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Saturday, February 24th

On today's episode Laurie & Lynn speak to Kristen Kozin of Meals on Wheels as well as Dr. Barbara Plucknett. 


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Following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend ranks and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Morning everybody here and listening to learn your name show good morning good morning and this lovely well it's Thursday morning normal while we're taping an Indy is raining cats sick. Get in the visibility on the highway is like. Really I know I used a scary thing you know that I told you that yes there was some moron VMware and cut me off so yeah I'm gonna do it anyway he does it now please Massa went flat apparently none. You're. We are pink got back on Wednesday yeah. So how was your week what's happening in your week. My week was. I'm crazy I'm still in the process of moving you know I'm I'm clearing out. Twenty some years worth of stuff in my office you know actually more than that because I realized as I was looking at some things last night. I brought things with me from the previous office. To simply because I didn't feel like going through them so I brought the lifting and they stay there another 28 for this and but I had I actually had. A small metal box that had the filing cards in them a different colors some paint some yellow some green and they had some significance is sometime I don't know what they were. But then behind them where the names of all of my clients on the little cards ha. The I conceals my mother's handwriting when my mother worked for me that was a gazillion years ago. And I said don't look at handwriting is fabulous now. So I had to get rid of them I mean I just there's no point because everything is now. On the computer but it was just an amazing trip down memory lane as I'm gone through all this stuff. So still more to do now I'm but I it's and probably 70% of the way through. And I can get this done though with the weather for the next couple days I don't see myself moving anywhere because scanning pouring. So maybe that early next week. News and a ton but now I spent a lot of work so. If this were called it a lid on the southeast and I'll ask is this really has come down business it is okay tomorrow night we have. Our. First show of the 2018. Season. A year for Broadway. And I'm well UB he'll actually have listened to it happened but it's still going on on Saturday today like you're listening and Sunday. Accord signed and so we'll have gone too posh and to an end to see this stuff. You can buy your beef after a while you listen to us today will again on. Met last night yes what did you do during the week I know we round the last night we do we went out with a friend. And we had and a nice dinner and Alfredo spacing them some shout out. And the when NASA does this pay attention to do much of anything and one it was a holiday he had so you are off right yes and the stock markets were closed on Monday so there was nothing to transact both. I was just trying to get my name. I back muscles back in shape and to give them arrest after holing. Boxes and boxes of things and the Cynthia for Canada's pick him up aluminum assists a lot. So I did that believe it really go anywhere and then pretend too much of anything and one point I think it was on Sunday and does so I have to get out of the house. I can't stand being here anymore and my husband was still engrossed in the Olympics. Oh yeah and I just said I have had enough for the skiing and then. Ice skating and get married here. So I went someplace then just aaron's things you know ran around but it was is such a nice day it was a beautiful day so. I'm I think one of the local sportscaster. Perez whether people said that it was going to be a perfect winners today. The sun would be down 42 degrees. So that's that's my idea of wonder. Q so which is your height that I. I'll meet how. We think we can. We we always project but we think it should be right idea when otherwise perfect attendance if you listen to us. You're in good shape that yeah that be nice. And then on Saturday and again a phone call part is I was on my way out the door from a friend from. What a long ago. And this is about that in the the great value of networking. IE big man with a woman who was with them PS bank. Less hour and I was telling her she's said that she limped into Wanda. And then that is really a the footprint of where PS thank god started up that area and in. That area of north. Northeast and that the farthest corner he's yeah a tenth Bradford and shareholders who knows. You know I forget. Anyway up there there in the corner right the third in state border right in that area. And I mentioned to her that. I was on the board of directors of an organization. That was headquartered in tell Wanda they had to do with regional development. Bringing business and doing all kinds of stuff like that with a man who would had been executive director. Whose name was Phil coups KO OS. And I hadn't seen in my talk to him and probably 25 years. And I always respected the man because he was a true optimist who I. That he could do anything and get anything done in that area of the woods because he had a TA Steve from. Somewhere in Georgia and the guy I was really Smart about how to put government money together he knew how to package at all and get grants and stuff like that. And then I was off the board and I lost touch with them. And she said to me that she knew. She remembered him she knew who it was. So on Friday Saturday afternoon I got a text message