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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend ranks and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. And then oh yeah. No really Ari yeah. He you are listening to the Marion Lynn show just in case she didn't realize that because you know I realized every time we opened we never say that we just launch right in just a well the party others who segment and I do as they are he says here's why am I know I'm. Still her I like to make sure people to remember it's ASEAN on any knowledge might be remembered. They usually never did and yes didn't sell so happy belated. Valentine's Day I was saying all day yesterday happy Saint Patrick's Day to. I don't know why somebody told me they we went and escalate somebody wished somebody Mary Crist. Cup. Enticing and I'm not the only. Only one but yeah. Yeah yeah I guess 'cause I just think. Saint Patrick's Day should be all the time I don't know I think to a man against social Valentine's Day. Who's the who's got good news. Anyway so we did we did have a good Valentine's Day it's fun it's time he did we went to Russell's restaurant and there are six of us there and we had some wonderful food. And Patrick had his traditional. Chanel purse say with kinda nice costs and the national spending against the common. Mastery didn't. Strawberries. And whipped cream him and he was happy camper. Did not make for a good sleeping arrangements later. I now it's. Oh my yanish. Yeah so anyway so I don't know how people sleep together anyway. There is king or queen. Of McLean yeah okay. I can I think that initially. It was wonderful. When he and I listened to so yes houses we talk about the health insurance that's the secret to a happy man I think this and I absolutely think it has. But when he moved back to when he moved through clarks summit and where we live now. And took me a long time to get used to being able to fall asleep with someone named Cecilia. You know I mean it's it it was a strange thing that. Yes food at that point we were married what was at night. Five years or something but it was only on the weekends when we were physically together in a sleeping in bed so. Five to seven days a week was says. I mean those in between days and just really go into a deep sleep and that nobody. Flip on the covers or do another bizarre things so now I just. I don't even pay attention but no I don't IEE now I'm still said. My ways of being. In a living and being alone. You know in my house. With my bed to myself that I don't. Really should if you have a kings size is is not in a show and I totally because when we go on vacation. It's not a problem at all we have king said but it I don't have a king size bed. Nor can really affect how we could fit but I didn't get a and I just got to know. Ma am mattress and stuff last January so I'm. It's sticky it there's I just like it now I like to be and I sing O come all over the bend really when I wake up to one side and my dad is completely untouched. Anyway so he. I don't but I feel like I'm everywhere yet you know but I just kinda like that alone this is a you know handle the business long sung the song Lenin and one of Eddie Money song says he's he's a guy Heath to sleep alone and they get down because I used to love I'll rhinos think now. Com not to walk now yeah I know hey I'm I'm ways via yes queen or lower forget you know I whenever we go to. Is it my sister my mom's bed she tells me that my mom's dead. Is it queen size bed and I said there is no way that is to create. Fall right that's I think it's because blend the two of us lay down their dad if our shoulders are touching I say it's now. Korea. So every time we go it's always a contest tossing and turn my M and six I hate it. I know namely sound like we're complaining we're not we are but we're not nine sand so reality it's reality how it is yeah is. I'm somehow we learned to adapt to and I think hope people don't try that I say to myself what I do and I think. And just think of how many people really don't even have an actress is asleep power exactly so could come plan. Nice but amber shows on we were younger and make the pain the bedrooms would be true twin bed I don't know like a man does that mean you would think the leg that's now you know a lot of depth they have the right idea known about. Thousand sensors are and that's I don't know what's until they did the right idea goes so funny and a guy that yes but we have to say so we had. Do you capture gains in Napoli. Lyn Evans and he was a rare form last night and he won the award again and then of course she had to eat yours truly and Meyer mask events and then we had Deb Dudley. And her date for the night mr. Randy Williams the and we had a lot of fun we did a lot of fun. It's always nice to be in that little note that we like awesome car and Russell says it's very nice. So we can't find it and it was a nice night it was busy very busy Lari bide some wonderful. Good my years. Some goodies from our girl I'm candles and gamble's dance yes yes I always go and I thought this chocolate covered strawberries this year. So I gave those and I'm by Ian can