10-8-17 Sharing Recovery

Sharing Recovery
Sunday, October 8th

Suzanne Kelly,  Atty. Jason Mattioli, Ed Walsh and Jack Kroop discuss overcoming addiction issues.


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Clear brook treatment center serenity lodged an attorney Jason Manny only he and our stone recovery center. We welcome your calls with questions or comments or call 570830098. Or 18043700. And I. Views expressed on the show or not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff management or sponsors during your hosts Suzanne Kelly and Jack. And hello and welcome to sharing recovering we're happy they just kind of I spend with us this afternoon. I'm Suzanne Kelly and I have hello host Jack crop with meat. Crew on September 16 celebrated nineteen years I've recovery that is awesome Jack congratulations. Just sharing recovery is about help hope and healing. We believe that recovery is possible. Yet we also know that too often silence equals death. Now today we're gonna ask the question do addicts deserve jail time. Should addicts receiving treatment. Instead of being incarcerated. Our guests today include criminal defense attorney Jason many only from Scranton and we have Ed Walsh case manager pat the right center. Hello and welcome to the WAOK studios it's good to have you both with us. I'm Jason I'm just gonna to ask you this that those out here for the first question I'm so I go home and I find out that my my house is ransacked. My jewelry is stolen. Valuables sentence had been in generations are gone everything is missing. And this individual that's you know did this that they basically trashed my home in part of my nice. Did this because here she is on drugs and they need it affects so what you're saying basically that that individuals should not serve any jail time and I think that's kind of what what we're talking about here. Well it's not it is our big guys are going to be markers it's not as black and white as the question is portrayed opt. A lot of factors are the ones that don't want to. They're of course we'll look at punishment capacity punishment for your actions and other also asked to feel real rehabilitation aspect yes because. You know absent a murder or you did show he's serious crime these people are gonna be back on the street again. Ornaments you all not giving them the proper schools and education on hull. To let alone clean and sober life because I'm sure everybody at some point says hey you know what I'm sitting drugs husband cleans over. That thought might last for about two minutes. And they got a GO line deal or whatnot and then you know wrongly Boller has turned people places and things they're also people places and things are right back to where there were. So to answer your question. The charges are going to look at societies don't look at the effort that got. Person is going to push forward. Towards recovery and there's also a lot of other factors castle game isn't their first events. Deserve our defense business person a career criminal his third career criminals are gonna get. Polished. Really lost sense because the more you arrested and the more you do this week you'll you are convinced you you you lose your points. And more boys have the more severe than parchment is. On the role which which one makes sense that I really do justice system does not make sense allotment but that aspect of it does so to answer your questions for me. I am extremely strong believer all rehabilitation. First and foremost. See all that person dollars during rehabilitation. And then let's put our best foot forward for the majority here Jason's. We're okay we're very interested in hearing what you have to say to our listeners. You can call us with five at 570830098. Or 180437. 0098. Of course you don't have to use your name when you calling in from all calls are treated confidentially ally confidential. Jack what do that your experiences for me but what is that accurate or sentences. How much how often do you find. Then drugs are factoring in partnership. Car. I would say is staggering. It doesn't matter is is is that's. Borland do you why you or. Also I eat or sometimes I know fans it's been not just drugs. Don't call as well based. Do we had a little room. Let's listen a little glitch boy 88 going to be economies of bulls aren't exactly. What we were all talking a moment for him. Do you opium problem is our control what I just talked often emotional you probably take all as some guy going on the corner. I have a bag of drugs are sushi do know I. You're hidden from her doctor. As dentists are getting the strong. You're psychiatrists all it is is it that's a huge part of the problem but I was in drugs and alcohol are at a staggering percentage in. Being involved in malls are crimes being commit these days. Okay and putting your hot angry with Jason and I yelled. Part of the penal system says that in response to rehabilitate. People want me when they have problems. Involve them in the criminal justice system. However. And then we send them back out there without any tools currently though certain prisons have. Treatment centers built great internal. And anybody that has a sentence for drug offenses is mandated to go to these programs irony irony of these of prisons. Is this in in northeastern Pennsylvania for instance. Yes you have to my a great afraid they believe has won Campillo has won. Muncie has won for the women and there are several others and that and the penal system that have them okay. And we need to take a break right now then how will lead back in a few minutes and we're going to be talking more about does the addicts need to be in jail. Receive treatment or in this case both we'll be right back. Since 1972. Clear for treatment center has been providing successful treatment for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team. Clear bricks approach to addiction is largely based upon the proven practices of alcoholics anonymous has storage services are available to patients seeking spiritual guidance. Call Claybrook today at 5702602600. Jason Matty Oly Izzy personally injury and criminal defense lawyer prepared to fight for you. Attorney met he only has an exceptional record of defending the rights of those arrested for you lie and drug offenses. He also represents victims of tractor trailer an automobile accidents. Premises liability product defects and work related accidents. If you are allowed one has been arrested or injured call attorney that he only at 5709611616. Arched stone recovery center on the palm beaches provides addiction treatment center within the small personal community tell. For nearly two decades arch tone this helps thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency is. Recover and regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical and support staff. Provide the highest level of professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery sooner. 