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Sunday, February 4th

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Don't you why okay. That's in Pennsylvania. Welcome this hearing a recovery. Firsthand stories of addiction and recovery and Ringo marine is. Sharing recovery. They're like clearly when Truman said it's still recovering in the right center for primary care and returning leaving in some. Your calls and questions or comments call 570. Leading 30098. 3700. My name. And good afternoon thank you so much for joining us welcome to sharing recovery. I'm Suzanne Kelly and I'm joined by my cohosts and she's inspiration officer. I had checked crop Jack has been celebrating nineteen years in recovery and he's just remarkable his story is remarkable. I'm very happy that you chose to spend time with us this afternoon. Sherri recovery is educational it's about hope it's about help and it's about change. We have this show because we believe that people are so much more than their addiction. So if you need help if you have questions come please listen today follow us on FaceBook at at sharing recovery radio. And done. Tell us what you think you can call us at 830098. Or 18043720098. Did a great guy with us today live India studio this is Paul Fletcher. Paula is really cool he actually made it to the majors he played with the Phillies from 1993. And 1995. Just to play with the athletics in 1996. He's got quite a remarkable story because when you think I'm 110 plus play hero walked free for three years. Wolf oh yeah that's going on that's not my remembering because. There for you with the very end I didn't see that you get ill I apologize I'm now three years almost so you prepared for lit with the parents. The and the ninth two. 939495. Okay and from then you went under the Phillies. And the end of 95 I was with the Phillies in August when none non. The rest and time was so spent right here and then after that I loved socialism with them Oakland ace OK and then you made a good buddy here we just talking about him before the show that you're missing and they went to even a shadow now. Larry really well. Perry do that a cans on Gaza snows here and loan. Both men out there is someone to send straight back down yeah. Well thank you so much for being here end up making the trek up from mountain outside of Philadelphia Doyle's tell the Australia Moscow inferior. Now armed 45 minutes maybe a month. Put the snow to new longer moon guess we have to wheel drive I don't know. I don't know I don't know Florida I don't know what else. On the phone drive no matter what happens if the new year did OK so that's still low when we will reopen a little while ago. So you were with the red Berenson. And then the Phillies they went CA's. People think you've got this incredible career you are me and baseball player you've made it to the big leagues everything is good in your life I mean you've reached at you've reached Nirvana as far as sports as concerns boards are concerned. But that's not how you Phelps. You've had some things going on in your life you could tried to commit suicide. So let's start witness the beginning when you began to drink is this something that you kinda likes experiment with when your kid. Or we pretty much focused on sports and health and taking care of yourself in the addiction came later in life. I would say. You know I drank during onto my career home. Probably. And at times probably more than most other guys both. That was I had to be prepared to pitch every day is so. You know we're really wasn't to the limits so I went after I returned. Well not a dollar here you have a jury gave all visual relief pitchers that he had delayed a low level back half from my career home. I was strictly relief beginning their career for six years I was the strictly starter but down the LA and they knew that. They wanted to utilize me as a reliever solar filing. I'm in the really sort you'll literally might have to work every day correct that you don't solid were starter goes against Israel reforms today Mariah for every penny now. You might work every day correct and I loved. You know that was the best part about ditches and can go on the field. And know that I could pitch and I hate to tell you stay starting middle men and four days or what no blood. Panama but then I got narrow so yeah I mean I'm I had to get I couldn't go to Tora paranoia so my big problem came out our retired. Let's go back to when you were here in Scranton. Northeastern Pennsylvania you've played here what was your life like you lived here last year lived. I think they even none. Well during the season though under the and I think the apartment complex that we loved those weren't. Tall pines and some against tall trees felled trees siamese. Fairy hello you mom all time. And so was drinking part of your your lifestyle when you hear Leo we we go straighten out your game home games we go straight to. The club right the stadium club okay come. And then now after that we had. Those clothes or even now and sometimes the sheriff's department had a antenna outside. And a parking lot and women drank a sudden glare but you know I just learned to drink when I play in loan. I really bad. Afterwards so I know loom. My name. Playing days taught me. I haven't drank and how much a US led them afterwards is when things didn't go as planned when I I didn't. I can control drinking that (%expletive) in my short little different point start to drink when I was eight years old. Now dad and I started to drink at that point. And I drink can continually until I was 41 years old and there wasn't any time in that area where I wasn't drinking and over time and escalating you know my time. I was understood that went to University of Maryland. I remember my mother or father dropping me off and Maryland had a housing shortage so. Meet the guy in the living in a fraternity house from day one. And our murmured they dropped me off feisty turn a hero and they drove away in my first thought was and there's nobody can keep track of how much I drink now. I said this is like this like winning the lottery you know and as it was great they fell into turning down