from her. Telling me that she had just spoken to film coups and had given him my phone number because she was thrilled to know. That she knew me and one injury connect. And I'm telling knew it wasn't five minutes from the time she wrote the text of my phone rang and it was still can't say enough. That that's cool under fall and I just I had a wonderful chat with a nine promise to my own column back and then I realized that he is a true NASCAR fan. And so Sunday was NASCAR races and I saw I can call back on Sunday because I'm sure is glued I. And so when Monday came around I forgot so ice I still I'm home on call but I just wanted to end to a shadow to my friends and PS bank and say thank you. For making that connection because it was really nice to hear his voice is he doing now is retired. I yeah. And when I asked him how he was he briefly said she had some health issues that he was doing okay. So I'll have to get back and find out what he's done but he's living in the every DC Virginia area with his son. Osama partner I think at Deloitte so he was thrilled with his son's. Progress and they career that he shows and so that's where he's slimming. That's terrific so yeah use a slice that's wonderful 25 years and haven't talked to him and it was just so nice to hear his voice. See how things are yeah it was an even FaceBook went that well actually it was FaceBook now because well because. I did a search on baseball about Sarah months now at him. About six months ago because I thought maybe he might be honest and I saw this guy's name came up. And it says Philip coups don't exactly the same why. So I thought. Well maybe it's him but so I says I didn't a request to connect. And I got back the fact that now that I'm not I don't Lisbon to London now. But he said I am his son. I says uncle. Yeah it's. Just let him know you know event I was look at form like Hellenic no I didn't I didn't say anything because I didn't really know what his condition was right. I didn't know she was OK or what ever. So then when this woman called I sell us to this wonderful negative letter altogether. But that was just really nice. To hear from someone that I haven't heard from our eye on. Stuff like that happens at. That's feeling and I am and I and you feel like you're that age again now is that going when raced out to those those good guys especially the good guys yeah. And then I think using Linkedin a couple months at least maybe six straight months ago I actually connect him with my former college remains. They camp and that was really cool. That's forty some years I have fun time while. And he found. I wonder over Dolan now what I wanted to do wonder this splash landing a little pre Oscar party. I really gosh yes I'm JoAnne if there are two Leno and Brenda bestow these Julie Jordan and I asked for years room Joanna and I for years did the fashion show. That we dinner for every fan every. February. And then we did this sort of variety show with these two great female impersonators who came in allowing there's a level this year instead we were buying them back to the fashion show only tossed and turned into him Bihac and decided that we were not going to do that because. Josh Mastec posh was interested in doing something to talk to Dolly when he was executive director of common and wanted to do some little pre party Oscar and these small get together. That's mob but short period of time in the afternoon late afternoon before the Oscars so. We all three we all spies connected and we all got together and we saw this party is actually happening there where invitations sent out. People don't understand necessarily 'cause it's in a different but then the last couple years but it's called posh. Pre Oscar party and it is presented by. Toyota of Scranton they are the presenting sponsors. And it is it there will be a pink carpet. As you walked into posh it is Sunday march 4. It is fifty dollars a person it is at 4 o'clock PM to 530. There's going to be twelve celebrity bartenders. It'll be a posh obviously at the Scranton club so they will they will hear it a when your reservation will include gourmet appetizers cocktails to include wine and beer. And a Coleman's signature like nation that will be served TO. By twelve local celebrities we have Jack Martin. His photo both. We have mark mint Lurie from EC TV will be there as I filming me as I interview people coming and so it'll be re aired on ECT date. And I am it's going to be a really fun night just a couple of days and a short period of time great bartenders and then tried to up the tab my hand to list. We sell. We have Kathy effort is going to do went via our own Nancy Kaman and Frankie you're not seeing none. Might go Woodard who from lavish Katie Gil Martin or not and company Tony missed our toe chief from posture. Meg Ann and Greg good Goran from Toyota of Scranton. I'm Ed Glen Velez. From. Edmund is the lead singer of picture perfect. I'm the last we have Siena is gonna forget pupils I shouldn't have said. I don't say I hit it better to write a paralegal then I asked and did I keep saying they're the same people feel but tell them we have to doctors doctor John Ferrell and doctor Christine Pollak care who are radiologist. They're both going to be there and I am one. More that I did not men shop I Assurant terror like I have to eleven on my fingers I'm Alan you're Catholic if the stock so we have to remember who that she said. Twelve person is and give them big boo yeah well you have time. They can do a whole section next budget but I know because I can say Nancy but if you'd like you call. Nine top 5709475852. 