85 probably 8992292. Together we can turn stairwell into an ER a moment's notice. Together we can turn restitution for refugees. To return. Together. Thanks an 87101000. People just to let. Here we need is greatest. Together we are doctors. Doctors Without Borders goes Brothers don't. Provides lifesaving medical. Crisis situations. Around the world. Learn more Doctors Without Borders to the work. So many Blige is he safe structured supervise sober living community. For young men located in the beautiful mountains of Susquehanna county Pennsylvania. Serenity lunch has perfected. The missing peace between addiction treatment and real life serenity Elijah teaches how to use the principles of recovery along with age appropriate life skills. Cause serenity lunch today at 57065082. 05. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk on today's struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovery. Recovery is possible we welcome your calls were questions or come. Call 5708830098. Or 18043700. And I mean yeah. You're euros us Suzanne Kelly and Jack problem. And welcome back to sharing recovery today we are talking about treatment vs incarceration. Do addicts deserve jail time obviously they commit crimes but do they need to be solely put in jail without any. Rehabilitation treatment and Don before we took our break. We're we're talking about some examples of local within northeastern Pennsylvania. For recovery centers that are actually part it's. The idea incarceration systems and could you expand on that a little bit like what happened. It is well they've they've basically up prisoners fare better in those programs are segregated from the rest of the population. And they're giving treatment on a daily basis. One on one counseling group bladder group counseling black relapse prevention techniques and learning new coping skills. So this basically is it a detox situation. That they can be be taxed in jail if there are actively using but that's that's not the preferred method these are usually. Gentlemen who are women that are already sober for a short period of time. And they come into that programs through their counselor at the present. OK let's let's talk to you hear us talk about. How it works from day one but guys driving down the street and he gets arrested for New York. Part what happens connection patients well and in this is going to be. Fighting in 95% of the times it's the first second or third offense do you why. You're not going to be incarcerated because remember they can't prove. You are intoxicated when you're arrested in 20 arrests for suspicion of view why did you have to give blood or we can refuse. Salty you thought it takes all the crime lab for six weeks to combat what he evidence that you need. Herman is someone who's bit it is our Graham or people in here earlier post poll where I believe we usually you talk about isn't it comes to that person's pulmonary here. And right off the bat. You don't always as a defense attorney want a shoulder prosecution of this guys or girls not a bad person they made a mistake and I started to take steps towards their recovery. So I would say okay let's here's my guys can do girl's gonna do we have been up and intensive outpatient. 99 which is 98 meetings in ninety days gonna homegrown because spots in the NBA the prosper will say okay. That's also why don't dwell on what we wanna make sure. They're doing well and don't sort of remains a need to do the color system and tunnels are aware and that's where. You have to call do probation and look one use black wanted to colonies for example got the call probation every day and we Ross 6 in the morning hindered caller just called him the right down their and you tested. You don't show you go to jail if you test pot you go to jail. That's where most all of the people that we represented get jammed up early. It's because they get arrested they have this charge charges over their head and they still use that or that's one as time. Continue your rear ending here so he had thrown in jail if you don't you don't for a real violation somehow we Jumbo. Yes and thank. Change hasn't thought client they're jammed up blame there's going to be very assessment. Jason says do you tour to another entry program. Can't take a look. What happens well we sit down with the patient and we discussed a whole background and history of the usage what their family life is like. I'm being employed unemployed do they have many children we wanna see what stresses are in their life. And then we move forward then making a determination on what level of care they need to began. Okay and what level of care why are so low level of joint work we start in the level of care. Well for most most the patients that come to us we start we just. Looking at and they needed detox and they need to get detoxify intranet. Alcohol from heroin from whatever drugs are taken. That's usually finds a seven day process. If there have been sold as a pains like xanax and stuff they could go up to 21 days to get it out into the system. And then from there will move on to. They need to be and regular outpatient once a week and they need I don't even they need partial hospitalization. Or do they need street inpatient treatment. Parties and now we have this we have a patient client. You see you know Jason Zimmerman you've made a