Special Edition 6-3 and 4, 2017

Special Edition
Monday, July 10th

June 3 and 4: Coverage of Hanover Township’s Heritage Day at Hanover Green Cemetery; an interview with Mike Minor, Team USA World Champion Para Snowboarder from Waymart and a discussion with several doctors from the #Hadenough event, held at the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, focusing on the opioid epidemic.


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Welcome to a special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's show. Will hear about a lively program that tells the stories of the notable names resting in the hand over green cemetery will hear from may Paris no border from Wayne mart. Who hopes to compete in the 2018. Paralympics. And will listen to medical professionals. Who recently spoke to a lack wanna county crowd about the areas addiction epidemic. The oldest graveyard in Wyoming Valley will come alive this weekend for history buffs. As hand over green cemetery holds heritage day on Sunday June in the fort. We recently met up with Jackie Kaiser a member of the committee that planned the annual event we started our tour of the cemetery at the historic meeting house. Which still holds services every Sunday Jackie explain why she so interested in the cemeteries history. I've always liked history and had a good history to turn ice I was always interest in history. My husband's family too right across the street his grandmother lived right across the street. I started going out with mine Bob when I was sixteen years all. So we will come across the street to the cemetery with his grandmother. And we Lotta the flowers and she tells the stories about call the relatives and all about town evergreen so that's how I started to get interested in the cemetery. So then later on we became in our adult lives we became more interest it in the cemetery we really have a vested interest in keeping it going cents. All of Bob's family it seems is buried here we just think it's an historical. Item and in Lucerne county that should be preserved and people should come out and look at these grades and respective people came here and settled it wasn't an easy life. But they did it and they built Wilkes-Barre and it's something that we can be proud of standing right now. In front of the meeting house switches in the cemetery at a meeting houses. Throughout northeastern Pennsylvania we know there was one on public square that's not there anymore and we know that you have. Viewers hear an answer really beautiful building can you talk a little bit about the meeting house well in the settlers first came here and it came here from Connecticut. Each tract of land. They had it dedicate. So many acres of common ground for a meeting house and a cemetery so every tracked. Owen a school so every tract of land would have these tree items and it. So the meeting house was meaning house last church and there are several attempts at Hanover green. To correct church it would start the people would move the Scots were com failure for awhile. They started their church in the name of Don and somebody also common they'd get half bill and then they moved on. So finally. An 1825. In this building was built and it caught and it state. It's nondenominational. Still has a service every Sunday they had Sunday school and a service and I believe it to be the oldest continuous. Churchgoing in moser and counting. And is very unique in the way it was built if you could see that PLO's you have to sit up perfectly straight and pay attention there was no slouching if you look at the ceiling you'll see how it's Baltic. That was first sound connection don't forget. No microphones back and also the pulp that if you look above the pulpit there as a sounding board. And you could see the fancy now what do work going around. The second story you could see the original oil lamps and that some latches everything in the church is basically original of course they had add heat and electricity. But other than that it's the same as they ability an 1825. And we're proud to say it's still going. Kaiser talks about her interest in the cemetery those buried there and their fortitude during the early settling a Wyoming Valley. Why do you enjoy this so much because I know you really get into the. I just think all these guys are so interesting. You're watching this and maturing a look at the stones and you wonder that I elected each and every body has that story it just seems very. Mundane like mrs. Lyons who used to bake bread and you're out there and give it to the audience. She was doing now and they've befriended her one day they put a big black Exxon her house and she's a list for. Because we like you like you lack. We don't want anything to happen TO she took her husband next thing you know they're packed up the wagons and their head not the son Eric. Right after that it was the Wyoming massacre. And he did not wanna take a chance. Though like I said they buried their computer to of the cattle off to the swamp in hopes of finding them later and took off. They come back yes they did and they're very here. They find their cattle on their pewter. Cup they're probably on the computer that out well I'm sure the Indians had a good roast with that. When you have the the tour this time around what's your focus. My focus