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Friday, April 14th

Author Ben Bradlee Jr.'s book "The Forgotten" about Luzerne County and the election of Donald Trump will be released in 2018.


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Ben Bradley junior who is reading a book called the forgotten. About the election in Lucerne county the book will be published by little brown in the fall of 2018. Little bit about tiered inspiration from the spoke I know that when I met with few. He said did the you're fascinated. By it Donald Trump and what happened during this election right. Well I think you are a bit. Most rewarded. Wish. Are supposed to save the least that Frontline. But maybe in Lucerne county agencies that. And if you remember watching the the election returns. It's. That night and I wish that would come one Pennsylvania basically because. Could everyone thought it was going to be Hillary's. Wall. And and it does seem a little deeper on what happened in in Pennsylvania. It did there Arab soon became apparent that Lucerne forty. Played pivotal role in. Had trouble winning misty and by extension perhaps the presidency. It's very mean it it was really uninteresting to me did the media recent history of Lucerne. You know traditional media of the democratic. Stronghold that could well voted for at least. And yet the only made this huge leap. Away from Obama. And ended up to the cart took part in any more water bowl loss. He won looser by the such a big margin twenty points. Did it or is. Most. 60%. Of it is. Winning margin in Pennsylvania. Like he won Luzon by 26000 votes and and that's a oh only 40000. Votes so what was learned he wouldn't want the state. And have no obviously not the presidency you know are perhaps maybe not the presidency down I mean Rick this is a fairly remarkable thing and I think for for people who are from the outside looking in and it certainly is curious dynamic especially as he said in an area. Where there has been a tremendous. Democrat. Union strongholds. Of people voting the straight party ticket since the time they could vote. Four Democrats and you have Ben here. In Lucerne county to discover why am I would think that when people. Come out and actually meet with thing individuals they get to a clear picture and I'm not saying this makes total sense to anybody yet. But how has sitting down with people here in Lucerne county in hearing. Their stories giving you more insight as to how trump won in in blowout fashion her. Yeah. I mean. You know I'm fairly early in the in my researcher Tom Bernard have been there are. Three times now Barack Obama totaled three weeks in and interviewed may be to keep people. And it did it's it's and that. People. Really wanted. Want to change in have been a big away. You know can't beat this could be community say what do you what do you have to lose. I think that question. At two. To the larger electorate. As well you know people were frustrated. But if so this guy who who was an extremely different candidate than we were seeing before. That he was work. He was worth the lead. To change it would be exactly sure how things would turn out. People like pistol and they like if you look at this you know sort of told that. This was but he spoke very differently than conventional political candidates. That he was politically income tax. And the stresses and more to see how those promises turn out like bringing back. Manufacturing job which a lot of people think are coming back at all. Yeah and I think that that will be. That was something to look for also what we've been a speaking to people in this this last week. About to trump on the international stage. And when he was running he did make a lot of illusions to the fact that it's America first. How you are the forgotten men and women as his reference in the title of burden book you're working on. And I'm also wondering myself. How this will plea. With those who are our. Looking for someone to seed them for a change. And pay attention to their struggle. Yeah America gas yeah. Well I think he's. He ceased soul who stressing that. You know he. He's accomplished and we need this before you give executive order is but very few who. Legislative wins. Except for our annual core search which and certainly are very cute sure. Victory. But of course as it to change a little to get that done. And you know or he did his boot missile strike in Syria seems to would then quite popular. Good you know world world works and that dude uncharted waters. We've you know he's he's so predictable from. And I think that that. That that that appealed to to people you know we just wanna telegraphed its Andy keeps. Speaking appointment of you know criticizing Obama force force saying well we're gonna withdraw our troops such and such a date it and hand. You know letting the enemy know in advance so he he likes the unpredictability. And but there's a book a lot of problems are there resources would North Korea. Yeah and we'll talk to people band. From your road circles. Of acquaintances and friends and you tell them about this book are they upset with the heat plus who's earned money for. There. A vote because I know a lot there was a lot of unhappiness about the result of the election and I'm imagining. In the New England area. There may be people who say patent really how could you even. Give those people voice after what they've done to the country. Nest and our members are getting I mean I think people. Think this election was such a shock. Two. You know Morgan experts country I mean these Crump one would work 46% of the vote. I mean they have been in court he lost the popular vote to do Hillary would get the Electoral College. Think this is is an enormous interest in her. Going deeper. Our on this election and as to why people. They just believe people voted for prompt him I think. You know rather than. What about this and this sort of survey fashion or interviewing people. Around the country. I like the approach or abusing one count me. In. In key states like Pennsylvania. It surprises them. Through which to view the election and I think those are is is. Is a good place to try and understand what. We have in the press release for your book there is so the sentence about the economic divide between. High output urban America and low output rural America what I mean. This means that the bid that the cease. Really it's. Yeah he's made they've got the boot economic engine for a lot of the country and and they're the rural America are. It's going to crew who order times economically damn good. The urban America. You know if you if you look him up over the country are not sorry. Steady but like Cody. It's Cecile would. And that's truly revealing and you know to work. There about if we were 200 maybe 3300. Saudis should the United States. And that trump want in about 2500 Obama and Hillary won 600. And virtually all our counties were in urban areas. And that is just it's a just about where it with the exception of fuel and arms slices of blue. On either coaxed. Well that does so certainly. Point to something and we look forward to us seeing you more when you're here. In Lucerne county working on this book I'm sure that he'll be. In in the county many times in the future talking to individuals and you know a lot of people party. Alabama every and a friendly. That very friendly included golf. That we try to be friendly to the people that. We hopefully friendly to us in the long run but took this picture to be painted. In a realistic way and now we know your book isn't due to the fall of Tony teens say plenty of time. To get it done and that we're pleased that you chose that Ted Williams and and you chose the Smith bill good choices for you. Are you were delayed because we know you're busy though we appreciate you calling integrated WI cable season. Of Ben Bradley junior who was reading a book called the forgotten. About the election in Lucerne county the book will be published by little brown in the fall of 2018. So he'll be. Here and many times to get your impressions he is also the author of the book the kid the immortal life of Ted Williams about one of our favorite Red Sox. And he also was the editor. I was a reporter for the Boston Globe for 25 years including a period when he supervise the Pulitzer Prize winning spotlight. Team investigation. Into sexual abuse by priests in the Boston Archdiocese so he is actually featured. As a character he's real he's a character in that a movie. Which is Academy Award winning so is kind of heavy hitter. Has a dad was the guy who was the editor. Of file of the Washington Post during the Watergate era to so very now.