2020 Cookie Poll with Brian Busken of Busken Bakery

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Friday, October 23rd
Cincinnati's Busken Bakery has a special skill.  They know how to pick the winner of Presidential elections. Unlike pollsters who make thousands of phone calls, Busken Baker sells cookies.  That's it.  Currently, Busken Bakery is selling Trump cookies, Biden cookies, and a cookie for those who've simply had enough of 2020.  Every cookie that is sold counts as a vote in the cookie poll. On Election Day, the cookies are tallied and a winner is picked. How accurate is this method of picking the winner?  Pretty accurate. Busken Bakery has correctly picked the winner of the last nine elections. 

Brian Busken, of this multigenerational Ohio bakery called into the Jason Barsky Show to share their story.  It's a fun seven minutes during a pretty stressful election season.  Enjoy!

Busken Bakery ships to Pennsylvania.  If you'd like to vote/buy Trump/Biden cookies, you can do so here.