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Tuesday, March 20th

Alan K Stout with Big Brothers, Big Sisters joins WILK's Sue Henry in the studio to talk about "Bowl For Kids Sake". It takes place this Saturday and there's still time to get involved.


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It can download. The Blues Brothers on the W files and. Alan K stout is here to talk about the big Brothers big sisters. Event it is say coming apple for kids say sorry Alan that's coming and we appreciate it thanks for having me suits always good to see we have so much fun don't we to create a Cayman Islands and talked about kissed. I do I think America coming to monetize you need to and this came on for like a half hours so we just talked about kids. That was fun yeah that'd be whipped and with the answer band of Chile's. I don't have them anyway definitely yeah we we know how much allowed the infected now I have this jobless big Brothers and big sisters and every. Every year you guys to pull for kids say which is a great event but we will talk about that a promise but he did talk to you. About the importance of this kind of a program. In light of of what we see. Parts to Seneca. Static out. Talk to me about that that sort of up and cheering which I believe can really help kids get. A foundation and and no that's who cares about and I think this kind of isolation with kids. Today where they think nobody cares sometimes leads them to act up and act out so tell me about. The yeah the role of big Brothers big sister you just hit the nail right on the head suits exactly what it is it's having someone in their life in adult shown interest in them. You know what happens when our program is. The guardian of this child and it could be grandparents raising the kid or a single parent situation of course. Realizes that maybe they can't give them everything they need. And so what they do is call us and look for that volunteer mentor. Role model to step in their life for maybe an hour or two per week interest. Sit down Ellen Howe school built a house homework going you know. Do something with them do an activity go to the park so the ball around you know walk around the law. Talk about what's going on in their life the end. You know we have learned through our experience personally with these kids into independent studies that have been done on big Brothers big sisters. It's actually life changing. You know they'll do better in school they will be less likely to get involved in risky behaviors they will. Have higher self esteem and they will be more likely going to higher education all these things are facts that happen. Just by somebody. Showing Mikey said that interest in them. Because it I think even it if we were isolated. All the time from other people we didn't have anybody who's talked to. We didn't have any friends. I think it. We he would be different than the people we are now I can really be so cynical hardened. Think nobody cares so I don't care. And I'll do whatever I want whereas if you know. That there are so many there the can talk to. And and you justice in this accountable to them then I think it would be a big thing and just mention I I find to be absolutely. Astonishing he had its simple. Is very simple and you know it's so simple to do to I think some people are interested in doing it but maybe their likewise laughed peak Big Brother big sister I just don't know I have the time. And I say folks all the time is it doesn't take that much time. You know you pick an hour too weak to spend with your little brother little sister in the beauty of volunteering on buses that you do on your own schedule a lot of volunteers to do great work. And I say this whole time I highly recommend anybody helping out anybody could probably do something nice and good. But. Oh they'll tell you when they need to. You know I mean you're gonna help us that we need to Saturday at ten and we need to Thursday night. Would be brothers' six sisters is Yahoo! like that he worked that out with a parent or guardian itself Saturday afternoons are good for you Sunday mornings or Tuesday nights that's fine and if you have to switch it up once in awhile to something comes up with your job over a commitment just call them saying listen we can't do Tuesday this week but we do Thursday and said that's fine. And so it's a really unique. Opportunity to do some volunteer work really changed the life of a child and have a lot of flexibility with your own schedule to who volunteers. Whose typical authors at it's amazing everybody from high school students to people in their seventies you know people that are in the masters and you know grew up with a bunch of kids around my house and don't like that quiet anymore or have something to share. PP many people that. Young kids that are interested in in getting involved in the community leave college kids doing it all ages. And what what's the criteria for. Basically you just tell us what you you know we what we try to do is win column matches in so what we want is for it to be justice enjoyable for the volunteers for the child. And so you'll chalk with a caseworker in Alaska what you like to do. What are your interest what are the things that you can offer to a child we'll look for a child it is looking maybe to do the same things and because we have. It allude to beauty of big Brothers big sisters as we're in seven counties picks big Brothers big sisters of bridge. And we've got about 400 kids match too but the good the bad news is we've got over 200 children waiting. And so you called us since then I'd like to do this there's an excellent chance we're gonna have somebody. Not far from where you live. Has the same interest that you do. That you'd be an ideal match for. I can Allan mentioned that some of the kids that have been involved in this when they were younger come back to give back the merit and that doubt certainly yes be yes. Actually one of the film and our board billion baker who was the president of our board a few years ago and and still very involved with ball for kids they can still sits on the board. He arm he was a little brother himself. And you know his way of giving back is to serve on the board in and you know. Work but this on all these events and you know talk talks all the time I haven't changed his life. And we have a banner building that does this who's right next door to me. Oh yes rocky yeah our cares he cares if yeah he's one of our he's one of our best friend T he's such a great friend of big Brothers big sisters taking what we're rocky does is work with some of those kids on that waiting list. And gets him out once in awhile and it takes them out for a day in the parks and so forth. Iraqi actually organized a trip to can Noble's couple years ago for a bunch of kids he's he's terrific for for. We have double for kids' sake thing coming up for and we'll talk about that. Yes coming up on Saturday and cash. To our biggest fund raiser of the year in that he said we've been doing it for a long time exactly 36 years now. That we've been doing it and it's. We really are most important fundraiser of the year we do a few other little ones throughout the year but this is the signature event for big Brothers or sisters all across the United States. Our Syrian wilkes-barre is actually one of the top ten in the country. Which we found out a couple of years ago which. I maybe didn't surprise us as a means to protect typically will have you know well over a thousand people every year. And we you know we appreciate that but we're getting down to the crunch time now we're only a couple days away and so of you folks who was thinking about putting their team together you know it's time to jump on their website and sign up as excellent or not at all yeah that's that's one of the reasons I wanted to come on talk about you could. Get on that web site. And it's BB BS any TA dot org. And notable for kids' sake you've put your team together all you do is get a couple of friends or coworkers what people can do at work 'cause it's a great way for. Camaraderie in the office get a couple friends nice to do it when I was at my old job before I worked here and we would put a couple people together five listen Kumble every year had a great time. There's there's food is pizza this hot dogs and soda to get a couple sponsors to sponsor you you turn in your money in able for the kids piece of cake. Lot of fun. Can you just donate money if he can't make accuser way to do absolutely he should have. Think you did that on the website as well or you know gives the call 8248756. That we can guide you through that process but you could certainly do with. On the website and all the information overcoming the volunteers also on the website of course where does all this money go. It helps it helps the operating costs of our agency we have a small agency but it's you know what we this is very thorough there's there's. There's professional. Caseworkers at work with the children that work with. The the big Brothers big sisters there's to match support this constantly on going making sure everything's going well background checks on volunteers all that stuff goes into. Keeping this operation going in that's that's really what the money goes force is keeping our. Keep in our office afloat and I think now more than ever I mean we see some situations that concern us well disable what can we do. We keep asking that question over and over again are we can do something and this seems. Like something that somebody could do to make a difference right away quick. And really impact the life of a young person he really does and you know the alert there early. She should sometimes going for many years we asked it at least commit for a year if you're thinking about doing it because we will if we don't want you to have a nice time with the child for a couple times and then disappear on the because quite frankly that probably happen to them already in their life at some point with somebody. And so we'd like somebody to you know stay within it for awhile but what we have found is that some of these relationships last a lifetime. That's so awesome Allen case out of big Brothers big sisters of the bridge bull for kids say coming up. This Saturday. Just go out on the website for more details and it's always great to see you thank you so much for coming and thank you so it's always great pleasure to.