94758520. Or go on the common web site and you can get information. Our show up at the door it's fifty dollars in his four to 530 and march. Fourth at posh and it's called a posh pre Oscar parties presented by Toyota Scranton be a lot of fun with couple hours and you'll see many you read your friends bar tending. And had a bad time. That's a fund raiser for common common hunting. Yes it's nice as we say they'll be nice piece in the paper next Wednesday entries mounting in and fate have done a nice have faith go my beautiful piece of course on that end. So we're happy and excited and like I said who can say no to. The komen foundation for don't say no now but I'm. As it and then I understand and went to were just saying that. There would not be those female impersonator and I know now that's that's. What we did the last OK so that's not what I explained is what will happen don't know Jack Martin's Frankie. I'm Regan drinks food. And the celeb who your friends celebrities are attending three bars throughout the downstairs level of posh. There are people expected to be glam -- could come if they LSU I mean we used to say that for the last couple years to do but that nobody really mean some people dead but we used to do this cute thing a take on mr. pink elegance and it was so Q3 years ago the best pink dress or a bunch anyway certainly can't come slammed did you want her comments casual it's a fun party have so we're going to take a quick break you're listening this morning to Larry when show will be right back it's. 30 in the morning a little Korean Lee and now. I don't really. Good morning we're back. Act good morning how are you I'm good how are you find by name is Linda Evans I am the let's see what's my current I don't. I am managing director. Of women of substance which is say financial planning firm designed for baby boomer women. I'm also the host of a podcast called power of the purse. Available on iTunes. Stitcher and Google play and I am Larry can neon art again enterprises which is a fundraising PR and especially then it's his. And our guest expert today is actually against destiny yes very yes yes yes. Normally we would have some folks here from fidelity bank for fidelity bank has asked us. To allow. One of their favorites. To show up here today and speak about what she's doing so our name is Kristen co isn't. She's executive director of meals on wheels. It's like going Channing. I think morning Aaron thank you very happy yeah. Thanks our thanks to fidelity bank there. Wonderful community minded organization yes we love them I'm sure you do and they must obviously Lola you don't hear you I can't compete and yeah so you got some really exciting news to share with everybody about. The progress of meals on wheels in black on Kelley's tell us is yes. We are really excited to announce a new endeavor. I'm worm in the next coming months are going to be opening a really exciting. And then banquet meeting facilities. Specifically for other nonprofits and human services agencies. To help support their missions but raise funds. Is to be beautiful. We're gonna call it. I'm mechanical she could very calm modern organic. Space thank you see it to 200 people. It's going to be a great facility. That really is our executive chef chef John in here he. He's he's a wonderful everybody is. Worked with him loves him. We're going to be able to provide nonprofits in the support of alternative. Do last minute fund raising him and needing this programming. We're going to be able to expand our programming. I'm new mile nutrition programs and a space so we're really excited to have been a long time coming. And you've already got the commercial kitchen and there. Yes we do this I didn't I didn't elementary human sent to me earlier I didn't realize that all that is done there I thought you were. Using different facilities I didn't realize he had a whole commercial kitchen but it is back kept that commercial kitchen. Going to be capable of doing 200 meals absolutely every day right now you come and you know a lot of starting and they they starter Ryan before 5 AM I sometimes I'm an F 5 AM but never. Usually not a Fuller. But we do about 800 meals on any given day if not more and that's not our parents same time hasn't yes. And yeah I guess we start our delivery we actually are supporting programming and other companies now lineman Aaron Downey. So we'd begin sending out and trapping and cooking all man in the morning and it's 730 the first sentence 400 goes out and then the next and a 500 goes out an hour later. And tell everybody to cause I think it's important to know in case people don't fully understand. How many meals a day in the weekends how they how does that work with meals on what else I take it and now it's a well oiled machine age you know and then he's got some snow and and that machine yeah hopefully we make you learn you know we deliver. Our organization we deliver five days a week Monday through Friday so we have clients humane receive five meals a week ten meals a week. Or seven meals a week for the weekend so well actually deliver. Percent of meals on Friday for the weekend whether they be frozen and or bagged lunches. And feel what they prefer road when there are faring agency. It says they need nutritionally. So every day Monday through Friday neat Friday excuse me on our volunteers and and team of drivers because I have. Over a 150 volunteers you rotate throughout the year and throughout the month some youth twice a week Sunday once a month. But I am seven drivers that go out every day. And and they delivered to our volunteer pick up sides they also deliver their own meals. So we