Adam, manager of Petco in Wilkes-Barre Township about the tornado, with Frank Andrews

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Thursday, June 14th
Adam, manager of Petco in Wilkes-Barre Township about how his store dealt with the aftermath of the tornado,  talks with Frank Andrews.

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Adam more heart just from past called the managers on the phone with us right now Adams she can you tell us what what is going on with your story and tell us what you did with the press there. Actually we were very lucky we are a lot like in the PetSmart frank Dodd. It's another 200 feet convert to the south maestro would have been involved we we had our front door kind of blown in. Well the moon that the building would not damage our animals were were perfectly fine. More leeway and finally got in their pursuit this morning to do you know animal care check on everybody and we had this BCA come up to remove their Qassam Irsay for the next couple days but you know the power came back on luckily for sure. So we are in his very bad shape as citizens many of the other buildings just 500 feet away. The devil out of me do you worked there every day I mean you could've been right there in harm's way only when you sawed what was your first impression. I have picked it looks so apocalyptic beyond sort here America it's just it's very surreal when you drive up there and induced. You know the parking lot of it is just covered with. We deal with debris and you know it is actually. We watch the video. And no one adorable when. And it was a literally not ten minutes after the crew had left for the evening so he could have been very bad weeks. You know in and I know people that work at PetSmart there were actually in the building when it had. Shumlin luckily there were dangers well some idea age used to go up there it's it's absolutely apocalyptic it's a desperate can you describe it. The other devastation is it is unreal for something and it took just literally a minute or two in our existence it's unreal. So now Ari are you open today are you allowed to be open what's going on there. Are you know millionaire so we can tell a lot of you know with all the amount stolen play in this and the live wires and stuff that are down the front on the plaza. No they're not allowing the plaza to reopen today for sure and then more than likely not tomorrow as well from that that whole situation is influx of course. But saw meal we're hearing anywhere from him no but a date serve four days sometimes you know depend on you talk Q. There's a lot of debris to pick up there's a lot of electricity at fixed you know that the gasoline toughest still in play very you know. I think there's still a lot of stuff to be blessed to be uncover I'm imagining and they assess and continue to inspect. You know I know that there was the pima was there today here and there were doing inspections building by building to make sure our cable. You know it was just it was amazing to see all of instruction and they just somebody I have never seen for myself and it's very very sir real clear released. How are bad now Adam you that you're the general manager there is pet call I'm glad you're safe we've talked to you before I'm glad that no one was seriously injured I'm glad your passer OK and I thank you for calling. Very current thank you my pleasure.