Dan Meuser Congressional Candidate (11th)

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Wednesday, February 7th

Dan Meuser is running for Congress in the 11th Congressional District. He joins WILK's Sue Henry to talk about how the current court ordered deadline for drawing new congressional district maps may impact the upcoming election.


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Danica easier joins us and a meanwhile came running for congress and the eleventh and districts and Dan welcome to our show we appreciate. He's taking the time to shoehorn. It's gone up there and none the background tonight. Well you know I don't think there's any shortage of of the issues we are living in cook and both times but it's. It stolen is slow and in the group. Mountain View and then we're used to an I mean it's it's an ongoing thing for us umps it's. I just what I'd like to hear your thoughts on today first out of the box because it is a press that kept pressing national issue. Disney always the looming. Government shutdown situation and then tenement in their inability to have a clear. Financial vision for the future. Oh without a lot of strings attached. And things and it when you need to settle things and it's it's terribly complicated they wanna say that. You are sick and I grow and opinion on the island. Well you know what when you speak that way you sound like a lot of people I talk to trumpet pressured them. Usually rode into congress and arms. You know because these include the issue is that people really care about well you know we have stayed another. I don't shut down and 4032. Victims and use that word is our military. And our our military is under great striker. Well most of the funding that exist goes through wherever we're the combat is we're most dangerous areas are. And who's getting other short end of the stick in this is there was a domestically. And in the triangle. And they're saying you're saying a lot of home health problems are a lot of injuries. You utilizing just old equipment. I think he can you speak doesn't really matter. Move you know and hear that they're right back to where they were a couple of weeks ago would put it. Trying to figure out okay we won't duck into this I mean you know less I'm around. Democrats. You know I just don't like Lee could label people Democrats or whatever but I'm a little slack like Nancy Pelosi liberals. I'm. No they they held up our military. For the sake of an illegal immigrants. And you know people. We people can't be eleven guys fixing these things. And yeah what they do an event some of the one momentarily last 920 people they're ever occur so word we're just talking about the liquor shaking their heads. The mutant you shaking your head issues. Who did it moves such as the use a move such as. The issues of the real big issues facing our country that people can't so much about it obamacare stories. About people adjusting excessive amount and yet and yet nothing's been covered. Because they're beaten up a little poem deductible we have Hillary over regulation that exists on small business not being dealt with your illegal immigration. Just to supplement centrum the only country in the world that has our borders just as good as open and Sanctuary Cities and not sound like much. So when there are open you're diffusing. Know this that these these issues that people care about. And frankly. We have to and it's not O'Shea anymore we've got some members of congress cool look for the people sort themselves. Yeah and so are running a lot of people Dan look at at Washington. And it it just doesn't seem. Like. They have a sense of urgency you know that I think about you what does the business background. And then business I think you have to adapt and just. Move in in some directions and at a quick pace it's just so Washington DC. Is still running in them you know part of molasses so let the power to bring that vision they have from a business background to to Washington. Get a lot of focus on winning an argument rhetoric not results. In business is that you will no results aren't the best thing that the only text. And data. And and and it was so it gets when will our letter funny informative look at what the United States senate anything incursion into until congress. He said look I've seen enough that we need to. This experience result oriented conservatives. Quote focused on getting things done not focused on here in the sound of their own borders. And they get to help this president achieved the outline goals that he tax. And regardless of what anybody want to say about trumpeting I think he's Serb. An excellent president thus far. And particularly this policy agenda. His agenda is in the interest of moving to America followed the moves which means moving things forward to better score the American people. And that includes of people will be eleven cook off. Certainly you have pride in watching them. And Ellis made this comes in does that it's an issue that is in the news and I even try watching them. The markets in the last couple days isn't the fluctuations and then pretty pretty severe. I'll they're looking at a from what you know about. And the fundamentals of the economy right now now how do you see this because some people at I think there weren't a good spot right now because of the tax sentiment that means in the future. But so why the market so jittery right. Now. Works well the without. The economy heating up at all but interest rates going up a lot of beef equity money. Is moving into armed. And so are the other day