some crazy people and the animated. It just escalated but you're saying that your dream historically were your corny basically. You and well you there was there are no I'm probably got coaches and teammates and stuff that will say I used to drink a lot but. Compared to our guys I mean and I didn't. You know I didn't go to the field. Found drowned or hung over his thing if I even knew there was a chance amid tension. Well there's days that I did that I knew of one pension at all. How much a little rust next day both you know my it was strictly alcohol with the Mets. Obama never did any other drugs and lemon experiment ruling out drugs marijuana like 56 times in my life when I was eighteen point. But. You know I was too afraid to get in trouble so I'll call it alcohol to Minnelli go blue and Poland have this problem because. I don't I get in trouble and that was kind of my thing look. Pretty much fear shots and beer beer when I play in calm shots because I only know one we were getting crazier whatever but mostly it was a beer. That's interesting because a lot of people would think a will be here is kind of like a safe to drink you know like it's not like hard you're not doing shots of whiskey you're not doing the hard liquor. But that's not the case with you that than beer. Alcohol alcohol is absolutely in the mirror and you know move my tolerance when you didn't. So high that I would just turn to your income. You know funniest thing I remember my mom what. When I first started noticing I had a problem if there's you know say that I don't care alone you drink beer so when you get that liquor and yeah. You know your totally different person and but finally got to our news that liquor motive no I'm and also while Clinton Scranton near the end. Don't home games. Now since I'm it was their flight three years. Our clubhouse guy he knew warning blast cells may and I was down on steps there will be a big blue lagoon big gulp cup full blown beer. From a tap Bruno we have Nicolas Welsh and I have underway in forming every game. When I got up steps. You know I thought was cool and everything goes your special yeah. You're that's it and then went on his own. Every time I was up there so don't interest you say your mother said that about the beer because my mother was probably an alcoholic. She'll in the mirror every day at twelve million. And she drink until 9 PM seven days a week there was some other woman drove it never sorry have any problem and how perfect the full blues on the table. But she functioned on alcohol and that that period of time every single day of the week Irish Catholic people found out over the normal move thought. There's a drinking in your home now. No drinking now my mother and she doesn't always things to tell him until the point now is she still. She knows how much I drank and all the things I went through everything both. Well I say you know she's still slings always you know you have how many morneau you quit you know. Just understand apart she doesn't she doesn't. Come off dollars and drank maybe when I was very young I'm here to there renowned limit. That was not enough like animals and you know you just hit on something called it is pretty much the premise of this show. People don't understand addiction. Oh they just haven't they just don't understand the people listening to us. Don't have an immediate connection a family member a loved one an aunt and uncle in addiction I think any innocent dual don't have a lot of understanding. What his intention. Till we get it we have to take a break to thank our sponsors but it's interesting I wanted to touch on that point will we get back about people not understanding because. There's a lot of misconceptions out there we're gonna talk about the more we're gonna take a break and be right back. Since 1972. Clear that treatment center has been providing successful treatment for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. I'm a licensed and specialized medical team clear bricks approach to addiction is largely based on the proven practices of alcoholics anonymous and pastoral services are available to patients. Seeking spiritual guidance. Call Claybrook today at five cents and 02602600. M. Below are you or family member in need of a lawyer because so many now been charged with a crime injured in an accident or through poor medical care going through a divorce or child custody dispute you need a lawyer with experience and credentials school aggressively protect your rights you need attorney dean Akins. I know on my feeling I needed legal help we turn to days so should you call 5707144001. Arch don't recovery center of the palm beaches provides addiction treatment senator within the small personal community types. For nearly two decades arch tone this helps thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency is. Recover and regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical and support staff. Provide the highest level. A professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery sooner 8558992292. Times have changed. It's time recovery does to ask the right center and their team of addiction and recovery specialist social workers and medical providers. Integrate primary care and behavioral health services. For a whole person approach to wellness and they recognize that note to cast your recovery are the same. An aim to help those facing addiction to prescription or street drugs. Reshape their lifestyle from the comfort of their own communities getting cleanest personal. And we do recover together if they can help you or someone you know contacts 5702300019. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk. Today's struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovery and recovery is possible we welcome your calls with questions or come. All 570. Eating 30098. Or 18043700. And I an Angel you're euros as Suzanne Kelly in check. Crop whom I among the men's hearing recovery our guest today is former big league pitcher Paul Fletcher who was here for a few years playing with the red barons. Before the break Jack brought up a very good point and that was a people really not understanding of addiction. On and it's interesting because this morning I I had a conversation with someone who. Intelligent person. You know well read X setter out and he said to me wolf you know I kinda see somebody who is addicted as weak. Because they choose it. To do this they choose. And as I asked him if he spent a lot of time around those in addiction. Any fee actually you have that opportunity. And you know he's at some but not at the that I hear a lot is is well you can just stop or what did you start in the first place. Or you know Dick Cheney really hurt that badly that you need to take drugs for that or are you just using that as a cop out and and I sure app and it's just. You know I think every single person. Listening and every single person we known somebody either who has an addict or in recovery an active actor recovery so how do you go about. Breaking down that barrier of got misconception because that adds to shame and it's more addiction and it eventually adds to to get. Absolutely we know that hurt and shame is what kept me guilt shame. Kept me. Six for 1012 years ago after I started playing I mean after I retired because I was afraid what people thought about it. Fenton. You know no win again and whom and when I first got truly healthy is when I was able to come around to say the name value and down. Home I'm an alcoholic. Ten I don't learn to love myself and I don't care who knows now I got in general settlement truck now. You know Larry love your an impressive truck clinical. That's what I afternoons and I don't pitch if I'm worried about what others think about main man. Relapsing basically until I meet. Take a drink. I had to begin with myself. Until then. In no applause I'm working on me and I mainland and take care myself then gone to worry about what others think of me so so so ball in the end your career your drink he took off. Absolutely. Tell me what happened I. I was miserable one Larry a living and Philadelphia are must Kelly Warrenton. My ex wife now was from the northeast fill you in. So. I'm from West Virginia originally so compromise was most telling because it was a little if I'm not a city person. Madame shall we moved there and I was just miserable cause I didn't deal with mine retirement our. Black baseball in my old Gloria. 33. Car early we retire from what you dream about your whole life right do you think yeah. Mumbai had no like I played twelve years and then. Didn't sons or spring training and 99 and blow my elbow and Eliot Tommy John surgery so. That was. From my whole year was based on recovering my elbow. And an entity and then I wasn't offering positions so juncture in doing so. From. I hated every job I had after that what did you do to race offshore. Well first here's a good because there was a place and none Philly that was. Hold her own golf. That I was a general manager there aren't so I ran the place that a batting cage golf. And had an effort to years until Lou little sold so I was very good then but then after that I hadn't. Inside cells job so warehouse jobs supervisors and anything that probably had ten jobs in ten years you know I'm just couldn't stand area and Suzanne because of the drinking or just now flooding as I knew Zealand based my life without baseball I think now. What I learned was. You know my career in my self esteem all legs and comes was. Thank you may hear something special when you're ballplayer and everything. You know and that's all over is beat it's kind of like. But death. You know so I had to deal was the death of my career and I never did and so. I use alcohol would coping mechanism and ends. After all I'm assuming that most pro athletes. Start dreaming about being pro athletes when they're little kids absolutely so for your whole life basically all your dream to mostly in pro baseball. And you achieve that you achieved what most kids can't. Tell us a little lower than. It's like a father or mother dropping dead in front you know let me. What. And we don't know you're you're just a kid you're 33 years old annual dinner sheltered world beater told where to go. What kind of neo what's stadiums Mia put the last point one plus zero point five years whatever is now all of a sudden she all. But what you do. It. And that's why no that's what I dealt with every day and then. I didn't obviously doing very well. Mode. Com there's a lot of people that goes through those same thing and that's kind of why. Split. Because I went through all that experience is because. I guess that I didn't have a and have a passion. And unlike any job and now I can do. So I believe me no god put me in those situations may be goes through that so. I'm able to undo what I remember I meant to be talking. You guys right now exactly I say that all the time that everything went through. I had to go through to get to this sheet right here today and maybe just maybe together and what help one person capsule and that's maybe that's God's plan. Jeff we have a caller I just wanna say this has android owners and is awaiting patiently you know when sex hello Heidi there. How I didn't have a question place. I can't thank you diet like reflection on me. They're gonna pertinent issue downward trend at all at all yes I have I think what it's an act tens off. I like him right out. Recovery about right out which it stated that I'd been in the league was fired his and there. I think it can that they are hawks coach steps and out. So how long Arab League I think he can't house and how Lionsgate tapes. Terry Kendrick got Eric. Importantly could you please turn your radio down a little bit we're getting some feedback or not he would he clearly. I cracked at our day that's quite right. They got a pleased I can't I have read. The question I am. And what's course. And I'm hanging out. On and I am happy Apollo looked at being an arena was fired at pocket here pictured. Tim might have been. Bill that taught me. How to drink but they and only didn't. Cause it. Kilometer drugs we have a caller on the phone come into question for those of you didn't hear this. It it was Nina pro baseball but Costner fan vote had all these guys I'm not sure what you heard that question now yeah. Lesson