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Monday, July 10th

June 10 and 11: The latest on a United Way initiative that encourages parents to “tag in” on summer reading with their kids, a check in with Pennsylvania State Senator John Yudichak regarding pension reform in the state and the thoughts of an author Rick Hess about education reform and his book, “Letters to a Young Education Reformer.”


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Welcome this special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the story this special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program. Will get the latest on a united that we initiative that encourages parents to ten again on summer reading with kids. Check in with Pennsylvania State senator John you do each act regarding long overdue pension reforms in the states. And get the thoughts of an author about education reform it's summertime. And the living may be easy for students who are getting out of school but the united way of Wyoming Valley believes this isn't the time to get complacent with children this summer's slide can happen when kids. Often disadvantaged. Don't do any reading over the summer and fall behind when school resumes. These reading losses can add up over time. The united ways program encourages parents to ten again. Taking the place of teachers over the summer months so learning continues. This is just one of several programs aimed at giving children a solid foundation for the future Jennifer dreamer. Vice president of community impact for the united way. Is optimistic the idea will curb their reading GAAP most children. Can lose up to two months of their reading skills when school black south. We want to ensure that parents recognize the importance. Of keeping their children engaging in summer. And reading and tag in is designed to do just that lets talk about that. Lost what can happen to them and under what kind of researched you have on this and I guess if you see the problem. Than you can see the solution to swap its from the national summer learning association. That helps provide the research about this summer learning lots so the solution really is to find innovative ways to keep children interest did. And engaged and and ensure that parents know the importance it's in your research why do you think you need to emphasize this two parents I mean when I was a kid are. Parents did. It's an all of the time this reading in books all over the house it was just one of those things. Well it's mostly for those families that are disadvantaged and don't necessarily can recognize. And that reading is so important and may not have access to books when this school building closes up for the summer so part of tagged in is not just tell me about the importance of it but give them resources. And information about how they can locate. Books and keep their children engaged. A little bit about. Your efforts in the average garden and some of the things that the united way is involved in locally to provide books to children wore idealism of where kids can find them are. Favorite partner is it was during county library system. Where they have a platform rats summer programs available to the general public social drinking and at a library card and then they can open up a whole new world for their imaginations. The other places that you're working on work where the kids might be able to have access to books and many community health partners and our is team received books from our annual children's book drive more than 6000 books were donated to the united way this year as part of that effort so we do look to local many partners receive errors including school districts that should be distributing them before the end of summer. So some children will be able to take home a handful of books and keep an interest you're out and UC these these kinds of booked distributions are these opportunities are you noticing with young people if they have the opportunity to recede these nature aerials. They're eager to use them. Absolutely first bomb a mom of two young children so I I see it in their highest children love books they just need to being each especially eight. Can't read yet by themselves so you want to mention that parents understand the importance help them Foster. The love for reading and then model that for their children. Yeah this great program. Where parents are going to quote unquote tag in for the summer I think we all know about tagged. But where does this come from and how have you applied it with the united way tagged him when teachers tagged out for the summertime. We want parents to tagged in and keep children in each and earning. Tag and is our newest summer learning initiative which is part of our campaign for grade level reading. Insuring that children are reading efficiently by the end of third grade because many in our community are not. I'm tagging is just one of our. Many programs. Some of the other programs that go beyond this one that the united way offer please start with the youngest of children we had to Dolly Parton imagination library which is a free book program for all children in Miami Valley. Under the age of five so birth through age five they could receive. One very high quality age appropriate book per month mailed directly to their home. And no income qualifications necessary. Really generous thing can it happen but that partnership and how you got involved and that Dolly I would foundation and the sponsor for the program they have affiliates out crass. The globe to be honest with you we are one of their local affiliates. We have generous sponsors of the program that help us be able to offset the costs associated with this program obviously