this year. We're going to have. A ceremonial leak. We re playing over at the Spanish American plot. These are all veterans from the Spanish American war. And we thought it was fitting this year that they should have raised over by them. So. There are going to be are we re playing but we also have a very nice young woman. Her name is Marias the phone. And she's going to portray. Samantha no. And we also have another one nice. Woman. Lowering Smith and she's going to portray. The wife of Abraham's. The first so no and broke this along with our regular players I think we'll make up the night's program. When we talk about we have two people here whose. Whose lives are are pretty much Connecticut can you talk a little bit about us Smith the Milf will just start there. While her father was in the revolutionary war and adjectives singer obelisk is the Thai policy in the cemetery and she did wanna like tap. And her father was a revolutionary war. He acquired large tract of land you was granted a large tract of land. And you find enough for awhile and many start leasing it out to the cold companies so I made typing so what that but. He wasn't stingy or Grady. They donate money to make a meeting house on the main street now and a Coke into other different projects and they'd pass that on to Samantha. Samantha grow up she went to rake in college she was the valedictorian. So when she came back here she's so lovely and a Coke. That she carried on their bodies to mention. If there was our young person who wanted to go to college. She would help the knowledge that if there was any other good prep public works going on and Annika she would get money so it. She when she passed away Shane left money. Or the medical public library. And she also left Monday to keep her house going to you want at her house exactly as it was Q1 of people to be. Reminded of how people used to live. Not to forget that this is how we asked. She is very very nice inner finally years she'd eleven and a Coke anymore she was older alone. So she went and took up an apartment in the sterling hotel but every day her driver would bring your genetic Coke. And she would drive round in people wouldn't wave to admit Samantha. Other woman that you mentioned to me or start a while mrs. Abraham storm. Her husband. Started the first so on an income. And it was quite good. Price but tragedy struck. It burned to the ground. And all of several hundred people out of work. And at that time a lot of the workers are women and children children at that time worked up to fifty hours a week. So that's part of her story. Only can't forget Charlie Herring. Herring who is going to be in our chapel giving out his talk the last survivor of the GAR Allen is very very good it's very. They're really gets in the heart that's a very good good program he puts on all saw. Wanna Jackie Kaiser's favorite stories of the Hanover greens cemetery includes captain pellet birth and is tenacious wife Debbie. This is Ellen Burr. Little bit too old. To fight. When the trouble happened up at 44 he was off trying to get help never came while actually came but it came too late and he left his wife Debbie hare. Now she to me is the hero she was left to care what the women with the other women that kids the old guys. Her daughter. Had a little tiny baby and her husband Cypriot Hibbert was up at the battle he ended up getting killed so she became a widow what I think debate it was something like six weeks old. So here is Debbie down here right. Now like you all these settlers are coming down from forty fort saint get the heck out and get out now they're the Indians. There's no control them they're burn an everything to the ground. Leave. So they're going downtown votes down the river to safety. And chief well OK that sounds like a good line all we'll save wicked jump on some of these rafts. So she got a satchel together of course at an important papers that can never be replaced. You know seventies the birth certificates marriage licenses all that kind of stuff right. Like Willie you throw that's dangers it out. She gives it to the guy some people on a raft and says look at an enemy it down there anyway and I think they're gone down to. I down to center. Now catch up with it take care of my stuff she ever sighed and let down. She decided. Probably because I'm think it probably because she had a large ship a group of people and she wouldn't be able to get everybody down the river. So she'd aside organize high get out of here so she had a horse she packed up the horse with a sack of flour and a tin cup. Okay right. And she rounded everybody up and me in she says we have to march out of here we have to do it now. So they started college. When and the warriors past and they want their shades of death and believe me from what I read that really is the shapes of death. So many people are lost in the wilderness. There hundreds of them do they die up there. She took her people and it was likes those that. The little kids the mothers and a forced them out as you know they never get any rest. They're trying to keep everybody going in the daytime and then at night it would cut. Now it's off the pine trees and and kids with them so they can get some sleep so they wouldn't be bitten by mosquitoes. And the older guys that didn't go up there to fight. It would