1-25-18 Kevin Haggerty- not seeking reelection, with Frank Andrews

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Thursday, January 25th

State Representative Kevin Haggerty (Democrat-112th District) announces he will not seek re-election on the Frank Andrews show.


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On the line with us right now state representative Kevin haggard Intel and how are you. They're trying to go real goods and what is your announcement sir. Clearly discern purpose we're not gonna seek reelection sound. Good but cannot hear about it he couldn't do when. It works so hard for so long and you know we couldn't control who can and who lost came back. Putrid term incumbent and immediately very district and could walk through the prospect of women's. It does seem to think of follow up longer hours and hard work can flip the job means the F. In which disappeared into the data to fit a family decision. Problem I'd load unload the Java looks so we look helping people. There's just district actors it's just too too volatile and not as you know when you're still rapper didn't let everybody who's. Who would deter because I don't walk select ears and the enough. I just I don't know what I want from my attention on camera. If Kevin you know I I remember when to when you were running. I mean you you just worked and crazy I mean I remember you going door to door and I remember you coach and an out literature I do remember you standing. And a street talking to people you worked so hard for the reelection what what happened. Well until the good news in the united young family and because. Sensitivity. It infrastructure income and my wife. I just became overwhelming and I'm just you know I have a phone call for a former luck. But a month ago thankfully none. You know uncertain when or who gun he says it was just like the speaker release from now you you don't wanna cup at the end you wanna fight. I'm Ivan Ivan Ivan will be allowed myself even. Term because every day a week off kind of conflict between about our children and my family and it's just it's just a lot of part negative news currency held my importing your curtain they like that in. You know combat troops my staff who worked so hard. Our biggest country probably they know to let people bounced it ebitda are the ones over the last couple months you know I'm confident he could feel different. I was gonna ask you know it's it seemed like you know after after a you know that the criticism of does not being able to go to Harrisburg it seemed like you were on the way back when when did you finally make this decision and wasn't from constituents family I mean what was what was the factor. Yeah I in all a lot of things that we don't know a couple months we could. Don't we we don't talk about it didn't hurt our position and good you know last week absolutely no actually of course I was. Girls are yet and what should I I cannot just. I don't got that fire and hopefully I can or you can believe who worked so hard that he. The compliment to back and forth and negativity and help people or taking. Pictures of me and my kid and he couldn't even go. You know from electricity market and they're the ones played an important countries welcomed my family. I can't think of a lot of the gay community are correct everything in the. Well there's there's no doubt and you know I. Harrisburg is like a mini swamp in many ways I experienced there but but you know I've got to ask you now you know based on everything you said how how is your family. It's I think though. Kids are resilient community you're you're tolerate an older girl who didn't know what you want you can compete just. Sicker every pregnant and then you watch bill providing you wanted to do some similar figure fashionable. I just this prisoner. Especially. In her district and area you know he. What most threats when rendered their delicate challenge it and we've got to do their job and he has Europe compared to here. For Trout so I continue in this district because. It broke up to this Turks but one Christine who calls but he couldn't. There's a lot of political operatives who can he just he gonna concentrate on the job this deal works so much. They're not to mention you know my children per month in. We still got custody and scheduled in about throwing growing. Or are reminding her not wearing around their man. I just want to be able to say that I want to your children easier on my kids. Now now I know that you're on I think you're on five committees. You know some very important committees I know that you have had do you you have explained in in newspaper articles you spend with sue Henry. You've been talking about how in your commitment to your kids has prevented you from going Harrisburg are you going to be able to continue until December 31 what what do you think's gonna happen. Well I think it's actually I prefer rehearsed. I'm looking you know works good pretty horrible. One would take over the course before he gets form into their per month but. Let me or not it or not knowing that there are going to be a bottom in the contentious election mean a lot didn't expect to explore a world off. I'm still going to continue to do the job. And ignored Harrisburg current credit worth three days in March to treat him. And we you know Al goes forever but why didn't come good spirits could be down there are. But my job Newman traffic here no yeah luckily you're running. Can you fluid discussing the election. But acceptance of our control that he truly got control. You know I can't I have four but literally be a precursor if I four year old daughter. And yes if you don't just met an ambassador do you want you don't need more help. They just come first it is going to the casino wouldn't dream of mine here and what passion but I'll give it up and there's one. I'm gonna have a very good market. Well we wish you well we wish you your family well and we thank you for sharing that information with us. A credit records or you're not my pleasure to stay represented as Kevin Hagerty announcing that he has decided not to run for reelection.