Amy Scheuring, executive director of Women's Choice Network in Pittsburgh, about sex education, with Frank Andrews

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Tuesday, November 28th

Amy Scheuring, executive director of Women's Choice Network in Pittsburgh, talks to Frank Andrews about sex education and whether it should be mandatory in Pensylvania and sexual harassment and violence and teaching abstinence.


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On the line with us right now from Pittsburgh is Amy sharing she is what they women's choice network in Pittsburgh and I invited her because Amy first of all he did tell me about your group a meant I used to speak to kids in school regularly so I wanted to tell me what your hearing about sex education and just kind of tells what the situation is out there. The court I thank you thanks for. Friend binding on the show today and actually I had arm along the past history and experience being in the school and the local Pittsburgh school cheer and I'm. Cash and kind of the group that I run we do pregnancy testing have to be testing and we keep. We see a large number are. Teams and older teens and into the taught me so I'm that the an age group that were very familiar with. And we have an outreach into cool that's been going worker over twenty years. Q to talk to them about actual risk avoidance and so that the program that we do you have. Yeah I had the definite. Direction and that I think is the answer for the question of what you each each kid can call you back. Well I mean. But I guess this is a tough question but I mean you used the women's choice network has been around for a long time here in the schools do you think that we need a mandatory sex education program. Well that this is something that we are the parents and local school board that reflect the local school boards are. I'm part for that as their decision to make. I'm not really sure this entire state mandates and I think that what every community have to be there. It's take a look at your score at your student they're community values and say what is this that and that art student needs. And then one and and I think quantity issue that we stayed with a comprehensive sex education that they agree thank you sir are talking about. Is that we have seen this borderless. Sexuality. Now for over 35 years in our core. And what I know and I about it is that. There's an amoral. Current active in other words there's no moral standard. That is given it is just information. But I believe it is good for student and that helps span Q avoid checked it it helps them to avoid I didn't see I guess would be their main objective. Because that seems to be how they measure the dog and the outcome. What you're saying is that that could go to the teaching is all biology but no responsibility. Well I'm not I'm not gonna pay for all and non exec is definitely waited on the side of you know abstinence is the bat. But if you don't abstain here's the third can method of birth control and she. She and the education that they're proposing here is he seemed really geared toward helping student armed themselves. To have state stacks. I drove the program is kind of stuck in the eighties and you know I I think we're did it a step backward there. And we look at the world that we're in today and I like it says some of the food ambiguous border. What's right what's wrong it's very difficult to know what the rules are and I think the track what what has caught up in this situation frankly here we are. I'm where we have this ambiguous articles about what it's harassment what isn't harassment comes to Blaine. And where we're looking at the kitchen door looking at key perpetrators here. When my duplicate them each to campaign unwritten movement Republican nominee. On social media I'm a all of these young women or men. Talking about the bad behavior of men and women. Over the years and it's just showing that have been sort of I invisible dog and he has won there then you're. So all the underdog Colin is that the invisible Anthony didn't not. Because when we haven't hotter students for the rules of behavior what interest back what is marriage. Not know what could change it when you teach abstinence I mean is it is an accepted or is it considered to be nerdy where he'd go feeds I don't talk to me about that and it would seem to me that that abstinence. Would be a good deterrent to sexual assault because you're saying hey here's my border don't cross it. Well I think bordered on Q how I can understand ourselves and those around specs. That went up so much teaching abstinence as we are we're just which teaching sexual risk avoidance we're helping students can make it seemed an inch. And look into the triple of these topics and we give them refusal skills we get them exercises on on how to sing now we talked about. Loved her and infatuation. About the steps to intimacy sure that they are really eating not and that's and I would say that they not had. You know I know I get settled a long history here in a lot of experience and what we find is that what we're in the school they wanna back. Aren't we believe we have not ever been told don't come back. And more and more school want the program gets recruiting school wants to watch the program and the beginning true it clip. Those programs that in Myanmar and had entered this. State ball which is the cheer your pillow Peugeot economists. We'll look at the web part somebody comprehensive sex education programs it just filled with contraceptive information. And they're telling kids. You know you can't let you do the arm yourself with contraceptives. And in that brought about how the child that border the W helping young persons they wouldn't want to see what you want what I call here. We're well might be going well. And a program that he and again I think it should be in the hands of the local school board I think parents should have their voices heard. I'm rather in our state saying here's what you're going to do you know she's because that we really need to listen to what our conditioning and what their what their struggling. But I think I think one of the big failures a comprehensive sex education over the years they can't let them let them but the great thing right but really what we're talking about it. Birth control education you construction. And we can no moral standard or are very ambiguous moral standard. Until what we don't even know today what the boundaries are and when we caught the. Amy tell you to tell us where to Atlanta where people can learn more about about your organization because. I'm there there would be information that they might be able to use and talking to their school boards. I mean I think I'm one of the great retort is they could look up if they Rio essentials. Program it's RT okay elk we feel essential. Program that I'm nationally known program has great outcomes and results has proven strategies. And we collect stayed firmer even. You know you don't like it just a simple survey out survey monkey type of crowd you know attract and the curtain call for you can actually weigh in and say. Should pity we do a great catch in the poster I think I am and share what they think she'll about the program. She and is so what we won't get any anecdotal information they'll be here and students that it's definitely hit. The march. Sure there was no we want to know what a good relationship with my main launched into a really long for somebody to tell them she know what visit where you're going in this that the right way to Haiti to get there. All right L anywhere are out of time but I appreciate you grow a wealth of information and end up and then that that's steering us and that web sites thank you so much for taking time and I'm grateful for your perspective on the whole issue thank you thank thank you thank you for what you do on cricket.