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Monday, August 28th

Andrew Shecktor for US Senate with WILK's Sue Henry


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Danny Schechter is somebody who wants to be one handy. Good morning sorry I am living the dream has always aria. Well he's running for senate and decorated living a dream but Boyle plays at some green and. Yeah it's I think it's a very complicated. Met her because of these the scope. I've representation in the fact that there aren't that many right. Right exactly and yelled you don't have to assert you know 5060 per state Maine and senate they don't have to put state. What ended an eight gig and it's it's very it's the end. It was built in both the six year term fix things got a got a lot of plant which you can make it a lot lot of things you have to do you have to really be committed till it. Well you are but you're part of the other team or whether you're the actual senator the whole goal key material to keep rougher. What you're interested and the sees that as currently held by about Casey what why do you think the needs to be replaced. Well yeah it. Right now as we haven't had a president in the White House you can you can you can you can lumber you can take a major choice I have an awakened by another guy personally. And I'm thinking need to support noted that getting done been particulate back to Barack Obama's eight years a lot of things with that my Obama tried to accomplish. What accomplished this because if there isn't it you know stalemated. Congress. And if you believe in in in new you have freedom of of society India and in the constitution and then you're reasonably conservative you're gonna wanna get you fully met and that that picture a little bit the other likes. I can't came in the picture because I know a lot of people across the state primarily in the western part of the state and I appear nowhere county area and current Columbia county. That I do have a chance with no one else he'll come into the picture that that that one and it's such a that I give that a shot and what they're not sure what happens but. It's very important to have a big game. Oh representation. Well not just the DM. Party but of the people that's what we're trying to do nationalist movement across the country. I put Kobe America first America's first or American first there's a lot of our web sites and FaceBook pages and groups. Basically trying to put the interest of the people in and in general that's that's all the people are not look at the perspective of that very thing. I look at it from everyone's perspectives and complicated example take healthcare for instance I've had a great conversation with a we're very liberal left wing hacks individual who would serve until you would never agree to any single but I can't agree particularly out at you agree with Morton in which sank. That's what they calculus for instance you know my my my goal for healthcare to everyone. In the United States America should feel big but the doctor hospital not steer her style and no cut and filed bankruptcy here not but we're not having enough money and they're. Thank you cap the pay for a and MV PN and they're street don't know not one not not going bankrupt and no one go and sicker and you've been dying because they don't have insurance and look beneath it but we agree with the same thing but it won't work backwards appear how can have you come to a conclusion that there are no resolution. Caucus a what is what is the resolution because saying it it sounds great but the actual doing. Seems to be a huge obstacle. Lower back into that that's that's it they eat each child still a lot of obstacle. I actually treated BM a health care what the Democrats when your Bjorn started doing some research on its own on your own economy and on their electrical engineer by trade and have never you know the statistical background was hard work you're big enough to wall data. And seeing where all week they are and why can't we have put Obama care. I'll blow up we're obamacare because. There was no money to have universal health care that they that they entered the progressively watered. Not a fact of the matter that you can't even have a free market system people are paying into that system. So we have to treat it back to the economy and I'm actually Donald Trump where has and so he's not he's so he's starting to try to. Correct that bad situations. Are different an example on I like I just spoke of this the other day reversed prefer examples of how to how to explain ST. He he can't give America a couple friends and won't central question is what's an extra expect a quick and I get like three dozen eggs every week and I would have a couple bought an extra. So you have to do what about some of thankful for one person. And so here it months and yeah out of power have been a bit of a million people on Don wick that's the million dollars. When you figure overt or ten months at ten million over the five year term restricting million dollars that they have to convert a hundred million dollars. Just for control it keeps saying if you if you if you reduce the benefits defending its magical. So I don't take away benefits just make sure that people are and what they need it not an access like that. But that's just one example I guess we need we need. Get people back to work we needed to address a year ago pure and drug crisis because people can't work if they're on drugs and they're double pass a drug tests. And people aren't working he can't have you can't do everything so that's a first step that the economy around back if you look at it as far as the end. General. Well