recommendation. Are now application Jason besides I don't wanna do this. And they wanna go out whenever they were doing until they face their court what happens if they don't participate in the program. Certainly you know harsh sentence or your you're given you're thumbing your nose at the court because. And let's say for example your first view why not nine times out of ten or less trouble prior record goings I was calling a guarantee program which embody what which is being trillion probation. And exploited if you don't. Don't do anything. Two wars don't perform any type of relocated depth especially second and third offense drugs don't look at you while you don't wanna learn a lesson. And do you guys brought petroleum on the snare a lot of calls being robbed. Felt who lost that sounds like the worst and it can happen it's a total invasion of privacy and you have taste all the boys wanting to have monetary. Thanks all look to your emotional attachments are they can never be brought back junior and that hurts but do you why. It's 200 times worse than a burden because when you're never gonna cost you you're putting everybody at risk. Every driver ever pedestrian even people in their own homes mussina lately people crashing her car insurance. Thanks somebody's looking really bad crimes into those type of crimes in view why is. Off are all I would say it all a lot of our greater need. All of a rehabilitation effort solar get a second of their friends and you don't do what you're supposed to do the drugs don't think there's not the second. The third time in your life you operate in more frequent are scarier is that the third time you've got caught. And they're gonna make sure. That your polished and pentagon an annual rehabilitate his tail and that's our Ed columns and well they're gonna say are you gonna yeah ninety's you know six months you know you your imprisonment when he got Ngo. I have a five years tale five years of probation or you have to do. Outpatient treatment. Been successfully complete and had a good game is sponsoring the volume callers wanted to put the hammer over your head to make sure you're doing we're supposed to do. OK I know that that all sounds very good and and it makes sense it makes sense in theory a question that many may have is who pays for this. You know we we have it is is it's expensive to incarcerate someone's expense of how someone in jail for whether it be 306090 days to several years. But if you add this expense on top of that which I'm sure this doesn't come for free okay. Cruel kids who you know has to have the burden of this Costa pays for. Well it's there's several different ways and newspaper ink can be paid for out of pocket private pay they can be paid through. General insurance like blue cross blue shield Aetna or can be played through county funding. There's different findings are limp and treatment centers like Clayburgh mar weren't they give out scholarships also have. For free can care for patients. OK so now and we have. We have somebody who's starting on his past history. They're going inpatient facility what happens. Well they come and if they need to be detached and they're gonna Medicaid then gained touch somebody even while doing these tax they're immediately meaning winning primary counselor who. Again we abused her whole family system that I am sorry did. They want him we could again because they want to make sure they get no truth from impatient and they're gonna continue to ask him those questions throughout treatment. Then the then therein group sessions and individual sessions how long won't person spend a treatment program they can go and did I mean I'm. There insurance. And the facility itself. Fourteen and 28 days and let's go to an extended can't care facility after that which is a ninety day program. Which other statistics show that the longer that we keep the patient engaged in some form of treatment. The bell and a statistic shows recovery and no we cynicism has been. I don't think times are good so now we've monitored 28 days. And now they're going to participate in our recovery program is some sort of twelve step program has been some sort. Now Jason they come back do you say I'm done this I've gone through 28 days I'm going to a recovery program every day of the week or five times a week. Plus an extensive criminal side of all the next step is to make sure that we documents. Everything that meant that the client has not like when you go to facilities are just clever also O'Neill letter. That they're here and here is they're talented and they don't know sending a letter when he clients successfully completes that they I think it has the court because I don't teleport. You see how many people are being arrests don't have time to check on everybody that's my job so we got. How do we can we get the documentation from but clearly we send them down then we make sure that they're doing what's supposed to do. And intensive outpatient treatment I usually when people complete program. Are people who don't completely true absolutely absolutely OK now we've got blown out memory you have what happened. A person least treatment there that doesn't go nuclear program getting them back. We will we will take them back into treatment again we never want to give up hope that we can get a patient's. True. Really switch over to the recovery site is things because you don't know if it's the first time second or third time that's gonna work. So you'll see a relapse Elliot absolute okay so our Persian relapses they go back into a treatment program for second time or third time. Where what is the benefit that I I'm proud because those are the first time and I'm playing a double that figure does and I obviously know the answers but so people listen to show who have a child or husband or oracle or grandmother. I was already gone through treatment three or four times in Jason Allred representing three times. Why did you donate it. Well because we don't want to see the patient dying. The worst thing that anybody can say they have is that their child dies from this and in this county alone. The death rate from overdoses right now has