is for parents in the summer but you have an initiative. That helps children recognize that it's important to read with their debts or we love real man reed is one of our out of school time programs for kindergarten children where we bring in male volunteers. From the community. To local Keener. Art in classrooms and they are typically in. School districts where there are many single parent families. They're not seeing men in their alliance modeling that love of Reading aren't that interest in education they're surrounded by female teachers they're surrounded by email role models. I'm so we'd ride in the real men reprogrammed some weakening gay shows children. And interact with a male who will help Foster that interest in blocks and each child that participate in real men read. Receives a free book from that and answer every time he visits. Talk about your own. Childhood memory is aware of summertime reading for. Well you know and a complete library was right around the corner from my house and my mother. And march just opened there on a regular basis but I'm telling you it was writing the imagination trained for us we absolutely loved and it was our only source of books to be honest with. That's Jennifer G murmur vice president of community impact for the united way Bill Jones president and CEO of the united way of Wyoming Valley. Explains the reason the organization has decide to focus on the target that mission of educating young children. What are the things that we recognize last year's issues of poverty. Don't impact just those who are in it but it impacts the entire community. If we want to begin to change that and improve our community. We really need to address this issue just. Be statistic heavy but in the 2000 assesses. There it is the child poverty rate. Was fourteen point 7% which is bad enough. But a couple of years ago the rate had grown to 29 point six it more than doubled in a fifteen year period. That affects our entire community in overtime and impacts and the school districts in impacts issues you know. Crime and safety and workforce readiness and economic development. All of those issues it impacted by the issues of poverty so we want to begin to address that is a really good impact will rule that the united way of land valley you know could play. And we believe that there are three. Building blocks for a better community and a better life education. Financial stability and health. And the program that there were talking about in a tight end is part of that education component. The and it's not just because is it seems like a good thing to do we know that education is a path way. To a better job. More sustaining you know incumbent in a better life. But we're looking at. Some of the keys science. Behind. The initiatives. Most people don't realize that that 90% of our brain is you go by age five. So all of that parents can do between birth and fighters shall. Impacts brain development. That brain development impacts your child's ability to. Enter school more ready to to learn more ready to read. And from a big picture perspective we know that. Graduation rates Ari key indicator for the well being of the community form graduation rates are high. The community tends to be stronger and healthier. We graduation rates are lower. There's more issues of crime and safety mortar issues of you know problems and social service neat so if we want to improve the community we really do need to focus our graduation rates. The key. Indicator for graduation rates are reading levels of the third grade nuclear here in this for the first time your progress and how does that make sense of until third grade. Were learning how to read. Fourth grade on we need to read to learn and an actual statistic tested over and over 23% of kids who are proficient coming at a third grade. Become that classes dropout rates if it's predictable we know we could do something about it so all the programs that Jennifer mentioned. Our partnership with the dollar part imagination library real men read our book drive and now this tactic in of the Italian program. Are all designed. To keep. Children engaged in reading and and their families. You know very engaged with up and we think over the course of time who'll impact graduation rates and over the course time that'll impact our community. In our area we have some pretty significant hurdles in terms. How are you doing will we do. In and he is so whether poverty where it is dimension is extremely high. One of the other issues that it it. Weighs on us quite a bit it is you'd be issues of abuse child abuse and neglect you know Sally who's losing and county last year was. Ford in this state. In terms of substantiated. Child abuse cases is not a list that we want to you know be high on. But it's those kind of issues. Of abuse and neglect that impact health. That impact mental and physical health that impacted child's ability to learn where sustained a job as they get older all of these issues are so. Tied a woven together. That we need to be able to address them and address. Address. These issues when children are young so we can either prevent it or help children become resilient in and bounced back from. You know from from that type. Stress. Of living in poverty we haven't seen people who. Do delegate a lot of responsibility. Over to. The school system and they come with think well summer's here. Now the kids can have some down time how are you working honest message that this is a partnership between the schools and the parents. That is the absolute key parents. First in our the first and foremost teachers. Of of their children. And it is it's got to be the parents responsibility. For a child to develop indeed develop