RN six of them into. And I thought I am a dozen of them and I took them to people instead takes summoned so that was nice and then I always split last year I realized that re Indy. And Deb Dudley an MD were Falco McNulty and I had dinner with the together for Valentine's night I was Meyer had gone away that day. And so we went up to Russell's 'cause my thing popped up on FaceBook that said a year ago yeah and I remember bringing them. And some type of aid like Buckeyes. Heart shaped box guy and I think this time it was a silent heart filled with peanut butter very. And then you got your favorite box guys. And I'm chocolate yes how dark and it melt far I'm boyfriend here. NCAA and she said I appreciate the kindness of your Valentine however if you only get. Milk I would have been offended because then I would have been tempted to eat them but now since you bought me six dark chocolate I have to eat. It up. That education and AME you no I did not I did because I. I'm wondering how dark chocolate tastes like I don't well I had tons of dark chocolate and peanut butter common sight seeing and I love it blew open the F. It's good. Gil was a nice night. Doesn't and we got a day about Patrick gave me to really nice Valentine's Day cards I. And his buddy Arnie flam flam flam yep we have to give him a shout out mr. flam took can't consume the hallmark store clarks summit I got. And idiotic in my. Ali I am that Patrick did did yet did Arnie gets some for Jeanine slam he says of course so that doesn't mean anything but guess what they think. It's so easy in the Ernie thanks for your belt now. And then they went to get some lunch and Dino offensively as he says he always what did he say while he knows in the kitchen. Making pizza it's wonderful what did I say man someone's in the kit women's. I had to Linehan Harry you know let's I Janice but anyway I asked. C a week it was so scary nice. And then in Kandahar and called and we get out there are around to say I turn now and happy Valentine's yes so by the end I think just like bank about admiring yeah Tahoe and up to your friends. He. No I did catch goes in rare form BSE was quite and the money he may well he had some a new audience yeah you know also all of his jokes on his lines. And then there are those that. You know we didn't get Tim bugs. But how do we rim of the cinema with a few oh yeah absolutely zillow re going to ask me. Al with so when you go home use says something about. You didn't get any. And Valentine's Day. Gifts yet yes because. Mired drafted a mosque at my house I wasn't home all day yesterday. I can until I got home according detention beautiful beautiful can steady roses which are my favorite don't like the yellow with deep tipped in Orange she read it yeah. And they throw a pink for some reason to me because that goes to college it doesn't really but it does. The colors are kind of do you really interest thank. And so they were there with these little big areas that match in MP it's beautiful Barbie didn't tonight he got it from my sister Barbara Katz and I would just can't florist. It was beautiful and then he had the two boxes of candy but I'm. There he went to done more candy kitchen another one of our favorites and he got me some peanut butter cups and chipped clusters. They're potato chips and oh yes they're so good and then he bought me a little. The one of those traditional red. Fabric cards with a couple candies and the chair so I said Tom last night when I called ice and you have to keep the ones with gluten in them. You've got some good I have some good. Like the primarily in the George DNA as I collar crackers Jordan pandas stuff like that he's a god is happy to bet my year's got a chocolate guy I know he doesn't usually. I mean I like Manila better than chocolate too we both Jill but I ate like chocolate but once I have a piece or two I'm done. Like I don't care if I see it a wild. I see it again for a while I'm not that kind of although the older I've gotten the more I enjoy. Chocolate but like chocolate ice cream chocolate cake stuff like not now but I can care less. I went to. A very interesting restaurants plus Saturday afternoon. That was columns and blush include Terry. Awareness and Strauss Burke. And made history piano we are Osborn. Changed that much you know when the chamber of commerce is in his son. The main drag Evans the seventh street is worried commanded. You Sabena is a big new building there. And the DNC other office on the other side of that there's an old story the used to be is facing new varies. It was one of those. When they call them they can't uncle burgers aren't aware from Don downer from down there okay. Down your dongle burgers towards. The the next exit thanks again I made I granular your K okay so on that side of the mainstream okay is it is it near it used to be very good it's like a they have ice cream and and lunch you know that's the one amount. This is this is truly a French shark food every now I right now I don't know meat and cheese and write stuff like Danielle and so I didn't hear that the use say the name I'm sorry but their recent one right series and maybe it's called the