we'll just weekly Rihanna full sleeve of oh minivans and and commercial vans that go out all the way up. Eat you know. All of nine these events H Frederick County home where are we done Monroe slowly go to Monroe right now. And we go all the way up to the border. Of Wyoming honeymoon until border so word we're delivering specifically in my client honey it's mom we'd love to expand our services in the coming. Amare delivery services but right now I'm we just delivered in lock on canning and definitely. But that's a 500 meals a day could I how do you get more funding primarily due to enable you to do this is so. We are a mix of funding sources whether that be state or federal pass through to the state. Contracts under these older Americans act that. From the other form is sent insurance private pay we have clients. Maybe their children aren't aren't or nephew or niece is our out of town and and they paid. For their loved ones to receive I am I never knew now. Anything anyone receives that what I mentioned eat your going on vacation. You and and you. A family member you're taking care and and you're not quite sure that there had eating the way they should you get the order meals on wheels through week. Animal common deliver every day and we're gonna CEO. I'm zone and that's the other bush added we're gonna CEO we we need this year when you see your face. And leading to talk to you so we're doing now wellness check and that that's a huge piece and I don't sure. So wow this is is that each client's sort of loan earlier homebound you don't see everybody like commercials you see that they see they're their only other human they may see in the days that is being delivered their food right Chris and that's so important it's really one of the most importantly I chef John and his team strives to and just do. You know this homemade fresh frozen beef then and now Turkey any anti he'd call I've heard loud boos. And it's there it's a comfort for the soul when she is our volunteers are really. And touch and know their clients my drivers know our clients. We know our clients and and that's really important because you can tell when something's not right not great and and you know that's so there are some some people than the last number other family or their families to fire away. You know we've save lives we. People have fallen leaves I had to call emergency services and it happens more unfortunately it happens more often than we blame. But it does happen and and ill LA say that you really have to want to do that's. Because everybody doesn't really loves. What we do and we have a passion for X. What's amazing is did you ever notice too and I don't know when it's used for Christiane high even Dallas feet if you're I think the Wyoming and you which in front of the building and you would make a left on I'll watch your garage is an office that her all the trucks yet in and out of. I can't feel that every mining had every mining and starts at about the first and goes on about 815. And the next set. Com starts coming out around 915. So Acer with the meals that they are taking out at age fifteen or 915 feet. These are big considered to be at lunch or dinner or lunch but I lines cause lunches. Earnings. And yes I think that's really. And one of the currency and a wonderful humps. And the program but treasured friends so we actually deliver. Pet food. To clients who have pads who. No kidding and yet know I'm a pet lover yeah everybody I know they can get within a few of her feathers and you and I know that cuts thumps. Play what people don't realize an end the resurgence now burying and you can find it is. Eight it really does lower the blood pressure me it really and lowers anxiety. It creates a reason or motivation to move. In the mornings and and when you need to be moving more. As you aging and we start getting a little more sedentary. Com all of those things are wonderful things false if this is your companion during the day. What are they gonna being kind to do you're gonna share your feel good it all my wonderful Turkey in my ass Palestinians as. And ten year and that's truly your best friend is sitting there and staring and GO. Well our meals are designed to feed you and are tired designed by and our intention to really need. The nutritional means and our clients are still the treasurer Fred Bennett pet food program lets us deliver. An entire meal right yeah we we sent out either with their delivery one day a month loan and a special. Delivering groomed backers out and big box of food for that month. Based on what the pet means. We received donations from a wonderful employees at allied. Who are supporters she gives her are Amazon wish Lance mum grant funding for meals on wheels and America from the Banfield trust. For a pet food premise so many people have supported local fan nation swore smacks supports our. I'm pet food program. Because it's really it's it's I think it's early. No they're out and that's someone you have a big Kristin what is a local companies that. I'm armed food. I brokers whomever did they support you are elderly they can be good DL so wonderful we have great supporters and our fiscal vendors kind donation on the and the cast and I can in my. They get both sweet and and that really helps us support. Because you do ever as we age you want. At the quality of life may and you know there's so many things and are uncertain about life still if we can help provide certainty. And just those two things that you're gonna get this hot meal and your your pet's going to be taking care out of or you know that somebody's gonna check in on you know maybe help you bring