I learned how to drink wanna play into. There was a different time to. I used to have. Failed amphetamines that was big man. Arms steroids have played artist steroid error. So there was a lot alcohol is not considered a big deal a big problem we had and in the clubhouse is everywhere we went. Not until he got up to AAA. And in my early system. But. You learned how to juries always doing your career basically summed not everybody did both. Almost a 9% C I mean I've learned how to do it. And so you've BI and had a little bit to do with it. It's just another question please I'd yet I'm and great day isn't roommate Eric you know we can't hurt so raw and and I wonder how did you get help. And it I want it take you to stop drinking complete. Okay what are you just hang in there with this news that's aura talk about right now lump. We appreciate your calling him and that's what we're gonna talk while Paul going to recovery right now okay thanks so much thank you for your golf. Are also now that is my question to. So the next ten years you spiraled after Sheila baseball. What causes you to reach out and say I need help. You know what end. It took three times from me three different treatment centers. To him get well it's that's for one yet because personally had chills and you're ready to call of the day right. Yeah now first on was. I was sitting there watching your watch Eagles game play in my ex wife Norma why is it time to to kids. And I want paying attention and hello I'm a window my mom and dad are drug walking up my job was. And they eliminate hours away and no one told every West Virginia. I want I don't know what to nickel all on so. And that's what my long term and who makes your blue owner's shoulders and Colin all your wife's kicking out pack your bags and I had no idea you know. So that was the first time I went down oh Ohio. Just us mom my hometown I went to trim of fur. There was a short period like three and a half weeks. The ten non. And I stay sober for two and a half years now so you have one sober I was your dry yeah yeah usually drink I. Are you today I didn't drag distant as people off. Org yeah you know it's okay we you're not working a program regalia and I don't know I actually have fear exactly and men and then take long. No Imus has proven effective Dell blade kicked me out of my house because they don't think I can start drinking. Clinton. I've shown them you know her and my job back to appear on both windows and my kids one day and I don't know and I ended up stand and then gone back of my life and then. Got divorced. And he's still not Harrington. I'm in doubt because I started getting resentments towards her particular me out and I never dealt with and now this stuff. Then I want now though how than my own farm referred to three weeks and I started drinking again so I never. And none addressed that issue and then probably wouldn't. Know three or four months after that it's one. These guys so bad that I wanted to work 1 morning. Somebody was like polity can go you gotta get out here are my ground semi delicate shown up so strong early morning. Space work truly goes Siemens energy June sales of some and none. We are really embarrassed and I want homestead who didn't. Gonna better whatever our got a big Lorillard and I'm trying golden. Contract on their normal yes I drank all mine. Annan mother morning was sold them a drunken ashamed and all that. I felt I was them handers to anybody else I hate myself so I hadn't blood pressure pills along blood pressure blood pressure and was up. Thought I had the most was like sixty low much overall amongst some like mab. But I just telephone. And as slows down your hard and I guess us. I had had enough but I want to think and anybody else but myself and but I did make a phone ultimatum. Ex wife and from taller to come find me in two days because all of the people that I was rendered from miles all farm. I don't want to stink up the place. Telling isolated pin and so she put the kids on the bus. And now only lived about a mile from my own Lola thousand. Ski come over and she found me and I mean just say well I'm basically from from that. Are you want to or other treatment center and call one to the hospital for four days implement a psych ward for four days. As far as swore up and down on him along because there was people are sicker man but. They got to be pretty sick to be able to sit there and take your name on time to take your own life so I was learning new day and then. Our studies are about 56 months after the nine drank again. I got sent. Now let me just your opinion I like to make his point. During their fiber 61 for you more drinking. Again you didn't work any kind of recovery chrome though you didn't participate in any program you never sponsor you know doing your work is required. Because stopping drinking is easy. Recovery isn't there a recovery takes work. So now you stay dry for five or six months and again these trench again as Sarah also live the same things cycle happens again. Home but I get so drunk to among eventually need help. Per. Very doom kicked out a good treatment only remember what treatment. So this one was on the phone so back to West Virginia go and you know. Okay we're gonna have to take a quick break Paula Fletcher is here with us live in the studio I'm Caitlin please hang on I know you're hanging on your calling from Damon's very we're gonna get right do you see as we get back from this short break. Large stone recoveries for the palm beaches and provides addiction treatment senator looked in the small personal community kind. For nearly two decades arch tone has helped thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency is. Recover and regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical and support staff. Provide the highest level. A professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery sooner 8558992292. Times have changed. It's time recovery does to ask the right center and their team of addiction and recovery specialist social workers and medical providers. Integrate primary care and behavioral health services. For a whole person approach to wellness and they