well not that teachers. You know teachers do a great job. They go to school learn how to teach. But we know we've here's issues of abuse and neglect or or drugs or poverty or hunger or violence in a home. There's no way that that child is gonna do well so we could strengthen families. And and ensure that parents become engaged. And valued the importance of education and others about their child is just going to do better and and so that the role of parent. It is huge not just doing this summer but all throughout the year and alters the life of the child. You know we group if we can continued strength in that. We're the number of programs and services that we are funding you know through the united way children would do well when families are doing better. And when that happens communities who gets stronger. I just wanted to mention that I do believe that many school districts are recognizing. What's happening during the summer months and perhaps their budgets don't allow them to do very much about it but our partner on the tagging initiative is the Wilkes-Barre area school district. They are helping us pilot tag in in the Kessler elementary school. And they weren't taking it beyond just the awareness component with them. To actually encouraging all kids or families to read at least ten books. Over the summer months and if they do when they come back in the fall with a list of the titles they'll be rewarded with an ice cream cart me. I know this is not the only program you have in this regard that you even. Out in the community trying to. Work with kids aft after school and parents as well and you've had other initiatives where parents go to school in the have a meal with the kids on the have a meeting about. You know something's they continue to help improve the education of their children how are you being received with Palmer. Being received comes from different perspectives. I think our donors really value the fact that we are we are. Making a more impact for use of donor dollars and I think that has gotten you know really well of course the partnerships that we are forming with this school districts because. Won't we initially said hey we want to improve graduation rates school districts where like. This is our territory but when when they see that we're working on those other issues so they could succeed as teachers and educators. The partnerships are growing. Every year the ground force and we think that's powerful and we also believe. This this is a long term proposition it's hard to see progress from. You know starting with the three year old that is getting books in the dog on imagination library. It's gonna take a couple of years before we know that they're. Britney and her school mode more willing or more ready to learn and and read and it will take some years after that between you know to see if third grade reading levels improve. And we we won't know for a long time weathered impacts graduation rates and end the health of the community BO we have to start somewhere. And it's so what. We've been fond of saying that we never order focus. To increase our impact. And I think from them urged donors perspective. Our. Agencies they get it our agency partners and are working and trying to move the needle along with us. And and the families. There there has been some really good. Ha ha moments for families it does say you know what. I didn't realize how important this is that brain development from birth to five years old. Is a big deal. And now they know it and now that we're trying to educate more people around that more and more parents are getting excited about here's what I can do now. Now we know that this is going to take extraordinary patience before we see the outcome do you have any indication at all how well this is gone it is still early we are just finishing her second year. I'm 53 years old and I hope. That it that it. You know if I retire from his position on them it you know mid sixties we can look back at that time to say here's who we'd begun to do. It's just gonna take it. People don't get into generational poverty over and you know overnight and they're not gonna get out in a funding cycle or two is just gonna take you long period of time. But yet we're committed and if I wish we started this work fifteen years ago. You know to have some better results in better better days. But I'm I'm convinced that science tells us is that if you do this you move the needle and so we're doing it. One of the other one of the other. Comments that that we can make. Most of book. If you think about how many books. Did dizzy averaged five year old I knowing your family. And in my hand my kids grew up book shelves. But we just heard Jennifer's. Touch that it her books can't from the public library. The reality. You know while many books that term. Many kids have lots of books. On average across the country the average five year old has thirteen books but low income kids and low income communities the averages one book. To 300 kids and you think about that. And you let that sink in. And we expect those kids enter school ready to learn. It doesn't it's not happening. And so the more we could do to expose these kids to educational efforts and and make it fun it's not that you know reading a book has to be sure. This could be fun this could be exciting in this could be you know eye opening when it becomes fun for kids and fun for families and they do more of it. That brain develops differently. Than having nine. And when that happens. Success wolf. Well as the gala the we do serve there imagination my great families and our most recent surveys showed that the participants say at least 90%. Of them have increased the amount of time he had spent reading