bring up the rear and they have a switch. And they use it on kids that the kids laid down. To keep them go if you had to keep go and I should add was that stack of our every night and nickel fire. She get out flat stone and she'd make a flat bread I just like at Peta. That kind of thing and it's all they had eight putts that they can forge for me huckleberry is things like that but they finally made it to civilization. And from. There she you know that was open to I think Allentown Easton area around there and or she made it to Connecticut her husband came back. Find everything burned to the ground and toast right. And. Could you imagine what he's not coming back coming on the snout and all he sees as smoke coming up from the ballot could imagine what you would think it. Where's his son and ours is doctor where's the grand diner. What happens in now so. He went toe and they've finally met up in Connecticut and they came back here. Picked themselves started the arm again. And here's there that's the spirit of the people that back in the day it's really remarkable. I tell you what they weren't slackers. You know it there was like no land down just to work this is that we have to work we have to talk about our lives here. This is only have to deal with this as well we are given. And we're gonna makes them an out of one way or the other. Stayed because they had a lot of land to what her motivation to stay in Connecticut now think about that kinetic it was getting to crack it. Seventeen it's democratic patients at bats that they thought they're gonna come down and settle in this valley. Was perfect in fact you know it Wyoming. It's a great line Indian word that the settlers kept job and a tough enough job after they finally settled with Wyoming but the Indian word meant. Fertile valley Jackie tells the story of the true grit of Mary Robbins another pioneer woman. She just hum appear on the mound with the kids. Couple that kids are sick came down with some of the first husband has to go off hunting. You know why not right. So he goes off hunting she's along with the kids. So she gets up in the middle of the night she wants to check on the kids she's gonna get up and she's gonna like that. She puts her foot down at a bad guess what happens she's fit with the rattlesnake. So she puts her other foot down guess what happens. With the rattlesnake. She likes the candle. Get super room speech suspected death. It's one of the older kids to go get the doctor bring him up here he tends to her and she looked to be in her eighties. Coming that's not going to have woman. What do the most famous graves in the Hanover cemetery belongs to a man who not only protect that the life of George Washington. But also fought in the battle of Wyoming I'll Rufus then he was like art for George Washington. Now lifeguard Paris there's a lot of like arts it was like he was just the only one it was. I don't think kinda like our Secret Service and Washington had a strict standards it had a meat. Before you can beat them all art. We'll Ruth has been met the standards. So it was here on leave from the army. When the Wyoming massacre was going. So he went out there and he was fighting and doing it doing it that. But something happened. What we have to vote Richard Inman at the rest of the story. Here is Richard story that ties and with this and it. Spin it. He's fighting Indians but they're chasing him to march 8 and he was being chased by two Indians used grab on detailed reports of a right that was going by. To hike himself to get out there. Little Richard and he's lying in ID chip there. And it runs behind me says Inman. Is your rifle load it is that yes they ensure just and he sure some immigrants are. This comes back in and comes back. You know in in Spain and Erfurt. When there. Are other that he heard Turkey's outside. The cap that he takes it and he goes out it was Turkey's. The families and as a scout and mutilated body in the spring. Heritage day at the hit an evergreen cemetery will be held on Sunday age in the fourth from 1230 to four. We're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Post advice and hand wringing. Eighteen USA's parent athlete and world champion snowboarder from our region. Has his eyes set on competing in the 2018 paralympics separate march in South Korea Mike miner of Wayne mart embrace the sport at a young age. He also coaches young people with disabilities. And his opera limb amputation is a mere footnote of his story. Miner will be up montage mountain resort on Sunday June the fourth from one to 5 PM. For a fund raiser to defray the costs of his training and travel with a chance to talk to him this week about his story. Future goals and what it's like to look down from the top of the Alps while strapped to a snowboard. I'm actually originally from women are born and raised and lived here for about one me three years as I was before I headed out west to pursue money and streams trying to become a professional snowboarder. Little bit about your interest in this I know you were very very very young women when start yes I am I started at about two and a half skiing and a skewed from two and half and seven and then I started snowboarding at seven when my seamless network wasn't mountain. And fisticuffs there and when you got into this in the first place did did