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Maximize Your Health
Saturday, March 3rd

Saturday March 3, 2018


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor gosh ASCII just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health with doctor Dan Galicia ski. This is maximize. Your health where we help you build and restore your health. Naturally is about empowering unique better health decisions. And creating more healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. We talked about how do you your body's functioning better the right foods to consume the right nutritional supplements becoming how to become more fit maintain a level of fitness and your life how to minimize exposure to toxins and how to develop the mindset necessary to carry all this out for many of us listening out there we say oh yeah my health is important to me but when I look at your lifestyle your actions they tell otherwise so this shows about realigning things is about empowering you the individual to take more control and become more serious about your health so I'm here to answer your health questions. During the next hour 570830098. Or 18043720098. Your questions are important here on the shelf so when he call and I will give you some simple and effective action steps and I will try to steer you the best that I can't in the right direction to begin building in restoring your health and more so naturally. So in the past you've had callers call in with questions such as. I have lime disease what is it what is the right supplement regime to take spent take kinda help manage symptoms of Lyme Disease Jordan Blair the most safest natural supplements on the market today and if that's you can you call may be other son our daughter out there and they're having digested impairment IB yes. Any of irregular bowel movements trouble sleeping and on Maine either getting chronic. Sinus infections or allergies. And that's not normal it's not a normal way to live however it is very common in American society today. So a figure out thirty years struggling in fewer sick and tired of being sick and tired I'm here today to offer you voice of hope. And to give you an action plan to help guide you in the right direction to build and restoring your help nationally by maximizing your health and it's again always about being proactive. And not waiting for a health crisis or for your symptoms get bad enough which is subjective person to person until you decide to take action for yourself. Can pay some decisions that you make now. Will determine where you'll end up later and later can be. Fifty years from now depending if you're a year younger listener or if you're an older listener of you know when you might think boy it's too late for me I've already given up or you know I already made too many bad decisions too late for me to change or make even the right decisions it's never too late to change I'm here to help you did guy did you inspire youth to be your full health potential again if you have questions or maybe you have a success story. Maybe he's changing diet blossomed when he got an offer certain medications. Started seeing a net nature of pat and doctor or to working with your family doctor you know they developed and Marty healthier lifestyle planned for you. President is saying here's your here's my symptoms here's to diagnose is here's a pill to take okay that's a symptom management that's disease management that doesn't lead to better health over time so again a few questions or success story call and share with us today at 57 no 830098. Or 180437200989. And excited to be exciting lineup planned for today. A lot of great information assurance this program we're going to be talking about why you should go low car. Can is a lot of guys out there there's which you know diet South Beach diet. Atkins Diet decide that diet. But why you should go low car why that should be at the top of your list when it comes to deciding which diet is the best for me and that's going to be for most people saw be going through that. A little bit later on today show and then. Towards the end we're gonna talk about bulletproof coffee how could a certain type of coffee can actually build and restore your health naturally can actually have health properties may be read or heard in the passing copies something you should avoid at all costs I'm here to tell you otherwise that if you can see in the right type of coffee can actually help to build and restore your health over time. And then if we have time we're gonna talk about aspirin to take it or not to take. Because you know what is the right time for aspirin and went and asked for and work twos against your and managed to become healthy over time and again if you if you like to gather more information about maximize your help our podcasts are now available on my website triple W dot need good doctors and dot com that's any EPA ADR and DNN dot com there you can find this under the radio tabbed. All of our podcasts from past weeks are there all sorts of different health topics. You name it it's probably there have been that we're now in our eighth or ninth season. Of mass actually our eighth season I believe maximize your health and we've covered topics from. Toxins to be you know we're we have we have an interest in non conventional topic coming up here in a few minutes ever going to be discussing on today's program you can find any probably any health topic. Over the last eighteen it's eight years and we didn't. I've been hosting maximize your health on WI OK so feel free to check out some of the podcast also stay connected with me on social media all of our social media icons are on our web site at triple W dot need a doctorate in dot com FaceBook Twitter instead Graham YouTube channel everything there are also on