recognize that note to cast your recovery are the same. And aim to help those facing addiction to prescription or street drugs. Reshape their lifestyle from the comfort of their own communities getting cleanest personal. And we do recover together if they can help you or someone you know contacts 570230. Z. 0019. Since 1972. Clear that treatment center has been providing successful treatment for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team. They're bricks approach to addiction is largely based upon the proven practices other alcoholics anonymous and pass store services are available to patients seeking spiritual guidance. Call Claybrook today at 5702602600. Alert if you or someone you know needs a lawyer what did you look for excellence experience integrity attorney Dave Akins has all of those qualities whether it's a criminal case a personal injury matter medical negligence or divorce stable fight for you I know from personal experience of 5707144001. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk. On today's struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovery and recovery is possible we welcome your calls for. All 570830098. Or 180437009. And Angel you're euros us Suzanne Kelly and Jack problem. And welcome back we're here right now with former big league pitcher Paul Fletcher. I'm before we can take your questions and our conversation with Paul we do have Caitlin who has been so patient she's going from demons area and you'll want to see her car right now I don't Palin. I got a period of great it'll. And good good just click here. PDF a few quick questions for all okay. I want it you know how he would how someone would go about how. When someone hands them an addiction problem how come on and I can't remember what approach that's trying get them help. You know. 'cause my ballet you can non thinking here's. Thinking the and then he let's take heroin and these are having competed equipment Puget Sound the bell. Harman and other. I went to kill let me interrupt you for 12 use of people on FaceBook can hear the question so I'm gonna repeat your questions so that I actually. We have anyone on the phone right now and her question is how does a family member or get someone into a treatment program or get them towards a recovery program. And one name here in long term addiction that's the first question what's a second questioned him. Comment in question and also aired. There would be like. Without it they're tough love the better course honestly like and I think of aid being the person when they have a problem I guess you go about it. Our second question is what approaches a family take a tough love or we love you. Well you know what let's talk about those in the right now there are questions K let's go ahead ball. You know thanks for calling Carolyn. They need. Main thing is I'm sure the moon and your brother. Mom has no idea they had a problem. Bob and realize how bad it affects everybody else so. From a lot of times the Stanley is loads its cars for the family that is for anybody in addiction at some point. Com I don't know if anybody's addressed them or. Brought up till I am or thought about that haven't your little family intervention. To maybe bring that point out to own thumb is coming off fund resistance. From him but. But the maybe what you call is blowing call enabling. Beyond that Wendy's did that needs to stop I mean depend on everybody's situation though. Com when we loan them the destiny that love them by. Not providing enough bail them out nine giving them money not to and given them a roof over their head of the lost because. Basically do their due always summons on bail them out the need for change is not going to be there. If somebody is always going to bail you out then they're going off to know more about my sisters don't pick me up and but one that stops. Sometimes that's what happens pass to happen for somebody is saying god I mean I can do so my own I need help. And that's sowed some of the things that is the two and basically saying a person's life so. Can you and I can tell you in my case my wife came to me 1 morning and said get help forget outdoor many options. Now fast forward eighteen years and my daughter comes to us and says. I camera problem we get our options where you're going to do what did well to treatment centers recommend. Or we're no longer going to support you. And you've got to get to the point where you're able to do that. All libel organ recovery fueled today. And I both see families. That don't wanna be there in the rag trade and they don't want to neither parent otherwise they're no mother father there're afraid to say get help for get out. I mean I didn't I didn't complimented we we forum we love you I came slowly covered for a sit down until we say if you wanna get better. To an end and that's how I still feel today. And Kalin as I can just add one thing before I'm before I let you go. In my family. My father and my brother both die because they didn't get help so I know it's like to lose a family member because nobody's having. That's tough close to the conversation whatever it is so I'm. You don't just please find a way reach out on top to Jack. I'm Jack is Jack is available any time if you just need someone to talk to because. She's won the lock and does the same thing the same thing with Paul's fish are. 708815825. Call me anytime you want Kalin thank you so much for your call. Thank you about it. Our angels on how we're back and you've got to do now you've gone through this third treatment program. So you went through through her and I imagine you were better. No. You know the last one I went to homeland a lot of help but I was ready. I'm Elena my bathroom floor in my apartment for two days. Not being able to keep any alcohol element is only a matter. Com hallucinating before moving and everything so I'm getting embeds save. So in a time and iron and time didn't step up and disarm them but I'm fine had enough of him. I called my momma my sister so anyhow and yeah I mean hell I'm from there. What saved my life. Was. I went out I told you tell me what to do. I can't do this on my I don't treatments or you plug in