with their children's zoo rolling. In the library so the fruits of our relievers are are ready evidence. In my opinion. Last. Tell me about your summer reading memories when you're can't. That's that's a funny question because you know my memories of being it was with a basketball in hand and I was playing from mourning tonight with a basketball but. You know my mother said this is important. And you need to you know read so I would I would go to to the library as well. And give books about basketball players. And Brady get that's doubt it was my interest and we knew we engage in child around with puts the child is interested in. They're gonna learn more and I end up doing really really worked well in school. And at that time we didn't know about the science and we didn't know about these things. We yet I see where the matter reading that I did. He would have an impact. On my academic performance which allowed me to be your first college graduate in my in my immediate family. And then you know and it it having a good career long ways so I think it's all all important in. That's our hope for. For kids today that they. Really see the opportunity. And build those who foundations when they're young because that's when that where we're defending. And forms that's Bill Jones president and CEO of the united way of slamming valley you're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by sue Henry. Pennsylvania lawmakers seem to be drawing closer to working on the State's ballooning pension problem. Senate bill one was touted by lawmakers as a vehicle to change pension plans for future hires. Protect current benefits and save the taxpayers more than one billion dollars in the coming decades. We spoke about the deet tails of this legislation with loser in county senator John you. I think that history is important in terms so of pension reform back in 2001. Is a member of the stayed out so voted against pension increase per legislators which was 60% increase in core orders state employees at 25% increase. We know. In 2001 did not take I refused to take that 50% increase that's the combined with a 2008 Great Recession balloon. The unfunded liability over seven billion dollars that became eight. Quite an effect I'm not only to state budget but I also want local school gushan driving up property taxes and really eating away at the State's ability to invest in jobs in Harvard education just this year alone and just this year but it won't. They increase the border state pension program is 300 million dollars in the backs of taxpayers across Pennsylvania so when twenty and we can't act one point which hold back those benefits increased retirement age are required to. The school district in the commonwealth to beat her actual Berkeley required contribution it's still the problem persisted then it just this week just yesterday. I would percent of the one. Really historic I have to give a lot of credit that's the Republican majority leader. Jacor and an end and the appropriations chairman Pat Brown a pregnant colleague from the Lehigh Valley. They advanced this bill which in in the again agreed with the governor governor got to sign this bill once a looser without us representatives. But that would as do several things it would it'd be of a larger share of oh whisk away from the taxpayers in the history of Pennsylvania. Clay. A more private sector model for a retirement system here in Pennsylvania. It would be any hybrid very defined contribution plan in addition to a strength or one K which most private sector. Employees or or or well associate now at risk. Paying down the debt moving the curtain away from taxpayers and still providing a bigger benefit the first state benefits go almost 80%. 01 and 80% of oh allows salary of the state employees are still. It's clear benefits forward and state employees. I've really movies that are being whisked away from the taxpayers to burden away from the taxpayers. In making sure the Pennsylvania can invest in God's the environment and education. He's got a little bit about the private sector model that you hope. Your colleagues will will embrace and Harrisburg. It is saying. A hybrid you have a portion of the budget plan will be defined benefit as it just now and that's what people new tires in coming in 2019. Think there would be defined contribution which is in traditional or one K. We're talking about for school districts. We don't seem the garden tour school district and taxpayers by over fifty. Percent moving now at risk if you shouldn't consider moving that risk of moving tomorrow to the private sector more so we're also creating 88 pension review commission. Color management cease and make sure won the management so that we have an engaged pension funds are doing the right thing. You that we or reducing cease so it pays down that debt pay down that good at seventy billion dollar unfunded liability. And school district and is the come Mordecai and staying an opportunity to investigate the pension. The issue the pension crisis that we got in Pennsylvania. You'd order the biggest factors that we had they one point two billion dollar structural captured so we'll be restored both this week. Stewart bipartisanship. Doesn't happen all co op and anymore and Harrisburg or Washington DC. But here we have Republicans and Democrats working together. Moving to go through the legislature to appeal great benefit to taxpayers to Pennsylvania and governor Don more percent who signed the bill. Okay story by a guy named Charles Thompson in the Harrisburg patriot and and he is sees skeptic on this he says the bill. But does nothing to correct what is now widely seen as a major policy error in 2001. Does set the stage for the current