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Monday, August 7th

The Air Show returns to the WB/Scr International Airport this weekend August 12 and 13.


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Us this morning because Suzy huge event it is back in northeast Pennsylvania after some almost sit at the seems like seventeen years I believe it's the northeast Pennsylvania air shall. It's going on at the Wilkes-Barre Scranton international are we have the director of the airport with this Carl Beardsley Karl good morning so much for coming. And good morning thanks remedies now seventeen years seventeen years and Lesnar showed them. And and we see Jupiter's so much pent up demand the F 'cause it's been seventeen years consider shows up and now people have talked about that over the years and is that why can't we get it back care why can't we do the. Read every year show that in India leading up to seventeen years ago I was there you know I am I loved the air shall we had a great time 003 news station the you know obviously but does it every time we are there. I remember one time there is I think it's a C 130 is a gigantic airplane that flips open on the front end as the current O one yeah I AAF. And we got a tour that thing and I get to sit in the pilot's seat and you're like I don't know sixty feet off the ground up there and I'm looking out the window and I remember as a mom and a little boy down there on the and the mom's got. Block there's that I. Oh right yeah. And I had in the pilot you Erica after all this year out you have some great performance is going on and obviously the big line is the US army golden knights parachute team. Their world famous known around not only your country. Are known in places beyond the borders of the United States and what they're going to be doing is a special John. At about 1045. When the air show really kicks into gear up. And down a bell also finish up towards the end of the show and you'll see just an incredible. Performance and tell you won't soon forget. Now when when they were here in years past I don't remember it was last year or two years prior. But again the chance to fly with the golden and it's actually cool and you get in this plane and we definitely got some mileage out of the fact that they fly an airplane that's made by Fokker. But I think there. Here I don't know they still do but it was a good I thought I. I and we got the plane and are not known what to expect in the US army golden knights airplane right and it's not seats it's there were benches along the inside at all. And they set we can't. And they put not one but two seat belts enemy and I'm not sure why. I took it off but I'm not asking a lot of good went on quite well because and we're supposed to broadcast from my wedding night and so we get updated 121000 feet when they're gonna jump. And directly opposite me there's a small garage door it's sort of thing that's open that he into the outside break. And I thought man that's right that's like eight feet away from me and then we get up there and I realize that the fact an empty seat belts on because there's an identical door were almost directly behind me that they also opened. In my Japanese. Flapping out the are they being so. And I totally get what they are goldeneye is that what happens if I follow the play what are you guys really dive out and catch Lisa Burnett were not ought to residue. Well I did thirty I don't really. Right so let's get some of the particulars because obviously there's a little bit. Different scenario because obviously there's a round about there's a whole different way out to the airport since. The last 117 year when you're actually almost allowed on almost on the runway when you. The world eventually depart ball the way down you know alongside the road leading and that doesn't that's not happening anymore so first of all it's going on. August the twelfth and the thirteenth and Saturday and Sunday is coming week I'll let us know the hours analyst bill about the parking situation. Dates are going to open at 9 o'clock in the morning. And the show will finish up at 5 PM and I just wanna emphasize the fact that there is just chalk full schedule. Where were going to have an on the go not only the gold knights line while also have what's called an F 22 demo team laws which amazing it is it's one of the most advanced jet fighters in the entire world and Tbilisi right here in the skies over water. They're scoring airport that's outstanding panel talking about a week or two ago and there are aside a certain hours were the turnpike of the northeast extension or or actually think that was the run between here. And clarks summit rain is gonna be curtailed. Steve I'll be stuck hub in the look yeah. Indicating all right we just know Ali what human nature as in Robert knickers I guess they supposedly you're also an and then FA eighteen demo team is well the Barnett. And a bunch of other things but okay parking situation to so people understand when you say the doors open at nine. On you know people wanna get there early because as you mentioned to other and at the parachutes the team will start at 1045 is at the first jump here I'm so where should people go there isn't our user VIP parking available anymore is that and sold out I'm not sure what the deal. There's something called preferred partner and it's something that we are doing this year that I don't believe we've ever done in the past. And that is you're able to park right on site at the airport for a fee it's ten dollars to park preferred parking. For those of you who don't mind. Simply parking off site and taking a shot all you can do so for free and you're gonna go to be northeastern fairgrounds. Which is right near the airport is a part there they'll be law enforcement to help you park where you need to go and analog ports colossal ensure that you use in the proper line. To go to your show. I can't release Rivera pretty much in our backyard and it. It is all of us I'm sure you want signs up and such to let people know and went to new connector was nuke mountain road it's is convenient as compared yeah. That's that's Mindanao where people get their tickets that's another question okay you can get two tickets right now either add sure saved markets and be sure save markets. Or you can go to our website. Fly ADP dot com. I don't bring you to be air show web site and at the Herschel website you can. You can buy your tickets or you can also buy your preferred parking passes him. And you can go directly to it the only thing is folks when it's any EPA air show but actually it any. AM there wasn't any EP iron or shell gets dot com. And you can get the tickets is well there's so many so much more information about the parking and the frequently asked questions. Oh what a great show I'm so excited for the -- solar and talked about the success of this airport we've seen month after month and recent. I'll months anyway that the Wilkes-Barre Scranton international airport has been getting more and more passengers breaking records of ridership. What's going. We are seeing wonderful support