asked and I. Okay that was a question I have Ahmed and for Jason actually. In your experience how many crimes. Let's just take northeastern Pennsylvania. How many crimes are. Related to drug or alcohol abuse I love Tom eyes and bottom so I've been doing this fifteen years I see between eighty and 90%. But it might have balls back just assault on these very important event that you guys touched earlier rejection talked about and also many leaving rehab. Well there's some trains of thought that number one. Dean caught everybody in Obama client they're family. The husband or wife or kids their friends everybody wants Siemens person you'd better it's not often that. There's also an act quiet here to wanna do more and then. The second and third time hey I know people who went to rehab 20/20. One times and then god on the 21 time. And I have our friend also was name out there. It's OK I'm nineteen times and get it and he's been sold for ten years. Nineteen times so it's not anything they shouldn't be zero tolerance and we have to educate the public interest because so many balls. Flat on her face. You got to him another chance. Breasts were restarting this conversation. What it would be better to incarcerate you felt like that you're referring to about in my opinion don't know. Don't we we touched a little bit about it and anonymous actually have that expertise in this area that was sparse look treatment programs in prison. Why did speak from personal experience. But I spent nine months in our program in prison and into drug and alcohol treatment program in the State of New York. Call d.s dad that alcoholic substance abuse treatment. What I found and our program was. 99% of people in power weren't there to recover. They were there because it reduces the sub Sahara. There has been leaning cursory view window dressing and horse collar does it now program because your sentence if you're gonna lose eighteen months you do you know fifteen a few things we just program. So I don't put a lot of trees into any institution such as the president helping anybody has heard before I also don't believe anybody should be incarcerated. When they're as as a imovie of first time offenders and offenders it's not the answer that the answer is a trillion forum the Astros abstinence. But this what we got to figure out how do we get it to work bill called the population. Looks at it that way. You might think check when it thinks we got to do is really let people understand the ripple effect when somebody uses. You know it affects all areas of the whole area and I just let family who's actually employers. It affects the person walking down the street the taxpayers. And good law enforcement officers get taxed because they're always we arresting the same people who. Our car dealers typically use. Or are they shrewd enough to not get involves they're just selling the stuff off there's two types. There's the dealer that sells to maintain nerves there're there're a lot of you are older and older children yet I. Those are you lose they're my friends and don't normally Porsche a lot of weight. Because if you're a hardcore addict and have a column. A heroin or seven or 8000 cocaine and a funny then don't Internet died. It's the worst is when you have the dealers that sell that don't use drugs. And I called the trifecta. If I have somebody that is not from the area. That big move here doesn't have a job. And we're talking about here referral we consumers are you being here from sprint for years and sells drugs can I tell them. You're under control. Because you Barbie who are coming nasseria your poison here for one thing for greed so that is a nightmare. Now on the other side of the coin where you have to people. That cell. To maintain. Our of their ability to say hi components can tell right off the bat with the personnel was and they need. And edit a combative remained in detox immediately. Because there probably hardcore users have museum day of sobriety. The first 56 million decade. And sometimes these cars are you just mentioned that that the police identify something you dream detox. Police go to don't all don't no no no sorry you guys are police and when you get arrested for do you buy your firm Draper possession. That police officers not gonna sit down and talk to hear a lot how to get a detox is our neighborhood is that there's so I want economy absolutely will make it easier so much. Everything Pelletreau detective barrels contestant Johnny Mo and these guys made more rests there and we don't we don't. Then we marine I mean may may may toss her rest and then they try to educate these people it's not all of our hey let's arrest him and throw them in jail I'll tell them. We take a quick break we'll be right back. Arched own recovery center on the palm beaches provides addiction treatment center within a small personal. Community college sending. For nearly two decades arch tone has helped thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency is recovered. And regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical in support staff. Provide the highest level of professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery sooner. Any trying to find 8992292. Jason Mehdi Oly Izzy personal injury and criminal defense lawyer prepared to fight for you. Attorney met the only has an exceptional record of defending the rights of those arrested for do you lie in drug offenses. He also represents victims of tractor trailer an automobile accidents. Premises liability. Product defects and work related accidents. If you or a loved one has been arrested or injured call attorney Mehdi only at 570. 9611616. Serenity lunches and safe structured supervise sober living community. Three young men located in the beautiful mountains of Susquehanna county Pennsylvania. Serenity lodge has perfected. The missing peace between addiction treatment and real life serenity lodged teaches how to use the principles of recovery along with age appropriate life skills. Cause serenity lunch today at 5706508205. Since 1972. Clear that treatment center has been providing successful treatment for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team clear bricks approach to addiction is largely based upon the proven practices of alcoholics anonymous has store services are available to patients seeking spiritual guidance. Called clear that today at 5702602600. Yeah. This is double BYUK. Powered by Sherwood Chevrolet Buick GM CE online venture would Chevrolet dot com. