happened it fast but. The aren't she our goal is to retire as a Democrat as he possibly can we wanna get people out if you knew black and not get Kiki out. Let's begin mr. Burleigh and that that that's our goal our goal was to make sure that that we are building an impression action that we are building a ground game that we get in these states and that we're. Building these communities the networks of peoples so that at the end of the day but the primary happens in the voters in the state decide who they want Peter Hoekstra for candidates. We can he hand over the keys the commissioner say take your eco cars the bill maturity to goats folic ask. It's all yours and says that's kind of what the rules would be aren't she plays and then that's really what we're doing as we head into the terms are just. Raising as much money as we can't or on the road as much as we can't really trying to get the word out about public policies Republican agenda and and the truck economy house that beating everybody. You mention obviously retiring as many Democrats that as possible. We're here in northeast Pennsylvania and I haven't seen them here but I dug into this past weekend I was in the Pittsburgh area. And saw some billboards that said Casey twelve years of nothing. And they went by the billboard so fast that wasn't able to see who pay for the billboard do you know anything about that as the Republican National Committee have anything do with those. I I'm not aware about the that's sounds really funny. I've I've got it and all other traditionalist but that I think the courts are great way to get the word out to consistently people out eight batters to congress in traffic. I give you from point eight appoint people I've seen some of the best political advertising as it stand until port it to you gotta be. He beat me and Andy got to cut straight to the chase could be got about three sentences of eyesight on the force of what passes it fiction does sound funny I'll have to check that. Radio advertising the most affected them but then again that you know eyewear can read her or sit out or ask it this so I'm the president obviously helps with the base but not Pennsylvania we color purple state icky. Yeah we have blue areas we have red areas that they can go either way. On the one hand it's helpful with the base but you know there's the other side too aware Lou Bartlett a house to an appeal to those who maybe aren't so fond of the president or. You know or somewhere in the middle cell it's it's kind of a balancing act is that when the president comes to town to you know also not turn off some people. It it is for sure there's a lot of strategy because these visits and and we are these just take place and then. And all of that your your side I think for her for candidates. One of the best things they can do you one of the greatest thing checking out mr. Carlin has been doing it is really talking about the economy everybody cares about the economy everybody cares about how. You know unemployment and consumer confidence and specifically in Pennsylvania I do you know me capturing people watch you guys such as coal and I'm mr. trump has been 01 of the first and foremost leaders to help wage rates raise manufacturing wages we've seen. And can't come obviously that nearly 400000 new media capturing jobs is so. Those are the types of of numbers and these are practicing to really be discussing you know you got a three point seven million new jobs since the election. I eliminated a record number job killing red cape regulation. Where eat nearly fell four point 0% GDP growth on Friday those of the type that. In the kitchen and things that are happening under the economy the president charm good dose of the packets that that he and mr. Karl will be counting at this. Already talk about the economy though we talk about those tax cuts and and you know we've seen pulling numbers that show that people aren't really seeing the benefit we're talking about people like. It on the middle income earners and then on top of that now we're getting. Stories where you know the president the administration might be looking at some kind of an executive order for. Capital gains tax cut which would really help only the top 10%. It is that stuff kind and not helpful at this point when you're trying to talk about the middle class at this point. Well I think you what you gotta remember that would attack just because the tax cuts within your back right before Christmas. I'm gonna pick up all the year competed at a picture early Turkey trickle down. This past. April and people were so filing taxes they were still have a violent partially or the old tax system that the new year the 2019 LB really the first year that people get to experience the benefits. A filing on that postcard like answer or page. And I am and that's really know what the weather and their chemistry he does trickle down effect that exemption as much as you would like to implement this structure has eight trap we had to wait a full year. Contra the Treasury Department but again I think pitch. Senses it so he it's taken a little bit of time to get to GDP growth up again where worker GDP growth consumer confidence in the that are all time high speed he's been kind of an African American apartment at an all time low. Those types of long term policies. Take a little bit of time to get the evidence taken and that president traffic and what was the pursuit of that so we'll continue to eat that apple continue to see the benefits of. When the president comes to cover campaign rally who who puts the gas in the plane. Is that taxpayer funded or or the RNC act talk and for this. My understanding largely the fact that that the campaign that's responsible for Catholic going to be the donation. That the people could directly to campaign. Mean that's something that only comes from them on their husband a lot of over a reporting talking about I don't know if you saw yesterday at the Florida. Events from the other was a lot of pride negativity towards some members of the media talking about Jim Acosta specifically on CNN. I know that the president you know he likes to say you don't talk about the media enemy of the people and such but as someone who worked as a reporter for years. It doesn't concern me when I see that kind of I don't want to get a chance to see the video of some of what was going on afterwards but. On Easter any discussion behind the scenes about that are any concern. On that things might get taken a bit too far. You know act. I think that they think people are are just people become more open excuse sometimes that's unfortunate I that it is in the media. The docking at a time and a place for sure that terms it's as. We're cheating wind at that particular battle that his speech. I think it is today you know mr. trump is gonna compete he used to be honest and forthright how he feels like he's been treated as a media and have an and it's up to use to eat it the rest of LSU that. Can't draw the line and our minds I think he'd be liquidating their people better expect honesty and forthrightness from from the Mr. President. It Republican National Committee spokesperson and deputy national Press Secretary Blair Ellis ware thank you for being on the shows they were able there.