the owner and founder of power chiropractic health center in wilkes-barre. Only serving people of all different ages shapes and sizes to help build or restore their health now entry through corrective chiropractic care. If you like to learn more and his videos on our web site you can watch you can get a little glimpse of our office here with some of our practice members had to say and and how chiropractic care has transformed their health for the better. Sort of kick off the show today talking about cleaning products. There's a surprising new study. On the long term health effects of cleaning products and it found that inhaling sprays and other chemical cleaners in your home more work maybe is damaging to your lungs as a twenty year pack a day smoking habit. And I know growing up and how sore my mother was a clean freak and she would use all of you know. And wind acts Lysol. Ka boom you know you name it all these that we see we don't akin to the grocery store that may be a minibus listening right now are using and I would smell it in the house today in India out and I ended up losing my on the cancer back in 2014 that only needs just 61 and we know there was. Really seem to be no family history where one asking the questions why. You know. Wasn't really in our family history but. It is somehow it into it is change is dinner in eventually. So one thing that I truly believe could've been you know a culprit to that it was her ex premier content though she was a smoker earlier in life but quit smoking and that's certainly could've contributed to the cancer but what else could've contributed as well as her constant inhalation. And touching these these hazardous chemicals that are in the art today's conventional cleaning products. And research now is confirming that being exposed to these. As a senior with the same as it's one your packet they smoking habit if you're constantly exposed C so there's all sorts of chemical exposures. When little research has been done to date on the effects of repeated use of common household cleaners. Which are used by millions of people every day while cleaning the home and office. The findings from the study illustrate the end knowing the risks we take with common chemicals whose views become so ubiquitous with cleaned up we don't questions safety if we always have to be cleanly and we don't question the safety. So according to the American thoracic society's American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine they tracked over 6000 middle aged men and women over twenty years. The findings were alarmingly to shoot and it ended unexpectedly name or gender specific more affecting women than men and women who cleaned at least once per week whether at home more occupational he's suffered significantly more declined an overall lung function across all markers. As compared to women who do not cleaned. This decrease in lung capacity was made worse by using sprays and other cleaning agents at least one time per week. And the most surprising finding in this study is the highest level of impact observed to overall respiratory function and women from researchers concluded that the extent imagine damage for women. Who clean was equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes every day for twenty years. And what about the cleaning chemicals the root of the damage according to researchers cleaning agents have known irritant effects and potential for causing inflammatory. Changes in the Airways. This appears to be especially true for women the motive chemical cleaner beats spray or other liquid was not statistically relevant. Only had a chemical cleaner was used to. My index for glass easy offer the oven or may be an anti bacterial or bullied spray for the counter tops and again let's not forget the always emitting toxic air pressures the ones that we plug in folks. These were all of what or use in this study over the course of twenty years taking 6000 men and women. And then you know we wrap ourselves up and chemical residues stinks of toxic detergents that we put our clothing. Or not considering what type of products for using we're just saying well we need them cleaned. These are proven to clean but yet what are the short long term effects of some of these cleaning agencies cleaning greens that are embedded in these conventional cleaning products today. 2000 hundreds if not thousands of toxic threats out there and obviously we can't avoid them all we could be more cognizant and more aware and we can choose some more safe and conscious effective cleaning products. Rather than some of the more popular ones that we have been using that are known to be toxic and carcinogenic. In our society today the good news is that there are natural alternatives I'm gonna go through some of them here in a minute not only are they safer they often contain botanical extracts that are more effective against chemical and antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. And some of the conventional counterparts. That we've been leaning to tour for our cleaning itself. According to the Environmental Working Group. They're the primary agency that will assess the integrity equality in the safety of are cleaning products on the market today and Dolan highly characteristic such as what hazardous substances the product contains the credibility of ingredients and number of ingredients within the product and are hazardous and whether or not the product a company shares all details such as exact names of ingredients rather than is being made it also looks at whether the products are certified as a green cleaning products and how the products rate overall. So the key ratings are going to be and if he has something to write down or if you want me to email this information she you can certainly shoot me an