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk once and he struggles on addiction and triumphs of recovery and recovery is possible. We welcome your calls were. All 570 when leading 30098. Or 180437009. May lose your euros this Suzanne Kelly and Jack. Rob the moon and welcome back here and recovering our guest today I criminal defense attorney Jason Mehdi only from level one county and we also have Ed Walsh who is the case manager. That's the right center and again we welcome your calls with questions or comments there us on FaceBook life. We want to hear from you good bad indifferent but we want your feedback we want to know what you're thinking. Today's topic is treatment not incarceration should individuals who are users who were accusers. Who knows who I am how do you why is those who I am you know commit crimes because they are either high or an error they are trying to to help there to feed their addiction on do they deserve jail time. And this is a very hot topic it's a very sensitive and ensor topic but you know. When I was listening to Jason before the break it seems that lack Gilani county kinda has already has something in place as far as. Having treatment and drug court as part of this rehabilitation process because he'd you know actually. In jail I'm supposed to be about rehabilitation. Or maybe some other the other counties and not short it's Lucerne county and hasn't I think I got. The blaze burned counting they haven't heard a drug court program also been chasing me from my boy Tony has more experience who has. The lack wanna county court for our program costs low that the drug court programs are drug court it is wrong I enjoy my ovaries can achieve. Literally bends over backwards to help everybody and his drug court program knowledge this is not something. That you can automatically get into view Jackie broke three point oh we're talking on the break off. As you know sometimes just do these things do get out of trouble or to receive the last part of what they're lose. I want your client drug or what happens is apples and wanted to ask you certain offenses. He can't get into drug court and he's a dealer. Okay he's got to be a user hears cheers me user okay. And I have to submit what color drove court application was good book was number one Olson finished determined he's got to improve. I lost conditions don't improve in Bengals zoom you lack wanna drove for a former personnel and they have to review. And in doom and extends from reviewing all the individual end. They interviewed them they determine what are more bizarre and I had made it I've had more clients rejected. Ford's record that I have access and and that's just because. Someway along the lines of people all the people felt a do or don't is because there are sincere. And there's drug court gives the thumbs up president George Burris then what happens is you bring them over phone George grace and you what was called completely in the drug war. I want you please in the neutral court you have to complete it'll all be offenses that they were arrested for. And if you look at each trailer had thrown out of black voter turn pro or then you have your sense on those events. Phone nine times out of tenderness and was told ESP program as a whole defense is what's it SIP program obviously it's weird program and use it as being what it is is in remarks. Your first. September tastes animals aren't straight incarceration. A state prison yourself or seven months. All are you movie you know locked down alcohol treatment facility of the woman's been Jack was talking about four and then the last seven months the last third. All of that aside if you program is doing a halfway house for the problem that is does he do for him for months in jail before you get into drug court. None of that because credit you're starting all over again and so there's a lot of sun Wednesday clears over. How long you drove hard lessons are I think more believes through three years. And then when you graduate from from drug court you have another probationary tale. Two to three years Perez always incidents that's program is not just hey. The program you can glides room and you have to go all in the beginning. I saw it in phases through there almost every Thursday and you are getting peppered. Where it was what's your reviews by different people by your different cultures and broker and as Monday's these teens and twenties. You miss a meeting just watch your own you for the weekend you missed some things yes ma you're gonna show for a week. As a slap on the wrist and he didn't know enough role but when you hang yourself you don't. Then they're very intensively drug court. Not only do they should talk about trying to keep people are. Out of incarceration. But they also provide many case management services like. Helping them find a job ship that will accept someone that's in the criminal justice system good and has the ability to say tell them. I'm Thursday's. You know you girls they are first and when you're done you come to work. Because that's hard to build what people who are on their program they find a job what employers are gonna say TO. Go ahead and take whatever time the inning off every day every week. So Boudreau Korea actually has a counselor. That'll help send dissolve all mobile phone yes multiple counselors were like I mean I you own accord on drugs or Thursday's. You'll see fifteen to twenty counselors and a lot of news also is worked at all. The local offices always is you know for more reducing the nuclear work you'll see them from a better today you'll see them from desk and is it really didn't raise. The dark I don't know local facilities below does not all but there must put forth and. When I was a question that I was going to ask you you kind of beat