Bill Urbanski Boston Marathon

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Monday, April 16th

Luzerne County runner Bill Urbanski in the Boston Marathon today checks in with WILK's Sue Henry


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Tennessee might go on time of the Boston today when that a marathon is in full swing. Bit risky. Is is there bless your heart bill how are you cook. Hey good morning to do good morning from beautiful. Hopkinton Massachusetts. I sweet lord it's a mess up there isn't us. Is insane. They're talking about and into two arraigned today. It's about 37 degrees right now Hopkins and winter between five to 35 miles an hour gusts up to forty and fifty. This is going to be nuts out there remind me when I get home to make an appointment with psychiatrist. Honestly I. It stands every moment of a bad marriage but you're still gonna go through with the. Yeah absolutely take off the second wave via elite women just went off a couple seconds ago at 932 elite men and persuade golf attending camp. And I am the second wave at ten point five. Yeah on the some good friends that put me up for the past three years and a block away from the start line. And I'm actually in the living room right now console so nice toasty warm. Excellent dry and do you do you practice for these kind of conditions are you just gonna take it as it comes. You know you know sadly I don't I'm I'm I tend to deal for the fair weather runner I do awful lot of my training up on the treadmill. And you know what it's like if I'm not gonna go outside and run into that but especially if I have a treadmill. Yeah I'll take it as it comes of this deal with that the first my probably going to be worse onetime. I get into that night my body warms up a bit and I realize I'm completely so I'm just gonna keep on blogs you at all. More work my way into the city. It did the people up their talk about any marathon that they can remember where the weather was quite like this there was snow a couple of times are had today well. This the 122. Running of the race. It is probably in my estimation the the worst conditions that says that they've they've ever seen. There's a nor'easter that look because second 2007 of the race that I ran and it actually consider about. That canceling the race is about time. But the weather dramatically improved overnight and it actually turned out pretty decent. This is going to be an all day event and the one the worst part about it all they rain event and the worst part it's the weekend is. From the east this is a point to point course you're running into from Hopkinton to these two the Boston you're going to be running into that wins the entire race today. Unbelievable I'm not I'm sure there are some people have decided to pack it in your just not one. We read thought apparently in the us are out there I hope by David Price is there it and may be at Cherry Hill on there now that you know. I'm curious so many of the listeners do that the Red Sox you have to gain during the marathon. And they decide to canceled today so we both the baseball player has some semblance of sanity. Like this America honors and ultra endurance athletes I guess. And Anderson does did put the bit ultra ultra endurance and NASA alliances and go back with you because this is that this. Anniversary of photos of the earth so unfortunate not up there and that was DO bombing at the finish on you had been in there is that you had finished before. I heard that bomb was detonated right. Yeah five years ago yesterday. Was it was a bombing I I ran that race and I was cross line about an hour nap before the bombs went off. I was that the race expo yesterday. In Boston and at precisely 249. That they entire hall was cited for a moment of silence in remembrance. Well the bombs. And the loss of life. I know some of the people that were victims of that bombing are around Upton popped in Boston and New England another at the Sox came over the weekend. Who do you ever run into the left there and what kind of conversations to have. I I you know I feel down about. There's mark Richard is the eight year old boy that was that losses like five years ago there's a foundation the charity foundation has become part of graceful and mark eight. And I know. There's a lot of charity runners at all. We could be running in his honor. But I personally haven't really had a conversation with with the folks like there's there's there's there on the present all over the place in addition he has charity runners that. That participate in this race. Expect to motivate yourself during this weather and the straights to that. Well I know that Sam Adams point 62 Boston drew would implement finish on. And I think it unstable my brother and maybe get a hot so we implement these. Aaron well. Jolie under and that is to be okay and I know they eat you work hard to qualify for Erisa and that's right not everybody can get an. If that's true everyone runs to the race aside from the charity runners. Can they get up to meet a qualifying standard for their age and their gender. On the field is that 30000 this year. And everyone. Has qualified as a lot of time training typical drink program has 1618 point two weeks. And you go through that hoping for good weather day but there. That's one factor you cannot control when you're training for these events is what the weather is going to be on race day and you just take it as it comes in to deal with it. Well bill we wish you a lot of luck only thinking about it today how. How does it normally take you to run the Boston Marathon. These little over three hours I'm. Probably because if I get in at 330 today and be happy. I've got a ten point five or potential about 2 o'clock. The race courses open for about six hours so they'll be people on the course coming through till you know for classics but deceptive in Boston unfortunately I think the weather's actually getting. Worse as the day progresses. So I mean feel that for the folks that are behind me. Now absolutely well we wish you the best to Elena thanks for checking in like you always do from the Boston Marathon we appreciate it. All right thank you know for.