Ana Meyers, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools, about charter schools

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Friday, January 19th

Ana Meyers, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools, talks about charter schools and education with Frank Andrews.


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On the line right now is on a Meyers executive director of the Pennsylvania coalition of public charter schools how Arianna. And I thank you for having me. To tell me how many charter schools are they do you have that kind of number in Pennsylvania. Yeah absolutely felt chartered school have been around in Pennsylvania since 1997. Inch. Government some rain so I'm signed it into law. I'm about twenty years that Al. And currently weeping the really big grow up charter schools all over the state does. We have a 179. Public charter school located can while the keystone state that. A 154. Are though they're brick and mortar schools. Inner fibers old and that has ten regional charter schools as well. Else I know why why is there a girl that charter schools why have they wire they're so popular. I think a popular I'm because it gives us flexibility you. That it's it's a different learning environments for the children and you know most of the children that are leaving charter schools are actually in inner city. Schools without 60% of our charter schools are in Philadelphia. Pit fire art market power and the rebound and a lot of old and it city schools are failing our children in educating them. The bottom line is parents are away heir apparent or paying attention and their apparent all over the state that I trapped by habit code and charter schools are giving them an opportunity to get out of built schools that are not graduating their children are not teaching them how to read and do math but. So I think that I'm part of the reason for the the back story of charter schools is an intern I mean I mean I'm up a bit at the that I can. So there with you we that they don't want school thinking how I goal and the common. They are gonna. And there's 64%. Minority. Ninety to have a unfit under intense student there at 95%. Graduation. Rape that's. They economic this advantage of that school 69%. Felt at a perfect big thing a couple of parents being engaged don't want your kids to go to a definite goal and the graduation rate is great. And another one and silly thing that. MR so we had a teacher yesterday who said which take a look at what charter schools are doing right and end and kind of bring him into public schools what what do you think your doing that that is the success of charter schools what what is it that we should take a close look at. I think its debt free don't that we how to operate that without certain regulation I would bet that this chick schools how much. Well on the we have the flexibility. At tailored the academic. In now. To what our charter to whatever you know what you are every article has it's harder to have to be approved section. Shallow so you know back flexibility. I allow the environment to be different than the traditional public school. And and kids are typing on a daily baby that I mean the numbers are shelling and I'll be honest with you don't waiting lists are already you see we have one school. I'm in Philadelphia had 92. Vacancies last year and 9200. Kids on the waiting list. Holy cow now right now. Now since since you I mean and I'm gonna say this and if I'm saying it incorrectly corrected but you can't compete with public schools so do you run into resistance from lawmakers and from Harrisburg and from the government. I don't. They're only read that and I I wouldn't think that he now from resistance from lawmakers like a bit different that we're facing that the charter airline needs to be out but they pitch it hasn't been updated in the aisle when he eerie sense that what are enacted in that they can't go there are a lot of changes that need to be made to the charter a lot can make it even better for that charter incomplete to borrow and cried and that's April. Would be the resistance that I would say come legislators inherent part you know why haven't we been with an update from the charter law and all right now the other issue that we're faced with that the fact that for the brick and mortar charter school they are actually authorized by the school districts and well articles were the first than they first came into play here and and Pennsylvania. You know they used to rezone or having now worked so that. There you know school districts and charter school we'll learn from one another charter schools compete in updated because of the you know the left regulators that they have a though but unfortunately. With the district being are authorized their it has become competition for a bumpy. Especially in areas such as well what else can we you have ED charter schools and the club I'll get this trip alone. Well thought that's also an issue and it you know I believe MP PP EU organization that I represent I'm we believe that that need to be looked back and change them the feature in the near future. On a thank you for taking time to talk with us and answering our questions embraced we have a good weekend. Thank you so much my pleasure on the Myers Pennsylvania coalition. Of public charter school.