email. I'm going to be share in the email address your seams and finish this up Armand Hammer products. Aspen clean. They began access all purpose server swipes is for children bio clean that's BI OK LEE yen. Anything doctor Burr honors. Ego needs scrubbed. Seven generation. Massive. UK matches what my wife and I commonly used to clean our house. To clean our hardwood floors and clean our counter tops a clean our Bassett. Bathtub. Our shower area. Methods are all natural as well green shield organic products. Also mellow Luka products. And then you can there's a lot of great making yourself cleaning products out there with three young living and when you Lemony essential oils or some other essentially boil CPUs but but we primarily used the young living essential oils. So again if you like a list. I'm K seven generation. I like to use Kirk's Casio for personal hygiene products. Without SL last without any troubling glycol Nikkei don't want any antifreeze going your pores getting absorbed in your skin and the same goes when your spring in your cleaning obviously when you when you when you use air pressure is the best air fresher you can invest in this is a diffuse or is it is an essential oil diffuse -- that's defusing. Back in the air natural plant based extraction from actual plants and oils that are natural which do not contain any carcinogenic. Or toxic substances you're breathing and. Those plug in Kuwait air pressures have all sorts of artificial ingredients that you know if you're breathing in and and you smell it. It's getting in your body's getting in your brains getting in your blood your hear your blood transporting it. Any oxygen that it's taking up. So these are things to keep in mind folks and maybe they're not going to affect your health short term but long term you wanna consider making some changes are. Okay because they cumulative effects over time as he's pricing your breathing in that you're touching if you if you are a cleaning and if you have a cleaning company occupational eight. Your explosiveness on a daily basis what is it going to mean what are some early warning signs now maybe you're having trouble breathing maybe you're having. Asthma like symptoms may be allergies. Those early indicators of early warning signs that your. Lung function is compromised. So you need to be aware of that and only you can change that is some of these more natural safer green products. Today and house of nutrition they are so a sponsor of today's show. They contain a lot of these Environmental Working Group AA rating products I just mentioned the doctor Browner is the seventh generation Myers. I like she's Myers laundry detergent from my clothing. The pack up all safe all natural all natural products nothing artificial no no. Chemical compounds that are known to be carcinogenic. And. Toxic so again for that list if you would like the lives of these cleaning products. Please send me an email now at PWR Cairo at That's PWR. CH IRO. Act in And wanted to mention we have another awesome upcoming health event scheduled for Saturday march the 24 at 10:30 AM the power chiropractic it will be led by certified holistic health coach had a gallon -- she's going to be doing some movies for life and smooth these for different health conditions. Paddy specializes in cleansing detox seasoned foods as Madison. And she has her own. Testimony. Of overcoming Lyme Disease Epstein Barr virus anxiety panic attacks memory issues digestion issues and more. You're gonna learn during the seminar. How to pack in the major nutrients to your body's rely upon and how to make smoothies for certain conditions and illnesses. Smooth these specific for thyroid hormone imbalances autoimmune illnesses line. Intestinal track issues like I BS collide is silly exit fees and more. There'll be recipes information about the smooth these which blenders to buy and use my fruit and vegetables are much needed for our health and why incorporating more rough proteins is important. And how to actually make these smooth these shall be so she will be doing a demo and you'll be able to taste and try some of these movies as well. Also this will be sharing which foods can hinder your health which foods to avoid and you'll have an opportunity to win a free book. And a free smoothie from a local restaurant. To sign up for this now it will be there will be fees for this because you're gonna be Casey smooth these firfer patty to get together the products defeat for this is twenty dollars per person. Just 25 person maximum for this this will fill up quickly folks so I would not wade if your interest in attending it's only gonna cost you twenty bucks. Saturday march 24 at 10:30 AM this'll be held power chiropractic it won thirteen Wesson wrote in wilkes-barre. To sign up you can send us an email at PWR Cairo and PWR CH IRL and or you can call our clinic at 5708. Q nine. 35805708293580. That's movies for life smoothies for specific illnesses and conditions such as autoimmune diseases. Is lie and I just a disorder steroid hormone balances. Saturday march 24 at 10:30 AM to twelve. Patty telemann certified holistic health coach. 25 person IMAX you probably will hit that quickly so I would not wait I would call today to sign up if you're able to make it next twenty dollars per person you pay when you attend the event number to call 570. 8293580. Or you can email us to sign up at PWR Cairo. At We're gonna take a quick commercial break when we return we're going to be talking about why you should go low carb why that is the best place to begin when it comes to changing your eating habits you're drinking habits and your nutritional habits and if you have health questions or a success story that you like to share phone lines are open you can call him by -- 830098. Or 18043720098. On the back in just a minute to help you maximize. Your health power chiropractic health center is northeastern. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor -- knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages goalie else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching at. Attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic wholesome. Based cardinal. Life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can coach you tap this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to invest in ill health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit the need. Doctor DN dot com and EPA DR DAN dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 west and wrote books I'm an architect. I'm a doctor music producer I'm an account tension where business. It's but I found out and you can download big files really paying high heels a huge files cab files exchanged cloud files audio files get. 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Doctor Dane Galicia ski. Call would your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your help with your health coach doctored and polish a ski here to deliver the truth when it comes to building and restoring your health. Naturally and wanted to thank again today's sponsors house of nutrition for sponsoring this program of maximize your health. Colonel turner grocery organic Meagher and they create a pet foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies and fairly trading gets. House of nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices to be sure growth like their FaceBook page house of nutrition follow in the month since a grand. How is underscore. Of underscored nutrition. And I'd be sure to Panama visits are located at fifty main street in Lucerne off an exit six from the 309 expressway into Lucerne county and some of the green cleaning products and I had mentioned from before the last sprayed you can purchase some directly from the house of nutrition. He cover Myers seventh generation doctor brown owners believe all of those are stocked with a whole lot more at how. Trisha wanted to thank them for sponsoring this program. Of maximize your health and well we're gonna go to the phone lines we have John from Sawyer is still with us today how we doing John how can I help. Originally I had a blood test and the blood tests showed have hi I would stimulating hormone. And I was on this series to thank you do about. Did your doctors offering any written suggestions. And I. I have to go on since I'm Rory. Since arrow OK so now how is your diet overall how would be the first place I would turn to what type of foods eating is he's your guy generally healthier not so healthy. There are no I haven't done Fred. Don't buy a good doctor. Jolt Harman. And sort of citizens it has value is sort of lean forward. Did you type event I didn't. Okay yes. I know you're down 30. Fruit that I didn't usually don't. A look at this thing you wanna be concerned with are your iodine levels now did you have your iodine levels tested. No no. It wasn't pressured at all. I would I would request that first because if you're doing a plan based civilian die you can action be consuming too much iodine from some of the greens particularly. Are you doing NEC weeds like blue green out he's XP earlier. I didn't I didn't I wouldn't either incorporated and in my diet seaweed. OK so that's where it was so are you actually may be consuming too much. Oh my second throw your TSE's levels off. The bad and that's I would may be cut back on that. Okay and that should help bring you down I would get their retesting given maybe two to three months I mean yeah definitely follow your doctor's orders on the that's something you like she might just by adjusting your diet you know a little bit you can talk turned to its normal levels where you won't have to be dependent on medication for the rest your life. Sauber Dana ballclub. That and and then they've found Scandinavian countries claim they invest incorporated iodine in the end to end it there at the bread. And they found that a lot of people suck up inside we're prop. Olmsted splendor anyway and they introduce of more fire roared into their diets. Right right were more iodine you need. Do you play I don't that's the thing you can't overdo with the iodine there's an extreme case actually decide not to long ago on key if you ever watch the ER BR Sean I think it's TLC. Don't know untold stories of the are suddenly got oh in a yoga in structure to thirty instructor came in and she started doing double dose is just seaweed supplements and she basically. Was like her heart race shots of the roof for blood pressure shot up nobody wrote that everyone's thinking it was an affection they discovered you know it was a supplement she was taking. So what that was an extreme case but you know in Europe then I would start look at how much C we products are consuming and you may need to just tone that down a little bit and match. I know that my job. It also can get my black president and treat us fairly normal all the years. But it's within the past year or so by blood pressure has increased. OK yeah I think he could be dude the iodine products in your diet so all the a little more closely and I think if you make a few adjustments there John that should help our right. It our president is calling in thanks for your question today he had the so that that that was a timely question because everybody is so I was you know doing a little research washing its program in that it is amazing QB OP EU can overdo it. You can you know overdo it on on natural supplements OK let me just put that out there for any annual listing not just iodine by even too much fish oil. Too much calcium is too much. And Marines you know what let's let's use dark green leafy