me to open this is good because. I was thinking in the back my mind will suit was luckily one account you does any county for instance. Has a an agreement with maybe one treatment center or choose treatment centers kind of like. You know we want the business we're gonna build on this business for the year meaning doesn't go out till I got. I proposal type of. Thank you all not even. She is okay there's no business is there's no business side good time to recovery is hey. If you wanna common volunteer her times for free and help these people are counselors. We're off for London I was gonna paycheck. Except don't count employers obviously Obama nor does not own from the facilities are getting a perjury and paycheck to shoulder all there are losing their hearts. So this person on the street right now it's actively using. That's already neutral a couple of times. Can they just won't hear similar behavior on court well after the arrest that. Yet you can't have been arrested you have to have that hammer hanging over her head in a bit if a person on the street. Wants to get recovery that's for bad comes in so. I want you know it was street today and it says you know what today is it. I want your help. And again we started this pretty natural blush spreading network are spreading the word of health how does a person who has nothing no insurance. No family no support no job how they get help it plus printer from lack wanna come here Lucerne county. Wayne county wherever they have to first approach. The single county authority that will do an assessment. And then see if they had the monies to fund them to go to outpatient and inpatient and they don't have anything. They can also call a treatment center. I'm their own they could call best they can call liberty can call the right center would be glad to direct him where we can get them to do and I. And just basically. Get them help they need as quickly as possible. So no there is help available. For everyone it's just how we find that help. So I'm I'm getting I'm confused on one thing. You're seeing being called the single county authorities are long gone guy walking on the street right now what in God's name is a single county authority. Where is your health plans are so pleased that term break now with nothing. Gathered there are no planes out there you can go online and find new numbers also but word of miles. Between the addictive community. Everybody knows it they're actually using they've heard way to go for how. Our god I'm a mother Polly Jason's and my my child has got this problem. What what is the role of parents for the husband or wife. In this situation how how do you may get involved with you and my client well it depends and I I would imagine that their child has been arrested. Fairway you can probably aren't sure that the popular call me and it would depend on if he. Childbirth or they're nerves are Charl was incarcerated and not necessarily parchment or mountains you'll see you immediately. Odds are not I would try to get me office you needling you talk about the treatment plan I would say the same name. Through the client and her parents as I said to you you guys pointers on or are you health. I'm sure you do what has got to give them down as they're not gonna put their best to reform is a waste of time and a waste of money so let's see zero talk about what we wanna do. Since they've been doing these shows for the last few weeks every person who has been in recovery. Who has sat him in those chairs. They also the same thing. Recovery is available and help is available you have to want it now it's something that isn't just going to happen you're the one who passed a one and you're the one who has to work for it and not only you have to go through the recovery. But blame Jackson die with him Jack it's great like you're sober for nineteen years can you say no I'm so over today and does it truly is one day at a time. And we so much want to stress that people are more than their addiction that there more than their disease and that's how we view. I'm alcohol drug addiction but you're dole its intent. On and is that something that. It's pretty much across the board in courts as well as treatment centers and you really do you know if you'd get ninety attorneys. Judges is still a lot of bad stuff. Are you able or sometimes is difficult to see the person. Beyond the addiction. And getting it's very hard and it's not just hard for me this even that person doesn't know whom we are. That the person has used this or that far deeper not talking about a couple miles from talking about all usage years. All of addiction pay don't know who they are. And it was really saddening news you see these young people coming and 1718. Hope I'm here on hold on crackle on anything in their hands on. They haven't even begun to develop into the person that they want to be in her life so when they hit the commons early sobriety. They don't know who you are only wanna be that's why. Twelve step programs are sold. Heavily important. Because they can help you. Two bills for shooter when you're going to be making healthy sheep embryo on that I have to say in all since you saw one China's when you're just wanted to try that. I mean it's tough I I probably would never know the true person. Until it's a cult leaders are gonna hope if I see the look it's a couple of years dollar all. It's bad drug court when they're there to support someone else because I can tell you what I have a lot of clients that come in now. Cano from yours we're gonna need a right that we need to take breaks. So many lunches in safe structured supervise sober living community. Three young men located in the beautiful mountains of Susquehanna county Pennsylvania. Serenity lunch has perfected. The missing peace between addiction treatment and real life serenity Elijah teaches how to use the principles I've recovery along with age appropriate life skills. Ulcer renegade lunch today at 5706508205. Since 1972. Clear that treatment center has been providing successful treatments for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team there breaks approach to addiction is