problems can anything be done to address that. I'd I'd so when there's always an opportunity to do more insurance and frankly quite chart that we had a skeptic. And in the end internal it isn't isn't true but no I know Charlie does a great job for its agents in. Your critics. Of the though it doesn't go far enough or doesn't. Oh it's if there's one criticism that I would have to go to our I would suggest that we needed to do. Terms of paying down that unfunded liability can get more parties are also particularly school districts went for 30% spike in the increase use in schools. Occasional canaries school district that went from paying two million dollars in the inner tension line item. Thirty million dollars that's an extraordinary burden on local taxpayers aren't I would have liked to seen more money up front and to do either eight bond issue. I learned that you can take out that they're quicker to reduce the burden to the taxpayers. But that wasn't part of the bill we recognize that we are shrug truly changing the game end and it and it's gonna take early years it took us. Yeah decades to get in into this mess and until this crisis it's gonna take it a few decades to get out but historic actually for our. And I in into percent to one. The senate will pass the house today and before the end of the week will be on the governor's got a. You know what's really amazing about this John is say it has been an issue for very long time and then all of a sudden it it looks like it might all line up. Oh a lot of people probably look at that and there I absolutely they're they're just dropped open because they think. Why couldn't this have been some long time ago a moment talk coming together right now. It's been worked on for many years end and they've gone back in court when we had a Republican governor Republican House and senate oh I thought that was the perfect time but it's the stores just simply could not aren't and I didn't think of that is that democratic people contributed to this they'll and I think Democrat governor that's slowing. It's on the pillow and many of the air the public sector union stance that represent whether it's teachers or pacs and employees so they are carbon neutral on the go I think that's very important to note that they recognized taxes than they need to have more into the game that they need to speech. Our pension reform and and while this may not be a perfect villain I've yet to see a profit don't Harrisburg is he in in my twenty years this moves the needle in a very positive direction in terms of shifting the risk from the taxpayers of Pennsylvania having eighty employees share more preparation and structuring eight state pension plan therapy for its more little private sector model that there are certain traditional defined benefit model let's contemplation. For the last several decades and counseling. Innocent so this has so moved in lineups so beautifully you know my next question is did you have any idea what I'd like to talk about her now it's a question senate bill 76. Struck back. Certainly there certainly is is deposit and in terms of dealing with. Property taxes there's there's no question that that the biggest cost driver is school districts. You know when I'm 7080% of our school district recent actions. Because of the pension so addressing this. The car is certainly tackle property tax issue into play. Senate bill certainly takes we quashed a little bit of momentum moment of peace be honest I thought we would have had an opportunity. Early on in the recession gonna have a vote. We had a few more supporters is 76 I got elected in the last election cycle but it doesn't doesn't seem right now the Republican majority has the F. The protesters could put the electoral corporations can not afford the senate so we're gonna continue to push. As savvy six gonna continue to push pension reform and look at other trade waste and help reduce the burden property tax I continue to believe. We need to find. Better ways to fund public education property tax system is in nineteen sentry catch trying to fund when he for centrist called it inadequate it's archaic. And and it and it's an undue burden on those that can afford at least that's the biggest problem that I have with property taxes is the most senior citizens who have. And turned diminished income I'm living on a fixed income and yet they have to bear that burden of fire an entire school taxes we need to find a better way to fund a public school. And they've they've paid for a 405060. Years for these schools are and that's that's quite enough they've been very generous. I hope that people don't look at this and say well you know we kind of nip the edit the future increases in school taxes in the bud now the we have led this this pension reform on the table. I hope people don't give up on the idea John that something needs to be done and we know that in. Other parts of the state property tax is not a big issue in other people's districts right. That's true our eighty you know in any fear or even neighboring Thailand where the way actress or or the major issue. In those cities didn't want any property taxes aren't aren't a big issue but to a large swathe of northeastern Pennsylvania though. Certain historical political leaders on samples 76ers Coca aren't as senator Jim welcome folks county. And certainly in the western part of the state it it's still a major issue in terms of how we fund our public education system and the property tax system just is not the way to do it we gotta find a better way to do it. The clock is ticking on the month of June remain the budget obviously needs attention and give us an update on on where we stand on that. I think the passion in the