Bill Goldsworthy, Executive Director American Red Cross of Northeast PA, about the tornado, with Frank Andrews

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Thursday, June 14th
Bill Goldsworthy, Executive Director American Red Cross of Northeast PA talks about the role of the Red Cross in dealing with the aftermath of the tornado in Wilkes-Barre Township with Frank Andrews

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Bill's goals worthy from the American Red Cross is on the phone with us bill has been a very busy few days for you what's going on my friend. I'll manage to do through Libya armed never treated a lot of people wherein but we're doing your elbow where we're taking control all the food donations than water donation and defeating ultra strict under. Now where those donations coming from. It's been unbelievable all the local community has come out all sports. You know I got 1972 the value apart we don't have heart. Six we'll have a farm and nick really come about them mostly it was people who had some resonance out outcrop. It's to a point where actually we started ridiculing people calling. They do you want me and I know we don't need and then we know we have all trailer local food. I did tonight he's ready to go for a for the coast is under oath that we really overloaded right now what a cool but it's a tremendous how boring to. Now bell when did you get the call when did you know what was going on and and and how did you guys first respond. I I was 11 PM last I read ever got started. When I heard the tornado warning eight. I don't I got Brett because I knew our building was breaking sort of the out of it I did I go to a Phillies go check out that. And then dilute getting ready I got a phone call from our. The public relations and communication burden. They've dubbed you the ability to boot and come all got it as I know my way out there. I came up here and I met our. Emergency management personnel and we went to the staging area and they determine whether that setup the the headquarters pew well and that's where we set up shop and that opened up our MTV event. Now you know I mean I'm I'm thinking about this is 82 degrees and sunny these first responders are out there working in the blazing sun I imagine most of this clean up now right. Yeah right you right now I mean right now we're supporting Obama the now PP you know probably had about fifty people here right bank and an entertainment everywhere. You guys have a ton of people here. There are a lot of first responders still hear a lot of Bob police officers. For crowd control and also the security. So that that's what do now I'd sit this snippet mainly supporting that type of personnel right now. Anything that we can do to help the American Red Cross who is helping everybody else. Well I'd always you know the Red Cross around his and I'm people we round volunteered as a hero and I'm donation. They moonlight to contribute they can contribute that there red crowds that org. Or by calling 1800 Red Cross. Or just send a donation to your local leg cramp up and ignorance couldn't looks very open or go to organic. I don't know what we do without you guys don't thank you for your service of the two. Thank you very much you appreciate it now again. Thank everyone out there for supporting what we do in supporting our first responders go about it. It could've been very tragic Gladys Knight we're very lucky it happened at that kind of happened and that. Down it seemed to work for the purpose and that thank you again thank you bill.