largely based on the proven practices of alcoholics anonymous and pastoral services are available to patients seeking spiritual guidance. Called clear for today at 5702602600. Yeah. Jason Mehdi Oly Izzy personal injury and criminal defense lawyer prepared to fight for you. Attorney met he only has an exceptional record of defending the rights of those arrested for you why in drug offenses. He also represents victims of tractor trailer an automobile accidents. Premises liability. Product defects and work related accidents. If you or a loved one has been arrested or injured call attorney daddy only at 5709611616. Arch tone recovery center of the palm beaches provides addiction treatment center within a small personal community types. For nearly two decades arch tone has helped thousands suffering from alcohol. And chemical dependency. Recover and regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical in support staff. Provide the highest level. Professional treatment and individualized care color stone recovery sooner did he try to find 8992292. I can't get into the mind of a cycle for. A Las Vegas concert. And the unthinkable. We recovered 23 firearms at Mandalay bay. In nineteen firearms at his home in the scheme. We had no knowledge of this. Dealing with a very. And here we've all. They'll be wild game news radio. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk on today's struggles on addiction and triumphs of recovering. Recovery is possible we welcome your calls will. All 570. Leading 30098. Or 1804370098. And you're euros us Suzanne Kelly and Jack problem. And welcome back to sharing recovery we have about ten minutes less in today's show. I do wanna go to the phones we have Betty on the lines let the wanna canny. Hi there Betty. Surprised. I am a mother okay. Heroin addict who is the phone. Until 2001 when he started coming out. Marijuana pills dual yards everything cocaine he's done all of that. Right now he's in every week on term he's doing well. These dimensions he went eighteen for it to be put in jail and then I'll keep an increase shattered working out of the program. Felt where he's saying he's working they have them and he'd get the central he's not up all night. He's getting. Healthier. So my concern is the after care. We keep it very stubborn person he didn't give him treated for rehab he left the rehab went to Pittsburgh englishman I think and final thing I am. I just want you to live. And the recovery. As I'm concerned about because he's going to be leaving from the creeping through the center I'm the end of march of this year. And don't. This probably with a heavy marijuana use your mouth but he's a lot of thought other. Things. Drugs that stuff we have been separated. For a long period of time and this is my younger son he's 27 years old. Com. Felt like confirmed the after care is so important I know about. You know I had my son here with me living with me and I. Yeah I live gets snubbed by Christian. OK if I understand your question is what do we do you ask what's the next step when you get really short period area where I. It's your question I can't think. Well I think Betty I think one is things that has to happen which is honest and he's he's definitely getting beat in some type of continuing care after he's released yes. Preferably in his case I would say that they he should be going to either a halfway house. Or at least a sober house when and I ill PL patient. Involved in in his care and if he's going to be on probation or parole. You as a pair of what you can do is you can actually call. To pre release senator and tell them this is what I'd like to see happen from my son even if he doesn't have the funding. They can call someone. Like us and asked us to do some referral work form. And maybe even though CMF deplete pre release senator and set things up in motion pry into his release is that it's not set up prior to. He's probably not gonna do what I. I'm afraid of the rehab because he already knew I had but he heard he had overdosed twice and missed the New York office 2011 like. I was not aware that he is living with his father. In another county and and I I didn't realize they had moved into the hospital for the told him I didn't realize that of course they have a lot of the president on accounting. Felt this stuff. But I just worry about him and I. I mean he's so different now Heath. It looks like fifteen minutes out of his faith as I hate everything has changed people out he you know like she was down to sell them but I can't that's the path. I have to think of now I do go visit him every Saturday. He has faces and he wasn't when he was incarcerated I went to visit him also. I just cannot give hope. I can't give up hope on him and he got I'm I think about it every day but I'm actually do your thing that he can have a life. Hey I'm gonna say something now most parents don't like hearing miss. He's got to change your view to have you can't shave your son. I think you can't you just fortune to a twelve step program you can't force him to be playing you can't afford to turn his life around. But don't IE here in your voice what pain you're in. And there are twelve step programs for family members. And there are support systems were found when. And I thought I didn't need them anymore because in the beginning him when I get find out I think she felt so I'm I did have time to go down but now. I was working at the time and it is done. I couldn't do it with the nighttime meeting but I I eat I realize found speaking to you right thank you so much. Okay I'm in recovery. I've been recovered nineteen years I still go to meetings almost every day as a family member. Your participation recovery doesn't end when using its okay. You've got to continue to go on participating in that family program file recovery. Every day. It is so you have the support of people just like you're no longer are thousands and thousands of Erin hi I'm just like you hear your views yes but I can support you and how to use truth is if you take your view. You pray for your son but he's gonna get to a recovery program once she gets home. On a daily basis. He's