bipartisan momentum around since the one pension reform is a good sign or the state budget what is not good is the tax revenue numbers as they continue to be downward looking at. They one point two billion dollar shortfall for this fiscal year. And the independents this caucus project. That we were at least twenty billion or three billion dollar that's so important excuse to budget their big numbers to I've never seen. These kind of negative numbers in my time and over the last several budgets and with no appetite for raised its revenue the governor has been issued that statement look no cloud based actions. Republican majority should step they'll be no broad based taxes. I don't know how you closed the gap grew consolidation. And entrant trying. It's more efficient which state dollars I think their big numbers so we're gonna have to get greeted the pension. Lift it was the first big lift of this budget season that goes along way to getting folks to the negotiating table and get caught a budget we have not had a responsible budget Pennsylvania for the last six years and we need to about reducing the burden on expert whether. School. Taxpayers or whether this state taxpayers we need to be more response for the money we can Paris per MB battery investing. And the things that all quite growth in in terms of job growth. In terms of protecting environment and education we need to start investing your country grow this economy so there's not a greater burden on the taxpayers canceling. Teaching leaking us this time without seeing a tax increase on the people. There may be earned its sales tax exemption. That get Delaware third and and of course that's a core part of a senate post 76 but I see no appetite at the moment. As we standards that you few days away from. The end of the fiscal year for broad based tax increasingly intense thing. That's loser in canny senator John you. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Yeah you're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by sue hand wringing. There's a bit of a divide of the best way to proceed with educating young people. Some believe common core is not the answer and there are mixed feelings on charter schools. Educator and author Rick cast has bit the classroom and spent time talking to his colleagues about a better path forward he's written a new book. Letters to a young education reformer and he recently spoke to us about his findings. I don't know those folks who are true it's almost took. Kirk started substitute teacher in the back in the late eighties for pizza money became my eyes off each of them in Baton Rouge, Louisiana ought to try to do better than that and sad and frustrated by. And sound to I was really frustrated not only would another Connecticut like people outscored opponents can shut up. Hope you couldn't and are sort of study unit as a researcher and the spent the last you know and professor of literature and infant and the last fifteen years at eighty yeah I didn't seem content trying to coax I think about the challenging him. Of education policy the traditional and you know won't or aren't I have so many well intentioned people who were trying to do concentric. Open your own feet and some well intentioned efforts not work out quickly but he don't want to try to write as book that hope folks that are going forward. When you talk about schools not being set up to help. Young people succeed can you illuminate us on not sure. All of them any number of these things and you know it is still good but we've all experienced somewhere also that there. Our secure good time wondering why are liars who picked the wave of minutes on the clock when you're the future will I recommend you wanna would sign wedding picture it's but the pure teaching them under content 360 can prepare you like a work Mark Kirk burden if you try to give them and they pretend page paper turns out you're gonna spend what do you watch don't trying to grade the stuff I was tired and it is Canada's stark State's third event was an economic program. Thought we ran. Because. Up paperwork storm popped first fiscal. The secretary. They wanna have to change course assignments this school district didn't want to allow me to teach an extra period because biffle ran afoul of the Stefan guidelines within the water temperature textbooks and a book. Welcome comic book sale within the university. Because that would require different. That is. You know we know this is Karen and certain people go to the dictators he puts so much crime in risk buried and then we'll get this spent. Try not to get into trouble that are really impede the ability of educators could make go to church clinched the metric that two children are. The it wave that the educational years set up now wrecked this some 100 needy day schematic. Is enough education. Every year should that be looked at we we always hear that was set up because the of the agricultural calendar and then so on and so forth in other words. Kids can lose the petition every summer when they're not in school in the I'm sure push to make the school earlier longer would be met with fierce resistance. We know of the absurd and it's only important that that that's partly true that call Elmhurst but it's only could be good bad that agriculture's heathen is really about planting in the spring and we can and all the to a different school. The play is clearly because there seem to all students and the looked so you can hear in the early if you group. What is what is fast could be in the city. Are going to some remarks so what you try to do was make sure that we knew when he gets thirty and fifty children in the group together with her do that at a time when Kim when I was gonna be subject