Author Vicki Robin.

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Wednesday, April 4th

Author Vicki Robin talks with WILK's Sue Henry about the updated version of her book "Your Money or Your Life"


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The IO OK we are welcoming to our show this morning Vicki Robin the author of your money or your life. Not steps to transform transforming your relationship with money and achieving financial independence Vicky welcome. Thank you so much we appreciate the fact that you're taking the time to do the shadow and also us may recognize. This book from man maybe they're past lives right. Not like Clijsters for Ireland and it slugging it. What it's been absent 1992. It landed. It was an instant best seller and that was the thing to being on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 92 and she felt that the book and she did disagree book it will change your life and that kind of recommendation from Oprah makes all the difference. And so it she got to mountaineer has been seller list but it stayed on the best seller lists for years and still even now it's usually in. Like the top. Hundred business boxers personal finance books. Staying power in part had staying power because it is not just about money it's about your light. He's about you know who are you what you want life what make you happy. Where are you headed. What's important to you and let's put our money lies conservatives chew that life. This the dark side of the moon have of books so that's good to see. But Pink Floyd you know his record was on the that's out here. You Vicki badly you think you bring an interesting point because maybe we do. Have a misunderstanding. Of what we really want in your book kind of lays out a template. Forward trying to find out what you want and also what you need right. It can not nor McCain is not telling you what you should have it not. Extolling. Living in last year simple living. It simply saying you know there is something that we call your not going to cheer goldilocks not too much not too little just enough points. And by and large people in this society because we mean those. The so consumed. By advertising. That Powell looked at what we have is not enough to lean more. Most people in the society they opened their garage. You know cot bitter ending keeping kids enjoy our. You know they we had more than enough I don't know I don't you remember when I bought that and you look at your credit card in and it fed debt UK. Human know and spend money him but campaign in my 500 dollars a month that the minimum payment just step out step that I don't even know that line. So we are right leaning into lesson in in this society by and large most people. Rich or poor. There are people who are announcements are in the near people who are really on the margins they don't have enough but it. Most of us in the middle have more than enough. So basically it introduces. A tool that you can use that asks them questions to become aware of the money instead it's going to your life and just asking. It for money and spending by nearly Carla. So that's it it's like magic but not magic is just. Common sense. He actually asking people to think about. Money in in a different way and I guess the phrase that I I think about it by looking at some yearbook is making it real. On the you're suggesting that people spend some time like Digisette about the the things he really do on the you don't really want or need anymore. Not only now but actually. I'm understanding. The money better and knowing that says sometimes when you're using your credit card a credit card just does not seem like real money but if he had a stack of money. You'd say gosh. This is a lot more than I thought. Yeah isn't that one of the key leverage points in the book is police say this. You know we think about monies and we think. You know the thanks to think about banks could think about finance that you think about her possibly think about the economy think about. We think about all this stuff out there but what we say is that he is actually. Your life energy is the our secure life you investing putting your line and we suggest that you do a calculation. How much. It is and I really earnings per hour you know like why isn't our pilot or opinions. Usually. When you union could follow the commuter expenses all the extra time he's spending and getting ready from word game. Getting the recovering at the end of the day if you ever do. All of the extra time that your job occupies your life and all of the extra money you have to spend. You know you had your job by and large Europe what we call your real hourly wage. Is to have to a quarter of the year what you think you're making. They have a number like I'm treating an hour my life for five dollars. And when you when you have that calculation and and and actually at your money your life dot com our new platform for your money like we have a calculator. You can use that calculator to calculate your real hourly wage. And we have a real figure. And so I'd spend five dollars that's been our my life so that's my double hull and whenever you need a lot day you know that's an hour. And and so you have a ways. You trade inflated money in that time. And and we can heal our lives we can feel you know when we do and actually we can feel the amount of time to dig this. Do I charge her petty weakened he all the time in our lives we can feel. The law mean to have more time that we could feel. The scarcity of time when we went we'd like to spend time with her kids just kind with her friends are. After the show in the evening you know we can feel time people well and she said he would credit cards we can't feel money because. Pain feels unreal. Until one you can feel money is time. You start making different decisions about which you know what ear and you'll stay in your life. Now a lot of that involved is so I think that the way a lot of impulse shopping to do it again sorry I interrupted. But I know are nagged a tight time schedule and I wanted to ask you based upon may be the people that are listening to us today Vicki who. May be out of let's just say a certain age is it ever is it ever too late to turn the ship around. Absolutely not absolutely not a matter of fact and how we are we have to be able to do this. And I don't people who you know I mean so maybe you're living on Social Security. You have to make that check. Produce the life she loved. So learning the tools of conscience spending. Living Matilda sharing learning that people who worry who gets the appropriate learning the tools of getting things through lass who learning how to I used all the strategies that are in this book in the in the sixth chapter we talk about. The American dream machine stream you know like how can you maximize. Your pleasure and happiness. Leave for every dollar spent so no matter how much we have or how little we have is still really worth it. Two. Just read the book and see what popped out of you and mean there's going to be sentenced there's going to be a tool. There's going to be questioned and ideas that actually going home. That could make a big difference in my life. It's well worth seventeen bucks for sure. Yeah yeah. Yeah exactly because how many Aaron figure light it up up the brain where and how are you can buy it. I think so too and it was great to talk to you today and now this this does give costs for the cause of Vicki thanks to Jake and a time. Out of what must be your very hectic schedule to talk to us today we appreciate it. I appreciate talking you do day to. Okay.