your parents pushing it towards this or who are did you push that knows owes me pushing. Jolie's. It was just a recreational thing on the weekends that we did family and friends and it just kind of grew on me and I found specials or in my life when you first recall seeing this snowboarding. Do you remember it at all do you remember seeing somebody and saying I wanna do how do you recall this in your mind I'd I didn't I just seems some snow board and they were actually which is pushing across the flat on the slopes and generally been exciting. And I just. I just seen them on and I just knew for whatever reason that was something I want it to it sparked my attention from the get go and now an action scenes and guys after the non you know and jumps in on its own act and direct and intuitive and more and I. It's an anchor and east and they since you're born. You were an upper limb amputee is a craft yes can you talk a little bit about I'm so I yet they don't really know why. This is born and now my arm. And him fans here me V or different different theories yet I just kind of rocked my whole life and narrow and it's not me. Wrestling soccer's skateboarding mark Krause. Sides. And it hands on that's an amazing thing now when I think about it naming all the things that you just named I would think. Something would probably stop you from doing that but in your mind I guess it's a little bit different than what I perceive right now I am not a like to be stopped and held that if anything. Talk about that. Wind you'd decide it. That you wanted to make this more than a hobby for yourself on the I didn't really know the direction of where I was going but I knew something bigger in just a regular job and that's timer skateboarding so it knows that and now I really started. To pursue. And down that route and was doing really well that that and China on Monday and didn't really want do it anymore for whatever reason and act. This kind of pushing and demanding too much myself. And check it out in his injury onion you know you have batteries and just stay here. Sam goat go west and sees see the mountains up there and dilemma riding so I went out west in them. Kind of Nazis. These guys with adaptive action sports and they were trying to get meter race for a little bit and I wasn't really about it and then finally in the and there are like hey do you wanna make money and snowboard says it apparent that suits and went my first race took two goals and made the US team ran after them it's kind of just in the history yours since waiting your first race yet. How amazed were they at that. The other pretty amazed they say today got ago. Win two gold medals if you're on the on the esteem so our Ireland won two gold medals in the second yeah just like that that's pretty amazing too little bit about the people with adaptive action sports who are day. And what kind of organization to they have that jury to them I didn't Galen Amy parity are the founders of the after effects sports and they found this just for kids with disabilities to be able to ventured down these sports sinks keep pouring. Look across any any action sports release anything that normally you wouldn't be able to look at doing our. Or be altitude they kind of specialized in helping you figure out so. I got linked up with them and you know I told them this sort of like to do. I TX rays landscaper and snowboard so it's you know it's softer gentler or whoever and if things gone. Talk to me a little bit about your role. In talking to kids. To me you're much younger your new mid twenty's right now I'm 27 inch out of the near here that you're an old man but you're not really an old man but when you. When you talk to kids. About what's possible. Do you do more by talking or demonstrating how do you work this year coaching I'm back with kids. Yep pretty much everything and with me is unscripted straight from the heart and a I don't really put any practice and anything and in practice residents say today I just kind of came in. I'll lay everything out and what you see is what you get on with me and working with the kids straightened. Children our future and anything we do. Whether peace in snowboarding or any other sport or any thing in the world this would all. Tend to date the youth what it what's the future of whatever we have. What can you think about when you're working with kids that you can tell me about a story about mainland as you worked with and maybe you saw something in that young person that they didn't see and and so just had so many great experiences with kids and through the camps that was done and what not. She is really allowing him to see their full potentials really what I like to do and allowing them to understand that you know they're capable of getting whenever. It. About how determined to do it. Anybody following in your footsteps. I'm yeah I've got a couple of young ones that are constantly messaging me and it's K it's it's nice to know it can have an impact like that someone's life. What kind of advice do you give to parents. Who have a child who may have. A disability. How do you talk to them about helping them to see the future maybe it is through your role modeling but what do you see as advice to parents who maybe you're just listening in the they haven't seen you in action. That's Kerry actually