vegetables you know if you're consuming too much calcium that can actually lead to the formation of stones. So yes you can overdo it. So we don't want to overdo it even when it comes to healthy products healthy foods healthy natural supplements we've had so there's a balance and there's there's moderation everything and I am you know. Preacher or moderation. Let's use what is on let's let's let's look closely at how much we're consuming. Because it too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Compact and thanks for your question Johnny very very timely today so let's talk about low carb why you should go low carb. And how this can actually. How deal. When she squelch any type of the underlying disease process that hasn't been diagnosed him can actually reverse that that's what's so incredible by your by your body's inability to adapt to its environment if you will of its owner chronic fuel loads and inflammation chronicle of the stress it's eventually going to get in a lot faster it's gonna break down a lot faster. So if we make better decisions with their health if we start to eat the right foods. Watchtower reacting you know you know and end in situations where the stress responses is being elicited from our physical activity levels are and PR jobs are sedentary lifestyles are posture all that plays a role on our bodies function and adapt to its environment. So now with a low carb diet this is going to have a less of a stressful impact on your body like. Some an inflammatory impact on your bike so there's a passenger out there is becoming more more popular you're probably hearing about it more so called metabolic syndrome this is where your blood pressure do you have high blood pressure. Oh dear obese in your blood sugar sugar levels and up are up and typically you're obese in your waist and in your midsection. It's also leads high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. This can eventually lead to it sets the table for heart disease diabetes and strokes. Again this is something that you can change yourself without peace is prescription medication a lot of times. They're not always the best first choice to change your lifestyle is and makes more sense. Menopause and indisputable the simple lifestyle change switching to a low carb diet can literally save your life. And we know sugar consumed too much it's in its fees don't listen to it leads to chronic inflammation. Toxicity. Many people many mile Cyrano you're consuming way too much sugar. If fanned the flames and inflammation weakens the immune system it wreaks Havoc are both short and long term on the health of your body. Excess sugar can damage the hard the brain just about every system in the body. There's a new report from the CDC. That said that how. Half of Americans either have diabetes or at risk for it because of how much sugar how much processed and refined sugar that we consume your country. And many of us really mean consider we don't even acknowledge it that's scary. OK but the good news is I'm trying to share this a decent day DL this. You know sets off a light bulb and you begin says it may ill stay on top of the some monitoring your sugar intake can wait we're getting from so drastically cutting your sugar intake it's essential for good health. It's essential reversing metabolic syndrome. You where you where you can begin eliminating sugar is by cutting out any help. Any type of the liquid drain queer consuming process sugar so that could even be your orange juice folks your apple juice that you're giving your kids. For breakfast contact. Any type of process pasteurized. From concentrate fruit juice. Is going to be loaded. With added sugar. OK it's not the same is drinking fresh squeezed orange juice from an actual warrant. You don't want any orange juice from concentrate any ill grapefruit juice pineapple juice apple juice. It's all loaded with sugar and that's were were hurting yourself so it's causing a huge Spike. Lee of the stress hormone from your pet you're pantries in someone's gonna be kicked out in your bloodstream. And eventually over time to step process continues and repeats itself your body becomes desensitized insulin that's when the signs early signs of diabetes begin the seventh. Thanks Hank. So all sooner eliminating cut back on greens even hold a so called healthy whole grains even means in lagoons which break down the sugar in the body. I fewer cars going low car. Means less sugar is being dumped in your bloodstream so the pancreas doesn't have to produce as much insulin. To bring your blood sugar levels down carb cutting is a simple natural drug free medication free way to stabilize both blood sugar and insulin by not constantly causing them to spike in the first first place. So when you decide you wanna go low carbon makes you more accountable. When you're not paying much attention to what's going your mouth it's easy to eat far more carbohydrates and you need. If your car sensitive antenna gain weight easily tracking your daily net cards so net carves equals. How many total grams of carbohydrates you're consuming minus how many grams of fiber you're consuming so fiber typically means complex carbohydrates and these are better a better source of your body can utilizing more effectively in the refined or simple carbohydrates so your neck cards you wanna keep track of these that's grams the cars mine's grams of fiber. One of the best ways she can commit and to manage yourself from going off the rails and continuing to pack on those unwanted pounds. So. The most common tests that your doctor will test you Forte is however if you're diabetic is hemoglobin anyone seek. Anything a five point six or higher should be called action for you another important blood test which is not done too frequently should which should be