in your mail. If we could provide that little that. It low and anxiety. Makes an aging Nath and places that much easier. That's really great I never knew that about the pet food or about the price you pay ten. No apparent defense that is so Israeli trained to not guess see this is why this is great is I'm never knew that. And I didn't know how many meals today you use served and I didn't know which one it was if if so that's interesting to number actually that makes the most sense and you think when you bearish. Preemption getting all prepared and so much thinks that he should be your biggest male lunch anyway so I agree with a great deal and I. Wow and really because of the nature of the operation you almost have to do lunch biathlon where you're in morning you'll never get a sooner questionnaire out I don't wanna do right now. Well you know at least put an alana out and that's why and things like the space and all of Hyannis wonderful large kitchen. So to be able don't support other nonprofits make it easier. For managing your offense and make ease your trust and generate additional revenue that's a win win for us and we know what it's like to have to put on an event. When you're doing an in house and you may not have. The resource is just the the people. More still to be able to offer the space and we can be understanding. And we did and your issues around and we we really believe and because or client focus our mission focused so. Ear they're going to be our clients to. You know so one wonderful organizations come in my column in north women's resource or voluntary action center Aaron tell us bond. If we can help you have an event in a meeting. And we're gonna do it because we understand. Yeah. We'll tell everybody how they can get in touch with you Kristen or for that matter meals on wheels to either arrange a private may want to be on your list to help out. I'm wolf we are all over the place are I know Larry is I have a wonderful social media and actor Chris she she'd. It makes sure how there's so. Our phone number is 570346. To afford to one. So again that's by 70. 3462421. We are on FaceBook meals on wheels community services of any PA check out or having a person bingo and Charlie are right. And I think I do great when I. I can't handbags and so where are on FaceBook Twitter meals on wheels of community services and EPA. Come we are on Linkedin and our web site is. Meals on wheels and EPA dot org and you can check out a preview of the space at olive. Com are you sit and banquet facility we'll be in this basin college dot org or the space and all of dot com you. We got our and it's great joining us thank you know how the information gas is scary learned a lot and I'm going to cut out a little early so I'm Wynn's gonna cover our next guest MD doctor Barbara (%expletive) that one a mark Ames around here Endesa will be right back you're listening to Lari human shell. Here Gloria inland. So this morning. My name is Linda Evans I am the managing director. Of should women of substance LOC which is a financial planning firm specifically devoted to the financial major baby boomer women and also the host of a podcast. Called power of the purse. Which is. Available again sir you can listen to it and I can't. Picture and Google play. And Lorie has stepped out for a little bit she might join into the event. But our guest expert today is doctor Barbara what that truly the only religion and gynecology is so key interest in Scranton. Are welcome doctor. I'm that good morning how are you. Kind Harry you great thank. So what are they and talk about this morning we don't it might be a good idea to do a little bit of bad. I've revisited on you know what type of practice we are what. At the folks like to see what different problems that we can help. That really can visually new topic on the horizon the ball we could possibly talk about but I think every once and a while coming back down to the basics of you know what kind of things do we like to help people quit a bit of attend the good thing. Yeah it LEE I see a lot of things still you know coming through my doors that I feel like. If people had only known we existed maybe they wouldn't have waited so long or they wouldn't of had to struggled so long. They may have been more comfortable. With eight other problem being treated in the and that that you know mostly around the topic of pro lapse. Good you know that is the dropping Ord and you know uterine collapse or Blatter Cadillac even erect a pro apps. More specifically you know the vaginal wall collapse. But I feel a lot of weaknesses in the pelvic floor show the vaginal walls become weak and that allowance for things can bulge through conference since the Blatter has dropped with a back to coach up with a uterus to fall. And you know most significantly from the get mad again this week I had a gallon whose uterus was completely out of and so you know that now didn't yesterday chicken dealing with this for a long long time and and I only wonder had she known that. You know there are things that can be done before I dropped splatter or dropped uterus that would have prevented it number one from getting to that point number number Q would have prevented her from having such discomfort for so many years. You know I don't sound terrible for the layperson they never could never had money you don't. Fourteen I don't even know what it felt that oh my god how could you ever do that but hit a pure poll if you're had a family member who had this same problem and they put up with that. And now you're that same family member and you're gonna put up with that. Maybe you don't