does it tell me what you surrender I surrendered totally you set up here it is I'll do whatever it takes. People ask what do you. Bless you or or are you going to do to get sober and you said I'll do whatever it takes anything and that's the only way I was able to get health bombings and plus I thought I knew the answers and how I can fix it. And I just proved myself that I couldn't I just kept relaxing freelancing. I guess sometime but I never had true recovery. So when I was. There. Thank god flat one down there I told him. From then I don't know how to do it tell me and I did everything they did they told me do I was 46 years old truth. I stayed in a halfway house for six months after I went for 42 days countryman. Another six months after that and I halfway house so. I do what they always doing. Worse I mean I had to buy and everything so it was a full process you gotta buy into. And then then say all the dues to get into it when you know good. You know this is this is a better world way of life friend any people to show me the way and non BP's doomed the leader of it hell. There's plenty of other players in this game caller recovery and this is one big team as you look at it. I just know join my teammates filing. And all these you know everybody we've got on the show has talked about the same thing because the answer is the same for every one. Everybody's story is different everybody's. Journey true recoveries that start the point is different. But the cancer is the same you're doing some simple things in dual zone to work a program recovery. And I don't really mean that are simple did this. Are your people complicate recovery all the time I mean they're gonna analyzing Singh Jim and twist and turn bogged. I said this many times initial doctor mom wrote prescriptions. It was clean house and that's who we are here today we're talking about our stories were cleaning our own houses. We're trust a higher power that somebody else you gonna help me. And emirate help other is that basically what you're taught Paula I was a little special. How are we doing that how we work out that that's simple program here I mean. There's so many that it's a simple answer on how to get claim is over. But as it's a hard process that answers to simple so basically I had to surrender and and I had to be open and honest with myself. First and foremost. Well I hold myself accountable being able to speak and tell the truth which I didn't for a lot of years. Now is so relieving you know I'm so relieved to be illness. I don't had to lie ahead and common thread roller suppliers better addicts and early Easter when their life. And he went wrong times when we didn't have to lie I mean right. I remember when I was in early recoveries somebody's desk you know what I had for breakfast. I might add a pop tart or something. And first thing I was I don't know pancakes. I think about not stop myself on my lie in the world would you lie about something I just train myself to lie about so I started call myself out on those things. That's on Morgan and so. You know open and honest about yourself somebody knows you think about it. And don't be a shame I mean that's why Clinton that's why I hear that's why I'm here that's why go and started my addiction to their kids shame there is no no I mean. People all understand they think the people can quit because you're stupid for instance okay they're mistake we knew we had a a moment of experimentation what an experiment or something we'll experiment turns into full blown addiction pretty quickly and you can get out of there. So that's why people don't understand this. Fill that all they started it as their problem. They get what they deserve and now I mean there's good people and addiction. And those people that are still an active addiction. We need to step out and just accept the fact listen we're not judging you some whoever is Joseph engineer is now worth an annualized in the. Are solidly in the same hard is is just something that needs to go away and you you've touched on something important when you talk about active addiction because there's also a big misconception well look I go to work everyday I can do my job I can go Jack's mother you know like we can do all of these things. Every now and rent on this show. Brent Grimes told associated fills. All day long before he played enough in an NFL game yet he told us he had to watch the films the next day because he played a whole NFL game and a blackout didn't stop thinking about that player offences that are important Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And you're black. How do you do that what that is possible then just be a little more doesn't mean new year old Czech prime. Well. Now see. Yeah what is. I think we just got told we cannot just take another quick and early got our poll hardball what life is like today courteous this is about recovering from China bridging the stigma of addiction will direct. Ask the times have changed. It's time recovery does to ask the right center and their team of addiction and recovery specialist social workers and medical providers. Integrate primary care and behavioral health services. For a whole person a special wellness and they recognize that note to cast your recovery are the same. An aim to help those facing addiction to prescription or street drugs. Reshape their lifestyle from the comfort of their own communities getting cleanest personal. And we do recover together if they can help you or someone you know contacts 5702300019. Attorney deep Akins has been practicing law for 23 years he successfully represented thousands of clients and cases ranging from multimillion dollar personal injury and medical malpractice claims to criminal cases to divorces when I needed legal guidance I called data agents social UI 707144001. Arched stone recovery center of the palm beaches provides addiction treatment senator looks in the small personal community kind. For nearly two decades arch tone has helped thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency is. Recover and regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical and support staff. Provide the highest