is a fasting insulin level. You wanna keep your levels ideally below five. And there's a lot of do yourself kits out there I you test your blood sugar before and after meals with the blood sugar meter. On the ideal carb count may be as low as 25 grams per day while for others in 199200. Grams per day and if you're feeling lethargic it. Five he or just run down and then you probably have some more adjusting to dim. Low carb can knock your high blood pressure down and your waistline down to size so if you're overweight or obese. And you're trying to lose weight because so unfair. Low carb might be the solution for you although. Everyone's blood pressure will marry who just fluctuates with with your stressful for you know if you're exercising obviously you exercise your blood pressure will be higher than if you're not exercising. If you're sleeping in just waking up in the morning you test your blood pressure it's typically going to be lower at the beginning of the day you know rather than at the end of the day if you've been working depending on what's happened job you have so that number will fluctuate. For most people low carb diet get the blood pressure back into the healthy zone while promoting weight loss as well. I and the results can be very quick. So when it comes to low carb dieting or low carb eating if you think it's boring things began so it's high. This diet is high in healthy good clean fast and good clean proteins that's going to be your grass fed organic. Meats. Pastor. Paltry local and or certified organic wild caught fish in low Mercury fish. Eggs from pasture chickens. Full fat butter or clarified butter which is called EG HE cream and cheese rock cheese shredded cheese from pasture grass and animals. Oils like avocado oil extra virgin olive oil coconut oil large duck fat goose fat or talent. Non starchy vegetables including in dark green organic leafy greens Christopher's vegetables and avocados. Low sugar for us like raspberries and blueberries blackberries and small amounts. And then ride nuts and run nut butters like Allman hazelnut and academia to cons Wallace and Brazil nuts. Seeds like she sees flax he's handled. Pumpkin and sunflower. Tea and coffee preferably organic and non GM I'll. And small amounts of being so chick peas black beans kidney beans if they work for you meanwhile you wanna steer clear of starches of grains and baked goods processed foods including anything low fat low carb and sugar free fake foods. High sugar tropical fruits dried fruits and fruit juices. Vegetable oils including canola corn grape seed and soybean. Franken sweeteners of all kinds of just pulled splendor equal or sweet and low. And most Beers bloggers Ailes and sweet wines. Instead look for some dry wines you can do some spirits vodka whiskey and brandy cognac or tequila. A very very very small amounts of that with the drier wine or like an IPA if you're a beer lover out there. It's a few more questions or comments you can call in 570830098. Or 1804370098. Also he can feel free to email me your questions. At PWR Cairo at PWR CH IRO at For any go to another break when we get back we're going to be talking about a specific type of coffee that has extraordinarily. Amazing health benefits stay tuned you're listening to maximize your health with doctor Dan polish ski power chiropractic health center is northeastern. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your health our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages ago Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching that's. Attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and non synthetic cold flu. Based startup life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro my onyx can co Q ten it. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build health for the future of the power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit the need doctor T and dot com and EPA DR DAN dot com powered chiropractic is located at 113 west. And wrote wilkes-barre do you remember the last time you had a great night's sleep you felt the next morning more energized the more alive. Feel the difference of deeper sleep daily with the new tomorrow may address some. Designed by the world's leading sleep experts at certain Simmons bedding and delivered right to your door. Visit tomorrow sleep dot com and use promo code save for 125. 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It's been a staple in the Wyoming Valley mall for years serving them best pizza and homemade Italian specialties he knows pizza features both ground and Sicilian pizza with varieties like barbecue chicken with French Fries Mac and cheese pizza grandma pizza plus chicken wings with Dino is famous smile that hot sauce homemade Manning can't you see cheese ravioli and stuffed shells deep doesn't pizza and -- Wyoming Valley mall food court wilkes-barre call pre order at 5708293448. I'm an architect I am a doctor music producer I'm an accountant where does this. Or just let down delta and you can download big files are really paying high heels a huge files cab files exchanged cloud files audio files get. Files in seconds not minutes in the second and that all employees slid all their devices would have more than enough manual as I said wow wow. Oh Max I. That's a dream come true introducing gates being from Comcast business with download speeds up to twenty times faster than what most people have. Tons of bandwidth for everything your business does every day and an affordable price it's a small business owners dream it now I'm dreaming gig. Really you really didn't. Comcast is building the largest gig speed network in the country now more small businesses in more places can dream gig. Comcast business open burn this. Visit dream game dot com to learn more. Restrictions