know that there are other things that we can deal. In addition and homeland that we do like using a country which is much like a diaphragm. Which is just a device that fits in the vagina that holds up whatever organic is that the falling whether that be the Blatter with a uterus. And it could get appropriately. People shouldn't know they even have that device in their vagina. They can have and I don't think hatchery and they can have. You know they can do it themselves they can change that they felt just a little bit of open water. If that's the bad word difficult. Barbara strategically cut. Shaped the kind of Petri sometime and that can't be done. With just help them are doing your development and I kept coming in we have to do it for you but still it relieved that the problem. And you no longer have to deal with all of that in a worst case scenario when the uterus come dollar account of the black and all the way down. Some may even have difficulty emptying their bladders and so they'll feel like they want to go but they they just can't go. And that can be a problem because when you don't empty your Blatter you can put yourself at risk for infection. Yeah and 08 equivalent. What are some of the other symptoms that women might want to know that that's what's going on for the content needs. Yeah but so oddly enough. Women can use the famed descriptive words. When they're describing a pro at most amenable to coming appeal like they have a camp punt stuck the wrong way. And I just think her home curiously funny. And we have people have the same and that it just feels like the camp on it in the wrong way it stuck that they feel pressure. They've appealed. Something odd gal there. Other yeah we'll tell you they feel a bulge they actually feel a bulge. They made the hill like a ball when they wiped so that that skin actually comes right of the opening of the vagina when they white. People will yield something move would make it down so printed but they sit down the bolts gold backup and I would get the curious sensation as well. The so. You know people describe all kind of different than patient but I I like it that they do have a commonality to them when they describe that I'm so it could be that you know. Something that is just not what you think it should be come and we would gladly just take a look and let you know what it is that we see now. If we see a bulge but you have no symptoms. You don't have to do you think about that. It won't miss Gary Player magically fall out. It's not gonna progress into anything severe over any short amount of time on these things and take a long time in Q progressed. And pump and we'd get up to keep an eye on them but at least he'll let you know how the conversation and you know what those options might be we do a lot of surgery pro lap iMac actually the only. I'm person in the area that doing collapse surgery we do a lot of robotic collapsed urinary. Meant we know I think that people have a wonderful. Outcome when they are you know I have. After having had her surgery avid depends on what is coming down whether B platter uterus your otherwise as to what surgery we do I but the robot which is that you know I help here laparoscopic. Surgery. It makes bird who. A easier recovery for the patient. And they don't have to deal with all of these symptoms I have watched the women that come in my gosh I can't believe how easy the surgery was. And I can't believe how much better I feel. Most women are around same day from their surgery. And they're really not having the other night in the hospital they don't have margin thin can we cover from. They just have. We have a little small incision and their recovery if so much easier. It. Helen Helen but the difference and that's the mean from what to what it Brad at the classic traditional surgery would. Require you to be in the hospital troops 48 hours or something like that 48 and then he knew mood and began and then every camp courses and traditional church tended to have that as and they shouldn't. Which was very difficult to recover from. And then a blunt graphics surgery or minimally invasive surgery shorten that clear shame they were worst in overnight depending on how you felt that the recovery time frame is still six weeks but they the way in which you feel during that six week it's so much better. Again and the perjury. That the taken much time Rabbani clean that would for you to do it. Manually or whatever you whatever the opposite is you know they've looked at that in studies and they've shown that they as you get to be more experience what is the the robot you do tend to do a faster surgery. You know there are still people that can do a very skilled. I don't hysterectomy or you know things of that sort. And a shorter amount of time but I don't think the beat up the depth of the procedure that the idea you difficulty with the procedure is the same an add to that particular case. I would say we we are very you know we have done a lot of work in the field. And we've got pretty good result as far as the surgery got our times are. Argue okay trenchant to keep up Q hours total short a procedure for a hysterectomy and that sort of less than. At about three hours if you start doing multiple things during the same procedure and again most people are home by the end of the day and quite happy to be to. There. At all you know put your full disclosure thing you know that I had one of those procedures done. And I live it it just amazes me that I at this. Happened at midday where I had the surgery. I can I took some time in the M. Like that room when you go to with so you wake up call the coast