greenery or something that has. I don't see images and ice cream yes I know how are you may I ask so that's right an entire I didn't hear yes save our race lesser included I love it. And I met my friend Jack trillion mayor who lives in the long valley New Jersey. So it was a good halfway point for both of the media. And I just arbitrarily protected because I was looking through I don't know what it was Opentable or something on and that. And so I looked and I thought this is fun this is all French food I can't wait to go so. We got there and we had this fabulous lunch. Does all kinds of Sarah knowing them like dubbed the cutting corners yes he had served Diana a piece of slate and actually the last. And and they had soups and they had. And just really wonderful things and including miss her coterie boards where you could order the maintenance right. So com I found he was there about two minutes before me I saw him Poland and then I had to go around someplace and find a place to park so in that. Two or three minutes and I wasn't there she started talking to the waitress. Young and a waitress was a woman who works there in the weekends. And we found out layered that she has. A radio show and I forget what the number is someplace and in the Poconos a local radio station. Called sister act sat. And it's about women who go through whatever life experiences and and they know it's also important thing. So police are talking back and forth back and forth. And it was just a really a fascinating day. Because I never know half the stuff existence. In the town insult relatively no. But the interesting piece of this is the woman who owns the restaurant. Is also the current mayor a stroke her. And does won reelection. And you know I saw that's a woman one man DN AC we'll talk when I continuing I think I don't know if you remember her name Villa Lorena talk when we come back we're going to take a quick break we'll be right back you're listening this morning till Larry lynch. It's Saturday morning I would Gloria lay in now. Oh really. Darn good morning. My name is Linda Evans Siam the Spansion director of but Minnesota sense LOC a financial planning firm. Devoted to the financial planning needs of baby boomer women. I'm also the host of a podcast called power of the purse available on iTunes. Google play and stitcher. And my name is hungry to admit I'm neon of Larry can enterprises but just a fundraising PR and special band business. And you are continuing conversation. I was trying to look it up but then I. I had then I forget what it is but I'm I don't remember the woman's name which is not a good thing because it's always good to know that. Even early in my eyes yeah female. Office holders. And she does such a fabulous job of I am dizzy car reinvigorating. Main street. In downtown Strasburg so many new businesses opened up. That is it's really a spectacular place to be. And album was a place crowded when you went in no wasn't because it for you are off the tiny date to end it was really yucky in the morning and them. Ice and all the other business but as the day one onions people to start coming in. Well and you know did I go to my favorite place that my Mexican place up and I mainstream Strasburg Maria does. It's a chain restaurant but I love it you know and if it's been their for years and years and years and we go take a ride up they had the best salsa and chips and food it's. It's a text Maxine more than anything but it's wonderful stuff. So there's lots going on in the Poconos which is a very good thing that I'm happy then. To report that because it was kind of Diana and the fine there you know nothing new happening and always heard about was. Crime and violence. You know this is not a good thing for any ran well there they town. But I think they've done some really good things does turn that around and it's it's a nice destination. A little cute little town can we you know I lived in east Strasburg for laughs when. From 1992. To 1995. To three years we're there. From what we were married yet Ali we moved back from Philadelphia and actually when Shawn was formed we lived in have the type townhouse development called walnut grove. 447. In east Strasburg but it was Stroud township. It's Tammy actually went to kindergarten she went to preschool and a little school in Strauss berm right trot down the street from where you were in a process. Called children's academic learning center Tammy she went there and then he went to kindergarten at Notre Dame elementary. In I am. I guess that's ease any Strasburg so. But ambience that we were there and lived about kill and and they are for two years we're going to back to this I'm done more Scranton. Scared so. I am ESQ but it's hard to get into those places like when you. Meaning is it into two to get in I say to make friends indeed a lot of there's so many people who are from new York New Jersey each coming in and I'm their wonderful but they bring did they come with Iran and their families like it to end Brothers and sisters and people moving and and there are very into it becomes sort of clan ish with among themselves and that's. I am that's redundant