Ashely Wolo Griffin Pond Animal Shelter

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Friday, June 22nd
Griffin Pond Animal Shelter

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Lee Griffin pond animal shelter of favorite animal shelter of many in the area affected by aids is temper and Pargo break out. At least those two things you hear a lot about in stray animals who sometimes mysteries are dropped off. These things are gonna happen a doubt my ten dozen or more. Catch miss placed Ashley. On the phone with me Ashley 101000 or more cats misplaced displaced and moved them. A little there'll be karma we have IQ meaning like. A lifelong. He'll lose and realize we had to move the moraine. We had to move cats out of iron facility we have had some amazing volunteers. Help us with a publication. To temporarily. Hold our cats which they have been a phenomenal help them on. It has banned. A very very bad and sad situation on that beaded even called him a good PDF which aspect out. On this temperate actually found in dog. How is he added it I think people get a little bit confused but on did he began a cocktail Wikipedia it affects the cap it has no effect on our docs. And you know we have still a hundred and some cast that worked caring for. You know we are peaking. Hubert these precautions and in doing everything that we can in our power to make sure that they safety and that they're completely taking care of Laura and you know I mean that this is rundown right now we're gonna attack situation. He needs some help taking care of these need donations. The donation would be a huge help we are looking to on get. Donated paper products such as deeper sleep paper towels on disposable litter box is litter food from jug of water. Andy being a well help at this point we did on the and talking a lot of our donations that were in the shelter just in case they became contaminated at any point so we are in need of donations. Yet on the and we do you have is to location bill Weis. Food market in we've relief Andy Dickson city pat Smart they are temporarily. Accepting our donation to comment. Just so that we nothing comes into the shelter. Thank you Ashley for telling people where they can help out in Syria gonna get an influx. Of people who are love their cats I love my cats I understand so. App and we appreciate. Every bit of help that we that we really really do we appreciate it the animal appreciate it and we think everybody forget backing up up on this. So now it's gonna be that they have to like disinfect the shelter before leaving. We'll be bringing in a cleaning company to completely cannot type her pulse Altria. Make sure that all the pets are we safe yes exactly that's our top priority good to know thank you Ashley we appreciate you checking in this morning very walk out.