parents. With kids with disabilities or without disabilities and this it's just encouraging chosen to do whatever they like it if if there Internet support it because whatever they do in their future's going to be their jobs and line out love what they do. And makes it a lot easier to do your job every day and it makes you a lot more passionate in the end about what you do you said GUN. Out west to pursue this a little bit more what was it like seeing those mountains which I guess her little bit different than what we have here and then. Of course that's not or use stock popped because you've traveled the world to do this strain. I yes sour and within two years have seen eleven countries and to be fourteen in the next two months. And down. Yeah I went from here the Rocky Mountains and started snowboarding there which there EF four to five times the size of our mountains here. And then nine you know was able to see all the different ranges of the outs from Italy to Washington. And many more and it's snowboarding in Spain and now this past year we do it's still morning in South Korea says that was very interesting. Describe what that's like for people who don't snowboard do you ever get. Overwhelmed. At what you see in Maine from going to hear out to the west. Big mountains and then you're all over the world but they're all different right so how do you. Handle have you think is this beyond my capabilities. I own I never really get that. In my mind pretty much pain when I'm at the top of the non remote and down like this is going to be released on Austria. Was the first that I was. In one of those scenarios and down. It had snowed prize the first week we got there for the first three it is and it finally broke out and. We got our rights in that country and houses the top of the Alps and looking down and some of boxes and a. Got that offer just a split second and then I say you know what. How many people to be here in its stock. You have one shot at this certain. You might as well enjoy it and I dropped that infinite list. Ali the most epic moment I've had out in Europe. Today when you see yourself on video geez I guess you would. Were you thinking when you see that guy who has kind of a daredevil what is that like for it it's. It's kind of just normal round. I'm used to watching video after video. This now it's pretty much the pirate that's how I am training anymore partially AM. Will train and then I have to dissect and video down to some home because I can't. I don't see what I'm doing at regular speeds and it's getting such fine movements. I'm in my training and I have to break it down there very fine. Have you ever gotten hurt doing this he acts. My injury list this probably longer than my accomplishment arrest it's for a press. What it would is a moment or an injury and you got were mania had to call. Your parents or your coach and the X games EFX games last year Lewis may have second race in my professional career. And I got her past second round of the first day of practice and it didn't make over 65 for a capture him and bloom many out. And her parents traction on the plane out west she's come watch me compete and. They got a plane to a phone call this downpayment and I want your. And NASA they spent the rest of their vacation and just tending to my injuries and that means is being kind of off to snowboard and not able to ride. And I look at those points is very crucial this is who your team is around you and and your mindset in those times you're down because a lot of people did fairy just. Just in a dark place you have a lot of times you're injured constantly love years away from at all. Not working out enough. Feeling good about yourself so. Get tired you know it is to stay stay on the right mind frame and stay at the angle. A London to taken to bounce back from not Allen was a month and a half and I am. He got back from the plane went Canada and got a concussion in the first practice. And the next. Next says out for another week and yet it was rough it was says. It was a really mental game last year and it started to affect my performance and it just it shows you know if you're not and in the right place in all sense of life that you won't deal to army your your best. So does your biggest motivate her in those moments where they are a little bit dark and you do have some. Questions about the future. I do its color reset and chatted take yourself away from everything that's negative and pulling you down. And just remind yourself of everything that's everything that you have has gotten this far. Andy also try to tell yourself that you know this is in negative time you are learning something there's a is learning process and as that is some situations might stink. There's something out of it in the end. Here in a very exciting. Part of your career right now because you're getting ready. Or something very very big next year cracked and I'm sure there's other things on the riots here is a huge. Huge year for you re yes yes this year is and this is the year several of but it notes were. Eight months out of the games and it's getting down to current time in these next World Cup's will be. The defining moment of whether or name to the Olympic team or not and am. Yeah it's it's it's down to the wire talk about what happens before. The paralympics next