AJ Jump from Karl Hall Wilkes Barre

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Friday, April 13th
Karl Hall is named after the late Kevin Karl, a local musician and avid concertgoer.   AJ Jump is with the new venue which celebrates the grand opening this Saturday night. He joins WILK's Sue Henry with a preview.

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There's a new venue opening in no Wilkes-Barre at this week that is it important to all of us. Who love music and Madison sold many who live in this community of cars and now I'm. Certainly be a gentleman that the venue is named after is somebody was very special. To all of us so this is a project that time I want it to succeed beyond it's miles of streams. And am cap I think have. AG job I think have telegraphed pretty clearly my feelings about Karl Holland wilkes-barre haven't yes you definitely have the answer. Yeah imprisoned thanks for coming in today thank you for having me first of all before we had talked about Carl hall which is opening this weekend. I want you to tell people about your own experience and your own love of music and why it is important. For you to see live music succeed where we live. Well. I've I've been doing this professionally here and go play 1618. Years now and it's been quite the ride around. And it did so much in the business has changed that's that's weird you know where things lie kind of now on the when I was a teenager. Music was the rising in this area and there was so many places to play so many it was insane. On and then I got are got to college in and I was that is setting music business in jazz. Typical college of music in Boston. And the business started to really change rapidly. He had Napster. I found that went nuts and then gold you know it is they went on trial it's pretty horrible block and then. Then iTunes exploded. And I remember you know being an. 202 business class and to profess the profit was a lot of our entertainment lawyer. And she was sitting there asking us. Why we're do you think this businesses don't have. And they get in my head. Tonight come here to learn more about this and it was just such well a rare and unique time where. Whereas I'm sort of technology. Kind of collided with so what used to be and and since then. This businesses didn't come. There's been a positive decline. In it which that do you know that kind of odd statement but. You know I I've just seen it and go such a different way and and move into a different round you know many clubs of clothes yes. Com. And that's kind of where. You know this Bonn from learned it was like cool way to second. If people just sit back and keep letting this happen. And it would what's gonna be laughed and is it all the legal way and then also where are the younger people. Going to be able to be influenced and possibly do this themselves like I did it because I was influenced. By other things that. You know there Rasheed jazz cafe there at the Murray's in her her act Kathy metropolis. The backroom and the older Don knows that the and to alert I cut my teeth playing professionally and and it all those things went away I mean the river she's just a piece of exists put in in sort of a different form now but. You know all those things those other great things calm. I went away what are you younger people could see music can and just anyone could go and see something. Different not the norm not stuck in one knew each night and that's kind of what's on this idea for me I. I was living out on the West Coast and I came. Back. And a group of investors we're investing in this in that polish unit building to buy an off the polish union. And when they were making their decision these these said to me. Would you come down in and take a look at head in and see if you have any ideas in this and that and and at first. I I didn't necessarily have the intention was always a thought in my mind that maybe one day I would like to do this. And when I walked in the space guys like it was worked well guess what I don't think I'm moving to Los Angeles anymore and I took a move them back to us. Pennsylvania to do this so. Okay this is set Carl hall which is and as you said in the polish union building which is. I'm across the street from the blue cross blue shield building and in downtown once and for people try to get a frame of reference of of where it is. And I likely just said because you're not gonna be bound by any kind of constriction you're going to. Catered to. All kinds of people who like all kinds of music and I think we're we're blessed in this area. People's sometimes have the attitude that we don't have nice things here I disagree I think that there is agreed this is arriving. Culture there's a ton of talent. And we have seen bands come out of here for example are well known across the country. One just drop that down today. Breaking Benjamin album came out there again and there's a name and there's a big to do for that over the weekend as well I love to see new glad to have my son called me a couple weeks ago he lives in Denver and it does mom mom. Tiger's guys playing out there I mean nation Ghana statement. You can go if you want to Lanny adjusting here and I people don't love them I Aetna I don't wanna empire that they're playing at your place yet but it's. You know there are hurt band still motionless and why they think and then and they are well known across. But country title for the tie fly the lead singer yeah. Everybody knows them across the United States and I think sometimes they think to themselves me. Wears her hometown in the schematic so I I hope you're going to. Not only maybe try to get some events with some of those kind of bands that are known but also to give people a break more known. Absolutely I mean 100%. That is already detox and you know I'm connected. To a couple people. That are are either related to those bands that are overworked for those day and so. One million percentage that we have plans on having some of those groups definitely in the yard you know. About me to be we've had conversations and put. I I'm excited to four you know what's to come. And I'll soon know too that you know this is a business come. And and it's funny because tirelessly. You know orders. In business. Are completely. Like oil on water yet come and it's very hard to do. Then sometimes. To work. In Apollo 100% positive way. And you know most of the time people in my position. Right now. I don't club could never put in a musical instrument they've never. Gone. On the road. It is man drove twelve hours. Played gate drove twelve more hours to play the next day or dual radio show. You know that's the difference in his bomb it in my eyes and also why I wanted to do this because. I you know as. I understand. I understand that there are 222. You know. Don't make money off these people aren't R&R and there are two. Spread. Music and in the good word than not you know I mean I need to make money in order to keep the police run and put. This is important and people need to know that it's it's not you know. And that's why a lot of people you know who question you how are you gonna make money doing this and counted. I said. I understand. We're your heads out with this but you don't understand where I'm coming from and and and some people don't