that 15100 competent or 211100 poets that was all because of the Heatley computerized systems that exist. All these institutions when when when stock is there to an air percent to just start selling. And it was it was. It was remarkably consistent all over top forty Dow stocks at all were down almost exactly 3%. So there's like what the machine driven unfortunate. Who. Contagious so the apprentice car but if she said DM. I mean is doing very well and Ed in the United States where there weren't I think that's most important but even worldwide. And so I I would certainly yearn. Venture to guess what we're gonna continue to but we'll have a very good 20180. OK and so who wages are going to go up. Personal. Incomes were increased disposable income of Pennsylvania families will increase. Our cup. He will be allowed to become more competitive. He a lot of friends and a small businesses. End to. What they tell me up here and I wish I had at a tape recorder just sort of a you know just this tax cut in my small business they say is to allow me. Well there Laramie to hire one more than. End. It's gonna be it's been extremely go to my business. And that's certainly not saying that you go to break out of the sanctity count on me not to say the least. And hearing that from people who lives in the eleven district because he died I was like to get super selfish about the stopped and looked and what are it means for people who live in northeastern Pennsylvania. Who maybe have had the you know the stagnant wages and one half furlong time and. I know opportunity you're limited opportunity what could possibly mean ME what are you hearing from people. You know you send as somebody my hair one extra person well that's. Right eat you know do you hear that a lot the people are going to add. Could things I mean people in general but I wanna be optimistic but I haven't been really blessed 810 years. Then missing some real opportunities here a minute there's more money in their not just from column B good for small business tax deduction. And then they eat they want embarrassed when people are about. Had a great either they may wanna I wanna own positions swallow desolate have a great news I thought the whole idea is is to grow would be stronger car. More important when. I don't want to personal income tax credit reduces. Spirit that the more money in their pocket but I can't consumer spending other person that the constitution. That couldn't ever. The moment. They have Kursk's green economy because while wages are also up on media on the upswing and unemployment being lumped. So I I I do see. I see some very positive things for a cook for the eleventh district from from here typing from Canada to. Dish Bloomberg. Well. It can also be economy. Subject for a moment you've you can well away there is too that we've got this redistricting. Issue here and never come well. And it's really Iraq situation. Would navigate through it you know and so her gun so to somebody the other day we need in the big leagues you gotta you gotta. I get the ball but. This since and this is really. Really Katie. Movement uncharted waters are in the Supreme Court the State Supreme Court. Has now stated that they basically they don't like build a new year congressional lines that exist. And I go to the ones that they do like they gonna drop their own. It is at ten can't I can't I mean average analysts say this Lou lies in the court of lawmakers can't immigrants do this. No not according to a constitution vertically here who draws up a war don't success to back away and well I would put total less certain 150 years certainly since the 1960 and the constitutional again and missed cuts and the state constitution. It's clearly. You know eight and a challenging situation. Say the least. And then it was approved by a bipartisan basis 2011. And approved by the State Supreme Court in 2011. And it and it's an edit content could exist for ten years during during media. Done that and your crew of the census. So many mines would be drawn up again in twenty taught me but that's just not but just not not good enough so this new court. The only thing that's changed since 2011 in the makeup of the court. We now have cited. But called Democrats that certainly acting like liberals. And and two Republicans. And so they now say that this Serb. The in. And the gold potential. I mean our staple to our house and Senate Leadership. We need to provide a new math according to the requirement right now I find it cheaper this side. Ended. The governor needs to prove it or not reject it which is likely critically. Well because he's quite partisan themselves. And the fifteenth. And then. And then and then we'll have. Perhaps we'll have a very different congressional districts or or believe the worst is a bad case I get markedly different. It can be people come down to what's best for the Pennsylvania people. But American people is this plan a good morning that somebody had Lugo led a coincidence. That's a member of congress and or whoever they can't remember congressman who religiously cup but note saying it whatsoever. These districts. Pension plan to and we can tend to Iran because we're at a time you have a segment that it's really great year for me you and I hope to get hearing from you in the coming weeks. Running for congress from now on the congressional district and I'm I'm mute you feel fairly certain you're going to be able still run right. Absolute absolute power and enough recruiters they're super thanks so much Dan muse are running for congress in the eleventh.