so well that's truly the logical customer retention award. Before air conditioning would do well also which streaks. Collecting more amicable going to kick could get them in cool well welcome Larry and this school here is warm enough. For some cute it's come along for some kids who boarded there. We want we're learning very much are extraordinarily long enough brother who don't have supportive from the environment to our. Aren't getting the basic skills the knowledge. They need to compete and you know who were actually happier safer only you know on campus are they are bigger favorite. Maybe I mean the search here is not simply that there will need all 8200 and then owner Trevor Crowe. We need to make it easier for older systems kooky and their calendar go to work for the children and families are certain. Thing about the the charter school move memorex and on the day where we live it's a very difficult things to. Get so in regular school districts to accept charter schools and some people say a pair charter schools are just no good that they're just to name an affair money grab and they're not effective. I think school choice and they didn't you see the world or the school. School. School vouchers but not because there's been battered in recent job because they are better than traditional but it's cool and we were just talking about school calendars for instance it's not like people are traditional school system some quick market challenges here. But the job of a school system. Is to assume what or play well and assert its. There is doing less uniform they're going to have been happening calendar safety and it is pretty similar across all woke up in the district. Well. Children are all the same for what all the same. Part of the challenge here. He bit you know running any kind of what I could go exchange short and no matter how old candidate that could really hard to see this system could be that he's got a lot of different children and family so don't need the color so much underscore once it's different look. We can move could run a 230 days school here and don't appeal to family for whom those accents and for the kids commute. So what other schools are for very different scheme in great. And model of instruction. And that's that's a good thing and that's something to worry about this part of the financial peace. He's actually chartered who operate. Well about eighty cents on the dollar compared district school. All of which makes for me thank Luke and it's tropical putting more money per pupil to the principles. Will be different conversation. Let's talk about just some of the people they EU. Have had discussions west in your book has some of these individuals are on the ground in school districts every day. Have there is some wonderful ideas that may be they've been. I shut down or marginalized or whatever what what are they telling you can you give us some stories about those people leave the younger people are you in some of the older people too. Who haven't totally different vision. Of what school can be for kids. The funny thing this week that you this I think also the ride that we could assume that this whole thing and should explore. And all educators are all trying to serve family. If you know they can trigger the special school district you can you know. Could have been a lot of crime ways to make a difference prepared once but he too much time to time on a per call here quite so sure he wants. I agree to acquire cougars. Are not spending enough time drilling is actually having kids get Alcatel closed since I couldn't. All of what we're seeing and I think it's frequently I think in cook. Who grew one of the schools because look how quickly could person. All of our educators agree to find your way take advantage of technology. Are finding new ways. Are to engage creates an organ experience through that. Actually go Euro and an aunt and the personal power couple open as an example of warned the public good builder with the congress. Lot of poke the part of this as an app. It's an outfit. Are based on the work goes which offers a union supporter then and structured. Well or who aren't public without theirs is extricate anger Kirkland 200 or you're not getting hit or extra content and provide supplemental materials someone else schools there will be kids. Happened discovered part of this open wheel here or why don't agree options of things like Mandarin. Ward off would be seeing conflict you live in west Texas the western Quebec here your local school district complete right now as somebody who is capable computer. There's a way to offer children and families more options more support within. The pink and one of the things we don't look out what to do is. How about this activity with nick got a hand on the case Coker would hurt act quickly down per kick a hard. That much go to tackle but I can understand it a good read enough a couple of old. One of the things restrained at some school model but there's some public school out of Varco order or an effort to the American helped. Very and that they're kind of acquire a good bit more the ropes stuck. He's delivered another way. Think Crisco and more of their crimes with kids. Actually coffee because I'm getting in there has been helping them understand what's going on it's done mr. rocket science Serena wants some horrible assault sound like you know a short but the thing is. Call could not always been configured. Collect teachers could be bringing to make a big difference since. The have parents who take that are obviously. A topic of discussion I would imagine among many teachers across the United States of America and I'm sure. That there are some parents. That they actually lob the work