get that while he put all this time and effort in the sentence really not gonna make him lots of money. Well that's no life solved out. You know money can't take money with few. You know money does not buy happiness so you know I'm most happy. When are you see great music playing and people being inspired by you know. Sounds good so far now. You're venue is a named Carl hall. With the K nine and for those of you to those some radio is very difficult spelling but. This game after. A guy that a lot of us knew in the music community and we missed says terribly actually yesterday was so the fourth anniversary of Kevin Carl's death. And it was just such a shocking horrible thing that happened because a lot of people who have been around. In northeastern Pennsylvania new. Kevin Karl very very well and they. Who know Mary McKenna his wife very very very well and am married just for full disclosure has been out what my closest transfer. Decades. When Kevin passed away it was such a sad sad sad time and our lives because he was so young. Men such as talented guy every time their BA get together there could be. Playing a lane and their beat Mary singing. So I think it's such a great tribute how did you patty how did you would marry decide that this would be the thing that would honor himself properly. Well. IE. We were. After. Telling Mary about this project that was doing and then after her saying. I want to partner with you on this. My plate immediately my wheels started turning and I was so I'm always the guys that. Either named the standard named the stronger you know I just rename this the title of some situations that's always kind of been my thing so. I was though we went out. One night a bunch of us down in Philly and me and Mary both had to go to New York City and actually for separate reasons. And now we're in the car drive and often. And had I was driving it up there and I said you know Mara. I think we should call this Carl hall. And she thought about it and see religiously mixed. You have pets incredible and she didn't even. She didn't even expect at all. For this to be named after anything you know and I just said I think that this would be most appropriate. You know to name it you know often times not to knock anything but often times things are named because of money. And this is named so and so arena because of money is sown so. You know where it used to be back in the day before it was that Dane named it after a prominent person. You know Laura you know of the Joe Robbie Stadium murder you know they named it after a person. Carnegie. Carnegie Hall Webster all exactly. So that that's kind of going back to that. Armed. And and I felt that that was the most appropriate and of course she definitely. Agreed in and and has a nice ring to it Carl hall. Rolodex and it's fabulous Judy gender but a duty to help. She killed that whose that's awesome and that there is such what are analysts say about this there is such a caring. Cloud surrounding this project a seat on the Internet a lot. Can see a lot of people who just for the love of music which when I think about cam and I think about the attitude about the joy and love music and and all that stuff and I just think it's it's it's a project that has a lot of blessing behind it by a lot of people. Yeah I mean I that's. That's been found the most reassuring part to me is that so many people have gotten behind this. But. I also actions speak louder and it's absolutely that's 100% and yes so that's how I mean. I keep hearing the statement we need this this area needs this this is what looks very muses what the Iranians are. You know and numb and I'm hearing that from many many people when people are sharing everything and I really extremely appreciated that but what. I will appreciate the most is that people come out. Through the place in check it out and and and and you know if you go on the web site called dot org. It it tells you what genre this show has been to be an end so this may be. You know some older folks wanna come and check something out well you know maybe that you wanna come to the metal show Carolina and and then maybe some of the younger kids you don't you don't wanna come to see jazz but they should dishes she exposed I area stylists Jesse you're right you know then it's. But that's the thing actions do speak louder and mortars and and and I really hope that people support this place around. Because without that I could book any bans on blue in the face and and you know have the best sound and if people don't hum it will not going to be able to stay open. Can one get tickets to see Zack Clark karma coming to Carl hall. That I am working out right now I'm not going to give anybody a plug because I am working on that business. And we will have that solidified by next week Steve by next week you'll now that you have a web sailor and and your face but just so there's a lot of places people can go to find out. Exactly and and everything. After the show. Bumper after next week so. Will be ticketed a cat so means going on you know that it will because a lot of people last world as it is is a serious but also. I I did you know I was doing all these different interviews and everything in and in different press the last ten days and and I thought only a month ago when we would have put it on its that we you know what. No because. Other people are gonna find out about this that don't know me and I wanted to give people fair chance here come as Internet tomorrow and yeah you know and so that's why kinda held off on that situation. And now let's talk about it tomorrow night. And in addition they have because you have a local gentleman that is opening that you strongly strongly advocate for and believe in. Yes his name is Joseph Burke he is it's a native. Just recently graduated from Fordham University. Is it a bright incredible incredible man and I mean I just. Reported. His debut album with Brett Alexander. And known me and Brad have been talking about it lately. How does this is this is one of the best projects he's done in this area ever and now we're super excited about it and I am. We're going to do everything in our. Power for it not to Fonda failures can or can't. Now what can people still come tomorrow night to think you affirm films yes absolutely at least come and and also. I will love I ruled. Reiterate this around if you do not get in tomorrow. You'll word name will be taken and you will get. Discounted for the next time so we'll take your name. Your email address and you will be on a house list. That the very next time you come you look you get a discount rate to get into the next show that you wanna come to. Because we wanna also you know thank those people in north 200 people get in line and off the bat. However over 130 and come and that's. Great but that's also not great because they really don't want to turn down seven people but it's also. Really good for forum. Called hawk walked off awesome so that. AG jumped we'll see you in the near future I'm sure. And I thank you for coming in I think you for. Your interest in no local music and it's for getting behind Carl hall with a cake he looks very his people on a search for it. And I wish you had nothing but all the success in the world with this beautiful project that you Newman our.