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Wednesday, April 18th
Author Sarah Albee joins WILK's Sue Henry to talk about her book  "Dog Days of History".

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We're gonna talk to Sarah all of these news book is dog days of history. The incredible story of our best friends I Serra. So good to have you on the show today. I'm so happy to be here I love talking about. Is dog in the beginning of the booklet that's based on the played well linking up the whip cream or not. And that is not my dime size is the pretty funny picture. If I love it and it it just goes to show that even when they're doing something bad we. Sometimes we just have to smile so I is it okay if I ask you about your own relationship with dogs. Absolutely I grew up with dog in meal they released a couple of months. They pick up the mixed greens hit but yeah I get a grip with a succession of fantastic dog that the kids and I eighth that couldn't not to get my own children and Don we did the trick that we have a standard Poodle. Which is not the guy that set out to get but she kind of fell in our laps and she's the best dog ever she is so Smart. And how much she doesn't shed. Well this is all good and no big that's. That's just another benefit of just signing at a true friend and your life and I think they are. Sarah are best friends and that's why people gravitate towards them it's just the way they I was looking into. It's cute dog to love us. And we loved them and they're kind of unique in that way I mean I love cats too fat and I'd love fish and skinny thing and I'll let it. There's nothing quite like a lot of the dog a. Carry no talk about ear rag impetus to read this barker her womb why you decided to talk about. The dogs of history. Well I am not nonfiction history raider for kids and has so that the good for kids they'd end up. Don't hit the perfect mashup of my two favorite things would turn this history and dogs and the idea is that are hoping that kids who love gone. We'll learn a little thing or care about history and if you like history will you know will love it because it's dogs. Expanding your book you talk about the man going back then pretty far. In time were worst the first recorded history the confines her painting or something that indicated to people on dobbs were close. Well but they're it's really any archaeological record that they've discovered you know whose burial had some things like that with whipped dog than humans together content with their arm around the dog's. If you ask a scientific studies genetics and DNA. This year she'll say it happened 30000 years ago and archaeologists think it was maybe 151000 years ago so we're not really sure exactly when it happened and where. But here the people started depicting. Themselves with the dog from boot from the moment they started detecting anything. So it really does go we do go way back tax. This notion whereas somebody has their armor and a dog in the earth they're buried what is the. What does that indicate for one of them it's seems to indicate. The. You know welcome ancient time frame we. We've unplugged or conflict in the ancient Egyptian they're. They're they found in Chile mummified of course they've left calf untapped source sacred but so were Don was then there you know I knew this event. Don Blake god. And so they're mummified dogs and cats in Egyptian tombs and and families would shave their eyebrows and when you beloved pet died so it doesn't go a long way back but really died as a hat. Head with a member of the recent phenomenon it's it's. Kind of in a luxury enjoyed by the wealthy. Until about you know late in the nineteenth century before that big dogs that belong to working people. Had to work for a living just like their owners did. So those dog wouldn't you know. Pull carts and operate machine or see him being guard dog than herding dog then they they works just like their owner says. The second act Christopher Columbus and his dogs. Yeah that's the kind of a grim chapter in the history of dog then sorry pathetic if they can keep the doors that brought over there were dog in North America but the aides. The American people did have done they pulled their split do things like that but they were smaller. And that the concedes Derrick brought over these huge massive cut them war dogs and they intend to. Intimidate me if people if it's an ugly history but. The history of what humankind underdog thrilling didn't dog just do what they're trained to do so and I have always done what they've been trained to do so. Yeah that that's that's not a happy chapters. They give us a happy chapter of history and has been so you have a palate cleanser on our show a book. Okay well there aren't that mean they're the whole areas tablet like that occurred just things that went Doug had done for us we can get medieval times. They could be underneath the table and it topped just after them that. Talk haven't been invented yet you know and they want to light it until mid 16110 dogs were used as table napkins and clay even tastier than bad warmer than last. Former is. They don't I'll kind they've performed all sorts of fun role. That's good he can talk about town got its sir Isaac Newton this is a good one isn't saying I tell the people out desk. Yeah I mean does this second most famous story you know after the apple but purportedly. Elements upon them on the head and keep. Yuriko discovered gravity. It'd be his dog. We may have upset at candle on the table that is burned his people look at his manuscript they've been working on for dear looks like he wasn't exactly people pretend and I think this dog was very very beloved by him thank you for gave the dog. And we wrote it. What a guy frank but they must've been great yeah that's happened here in the history. A lot of times as as we know Sarah. The dogs of non presidential candidates soar and the dogs that get to. Who lived it in the White House are are very FEMA is in fact I think maybe there are some of the most. Famous of all time minded tell us about to George Washington and his dogs. Yeah at their best hope I have a whole