or what what has to happen for you to call. Com we haven't gotten the stipulations yet. I'm we should find out here in the next monsters don't Rodham I'm guessing it will be along the lines of finishing at top percentage of your races. World Cup's or season. Or being at a certain. Level in points by the time the games I'm not really share could be. A multitude different things you and a schedule over announcements they can talk about. I am I am actually leaving in. On June 5 or the Olympic Training Center. We have to go therefore and. In its four days and come home on the eighth and then fly back on the eleventh go to Oregon to do they snort camp with the US team and I'm home for. On the 21 until July 2 fighting Europe for two weeks and then I'm home for about three weeks and I find that to a New Zealand for a World Cup there. In August and in this in term as well and it's a make or break here presences. And very importantly this little structural this stretch is. Is straining offer that I New Zealand race will be the first World Cup we have of. Doubt kind of kick it off and then Aaron and then yeah once that Kos will be right back up to Europe after that and. In the race's start rolling in and for a no it. You know leave the games have come past who. Okay and the paralympics have you been in the before I have not this will be my first time and it will be the first time that the arm. I'm opryland categories it's cheap represent. Their spot and snowboard. So it will be our first debut album Olympics. Obviously that's takes. A lot of dedication and it takes some fundraising. Absolutely arm wouldn't be here the fundraising. I don't know a single athlete that would be able to do it without fundraising. Competing at a at a world class level is not. Not cheap at all and though the team fund some of our things like travel and hotels we are. Kate that are responsible for paying for food bag fees. Rental car is if we were to go on trips on her own for training which happens a lot this year shirt and I'm going to in July will be my own fund training. Trips up. Yet that would separate you have an event that's coming out on Sunday I do I have an event at montage mountain on Sunday. And we are having a fundraisers there so anyone that wants to come diet and have a good time at a bakery. Nice live music and good student. Of the rounds I'm not a passing taken pictures. You have any kind of contact with Stephanie gallon I know Stephanie I mean stuff here around pretty good friends. Am so we don't get to see each other much and she is. With the scheme program under the snow wearing sort kind of on separate training regiments into soccer. Wanna save. It's not a mountain have gone Vail we at a fundraiser for the best team and they all come together and then so we get to see I was skiers and I got to see them in Korea to accept some events which it is. We'll get lucky am albeit the events together China for the most part they travel and complete its cash and we did. Look so cool that both the viewer from northeastern Pennsylvania I think we're kind of product that I am that's Dotson sits close to that kind of put that on the map in and that's Mike Minor team USA world champion Paris snowboarder from way mark. You can learn more about him honest FaceBook friends of Mike Minor you're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. That's when you were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by sue Henry. Medical professionals are recognizing that sometimes addiction happens after a visit to the emergency department. Doctor's office dentist or following routine surgery a panel discussion at guys singer commonwealth school of medicine entitled. Hash tag had enough brought together community leaders law enforcement positions. And a community member who described her descent into addiction the discussion was precluded by a talk about opiates. Which are any sedatives narcotic containing any opium or derivatives including morphine heroin code dean. Or method down OP Lloyds are synthetic drugs like hydra co down. Or oxy code on morphine was discovered in the early eighteen hundreds. By 1853. The hypodermic needle became the vehicle for delivery in 18758. Chemist and beer pharmaceuticals discovered heroin. Which was sold legally until 1920. Beer made a ton of the strug a year. And it was used for the treatment of pneumonia. Cough and even con like in infants now days medical professionals are increasingly alarmed at the amount of addiction and overdose deaths because of these drugs. We spoke to doctor Indy Mendenhall. Regional medical director for clean slate treatment centers about his opinions on the epidemic. Well there's good evidence that unfortunately medical schools in general. Not been providing as much education as would be preferred for a disease state that affects one in four American families right now. That said. We're moving the ball in the right direction the American society of addiction Madison the American academy of family medicine and several other. Medical entities that provide. Clinical education. To providers and clinicians. Are really prioritizing. Developing deeper understanding of that disease of addiction both because of the you'll do it epidemic but also. The most common. Issues being out hall. And nicotine pursuant to the greater the greater