but you know and I'm saying it was a little bit hard to. Do that to kind of yeah I want that he has connected. That is what the Poconos it is unfortunate exactly it insist nobody's and I said that Jack he said. You know something about the how long as I suspend your I says. It probably has gone through many iterations. Because the reality is there aren't that many people here who've actually been born and raised here. And I don't know that the spent Strauss berg is is tough I know what I lived there I think they used to say Strasburg when they show you maps of his more in Lehigh Valley. If yes then in the Poconos it's because it's down on the other side so. But it in the so close to New York I mean literally it's an hour away here. Which is why it's like not perfect location for Matt. Many people commute I lived there if we knew it is too many places in the Poconos and commute into the city. Yeah. But it isn't so it's and it's a great malaria and easy to. I'm telling. You it's nice. Finally set go back to something that we talked about a couple weeks ago that I don't think I really ever finished. And I was telling you about a woman. Who had been a guest on my podcast her name is Mary Helen Conroy. And she wrote a book college you're amazing itty bitty retirement book. And this you're amazing itty bitty anything books is apparently is series might like the ones at something for dummies. I know that break it's that kind of a brand so she was telling me that. They woke up they will accept almost anything as long as you have it. A topic where there are some people that would be interest and listen to it. So here's some other ones is said by your amazing itty bitty empty Nester is survival. Can book. You're amazing itty bitty sexuality for seniors book. You're amazing Indy busy staying young at any age book and then it says are any of our other any day ebooks available on line. So that I have in front of me something that's actually a paperback book is meant it's not just something your Reno line. But the name of her book is. Obviously their retirement book but she said the subtitles fifteen essential tips for you the nearly and newly retired. There were a couple in here I think we talked about months before but there's still some though I think. Are very interesting. Because we don't think about these things which is the kind of fall into retirement. And one of the steps that she talks about his what did you learn today. And she said when was the last time you are so engrossed in learning something that the time flew by. You enjoy the luxury of allowing yourself to not skin a piece of information. But to truly fit the pieces of learning together in your head. Just for you. Number one be curious. Retirement gives you the time to be geared to learn anything. To invent. Have you always wanted to create a new product a new web site and new recipe. Three enhance the skill. Builds on what you know get better as something just trio. Four keep the brain synapse saying using the mental skills today keeps you from losing them tomorrow. And number five. Go back to school you're never too old teachers appreciate the wisdom that seniors can provide to the classic. She says that one of my well. To a couple of clients of mine have really taken that to be ultimate degree. And that. The wife sure was a professional. Went back to school Houston to slow to go. For the cooking classes and ended up that she now has a full degree. In the culinary arts she is going and a master's degree she's learned at this techniques and tricks of every different type of coaching. Loves doing it. Their husband is taking all these courses and to do things that he always wanted to do or do better as she suggests in here. Like small. Machine repair. All if things like bill that you can do is have a workshop and home go to other things here. And they absolutely. Love it. And it's just I'm just thrilled to see if that is something that they are so engrossed in doing something in their they're very young I mean they're retired early which is something. Powerful thing true. But it's just great to see people continuing to do things like that you can eat. I also believe the ninth I thought about this. Enhance the skill. I don't know what prompted Patrick the other day say something to me about. The piano that we have at the Lake Tahoe. The piano. Is. This a very interesting piano story because it was. My grandmother's. On my mom's side it was her piano. And her father. At the time they didn't have cars so they drove. Wagons and horses and stuff like that in New York City to Brooklyn. And this guy made. These custom made that piano since this was an upright piano. And the he had it made for her and brought it back to the house and north Scranton. And put an end. The front room where she learned to play the piano. And so. When my grandmother passed my mother. Took the piano and play and in her basement. And then when she decided to move. To. Philadelphia and he was my sister she couldn't take a lesser. So she begged me to please. Take the piano because she couldn't stand the fact that it would be thrown away somewhere and chopped up for