level. A professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery sooner 8558992292. Since 1972. Olympic treatment center has been providing successful treatments for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team. They're bricks approach to addiction is largely based on the proven practices. Other alcoholics anonymous has store services are available to patients seeking spiritual guide. Called clear that today at 5702602600. Or. The big game this weekend has Eagles fans excited the city of Philly is alluding upped the polls with gear oil resting Crisco slippery and sure to make a mess of your clothes cannon burst pull it out we'll talk about it let me. State Supreme Court bounced left who's the DA questioned back assessment and accounting the former assistant DA says it's him county judge says it is in him to finish your thought going. Lovers happy Valentine's Day contest and more on Monday. Morning news was when story Nancy mornings from six an island WYL king. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk. On today's struggles on addiction and triumphs of recovery and recovery is possible we welcome your calls were. All 5708830098. Or 180437009. And Angel you're euros us Suzanne Kelly and Jack problem. And welcome back to sharing recovery we have about ten minutes left in today's show. Our guest is former big league pitcher Paul Fletcher. And we're talking about the life is like now Paula who. Paul so you you weren't so somewhere put us seven months western junior high where we were and then you're left now it's time to get back to life. Now your recovery you're working a program. What's life like today that I want people to understand we do have a lives. You know in this is only going to prison this is fun and we know why we have jobs we have Sam please what's life like pulp. Licenses. So much better now. From the first long legs so grateful that I went through that process and they will live and do what I do now. I actually have a passion for this that I didn't. My baseball career film I have an equal fashion forward. So what I wake up every day I want in my job is to merely go under and help some of them are so now you're gonna have a passion for I want blisters understand you don't work for treatment senator from Florida delegates in the name of a go ahead it's beach house senate for a recovery in Juno beach here and shouted out calls and I'm and you work here in the northeastern Pennsylvania new growth for them. Our Lola yes and you're out there helping. People get into recovery. You don't care they go there now you a lot of people get help right absolutely. If you know my job isn't to sell our program so are plays. Sometimes people don't have insurance or are you grind surest again and some work. I don't care where I wanna get somebody help regardless of what I got to do. If I need to who to. They have no insurance no money whatever that they contacted me and I'm gonna do whatever I can't engage shoe that help. And that's what I do that's my passion because so many people and given up on me. If you know more meal me and then all of the globe take a handful of pills and if I have enough people give up on me than I would not be here. So I never give up on the people out there in my life is wonderful. My kids them serve I have two kids that I'm back in their lives. That's Jersey you saved down to their lives because. Additions separating you from your children even if you saw you were their father. You know three my children tell me stories about what I was actively drinking and I have no recollection. Yeah I was there I was daddy dance. I don't know I was even there I. I'm in a father not you okay hopefully my three children think I'm her father. I try to neither father today and have a relationship with them but they're the misconceptions I mean just because you're physically there. If you're actually did junior not fair not. They aren't though you'll remember that too I mean they know that kids are very perceptive I know when your. And hired drunk girl whatever we do you think your high net but. I mean I'm my son's high school career I was in Florida. We're working don't get help or home. Morgan an independent industry down there because I wasn't able to. I want Randy come up area when strong enough because I am this area's sometimes brings up memories and you. An old patterns and old history and in so but my daughters and in ninth grade now so I'm going to be of them anonymous or high school career so. Probably present for that's and that's what I mean I'm I'm grateful. And numb but there is a process we gotta be gotta grab onto this end and work it. There really of the week and don't care earlier that you got to hold yourself accountable to my biggest thing is I have to hold myself accountable. I'm in charge of me Annan and that's all I love myself and Bono like Maine but that doesn't matter. Well as you do the right things for you. But you gotta be hold yourself to those most accountability. And be honest with yourself and that's the whole key for me. Other people is the same in the I think the whole process is. Content together and people have those same process. But there's different routes about it everybody here are three coverage all your retirement just before we show. Everybody drug recovery is different. I didn't go to treatment program I walked into a recovery program off the street is it's called. And I every main solutions that but the first day here's I did nothing when my drink. To have people tell me you're not working on programs you're just not drinking. I had my sponsored throw twenty dollars at me and say go drink. Because you'd be happier drunk I think you are sitting here like this for a guy so I'll show you. And sampling that was the impetus I needed to turn around and start working. Our car recovery program that was after eight years of not drink you're nine years I'm not drinking down everybody road to recovery is different. I love Tony anybody that they have to go my way or an old nobody got some guys into a fairway. But you have to work I go to recovery meetings I look around the room and I shoot people who are doing okay are