population as a whole the stigma. That really seems to be a huge obstacle I think for a lot of I guess wreak recovering in the past. It is a program of anonymity. Would there be any kind of benefit. To recovering. In public for. Well great question there's a phenomenal video that people can find on the Internet called the anonymous people. And there has been a big movement among. Parts of the recovery community to. Move outside of the twelve steps in the twelve traditions. In a way that I think can really serve to break down a lot of of the stigma. That said I think that we're still struggling against the perception that. This is all about choice and not about. The science which is that this is a biological disease state that is treatable. That people can achieve sustained recovery and on we should ideally. Move towards making. The disease of addiction really. Something it's seen akin to diabetes I can see you high blood pressure. I think it's just. It's difficult because when when people are active in their disease they'd behave in ways that it's very easy for people exit to be judgmental regarding. Often we hear people say Augusta Oakmont it's choice in the first. You know it's very interesting I think that people make choices. To take risks and experiment with substances but we're really talking about the disease of addiction and we do it deep dive. We realize that the prevalence. Adverse childhood events early childhood trauma. Depression. Anxiety your co occurring mental health issues. Really lead most people who find themselves. Suffering from severe substance use disorder reporting dead. They felt the pressure to feel different they never really ever felt normal to begin with and that background pressure of not feeling well. When they were clean and sober as a young as a young person often times seems to be a common narrative to why people begin the process. Experimenting with substances which is really driving that concept. Using in order to feel different. Using in the field last. Doctor Carey meadows is the medical director for government programs. Are the guys in your health plan. He recently started speaking publicly. About how the OP Lloyd crisis is personal to him and his family. I have a stepson who has been addicted to opiates since he was age when he won. He had to work related injury. Went to the doctor. Started out with a you know. Tylenol and bill. Moved his way up through opiates until he was on them no passes. At that point. He. Asked rated took medication out of the no pass injected into his name and he was found in the hallway were home. Unresponsive not breathing and I did CPR on him and he is still alive today that he use. Still. Addicted to heroin. Still. Gets. Some someone has used car can on him once or twice a week now from what we understand we don't. We don't hear from him often because. Doesn't want anything to do with us at this point. T talk about this in. The medical community with your colleagues it does create a lot of empathy did people say you. Wow you know we've really got to do something about the situation you know it's it's interesting I wouldn't talk about this for a long time because. Have the stigma of and any irrational fear. What would people think. And that continued for years until last September when I was asked to testify at a public hearing and wants a testified to the public hearing I haven't been able to shut up sense. So do people know yes I talked about a lot. They get it gets people's attention. Because. It's not just one group of people or another this disease doesn't discriminate and can affect anyone. Regardless of race gender. Socioeconomic. Status. When you're employed unemployed and it there's no. No discrimination with this disease. Do you believe that taking a public stand and if more people do take a public stand and they talk about. Their own problems their family problems centers that will being an empowering experience because two nights didn't it was a really big topic care. At this would that be a new way to approach this is through. Being open and honest about what are perceived sometimes is very private and the problems. I think so I mean it's been empowering for me. Just as just talk about it. And realize that other people had the same. Issues have the same concerns and I think the stigma affects not only the individual. With the disease. But their family their friends. And I know it personally from the campus I. And I see my children my 23 year old son. It's all media VCR. And he had issues for the longest time. My 21 year old daughter. Wants absolutely nothing to do with her. Half brother. And my twelve year old daughter doesn't even know who he is. It's it's been devastating for kids. I this presentation talked about the medical community as well and some of the discussion that happened her and I was about a lack of training. That. Physicians have regarding addiction. You're training did you know that much in the beginning there about how did you learn was a baptism by fire. You know doctor minute I'll mention that he got 33 hours of training in his seven years he got 33 more hours than I did. I receive no training whatsoever in. Medical school or residency. In addiction. IE. I learned it by making mistakes. I learned it by practicing. And treating pain is the fifth vital