Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Policy Beth Williams, about a relgious freedom summit, with Frank Andrews

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Monday, July 30th
Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Policy Beth Williams, who will co chair a "relgious liberty task force" talks about a  recent relgious freedom summit, with Frank Andrews.

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On the line with us right now is assistant attorney general Beth Williams for the office of legal policy. For the United States and Beth thank you so much for joining us. I'm playing good going into joining you us. You know I. I'm have been saying for the last comment it's it's sad to me that we have to have a summit unreal that I'm protecting religious freedom but I guess we don't. We hear loud and unfortunately your right hand but I didn't have to wonder I'll make it and we had so many wonderful parents and really reflect it treaty Gerald passion and commitment that it. It's out I know that you were named. One of the chairs of the new task force but but before we get into that can be can you tell me like some cases some issues that sparked the need for this. Sure all of you know there are a lot of religious and I liberty issues that are coming up all the time how I mean it actually act yet. In that and I think he car and exert tighter community and people what a jet and a recently I'd start favourite edition. Fact he again infected man who wait I am convicted of earning a mocked it I mean. And then you did art department now though I'm thousand and a good read on behalf of ecstatic that is why it's important. Because they had been I mean NTSB UN HC AA bid there's a couple of chanted in TV and it. They did it arch diocese prime. Promoting I'm rich really it was daily that public servant I'm to count then it and it said. You know to seek spiritual and yet I can occur it yet and they heard it ban from the I'm putting that treatment meant it on the Washington metro and felt I get it that are going to be easily found and three on behalf of the archdiocese. Right and and you know I I was just I talk to you by in Pennsylvania we have the religious freedom protection act that was passed in 2002 and a lot about was was aimed at and helping our Amish community which is very big here two you don't not to be burdened by some of the laws but we also have a case of the little sisters of the poor country. That was a big problem was that. Absolutely you know there are a lot of income groups which Christian and my blond and eat who I'm really did want to. And it is their own religion in peace. I dare lie in bed that prevented them from getting narrower Orkut and really charm all. Situation where they have to cheat between Chang a large sign or or living their belief. And so I'm you know the department rejected that very content in the. Although the does this summit and the task force kind of suggests. Dad I protecting religious. Liberty became. Not politically correct. Really don't know how quick can you taking it religious liberty and really get our first treat them. It as scary first two by eight and in the boat and went right and what it department objected to bang in that. It didn't matter how incorporated is a fundamental right it's not about. And it's good crack at being a personal religious believes are just worshipping at baker played. Religious liberty dollar book out incumbent and religious conservative and it. And then expect in the narrow circumstances no one GB port achieved between the living out into her eighth and complying with the law. Now you're you're you're going to be at the very very ambitiously involved in this task force how do you how do you balance religious freedom against discrimination. That's a great question I think that there are and bad and I would be important but that really get. Scary very rarely if ever predict eight. They are so many people who are deeply religious people. Who did want a crack at their faith and that has nothing to do with any type of discrimination whatsoever. When you look at it I didn't at 88 general issued. He's a few months ago I think I did that without any but it XP it's. It just offered a description of exit in protection as early December do you think at Carolina and not right anyone discriminate on the deepest the race or ethnicity or sexual orientation or gender identity. In violation of any federal law. Right now I'm a general William Simon asked you to hold on a cycle we've got to take a break your role we come back our talk you about some more specific ways the religious freedoms are going to be protected Beth Williams was sworn in as assistant attorney general for the content from the United States in August of last year. She is a Harvard law graduate and she is now the big co chair of the task force for religious protect him protection and religious freedom now. That but I wanna ask you this question is that if it you're at your job if I can people report violations I mean if they began to see what they believe are violations of religious freedom can make contact your office what do they do. Absolutely and I think pretty bad. And I get to the BUL or bad thing. But that's one of the things get a permit looking for the department one tab outreach with the general public and that we can see it. There are violations that relate to treat and they're violating Errol lie under the constitution that we can get something about us. See you actually don't forget these assets. Yeah you know I mean in the past we have heard stories about how even branches of the military you know have banned bibles here's a book of truth and told chaplains how to how to function is actually something that you're going to be looking at and taking some of the restrictions away. Well you know what did he restriction the way but I think what we're doing it begins ready people really understand what existing protections are. Are currently for a religious freedom and religious liberty up and then click manage in ninety kite allocate it work when he. Memory and and our guys didn't about religious liberty and explain things like you're allowed to have your Bible on your desk at work. And you're allowed to do you don't speak about here gay. And it and things like techniques surrogate people understand that there there are religious liberty protections currently. And then both the government and you know how I government said in players are following them. Now at the summit this morning there were I I assume that there are members of many different faiths that were there and spoke. There where. And and and and what what are some of the things that were said they kind of touched you were impressed you. Wouldn't really terrific and the goal went highly religious liberty and why it matters we how to get the great hall at DOJ should. And he and it brought and there are any number of different perspective about it issue. There were represented the Kristi and situation mud land in each community. And did they have to carry the weight and we commitment to religious the framework in the country. Attacked people they when their ability to live at eight A pregnant. Any free people and communicate it ain't that serve others. And eight you know called to do I have one at the moment and meeting people eat it went from archbishop Kurtz the Kurt. In the Arctic that archbishop of LaBelle and the chairman of the committee on religious liberty for the US conference of Catholic bishop. He really spoke about how religious freedoms in PD community that eight the terror absurd it is important. And how religious freedom I'm allowed to a community could be of service to others. Don't want one last question the president at one time said it's gonna be okay to say Merry Christmas again which which almost seems silly but it's it's really a serious problem isn't it. But she I think a lot of people feel you'll really intimidated. If they can't say things like Merry Christmas they're happy Chanukah. Are happy climbed back connected to eight you know we we are proud that made it big bend and people should know that they're creepy deaths. Well general Williams I know it's only July but Merry Christmas and thank you for joining us and very good. Assistant attorney general Beth Williams says she is an assistant to Jeff Sessions she is now named task force for religious freedom protecting now.