not gonna come home here he's not going to be living with me I don't. His father is now in another state his father left it last November 1 from last year. But recovered all right. Every state in this country every cut every country in this world that's recovering well. My my issue that is his father and everyday marijuana use and he's living in the end and an understated which might help older son and they both. Do these good marijuana every game we gave the game because that's one reason for my husband and I felt that split up because I'm damn tight. I don't do any enough I'm not judging people I understand. You just finish your husband your other soaring design is incarcerate you just continued. You need to take care of yourself there you go control you control. And like Jack said lots of parents don't want me here this date scofflaws. He's home he does not want to get help I mean there's a fine line between talk long and enable them. And they're criticizing parents and enable their kids right into the race. So Jackson doesn't want to send troops to give Buren. That's important and Matthews are you also look Mueller water insurance well here's a lot of times like I you have to tell you girl and this is her sudden none of that's that's you don't anything's turned everything else. Thanks for calling Betty thank you so much for your coffee and they're really good point you know we talk about the addict who talk about what happens though we we also have to remember that it's family members in its co workers. So many so many of us myself included has to have had devastating effects due to addiction. Loved ones floral and should we need to focus also on taking care of ourselves. End the addict needs to make that decision that he Hershey who wants help and again with Jack one day at a time. And the family members get as sick more sacred than the addict himself because they're living vicariously. Through them. Hill and the worst scenario is that someone's child dies in hand and that parent. For the rest of their life blames himself. For someone else's actions if only if only I could end if only I did this in this and it's it's torture it's absolute torture. And this. Please show today has been about. The bad stuff live through the last couple just talk about the good part of this she's never ever see anybody recover Mario and my partner Tom moment. And Pete and he has been sold for nine years. Are we ball from practicing together from a fifteen years before he became solar Dusan color and he knew I say this is all disaster. Hugs and now. All caught up on. A death wish he got solar he got he is a glove did he got it. Just call him when they need when they have somebody that's a hard case or or maybe a joyous family member or friend. Needs help they call him I don't watch how much respect they had for him Denmark he had on the show all couple weeks back John Knowles gave all of won't be the same problem. I watch him every Saturday and Sunday right now I guarantee you he's got my opposite what somebody you will recover and take them from the book. Sheet and that's part of recovery as you know not just being sold but helping others result I watch himself to sleep all people I watch a person people for free. But I am not just talking about traffic tickets I'm talking about major felonies for free. As long as they get help so there's an example attorney Tom only although there is light at the end of the talk now about who you know people who. Hundreds early hour here recovery program a daily basis I know hundreds of people myself primary recovery so anyone Harris and I can tell AF. I've seen thousands and thousands of people get so it happens. The biggest issue I always have said is that we can lead to persons or the water. You can't make him drink it but we got to make him thirsty and you do that by providing the knowledge. As well what is available free you know what life is gonna look like after he did so great because Deanna doesn't believe. This is good. Thought you might notice that was long that's so she's usual clients he's taken from trouble. Into a program that are doing well doing your jobs. Do they get life back together. What happens then Jason how they've been completed a court. There now there's no industry saying what's next what's next. They use injuries as your laundry home. Doctor members of society they find out who they are. They find a program and a homegrown and a sponsor which which was which has been around. And they stick with those people and they don't want to liberalize like normal people are you a little higher than absolutely. Absolutely incredibly liberal arts school absolutely. The problem all because what I try not cargo facilities drugs don't. I want that off the record because his party is in the long so right now I ask you guys when you have that when you have a superior record. Can you go to college you know can you get a job and you. What happens you he and we are supporting you when you put your minds with. And people. We're all there are tons of people are there that have problems that a homework home. And then you conquered our members cited by the oh well I'm sure you doesn't agree when they become productive. What they can't do was forget what we're thinking. I have to stick with her own room to ask is that way because you see in both our callers sponsor. Mental stuff gonna go to AA allows our goal at twelve step programs that would happen is. They will opt. They thought he wanted to have a beer and everybody else and then it's off to the race. It's total absence I mean you can't have just one there is no just one because no one really good 2345. And and down the road. And I think a big thing too is unseen factor. I think what we also need to to understand it is that shame causes a lot of this snowball effect because you just don't have any self esteem. It's over it's done I am my life is worth less like why even try. But Jack you don't have a shame right I mean you're you're past that an end I mean you now work to help other people got hurt. And we wanted to remove this thing a magician and a and M that's. End Jason myself and.