when Matt Gutierrez. So I took the piano and is in the basement of the place at the lake. And I keep thinking to myself every time I go up there I go down play around with that. Because they didn't take lessons. When I lived in west side. And mentality I think her name was she was a woman who lived and where the side streets there. And I used to go there every week and I had my assignments. And I hadn't practiced. On a different piano that we had in the house on north man and you know I looked at that stuff I remember that the bench. And and just tons and tons of printed music. That where some of the books that I learned young and also the ones that my mother Cantonese word. Sweet music that she had from some of the songs that she learned to play. When it was from the fifties and sixties. And smoke it's in your isn't. I'm all these wonderful hoagie Carmichael I is just amazing. And I says and I look at that stuff and I look at the music and I know they know how to play it. But it is so agonizing. Deterrent against both hands on the right keys and then switch should move it shifts. And your foot till MO yeah his son and I don't even think about the foot at this point I just let me get the notes right but it's just remind me of how long ago I learned that when I was a kid and how I can sit down at a piano now and and start to place sounds junkie but. There is some song books that I used to rehearse a witness that I can open them now and just start to play them. And this is fun to do then they think well one of my dreams always was. To learn how to play you know not to learn when I always wanted was to have a house. That had a room that was doing enough with windows all around it. Where I could put a baby grand piano and just play. And you know that's what I think what. Assay on the stats I have a baby grand in my house asks Tommy played yes and it's beautiful it's an old refurbished lounge. Here. On piano. And I eat I wanna learn how to play because everytime I look at it I walked in my door is the first thing I CH. 'cause it's often I left and I and I think I even want to take but I want someone to come to my house like I don't want to go I don't know anybody really Dutch scientists looked Graham really have to do that because it's something I wanna do no cash and I've never done it. No I just think it's I have for something about the keys I think and I don't know how to read music I know nothing. But I just wanna learn and do something on that piano because nobody plays it that's right to censor Glaxo re. But I found out that in order to bring all of these tees were made of wood. That I bring their main avoid so a lot of them the keys are the piece that was put on top of that is gonorrhea so somebody has to read. Build mass and then two minutes. And it would have cost was going to be somewhere in the vicinity of a thousand dollars and eighteen tuna PME canned tuna fish. Patrick immediately. You like that and if you lose your home and hospital and yes her. Should it hit me. Kosovo 400 bucks some more bad guys got hurt and is he into my yet well and and getting in upstate or anywhere from viewers. It's true winning in the whole dance you know you move the piano and it's not and you have to like I have a humidifier in my piano you're lucky to keep. Because I have mine which you shouldn't mines near a window like gas for windows south. It's pulled back a little but that's why we have got to control and you concede a little thing people when it's ready for so why are amazing audio. Anyway we're going to take a quick break. You listening to lying when challenge we will be right back. It's Saturday morning a little Korean live now. Larry inland. So everybody thank you for list this year listening to below are you when shown a Marita hadn't. The owner of large can enterprise is the fundraising. And my name is Linda Evans I am the managing director of women of substance LLC which is a financial planning firm. Devoted student financial needs of baby boomer women I am also the host of they podcasts. Fun. I'm iTunes stitcher and Google play called. Power of the purse. And before the break we were talking about a book and a friend of mine who was aghast on on the podcast. Mary Helen Conroy she wrote. A book called your amazing Indy. We just talked about one about learning continuing to learn. And she questions ask yourself this question every day what did you learn today. That becomes a focus that's good. Another when she said tip number ten you've got to have friends. To put that in quotes that if you less break in song you gory. Yeah I want to show and okay. OK so she can send them remember all the friends you had neighborhoods channels. School sounds parenting buddy's work colleagues. Now you have more time to look around you want someone to play it was again and no one is there. Loneliness affects one in fire retirees. So. You gotta have friends flew high value of friendship number one companionship. Two conversations. Talking with a friend may be as simple FaceBook post. To an evening of chanting. Free a helping hand a friend has your back in good times and bad. For laughter friends know what