spread that the couple pages about presidential could choose that and yet George Washington beloved dog and he owned a lot of them a lot of them are hunting dog but. Luke some of them are carriage dog and some of them. We're down in Melbourne in common you know entry blip not only were like they would sort of cheat any vermin they came in and Freddie the senate senate. They'll have hilarious name doesn't think he had the really announced that a lot of presidents steadily. These are Roosevelt had a lot of dogs hit one MP. Who's job was to patrol the grounds of the White House and particularly in sugar than. She's kept it out you fire and chased the French French ambassador Patrice. Some real fun story that presidential dog. And of course Ed Nixon was that would the checkers speech this sort of the most. Influential speech is an all time and it the way we know the speeches by the name of the dot which is just kind of wild right. That's right yeah. He he was given a gift of the dog it was accused you know he went he didn't have a great reputation nephew of the president yet but. He gave that speech an acceptable. You know we're very honest people and I'm emanated I'd never accept yes I'm gonna keep this started because my children love it tends. Just named it checkers then that Kenny humanize him and move pretty liberal Credo on television and I think. A lot of people there that that could save his political place than this little dog named checkers. We have to start letting that the dogs become real parts of the Stanley Ann and come in the house because. I know when I was a kid does the sting was sort of still speculated that will she even ever let the dog in the house sun and so on and so forth when did this become nothing to do. For these. Family members as some people call them. Well it's. It's interesting it's very it's an interesting history because the vet said that you know that wealthy people don't want to have the pet dog then you know the working people dog had to learn outside and it really was kind of late nineteenth century. And the rise of different kennel club send. You know a breathing in the end people. It started kind of dog became big status symbol what what kind of dog you've had. And then further right there's the commercial pet food because before Ehrlich the late nineteenth century. That is just think whatever their owners gave them whatever went on the table. So what they hit the commercial pet food unless you got I name's Brett wouldn't want to visit American I was. Think I'm their war in London and he noticed the dog eating too hard tac. Which it says you know this skip the daily gifted but hated biscuits and biscuits that they keep to folders because that lasted forever. And that aid in the idea of inventing kind of packaged food for dogs. That was good you know part of this that was in the early nineteen hundreds. And then yeah then listed as the righted in middle class as people became more affluent and certainly post World War II. I dog became a part. Many many many millions of failing home. Are you surprised at the end economic impact as a pet ownership I mean it's just it's wild I mean between. The food. An and probably a million other things then missing in the interim heritage does that do when you're doing research and that sort of stuff and you. That went from one thing and it's escalated so wildly. Well again stunned needs but it each other statistics are are pretty staggering how much we spend on our dogs but then. You know it's kind of than ever that's. When do I mean not with ordinary people middle class people but wealthy people. You don't have 17103. Dog had a room the day and shares like gold collar isn't. I think people love their dogs and if they have the money they're gonna. Stagnant and just kind of beast so different the content gets on the air beloved dogs so I mean. Don and we love our dog is have to put it boiled. Yes and used to mean the other day they go work somewhere in they have Adirondack chairs for your pets which is cool calm and I preference. Among the show I record I reference to. Sergeant stubby and then somebody sent me a message while did you get to the point on that since Sarah talc about sergeant stubby. Frank is that he wears a dog food he did toward god and he. Lou you're the bulk carrier brilliant and I on the street by an American soldier. And who was fitted smuggled over on the hit on the ship bound for France. The world or one. And he'd tested all these amazing things like teams started barking at him before. Muster I guess so mustard gas from certain gas fields things. Landed in his. Campus and he'd gotten everyone had kind of on the gas masks so even started garnering medal after medal. And with a decorated you know with what popped of them so she's been very famous but wonderful Bob. Also we've we've seen abolition of other dogs is how planet there was. A police department swoop we've we've seen and bomb sniffing dogs drug dogs today and it's moved into. The therapeutic. Community with syrupy Dowd says it's still continues to be. And no large amounts evolution. Yeah I mean basically the more we realize too we can ask god to do the more than they do. They can sniff for cancer cells they can they can move yet they can be comfort I heard this soldiers as PT EST inferred so abandon. It's just incredible what dog they're able to do for us. We politician month and your taxes aren't that's probably not yet and I both some of the way it that it enough. I. Think are the smartest differently knowing premier research. I you know it it. If I I hesitate to pay one breed of smarter than another I mean god there are certain breeds of dogs that are just booting into doing other things. My dog the Poodle. Is very Smart I think they are right up there she'd ring the bell once a month still outside of. That's the cement good work their -- some extra cash and they are obvious. From my National Geographic can and it's a great book for those. Eight to class open without concern that way anybody can read it over the age of aids so that's good thanks again to show your delight. To care. Thank you it was a pleasure.