they've done before the kids come to school and some people believe that parents literally. Just put their kids in school. And to have believed that everything that happens there of falls under the jurisdiction of of teachers and other words say they trust so much. That they don't really pay the kind of attention. Did Jeff perhaps they should be paying her some of them as we know are just overwhelmed. Single parents etc. so I chuckle about how they figure and yearbook. The piano the really important thing you know thirty years ago I was urged. Getting them look at the ultimate sleeping when you can define Dietrich who couldn't. He broke clear. I can't he could commence part of who I can't keep it to look like. I think the great conference. Bomb out of school for a minute and in America they're coworker you. You can get really. So we are acceptable for people to say that I'm expecting him into the Cuban dictator. George you are but you're eager gone mr. educate every single are compensated for the critically could thank the side of that but what was the word. You go OK okay yeah it's gonna compete directly onto the current. What we know it would no matter. If I can welcome aboard to look at occurred in the country says we're excited to go the way we can't look at the moment but I can't give marks on the carpet because every night. Don't think I couldn't couldn't conquer when they developed quicker without so much that the current pastor. He worked hand in hand well what's happened over content but when I'm occurred. Could you go you become soccer cricket I'll I'll send it cougar up a bit further. But they can make her go we have cocoon. And we've got an uncomfortable. I can tell what Eric got them bring the dependable in the reality is complete a remarkable control. The cool with the coal. They get great assignment say economic good support but they can only do so Mark Richt aren't aren't the intricate Google wants. If they're not making or cougar couldn't we want can't sit there is not important who want appropriate discipline. All of it is unclear it is going to be the Booker expect school could be able to do it all around. And we need to call cook out a colder in the way you don't we've gotten uncomfortable talking about it. Occasionally we we both know wrecked that sometimes so we have some teachers and school systems that they have they have lost. Their ability to be effective and I think I'm trying to put that as nicely as popular or that particular doesn't always seem to be a mechanism to remove them and then boom there goes your somebody's. School last fall what's your opinion on the. There are no they're good they get and that's typically credit. Default provides that when folks here and say that we got there. He's afraid to talk about everything that through a couple of pickup poke a quick look. I get that one of the great interest and it's. Got a much better couple would contribute on the fact he core group of their colleagues say. Armed and strong public agenda it's 70% said the political spirit. There's at least one teacher in their school compete here. I think education accent they can perhaps that 5% of the future. In their local school district until they're absolutely teachers who can be good enough. Part of the problem here is we've gotten model what he can hurt. Which created. Almost concrete or go all the different different air wouldn't be my conclusion to picture got here. You could be our New York State if she can comport with type and we are teachers and fire with a group due process. Simply when they were pregnant because school got a will say. You know hygienic model they have pregnant women important question because. On an aero like fast he can let public central oracle are there any secret technique extreme expense of protections. Any other public employees the question is whether teacher tenure and how that good good things to protect teachers. Why does more harm kids about protecting people in the big schools I think to my mind it. Here that we've gone oh group working to go to compete Kurt so we need to police saying and then the American. What kind of job protection he tripled her. Larry does somebody wants you to name five things this'll be egg your assignment for an average five things that can be done. To improve schools at least 10% of men know that sounds a little bit vague but can rattle off maybe five things that we should be doing that we're not doing to improve education. Our short while president and we gotta do much more could actually get out there educator principal of one afforded some problems. True it I think we ought to expand that the incidents of school went. And I think we've got to go automatically increase and assert. Won't call debating I think that since. And building character. Hopeful work I think we need to reverse this unfortunate that. Oh Campbell I think a lot of instruction in order poker tuchman reading and math corporation. You can get back could do in the much better job. Oh on the field science. Wonder history and social studies on the arcs. And look at except I think he'd be there he much we may not arm Hejduk. About how we recruit can compensate could educators. Armed with this you know why you can beat city by the age of thirty. Any art teacher could be making more than a 100000 dollars. Because they have read all the way they expend the dollar and her opponent pick salary. I think that's got to be the way we think about and I can rewarding excellence across the compression. Cass is an educator and the author of letters to a young education reformer. We're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. And. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping historians.