statistics wouldn't actually go back could actually wrote a book I do election I wrote a book on a we figured that you can you need to United States say here kid state of the economy yeah the failure felt scared US it's it's called. And that was three efforts it's actually a companion book so lecture that I that I do. And that he should believe or not if you look at the actual work force to break down to about a third of the people actually working in this country got to consider the work force and only. Only 62% of that workforce and actually working. So there's hope there's a big gap in the people working first as other countries where it has a universal health care where they have yesterday trivia market care that works. We're eighty to 90% out of the workforce working he took Stanford to cap the work half the population in the workforce. The age 65. And are backed by 88% of employed the big difference between that between Japan and the United States senate to small country but we need to bring our statistics that would get people back to work. How. Much that how how do you get them out of it yeah how do you how do you get people. Back to work doing something that they believe is valuable enough for them to leave. A benefit that they have because a lot of people you've probably heard the Easter is an a lot of people get benefits and if they go to work. They're gonna lose they're gonna end up losing and going backwards by working had a week how do we stop this act. Absolutely well you you have to it and he left encouraged by discouraging. I actually got meant no a year ago I go without work for a long time and I was actually on public assistance and and I'd like you say that there's a big drop off reflect your land it just drops off the end. And what what you would what it what needed it first of all I think he beat sued to restructure the poverty level has to be more. Actually has regressed to be rewritten to have the delay it the way it is right now just cut soft should be staggered. About opted not to a much bigger map because people are. Being moved back there about this system up so maybe twice what they are getting out force as the poverty level. And let you need to do is to reduce benefits accordingly so that there's not a drop off like that. The people actually upstart and struggle. Mom and aunt or port GM yup not so long you have to not feature healthy and your active tenure and can you should be working should be incentive to go back to work or benefits will be reduced according like. Some doubt person don't wanna see anyone suffering but I do I wanna Finland no slack in the system. But after much closely monitor water dispenser. That that they've been there that Donald Trump has actually done that she's gone in and put restrictions on me yeah the flex limestone service which and so very costly. While the service provided to the group work. And what people actually on match or like can someone gonna perform your reaction called and every year can't look at what I'm working I don't need this anymore and it wouldn't take them off of it and actually cut a net and I think he's cut would put your hundred million dollars off that right now does but people often benefits that they shouldn't be getting. Fact I think I can guess the more structured system that's that's that's but that's no word yet. The Merck perverts are benefits you get. And people are. But long but don't belong an assistant should be should be encouraged to go back to work but again about a big chunk of that as history is certain that the drug addiction problem we have. Which has to be addressed those are the number problems not just this about a very simple solution to to know what you're 11 that I want on site at all. Got an outlet yesterday I was senator band that was a notation and of Opie 08 awareness deaths and I spoke to summary there who. Talked about legislative remedies in the money that it may take. In order to get people from addiction to work somebody suggested that. Rehabilitation. At 228 days I mean and that's really. If you get 28 days it's kind of a big deal because your insurance company really wants to cut you off much sooner. That person suggested that we are just not allowing people to have enough time. To recover how do you see that. Well I'm I'm not a year but position and on my background is in medical. Tough talk like I can't tell you whether or whatever big rubric the recovery period would be but I certainly Google would one want to know they're. The end statistical results for that period. To make sure people are getting the news time that they deserve I think it's somehow they. Manufacturers are those those drugs that caused that addiction should be part of the solution. They should provide either free or or some sort of service to get people off those drugs they got them on in the first place and you know I think we're actually more important even in the hospitals and other facilities so what do you know. The manufacturer yet look at asbestos you've got kinda lost and so will asbestos and other products while another little. All the manipulations that it should be or resolution from people that make that product it's killing people. So you think that day if that was if that was approached then there would be the kind of money that we would need. To do a more longer term treatment for these individuals. Well okay exactly and I can't think that you know hospitals have been prescribing doctors the preferred over prescribes should be held up pretty reliable as well as far as. Provide inferred resources for recovery. Like you have got to come from the from the private sector