Bette Ellis Northwest Area Schools

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Wednesday, August 8th

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But we've backed Ellis from the northwest area school district on the following it being the only school district in Missouri counting. Don't know how you rate up with the other counties that. And they've all seemed to be raising the school taxes but northwest was able not to do it and I was told that you or key player in this back. Well I wouldn't say an eight key player I would say I'm part of the team that works so hard to watch finances and the district. First and foremost we that we have the school board that is very sensitive to the financial climate of our district. You know we don't have much of the tax base and went subsidized by the state probably that's 64%. A little well when it comes to budget and finance. YouTube approach and I keep consistent Jim McGovern from like Lehman. My administrators my faculty of my staff. And believe me they have worked. Three years mindful of arson and being well consciously providing a quality education to students as northwest school district. We were basically given a challenge by years ago we're told worked very hard. And you we will always asking me to do is do more with flats and believe it or not we get we ready for the challenge. Our teachers our support staff all of our contracts which settle because their teachers dep present that to our financial needs. We have not these cheaters. I'll talk or are subject teachers to cool just like our school port. I very consciously cognizant. Of the financial status of our district where we realize there's no tax space we realized it. They're primarily dealing with a lot of senior citizens in our area. And school I elected are very they're very concerned with with us their well being and they don't want the tax surgery. You can't question with every educational intemperate legally do northwest. We ask our team my my mr. achievement Basque. What impact is this gonna have on the budget. And and what we did when we explain it's not gonna have financial impact on the budget we are given. The green light to go ahead and implement any kind of advanced. Educational initiative and athletic initiative that would that we have an hour in our bag attract. I was used to has this hurt your athletic program at all. We have not watched one program in the last five years it would slash. Just athletic but in fact we started the putback from position that we're. Prior to five years ago we have had we have put back a music petitioned the high school. We're probably a little this year we're proud irrelevant 300000 dollar. 121 educational initiatives which will give each and every student in our district a computer. To enhance the learning process and the curriculum. So you need big building improvements such as new lakers' and feelings in the high school. Ticket peers are athletic field entrap global surface. Will implement a very successful pre K program. And do it adds additional AP courses that at a high school. These things have cost us not any denied any financial at all but I have. It accomplishes the hard work of art teacher. Everything that we have died had been accomplished as careful spending create its scheduling. Grants and more importantly our professional community. Banding together and doing what's best to keep our district up and running we look pretty we're gonna quote our course by years ago we truly work. It was not a very. Great future things were quite dismal. But that steps turn to court. So how woman's last time you did raise taxes. To be I think I think it might have been maybe two entry years ago that I I think there were only raced to the end backs. I'll attempt to have a late new 90 scram what brought this up today was grim cycle what seven point seven to eight. Percent increase in taxes which is. You know. Well let me tell it in that whatever it is if that ever it was a lot northwest. I school board would have all of us burn the Midnight Oil to see how we could be that we would be to add Everett Penney. To make sure that we can do so until like that. Let you know for C putting the taxes up Blake next year OK we skip the service and next year. We'll do 4% and that's not gonna happen. I don't believe that's gonna happen we will be in the process probably in September will begin to do biggest employer projection. I'm standing I know our school where president is very adamant about looking into the future and it's looking like three or four your plans so that we can project where are spending will be and if any what we need to do it would to adjust. What is the average can you say what the average salary is of a teacher in the northwest school district. I have to tap my guess I cannot accurately say that I I would not want to make a catch. Ten I mean I I think that might be. He said they're working with you there but they're still making a livable decent way. Absolutely they certainly are but they are very mindful of financial status of the district. And that they've hit they've done they've done their part in this process. He are you covering. Health insurance for them. Yes we got to do pay a percentage of it and as does as does this. Supports back. And disaster and I Hanover township just sit who did that. They're making them pay a percentage which will help the taxpayers detect. The leafs and if I'm not mistaken I believe that our our faculty claims it. Is it is probably the highest percentage of those are counting toward their health insurance. EG due ninety about let him average at last night how much they put through I'm not sure. Know why I really admirable person Smart out there there are making and I actually I think it's the first school district in the area you might wanna correct them on the. I absolutely because northwest has been contributing toward their health care. I believe it well the last five year contract and we just recently signed. Me up and the fact that you're a three year contract and they are contributing and they're contributing. Can you get contributing their want to their source. Oh so the main way that we were able to to come to go away not to raise the taxes. Was teachers who worked with you to have a community that was knit together to be able to make it happen. App and it and it. School board and I didn't constantly cognizant of the financial climate that the district absolutely your wife that just is in one scene after. Fiscal responsibility we know where the money's going absolutely. Every penny. That's a bet at least she is with the northwest area school district you're director. Operation direct I don't I don't. Worked directly under mr. McGovern our superintendent what do you think other school districts might be doing wrong men not launching. Well I can't speak French in school districts because everybody is glad it did get spread that. I'm I think I think most school districts are being arrive very realistic about about about via financial environments today. I truly believe anyone is trying to do their best where that is considered. And what you're doing great job in northwest and thank you for taking the time to talk with us this morning and tell us about that I really appreciate your call. We got it up thank you very much you have bad.