Augie Barhight Rolling Thunder Veterans Ride

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Tuesday, July 10th
Rolling Thunder PA Chapter 3 President Augie Barhight talks about the 19th Annual Veterans Ride this weekend to benefit vets at Gino Merli Center in Scranton.

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What is rolling thunder chapters three. Rolling thunder chapter three were the local chapter for the national organization. In Aaron mission is POW MIA issues from past present and all future wars. So if someone says rolling thunder what exactly comes to mind what does that mean. Motorcycles motorcycles in the and people and rolling thunder it's to bring all of our veterans back the other ones are shot downer missing in action. Now we want accountability. That's that's were after we win we're talking about the organization itself. You a veteran yes and Vietnam veteran and what about the other folks that are involved in the in the chapter throughout the country. Know that that's unique thing about rolling thunder to veterans service group you don't have to be a veteran. To support it. And you don't have to write more percent we are not a motorcycle group OK so. Any time that you have like we're going to be talking about the event that is coming up Ford to benefit the local veterans. It's anybody can come and get involved anyone. We don't care we've got one mission in mind and that's our veterans. And if you're going to be out here to support them. Come and help us so let's say someone doesn't have a motorcycle. How they eagle about getting involved in and helping your organization. I'll just c'mon down if you don't wanna join rolling thunder you come down and help us. There's a ten dollar registration fees. For this ride am everything that we raise through our registration goes it and you know morally senator. In traditionally our money's been earmarked for their Christmas present every year so that every veteran in that senator. It's a present Christmas morning we go up Christmas morning and we passed the mile and just see the look on while these guys face down it it's well worth whatever aliens. For the benefit of our listeners can you give us a little bit of Lear. The genome early centers located who's there. Share really centers located on mulberry street onscreen and for the old timers just revealed they hospital used to date at. I knew that was coming up at a well I tell you my age now mine too. Or even that the. So you go there year geared directly dealing with. The veterans that are there. Yes we we go and we visit with him in the morning once. You've registered. Going to be quite a few of them outside look at the motor side goes just kittens and fresh year. And they enjoy they enjoy haven't. Someone different to talk weather in the guy in the bed next to him in at that kid that sometimes that can be very. It can be very tedious in anybody's life but it should when we're talking about now the ride is coming up wit. The right obese Sunday July 15. And the registration is it starts at 9/11. Thirty we do a little ceremony. 12 o'clock. Pic stands are up and we're gone for about an hour and a half two hours where eagle. This year it's gone well and the Africans and around. Out through German I believe. And then back down Casey highway through dumb worn agreement back. The emirates so when you're doing this are you raising money beforehand. Is it does it happened along the route how does that take place our money. That we raises through raged saturation which is a ten dollar feet. And then we still teachers and the teacher money. Primarily. Funds are chapter for necessary things like the insurance. And things like that that we have to have. Now this event and has this been going on. This is the nineteenth year that's a testament yes it is it's one of the longest running right around. And I'm sure that you've probably seen a lot of the same faces of the veterans who have been there that length of time as well the morally center. Yet we've seen quite a few of them for a while now. And even the people at supports is one gentleman comes in and 830 every year. He wants me the first one to sign that paper that he's registered. And you allow him to do that yet but that's the tradition now now how many people are in your local chapter. Where rather small we've only got eighteen members. At one point we were to 200 members and it was. Next fair because people thought it was a motorcycle group didn't understand. What our mission laws. Now also all eyes when you began the ride. You have a traditional blessing. Yes father Mike from down white haven freely and and economic column. They're both members that while no bless the bikes is relieving. You know I understand that. The father Mike has given up his bike. Is that true. Are you sitting at I've survived if unmovic then was bought that motorcycle you have to. Well that's something you can find out when you stop by the right people they go pollen that you need that it is what I I. I. But whoever owns a try excellent you don't have to worry about a tell all regularly what I want bill wouldn't Wear what we're talking about this there is the app that possibility that some people might be hearing our interview today. Saying that they are interested maybe they can't do something about it this particular ride. But they would like to help out how did they get in touch with deal. It's really easy every month the third Wednesday of every month at the VFW in main street DuPont we have our meetings at 7 PM. And just stopped by be glad to see it and were were always welcome. The new members some new ideas and new to this as yep and you also have a FaceBook page. Yes we do it it's rolling thunder C chapter three I'm sure if you just put in a search will be able to young and hooked it comes right now while I'm gonna give you the opportunity. Go ahead you invite everybody to not only take part in this but to come and join your great group well I really appreciate. The invitation here at like I said everyone is welcome we won't turn you away and we can use that help anti come down that arise we can use that donation to. Put in that in my early senator welfare fund for our veterans and you don't have to have a bike that's right. Horry or a strike there to get up and accept you thank Akio they TO.