signs. And believing what I was taught was that patients had a right to be pain free. Well. Over the years I. Found out that that wasn't quite correct. And so I modified my practice over time until it in the end if it wasn't broken wasn't cut off. You didn't get a pain pill. It was the first time you remember having a moment where you thought. Today. You were going down the wrong path as positions in general and did you talk to anybody about it. There was in. 1990. When. I was actually working in the smaller the are. And one of my patients came in with an overdose and it roots. And overdosed on prescription pain pills and county he had prescription pain pills from. Multiple doctors but. One of the doctors he had received prescriptions for almost myself. And that was the that was an eye opening experience for me. Believe it in. This arena today these young physicians that are learning here Eisner's. Medical college in Scranton team believe that there are receiving from from what you know good training in this round. I believe that the guys here how well school of medicine is doing much better job gains Shimon is dedicated to teaching young physicians. The right way and are not a not only with addiction that. I mean I'm I'm just amazed. That the program they have here through. The hospital system where do you think you can go in the future I heard someone I don't know who was say tonight that perhaps there's a plateau moment here now. Where things are going to start to level out a little bit because of the awareness. Of this problem. Stay in the country but a lot on the East Coast and then and some other states is out so do you believe. No unfortunately I don't believe that if you talk to investigators. With. Various government agencies. Are we seeing plateau with prescription medication as physicians become more educated more aware. They're prescribing it. I'd say that's an accurate statement. But in terms of other medications like then nil and heroin. I. Don't see a plateau. I think then know for example. Is a drug it's much more potent morphing there's another medication called hearts and you know that's an elephant tranquilizer. Two milligrams can drop the 2000 pound elephant. So that's. Much more potent drugs and the chemists that are producing these medications or have gone so creative. That there are. It probably doesn't fit no type compounds now. Religious change one molecule in the Clinton now and some of these drugs aren't even legal yet. Because the DA hasn't quite hasn't caught up with them classified them as illegal to some of the thin mills that are flowing in from out of the country. Are classified as illegal until law enforcement catches up with them and they had them to list. In terms of what else we heard tonight was. People go in and out of treatment others 128 days thirty days in and then their own and then therein and then their out. Is learning conventional wisdom to a longer. Stay in treatment facilities in low health care providers embrace that. That's that's an interest in question each person us OP used disorders substance use disorder. Needs an individualized. Treatment plan. There are people that do well with an outpatient program and intensive outpatient program a thirty day program. And then there are people like my stepson who didn't do well with 100 navy paper. It depends on the person. Over. Would I like to see. The ability to have longer stays yes. One of the problems we have with longer stays is a lack of treatment facilities. There's a distinct lack of beds. Not only in the commonwealth and across country. If you had you know a prediction to make what do you think might it might change. This addiction issue in the country whether it's alcoholism. Drugs whenever wolf what is in your opinion something that could change this in the future. Whether a couple of things one thing news. We have to educate. We have to edgy that that's the reason we were here tonight. Was to educate and inform the other thing is innocent thing that I deal with even now is the stigma. We have to remove the stigma from this disease. And I think back when I was first in training. With HIV. First HIV case in on it to West Virginia. Along with the chief precedent we're the only people who were going to go in the room with us gentlemen. There was fear and now it is sticking is not associated with HIV and what I see now with opiate use disorders the same thing -- thirty years ago and we have to. Attack the stigma. People aren't going to seek help. Because of the stigma. They're not gonna talk about it because of the stigma and me I didn't talk about it until Gary Tennessee asked me to testify. And it took me weeks. Detailing yes because I was afraid to talk about it and if I'm afraid to talk about it. Can't imagine what other people go through. This is heartbreaking. For families. It's heartbreaking for. Folks that have this. They have to have the freedom and the ability to talk about it. To reach out to somebody. To get the help that they want that they need. That's doctor Carey meadows medical director for government programs guys in your health plan a speaker at the recent hash tag had enough panel discussion held at guys singer Commonwealth's school of medicine in Scranton. You are listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping historians.