there people who are working at their recovery. Parents and you must see that too absolute end months. See a lot of people think when we say is their dirty work to do industry coverage thanks that's part of their fair to now I got them. Can work and full program people gonna know. No I didn't tell certain groups of people that I had a drinking problem that they don't know Matt Wile away. No I could still drink around them when I was before I got an recovered and now. I know people did they think you're just daunting task that now they got to go to meetings and got us to be viewed as an uncontrolled beginning. Find this really learned that it's something you need your life come out love going to meetings. And being able to talk and share of people who or whom who understand me. And our own recovery are used to seeing guys up there and I'm like let's start happy that guy is so right and so. Happy and you know all you people people are worried about being recognizes and recovery program. There's this quick little story right here just programs shows why you not meet today with I'm I'm. Twenty years ago and don't present size forty years ago he was march 17 of 1998. When the limousine pulled up in front of my house I lived a pretty nice neighborhood. The limousine pulled up in front of my house after the same country same dinner all they do so in the normal milk. And I landed in the grass in my front yard that's where my wife's sound. I was him I wasn't embarrassed when they want to see that. But I'm embarrassed for him to Norman the recovery program there's something wrong and I think he's backwards and exactly and that's or trying to do is bridge that stigma there was nothing wrong with being a recoveries have embraced it so. When and that's a good point though and check what you're saying is because then how to we get to the point where or how do we continue to drive it home where you recovery doesn't mean he's handled. You know it's like hitting that's not the IV everywhere theory good results. What is always a huge success and yes and you know I'm I'm real quick I'll say it. The twelve steps of wounds a's got it. If they can take out whatever written everybody in this world this life well lived mothers twelve steps. Without saying no that. You know low. Alcohol or drugs dinner gala people not to dinner clearly disclose just what they are right now would be a wonderful place to be kept. I can tell you and that's why I don't hold myself accountable as you can try to do those twelve steps. And people who don't necessarily have a drug and alcohol problem can do that two minutes and beautiful thing. Very good and we don't we come back to those those few basic things. And M I like to knock his own clean house every day you've got to have somebody has talked to that you trust that you won't even tell him anything. You know I don't know a couple of guys in my life they know we're winning I do. And I told them everything I'm thinking or feeling. And you know what your life he always just a return to contribute ever have to think about half a drink just right you might call Larry you're airing her job honoring mr. And end to get health. I don't have to think Jack Daniels is the answer Myers drum is the answer him. And then help somebody else I mean he just gonna keep helping people then that makes. I say so myself and other. Why you didn't. I'm slowly because. Come not only that and specially in early recovered then held me accountable to you know. And that's kind of like he got price what you preach. So you sit there and his son and you taught I am sometimes talked myself in my own and not allow some people think I'm crazy but I thought Colorado. That's. Ill I think you're allowed to talk a lot lonely you also earnings and yeah. But yeah and I hold myself accountable and then the one I didn't. When I'm route you're fine do something inappropriate hearse and make a mistake I'm on call myself out apologized quickly and say yeah. And that somehow we know build our confidence back and our self esteem and that's how we start to love ourselves again because he goes no I'm not such a bad. Person I'm actually pretty good guy and they know of anybody else can have a. And you the days that aren't are the days are harder street Paul from the days I'm thinking about myself yeah. You know yesterday for awhile I not gotten out a right where I was thinking about me. And I went to bed thinking about me. I woke up this morning and I still won't have problem yesterday was me. I was thinking in my me. I'm I think you must somebody else actually trying to help somebody else now instead of thinking about it. Now we're down to the wire your part of questions were and it's a very important to all of our listeners right now. Eagles patriots what's what do you think. Itself is definitely feels. Absolutely well I and we can only hope is that still the case in. Always told us thank you enough for come out here in this weather and I'm pretty sure there are things I'm Trisha German any any last comments. I just I just want to know. You know to those who who are listening or maybe have a family member like her colleague did on before. You know what would you say to them you know they're so afraid to call their embarrass their shape and they think are gonna lose a job. They're gonna lose their house their family and they don't wanna make that call what would you tell him to do today. Just going to call because. This live we don't act now will eventually all those things that you're so afraid of losing well only your goalie. There journalism and time and takes. Didn't let it takes a big person to be able to make that first phone call. But because it is your prosperity it's it's only you hold yourself back. It takes a lot of strengths and honorable he's strong enough to do that because nobody's gonna sit there and and you don't need to be judged who cares that's right common we heard people say well. You got that backwards yeah. You're in the process of losing you know right now absolutely fine you've already phenomenon they so much a must for. You really singled with them live again next week in and have a great namely everyone.