apply may not be available in all areas actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Back to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dana Gulu. Chest deep. This is maximize your help for pounds or shed diseases standing where you can begin to live your healthiest life yet. I am building and restoring your health and actually and you were the one responsible for that I'm new voice here and maximize your health doctor Dan ghoulish ASCII. Your help you gain victory in your health your coach you guide you inspire you leads you down the right path. I'm what you need to do to begin building and restoring your health actually. What is thinking get our sponsors and a house of nutrition a lot of the green cleaning products and and mention. He covered October honors message to those are all available at house of nutrition folks appear if you're incident switching over for some from some of those toxic hazardous. Conventional cleaning price and those that are more natural safer for US house of nutrition is your place to stop. Also a lot of great nutritional supplements daily baked goods prepped foods if you're a pension you're working in you wanna eat healthy lunch. You can stop and house nutrition and are you have a premium rap or salad or side dish available for you there there are located at fifteen mainstream concern that's exits six of the 309 expressway in Lucerne county. And their open today until 6 PM 11 AM to 5 PM Sunday at 9 AM until 8 PM Monday through Friday also be sure lighthouse of nutrition on FaceBook. And follow them on answer grand palace underscore of underscored nutrition. Thank you house and nutrition for sponsoring this program of maximize your health. And our next upcoming blockbuster health event is going to be held Saturday march 24. 113 Weston road power chiropractic in wilkes-barre it's going to be led by certified holistic health coach. Caddied element. In it's going to be smooth these for life it's a demo any tasting. So you're gonna learned. How to make certain smooth these what ingredients used for some of these purse for specific health related conditions so that's going to be. If you with Farrah problem hormone imbalance autoimmune disease lion. Intestinal tract issue like I BS collide is silly X disease. They'll be different recipes information about some of these some easy to taste and try to see which ones you like and don't like. Which blender season by white fruits and vegetables are much needed for health also you have an opportunity to win a free book. And it's free smoothie from a local restaurants there's all this is there's a 25 person maximum to attend this event first Saturday march 24. 10:30 AM power chiropractic health center it will cost twenty dollars per person for this event. And again the first 25 people who sign up will be the first one if I people who get in for this amazing workshop so movies for life Saturday march 24 10:30 AM you can email PWR Cairo at To sign up for this. Or you can call our office directly 5708293580. S 570829. 3580. For smoothies for life Saturday march 24. So what. The talk now about specific type of coffee that I would have been doing now for awhile. And it's called bulletproof costing you may have heard the term bulletproof CoffeeGeek. It's not just a way to wake up any more research is beginning to emerge at the coffee can actually have health benefits behind it such as improved brain and cognitive function. Better energy better circulation and a whole lot more so how do we bulletproof our coffee first of all. When you bulletproof your coffee adding a load of healthy fat to the right kind of coffee and that's key folksy and make sure you're using and and and been purchasing the right type of coffee so that's organic GMO free coffee you can buy a whole mean or you can buy it already drowned house and nutrition again is a -- best Theo has a great great selection of fair trade. Whole mean organic coffees available there. And basically when you bulletproof your coffee you're adding you healthy fats is so it's going to be a calorie density cheating extra fuel your body for hours. So this concept actually traces back to the Ethiopians in the Tibetans. They binge drinking by her coffee or yak milk long before the Quito and Helio diet crowd got their hands on it. So the main ingredients in bulletproof coffee are going to be grass fed butter which can also be clarified butter or geese as. As well as coconut oil off. Is butter in your copies and a little less appealing he steaming mug a bullet. Proof coffee will in fact be this smooth this most frothy and electable cup of coffee you've ever laid your hands on. So I can I can speak for this firsthand myself adding in the grass and butter and the median change triglycerides. From the coconut oil. We won it's more focus on the bar concept so this has been. Popular since late two thousands the bulletproof copy has been reported the biggest perk here. Is the impact on brain health and adding mental clarity cognitive function. From regular you simple approve coffee and again too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. So we're gonna talk about how much coffee bulletproof coffee should be consuming. Now she's just using a curing you using the K cops. If you're not getting the same health benefit from your coffee you're just not it's actually can actually harm your health more than help your health. East from back in the 80s90s we demonize Saddam butter because it was sat in and was bad for us. We started turning to margarine synthetic buyers said. But we've field discovered more recently in that and that isn't going to be good for us at all so cholesterol Newhart and hearts these tracks she skyrocketing during this time as well and all while we're starting to go on follow fad