because it's your you create a problem in me eat you need to resolution to that problem from the people that created that that's typically where legal system works. It's to me that you really want to go and use statistics kind of like when the guy from me at Oakland Athletics wrote the book about small ball and trying to find these ways to make a winning team. By using actual hard numbers am I in the ballpark on this one at all. Very few people have the last person blessed politician and I'm aware that actually look at the statistically rostrum and he went right on the money people that bad but you know what. When you look at it over the years and you go back if you look at not the 1970s where problems start 1970s when they went public welfare system started lab attraction that they're actually AM. A subset of occurrences that occurred at the same time. Well para tend to go and captain of that but you're you can you know what focused and but in my lectures and I figure it's definitely look at the statistics it. If you look back and see what happened you know how to resolve the problem you don't look at your past history. If it's gonna play it over and over and over again like all of all the FaceBook means or stake in these states. Well I'd ask is it do you believe that some people are desires of having these problems for their own benefit. I don't know they start out that way but it's certainly becomes and they're a crutch and becomes. You know he took let's go out and go have a beer and I didn't mean collect their picture tomorrow. And that you'll get I think. I'm happier where this statistic but one of the statistics is that of all the you all the American sank 46% of Americans of every single American. Currently has universal healthcare. That movement from a biter. Medic medic aid where. Medicare you have BA you can go down why did it come up that took about 46% of every single American has that. It couldn't put an effort to make from the medical perspective it's going to be hard pressed displacing people hiding in a street terrorist nobody wants to lose their free universal healthcare. That the progressives felt so much help in and it was out if you look at that at the fact that as a as a crazy yeah right wing Republican. You might laugh at me but I look at it as universal healthcare vs. Well free rent free market and Mubarak were cap this thing that you look at me in European nations and and suddenly you have the aviation countries and look at at what medium term. What what they're what they're 1211 universal care it's it's worse than what we have those the other Medicare worse even though. And NCAA plant. Well but they need to look at more than we are adware. Well if you look at. Just to meet you I campaign here and and I'm trying to get a countries Spain has one of them. Will they actually had an eight that they only pay 80% of your medical what you don't pay your bills saying that's part here they take off here give them. Axis but when you go to Google hospital they're paying 80% just like don't Medicare. Members Japan Japan has won once the page up 100% everything looks not that we're one of the best systems not asserted that health care. But one of the best systems in Cuba where everything is paid for and everybody gets everything paid for. I'll let go all different these plans can't just say universal health care you can't just say yeah free market yet have a plan that would actually be affordable. Not not not not a universal health care as it's truly affordable especially look at the taxation rates for a think that hole but it consideration when you wouldn't wouldn't create a plan. Well that's because of the actual plan and that's the cost of behavior out of pocket. Total and that and then is it affordable. Okay well one more question going on fly you say the eastern that you know Donald Trump talk about your relationship with him. And is he in your estimation doing a good job because you know he's been kind of savaged. In many quarters what do you think. Yeah actually contributed to do that there's one minute version of Donald Trump I'd like I could work without trump. A moment ago in the am to look at on himself on the on the boat one of those boats and also on its casino and and in Atlantic City. And then. They are really nice guy and he invited he would invite people to have parties afterwards when you can and its contractors and being moved a really great person. Typical young businessman are you. How political interest all laundered through there is still no toast is two cents a dress for the political aspect the amount of our top people Donald Trump is Donald Trump not gonna change his attitude he's not gonna stop tweeting you're not and stop making the full insult that you know what. He's spent a lot like battlefield don't look at that allow the media doesn't see that. But when you see the the amount of production he produced and in the yen but public assistance is reduced over a hundred million dollar almost two of them and are concluding that that lifeline program has been cut people that don't belong on any longer. He slept he wants these thought he can seat being stymied by the congress. By them that if we get a decent congress senate to help him out it's if you can help slow the battle of little and listen stipulate to member of the congress I think you make a great president he is is doing a lot more than been missing in the media. Aren't any sector great too I mean for the first time today and I'm sure we'll talk to you in the future as you. Stage a run for US senate and we look forward to it. Much I appreciate your commute time and here today immigrate to back.