up at. Thank you the puck popped. As the recovery whatever was then I was transferred they stayed overnight not because. There was anything wrong with the Sergio because they actually discovered that they cut radio traffic some. Heart arrhythmia and they went to keep me there overnight but the next morning when I was when I woke up. I had absolutely no pain whatsoever. And I literally walked out of there at 11 o'clock patent that next day and I had to have somebody drive me because they wouldn't allow me drive. But I drove over to what might normally be drove over to a Panera Bread I can't donate entire feel like there was no difference. It was it was the most amazing that an ever venture. It really unhealthy knowing that you can imagine how difficult is it it's for me understand that women are not you know seeking treatment because maybe they don't know that there's treatment for things that are truly troublesome to them. Yes I had a lot of significant pro that it's not patient this week that there's just this week where I think my gosh if only you might have known that you know would have been so much speed better he would have had this done five years ago. You know better than having to gut the the point now where it's so much more complicated for them. Until that that was what prompted me to say hey we probably should speak out about these things again the other thing that I feel a lot of it it is incontinent or leaky bladders where you know there there are lots of great in it out saying they pricked ears. For stress incontinence. And now even urge incontinence. You know course we need to evaluate which one you haven't. There's some easy procedure that can be done that really make a difference in people's quality of life. You know like apple don't wanna have a pat people don't wanna be smelly people don't wanna worry that their smelly even if they're not looking very intimidating kill anybody. And wary about that stuff all the time and there's so many different things that can be done now that are EU need to do and. You know have a minimal I'm often work that you can feel better about yourself and not have the pleasure ongoing problem. Yep. Yeah okay are good ideas. And it that why why would someone. My security answer that question I was just gonna think outside barker but why would someone. Live with that Renton then. Going feet by and the recognition of the fact that there's something different although symptoms you just mentioned. Would indicate committee that there's something not right there. Well so it suggests that women are free to talk about it is that that they. And like you said that they live with the because somebody before them has the same situation park let's look at. But how do you get this information out there that you don't have to look what else. Correct so that's why you know I think that either Dave. Been afraid to ask the question they've not banned it in a situation where they felt comfortable to bring that up nobody wants to talk about their dropped platter or vaginal wall or clock uterus. It was bad luck you have to go he would gynecology at street and think about going to see a gynecologist but I have to talk about those things in difficult for a lot of people that come home but the fact that now are they say you don't need to go feared AM but every couple of years of the people aren't coming out any black. I think that the combination of event is such that nobody taking a look anymore nobody got the opportunity you're not in the room you're not there to say hey. Do you see this jerk or I you know might say hey do you notice this. Because that kinda contact isn't coming into play. Oh they're having their exam done with their primary care doctor and they may not want to bring it up and that that atmosphere. That a lot of different reasons why. It may not have come up in conversation. A meal I have yet to figure out how to put a good billboard on the highway. I thought hey come talk about your burlap. I can't figure that one out yet. You like it certainly would like Q because they do feel like we just need to get the word out that you know you don't have to struggle with any of these problems. We have so many things that we can help you with. There I think if anyone who's listening in to end the matter I think at this and can come up with some really and I think that I had acute it's that their please call Kutcher plucked the pets right. Without ever made hastily. Re men who exactly did he giggling and hate hate silly though. Yes offend anyone. But then the battle to get out there that you do not have to suffer with your drop anything. A guy that just so funny I could see that country you should unethical corporate touched your dropped any thing. Oh my goodness that's funny all right well then what let's find out what tell everybody rather how they get in touch with you. So we're located across the street from the regional hospital in Scranton on Jefferson avenue. Brandon can you building and had implored. So that. Feel free to come by via the phone numbers 5703449997. Mummy could also look at it on the web and doctor Barbara pocket dot com. I'm just glad that you and tell you what we think can offer you some option. Bring your hair. And that's DL UCK and ETV. Get beat everybody and make sure okay all right. And thank you doctor a pet appreciate your getting up this important information. And get a cult. Can explain and to talk about but thank you so much for letting everybody hear about them. And they'll be afraid you're listening Gloria Lin show end and glory with a be nice. And we'll see you next week thanks Larry I killed.