diets. Than we were drawn fat is an essential part of almost every physiological function in our body particularly when it comes to optimal brain function. By reducing or eliminating facts we were creating serious health problems and now we understand we ingests healthy fats in higher amounts. Our brains our bodies function effectively. Bulletproof coffee has a high amount of healthy well sourced to saturated fat and this is good news for our brains. But there's also other benefits a bulletproof coffees which can help balance your metabolism regularly healthy metabolism. How do you lose weight stabilizes your news digest of gut health and increase your mood and your strength. Okay so now we know that we wanna get healthy fats from grass fed butter clarified butter geek so what exactly is and CT oil also and see if she stands firm median change triglycerides. And why should we add this to our coffee. EM CT's troubles straight to the liver and are processed more easily in the longer train triglycerides like Omega threes. This means MC cheese or not stuffed in fat cells for safekeeping and they are they ready here access to energy from. So your best when your top sources and GT RN CDs are going to be under refined coconut oil which is about 62 to 65% MC TEs or a process and GT oil. Whose percentage and NTT will obviously be significantly higher. And it's considerations for both although coconut oil is lower Nancy teen has other benefits like. Anti bacterial anti viral and anti inflammatory effects. Coconut oil also has. Has a tremendous amount of research behind it and CT oil on the other hand is more process not well pulp and police in and newer to the market with less research. But don't this man CT oil is still a good choice you simply have to purchase your MCT oil from reputable source. The third ingredient bulletproof copy our second ingredient again is the butter not just any butter and needs to be grass fed butter or clarified butter such as he as long as it's organic and grass fed. Not grain fed butter where your butter is sourced from. It matters tremendously as well as where your coffee is sourced from C one a suit to select eight organic. Whole being is going to be better than it already ground coffees. So hold being non GM no organic coffee with grass fed daughter went on organic under refined coconut oil so what you're gonna use you gonna do one a 21 teaspoon altitude tablespoons. Of the grass fed butter or game one teaspoon two tablespoons of the MCT oil or the coconut oil and an. Eight ounces. A well source organic. Coffee and you could take kind of a Molson fight it better to most by the royals better put this onto a blunder or he could simply take its opponents sure it really well manually yourself. One teaspoon of two tablespoons of grass said butter or G1. Teaspoon two tablespoons of coconut oil Lauren CT oil and an eight ounces of of wealth source organic coffee. Blend that well they're in a blender or manually and you're ready to drink your bulletproof coffee in your on your way you're gonna have energy for hours communal of this recipe if you want the rest began I can email it to you to mean email PWR Cairo and PWR CH IRO at. So wanted to wrap up the shirt and a talking about aspirin should you take it. Or should use you steer clear. So aspirin is gone back 6000 years. From willow bark active ingredients Allison which is identified in the early eighteen hundreds but it wasn't until 1899. After Bayer chemists. Figured out how to synthesize a Siegel Seles so he ascended. That aspirin came onto the market. Today there's nearly 60000. Scientific papers are published on aspirin an estimated 100 billion tablets are taking annually. Aspirin is known to reduce pain swelling inflammation and fever and is a popular therapy for arthritis. Sprains and strains headaches in the flute. Taking as. Aspirin during high risk pregnancies also prevents premature labor and chewing in full strength tablet and aspirin and the first signs of a heart attack can save someone's life. This drug even helps stave off in the metastasis. Of cancer and improve survival time for some types of cancer. Aspirin is also used to help prevent disease and here's where the controversy lies. There's no question the daily low dose aspirin I can help reduce. The risk of heart attack and strokes in people with underlying. Cardiovascular disease. The drugs well known adverse affects most notably increased bleeding risk and GI irritation aren't acceptable trade off with however millions of healthy people who take. Daily aspirin a baby size aspirin tablet maybe eighty milligrams. How would do their risks and benefits stack up does aspirin potentially cause more harm than good who should be using daily aspirin for disease prevention. We've had so there's Cox won an admission is also responsible for aspirants most serious adverse effect which is excessive bleeding. And because Cox one stimulates the the protection. Production protectively coastal cells in the GI tract. Aspirin makes the stomach. More likely to develop all sort alterations in the intestines are more vulnerable vulnerable to irritation erosion. And bleeding so if you do not have underlying cardiovascular diseases or risk factor. According to doctor Julian Whitaker and do you think heart board certified cardiologist. It does not make sense to take a baby aspirin as a preventative mechanism. However if you do have underlying risk of cardiovascular disease which includes heart attack and stroke. In taking a low dose. Baby aspirin Mac she may be a great way to prevent a heart attack or stroke and OK so that is all folks were at a time. I'll be back next Saturday same time same place right here on WI OK news radio 11 AM to twelve to help you maximize your health be well he's safe and I'll see you soon.