you think is funny. Five advice a friend can help to provide a reality check and see different ways to look at your problems. That's and that she said tips for finding your friend ask yourself why do I want a friend. What qualities and my new friend half showing something that. Join a church group a scrabble game with the park a book club. Volunteer for check out. Meet up dot com if you're gonna know I do that when it's great you can go in there and look for people who share an interest. So I went in because I was looking for people over the age of 55 who wanted to play tennis. Yeah all these people just keep saying yeah I'm here I'll do it like this time that time whenever. And international play and all together right from there and say okay let's all get to first foot and I guess 6 o'clock. Start time show up there and we'll play. So you can create the girls and I and yeah for people who have need similar drop meet up. That I yeah dot com I'll translate for is Freddie thing I mean he can be easily Lenin wanna deal. Tend to. Fish. We're not going there. And disloyal to us and think about that well. Because I can't put it need. Don't. It cheaper. Rated thing okay girls that's the so anyway. I go to those and there are planning of and you can go on there and looked at groups are already created by other people and see elders weren't like today okay. And like she said about scrabble on the part yeah I think there are people that do board games and go to different. Places like coffee shops and say 4 o'clock or coming there to play. I don't know why I'm part cheesy yourself yeah I show up cool. It's pretty neat it's a neat thing to do. So in its friendship is really really important and this is. This is the same woman I think I I told you about it once before that she made a decision. Just ask can't you come yeah I think ASEAN which 52 new people and the grand a year on. And she would go to a coffee shop put a little sign under the table on center of was something like I'm here I'm here for. Talking or come talk to mayor whenever I think it's great people would just come over and sit down start chatting with her she's that I made the most incredible friends. Connections to things and I never thought I would efforts triple but I just love that idea itinerary is really needs. I like that and and you remember those books years ago a similar to what this says they're cute little paperback heavy cart like paperback books little and it's a little miss and then I was like little miss this little miss personality little miss congeniality little man shy little miss it was all about it's. It different things that little girls Wear. Yeah and you could get a book about it they were these two. Little caricature is caricatures that they dress it was adorable was called little miss I have to go Valencia by you can find them. Yes that's sort of way that's reminding me of the lip then what's the name affirmed the book in big puts it cost her book and little if you're amazing here and now can he busy bred retirement bunk. Yes and that's a series. She told me actually go online to that place in this I have an idea for booked right. They help you putter all together. PM so you should do your amazing any day any retirement book Arabic in your amazing itty bitty book on any subject. Just get a it's about a hundred coming changes is announced together. Now thanks night and that it's a total of 35 pages. So any any would like to be an author and a great place against started. I think it's. And this is really and accept it's it's it because it isn't that much right. How let's see can hold it up let me see Atlanta okay what urban land home gasoline and other let me see the inside the printing how big of a big is is so old cease pants so that's not that's me it's not it's nothing any I -- read a book fugitive and I should I thank you sir what do we and a colleague Philip planning. Yeah. I'm fund raising. Yes. For the final race in sandals and stuff like that that's exactly and love it because you certainly have that go. Down to us man science. Yeah math science you know edit the mad scientists. So yes they can never put on the and other when he couldn't sell its mean up but couldn't be hook up because but but didn't take it seriously like I was. I use that term all the time. I know you do law to let you know our generation our generation. But like my kids who saved me mom why eight. Yeah I think. And that's didn't mean that would lead let's say it's like I say you have purpose which is the reason why they didn't call hookup I know that's the reason they did and I know I was thinking of the bad the long time. I might DL I say that. I know you don't hook up we'll do this and in and then what I know someone's at the bug when someone says it to me I might just so good. You know there and the world think and. The normal way that got me. Now I'm aware of the usual. Any old way yes there you go only days old but what the heck kill me the only way I'm pumped camp. So what did what did you have in some announcer Gary interrupted now I just think what that in the book you have been out. How does the woman's guide to navigating