from the community. They're the people lack of one accounting and Lucerne county are helping us attain those numbers. But beyond that we are attracting people from outside the borders of Michael and it was their account do you think is the roundabout that lowering the around the world will be aircraft and a black tip on the blacktop a great idea worked out well yet it and you bring up a good point. With the round abouts we certainly knew we wanted to see if they work and they have worked so far. However during your show they're going to be put to a test and we're gonna have law enforcement out there to make sure that people are processed through that round abouts in the right way you know. If he'd just plain idea on how you are only. Thing is they seem to get worn down rather quickly so yeah I think there are a good start to help people they certainly do. Ari so on you getting more people outside you know we've I heard about how. You're seeing more of the New York license plates and killed in the Binghamton airport I guess has had some issues with you know they don't have the options that. People have so they might be obviously coming here it seems. Yeah and that and that's what we're seeing. The Binghamton airport went from a at one time having three airlines. I'm simply just having one airline and there was a month during the month of may. But you have in your service at all so we've taken the initiative and reached out to the people bad area and said hey weirder or. And they've responded. They certainly have now John you lands on the it to the airport like two Friday's ago yes tell us about you or expire. I had to hit it I I was I and I don't know how it happens but you know as you get a little check mark on your boarding pass you like electronic boarding pass he can download an apparent why this has verified. And you know TSA and never really been a problem is very much so at the the local airport in here and Boca. But with a verified that a union take us for issue as he gets stroller right through the game gets a struggle a little one. That's literally I mean but I got right through but the the beauty part of oil and we go down and I don't remember the gate number but whirlwind on the right hand side. And the woman who was there was some nice and so helpful she was really doing a great job behind the podium but it was a morning to Fridays ago she had laryngitis. And and that her PA announcement. Of and everybody in the chairs like inching close it is she's. I was all everybody else not what I. Out of the data was as smooth as could be you start to finish do we really excellent. And that's one of the things that I know for me I've heard from other people. Bet that the fact that you can get through it and you have been obviously many people have a connecting flight but once you get very are already ready to go to your next flight you don't have to deal with that craziness at the bigger airports could. It you know and you bring up a good point and that is and I notice there's since moving here is that. The people who work with the TSA here are very dedicated and whether they're they're ill whether it's a case there's a lot line and that's simply try to just trying to process it through. Very dedicated they do an excellent I. Have an occasion had I think with the TSA go through their late if I've mentioned dared to before on the air then I'm going away were flying from the woke up and going through there will be at least one T as a present. I heard you say you were common throughout. I got aunts. We bunny and Ari still on the obviously we've had it tell us about any anything is in the works are you get guys working on any other flights any other places. And the Florida flight you guys do they seem to be that is a sell out quick and bank. He do to Florida flights are just unbelievably popular. You'll see. The sooners schedule. And the schedule have flights going to Tampa and Malaysia and I'll go down to Orlando and Allegiant knows there's days when that terminal building used as buzzing. And there are so many people are being processed through its. We're looking you know we last minute played for somebody else a friend of mine and act like well they're going to be Cadillac as you know check them out they just that they do sell official popular is there anything in the works on the road he has are working on amien note that you. Can you tell us anything that you're trying to work. Yet we were always working on new flights and where. The way we base what we go after when it comes to new flights is based on demand and right now we have some new cities that we certainly like to add. But we also have very very full flights on average we're about 90% filled. On some of those flights and because of that there are times worse people to simply intimacy. And what we're doing is going out the year tears that already provide service there and asked them will be bad frequency can read events simply just going after an incident right. It exceed two with the TSA moving closer there in the mood in front of the restaurant ER ER and that's gonna serve a couple purposes one is going to be more efficient. But two it's also going to allow our passengers to go through security screening. Take a deep breath and decide you want to give a couple copy from Dunkin' Donuts and grab a copy and not have to worry about charging him before they get through security screening at an adaptor now. I pray that that idea RE again just quickly wanna remind folks this weekend northeastern Pennsylvania air show. At the Wilkes-Barre Scranton international airport it's August 12 and thirteenth. If you wanna send an invite out just tell about the great stuff that's gonna be there as a quick this year. Well we're going to have something called a wing walker. During mere shell where someone actually use a woman who gets up on the wind literally. When they're flying through the air and it's a different type of performance than say the jets the F twenty down while. And yesterday teams. Of course critical night's golden knights are going to have to serve very wonderful patriotic ceremony when they jump into the beginning. And towards the tail and show him on the show soon we receive a lot of questions on the difference between the show on Saturday and Sunday shows are exactly the same. Is there won't be any of that between the two but there are a lot of people out of BBC and boos uses including myself who have gone to two can sector shows just because it's always. Ecstasy and again in addition he had stuck up in the sky got the static displays on the ground of course exactly we talked a little bit before about some of those transport planes. It's interesting for me. Because often times static displays that are there are just as popular what's happening in the sky. Because you're it would on them or Lieberman panel that unstuck yet so much going on at via air show this weekend hopefully folks will be able to get out and see it and we'll have it. Hopefully I have to wait another seventeen years. And here Joel back. Carl thank you so much for coming and thank you appreciate it.