retirement CSI think it's a hoot because. Some of that I would never tell anybody to do but this woman and do you believe it. Hi I don't I mean I'd I would refute my demise of what she says let this is similar all of it but just. There's an attitude of something in here this. There's this recognition of a fundamental vulnerability. That you have to get past comment not I don't think that's true. Do you find that more people ask you questions like to see that commercial for. I don't know which one it is fidelity may be dead they investment firm. And they saying I'll like take questions they ask Susie Orman like I wanna buy this you can I do that I did really askew or do you find most people just do what they think they can do they don't need you or anyone else to tell them that they can do. No I think most people do they yes they do because they know that. It did question the question is how do I diet if I want it and how lists of facts. The plan that we have in place to race so it is it's a car let's say and that this is may be they have led child who's going off to college. And that they then that. Child wants a car because they're going to be going far away and they went he would give back and forth. And within driving distance so the question as well do is go on buying new car because it's safer blah blah blah. Or do we buy used cars because it's something we can afford to pay for in cash and let them run us through the system as much as they want. Well it's really depends on on what. Your values are what you feel about what your children expect. And what you want for them so I can tell you one couple that they would automatically gets and the newest car they could because they think safeties most of court. Yes and the team and they different think technology how that changes and it's Andy what's the other word among all the bells and whistles. Like I see people driving. Holding a cell phone. And I think oh my god I. I each. It's so much I'm so used to the blue my eight it built into that the Bluetooth I think. I'm so happy I don't because I do find that I pay much more attention not. A holding anything even if I'm talking I just pay attention it's just yeah. Yeah yeah so that's okay. That makes sense yet you know doesn't go ask Karzai a whole other story I think well we go back seminary years end in the model year and still have Bluetooth no I know but some blood don't. You know I know so that's why I'm saying for you give your ear or you put it. Brand new right now brand new car. Well sorry but then what are the expectations are giving to your children that when they want something they get the newest and the best all the time. OK let's try yeah Bezos are probably an hour good. If yes and that's a saying if you can afford it okay but in a lot of cases and I think we talked about this before. Their parents who will buy those things for their kids even if it means. They're not putting money away for their own retirement I know and I find them more of obviously yearly deal reached its baby boomer parents who do have more than anybody that's amor. And ever and I don't even think the generations after us will do the same that we do for our children. I don't I don't worry. Angry and I why do you think that is. Because I think we came from a world where our parents. And their values around money. Came from their parents who lived through his dress fashion met with through the depression so they save so much money. And never expensive which is by the baby boomers are now inheriting. Trillions of dollars from our parents because. That was Sarah if they're serious about money you save the money for the rainy day. And there was also a sense that you wanted to leave a legacy to your children oh. And it's okay most of them probably also paid for college or helped pay for college. If their children went to college and in many cases baby boomer people are first generation who went to college. Because their hair and afford it right. So there's a whole lot of pressure. From society do things a little bit differently than an every generation subsequent event twice and try to do better than their parents did for them. This is the first generation of people who may not be able to make that happen. Right because Myrna sabres. And so they left them there so if it's not that we're gonna make our children. In a better place but then we were because there isn't going to be a whole lot to give time. It council wanna say I am one thing to meant to say this earlier I'm I cousin Michelle can haze is opening up her eight great fun. In the 310. Next week it's cause electric city big. House then I'm. Michelle's dad was my first cousin Jerry and and I'm so I'm so delighted Florence looks beautiful out. Talking to her. Earlier today and she I'm just so excited for ourselves. Another young women in business starting opposite ends of the downtown in that wonderful blog at 300 pounds and sounds on him because of the my darling Michelle yeah. It's electricity big toss a okay so we're going to leave you for this Swedish thank you again for listening. At a time wonderful weekends we'll see you next week. Yeah safe yeah.