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Saturday, February 3rd

On today's episode Laurie & Lynn talk to Patty from Fidelity Bank about mobile deposit and Anisha Arora from ERA One Source Realty.


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The following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Laurie in live. Distort your league game rights and now Gloria weigh in on double Eli okay. Good morning everybody. Good morning happy February. He he's very. The days before I'm. Need yeah paying. I. At the end my birthday is so populated this year that the whole world is having a party on my birthday pop. At least in the United States anyway. How big does an RO doing all. Yes. So I just think what that happens every couple of years of my brother too because his I'm his they are okay. 86 pin so sometimes that is Super Bowl and she did she gets mad because he would prefer to have the day for a couple still what I but you know what. Because I really see in my in my birthday flashed a number screens and how you get a very good thank LA I. I don't know. I blame my brother and my cousins I had babies I said if your child is part of my birthday and not getting up to me that is babies don't. I'll kick plan and mind not my day that's nice yeah. So you mezzaluna everybody knows who else. Here again while we have we have enough hours Laura who come on one of the next two and we have patty she's should be out in the house. Listening in on our first star couple times here so there is virtually in their third Chiming timing and yeah yeah. Yeah so aren't. Anyway. So we have. I have to talk about and I want to know what your thought is as I read in the paper today. Which is Thursday Deborah Tate and but it because it was announced yesterday and Wednesday about the possible. The conversation about health care formation of the Amazon and my best boyfriend Warren Buffett and I am JPMorgan. Can. None of dash bin and they said that the stocks from. I am health care went down yesterday similar to what happened to the grocery stores when Amazon says they were. So what's the deal with that when I first let's full disclosure I love it I hope. That that happens because. Somebody fantastic come master these health care. Organizations and the insurance is and the stuff I mean it is. It is. I'm Rick Fox. Well it is so I let every angle mashed though it's difficult to get outside of that and the fact that you have three major corporations whose country. Who decide to do something about it really is for the benefit of their employee announced. It wasn't driven profit driven it was word it driven for the fact that there employees were just getting beaten up like we all are. I'm drug costs so they decided that there have been doing it themselves. We don't have too much about what that's still no I. Now I know so I love that I love the I I did I love the very thought that somebody is doing now he's gonna nine look at things and I I say. My health care and I have no Lou I don't have any money have a high deductible purposely. Is blue with Blue Cross and Blue Shield and it goes up. Every single year. No matter what it is and it is ridiculous. No because I might use that with the help thankful the good lord I'm not gonna what are. True blood work twice a year yeah. And it's up an op an up and up. Did it's to it's it's ridiculous. Before. I went and Medicare. Because I had no choice. My monthly premium. For. Blue cross was literally a 101111. Dollars plus plus the deductibles. But yeah I am so you know that is absurd and the older you get the more they jacked them up I simply because they think you're gonna be that and that you're gonna use it more. But how come and then we'll go back to that like maybe she doing how they do auto insurance don't have any auto accidents your insurance could be less than it is so if you're not say if you're healthy her quote unquote person may be shouldn't pay is much adding what I try an underpriced. Yeah okay that's the difference exactly. When you have it as a government program and an entitlement program. Then it's a different story because that's where you say you get all these that what should be happening. Is that Medicare should be negotiating. With all the drug companies for lower costs are they're the people who Lauren them. But they don't because they're not allowed to why an iron sand but they're not. Eileen do why isn't it you think do you really know why it costs so much for these drugs they made. Process well now I know that now are you saying what's the real reason is clear why is is if you exclude that. What's the reason if you why doctor had only Allah can digging down into like there's some country digging down into the. They supposed to know if you talk to somebody in the drug industry say we'll tell you that the cost of bringing them food drug to market. Is ridiculously expensive because I'm gonna do this try. Oh trials and then after that they have to take it to the FDA and Canada's yes and then the at my age has to go through their testing. And then they don't always get through the cut. Even though they've done that they don't so there's no way to recoup those costs of what it took to get the drug to that point. I don't know that I agree with that I mean I think to me that's part of doing business we all have to go CNN you know we do. Costin doing business yeah I mean you do things like you have. Focus groups when you have an idea or marketing campaign he run by people and you have to absorb that cost that's part of your doing this. Plus you can't make that. Products then so expensive. That it fails in the marketplace they did with epi pens don't that was and how ridiculous that yeah. That's where you guys do and I think it's no different guys say there's still about the about gas stations. I say it all the time. Why can day. Charge you more money. Can use your credit card vs cash. Why did you do when you go into a store if you using credit to they charge you more than they do if you paid cash yes no they don't. Yeah do you pay more different dress if you go somewhere and you're using I don't know charging you more money out of that and deemed the person who owns a storage sickening kind of I'd say that's what I'm saying that's the credit destined. Dad is the cost to doing business but no I. I'll credit card they get away with it digs at the gas prices go what and they even though they just fill their tanks they didn't paid up charged they Jack the price is up immediately. Again it's up. Anti government I think when Bowen on their mind. As they get they get the pass through. See I. That now I didn't notice until somebody told me you can donate. Because. There. Our gasoline taxes. That big in every we used to always go to New Jersey because the gasoline taxes were so Lindsey Burke you know then they decided that they were gonna raise their rates. And initially it was very close to Pennsylvania. But then Pennsylvania raise their race so you know it's still cheaper to go only to. Look like he's been in general. They know they can say cash prices this and in this is there a yeah I grew ten think that's wrong and they automatically Jack the price as soon as the gas goes up and it's they're baiting payback. No they didn't that's an eyes thing yes so it is already got their contracts success nine months now it's just what they're paying so anyway I am thrilled that these. Big people these big guys are doing what they don't like oil do you think you will it be something that could go. Universal absolutely Y huh. I was I don't yeah I hope it does. Yeah I hope it can extend everyone in the you know what if because it's ridiculous how it should be interesting to see. How it all comes out because it's gonna have set a definite impact on the pharmaceutical industry. As we know it today. But as far as spending insurance companies that write the insurance yes people buying I have to buy. I don't know how that's going to be affected and it'll be interesting to see those there's a process here that's got to work itself ounces system. Well I don't know he had shot I'm thrilled as you said that it's those three got the fact that they're even doing scientific and I kind of mine's an especially warm bath I mean he's. So like waves you can when he. I love him. Do you like them yes hello I just think he's the greatest I think she's the one of them and most down to earth wonderful people and snarl I. Owning the animal and he is trying to win financing Jeff Bezos is smarter. So and they get it get a big. And I'm sure has come in big financial firm like JPMorgan behind Italian guy from all three important pieces of it I just I'm just get. It entice them beginning I love it. We heard that. Yeah. Okay. What else I'm anything you need to report about people you've seen his shadow because we know I was just add Ken Pollack. Yeah and with my car I had to look at something and I I might go our buddy drill I don't know Andrews last name but he's always the kindest sweetest guy when I go win there again and he just said I was scheduling had become something from my car and I said. While wanna do and he said I listened to me on the radio so just given a big shot or a girlfriend Ken Pollack though while I cut. Good guy did. She ends but no honeymoon just. You know keep it in and keep an account together. Well I have. Us and saying little article here want to share with our listeners it's AARP. Bulletin. And it's a January February. Addition. And I love the cover story which was great second careers. And this is under a veteran byline is good news you can find success security an happiness after fifty with a new job. So here's a few people. Who did some really exciting things what they did it when they turn 55 or older. And thank you I'd love to read this stuff because you know the old. My bias towards people who think their retirement planning of the things disease about a number. And if you don't have that number one thing you despise we'll keep working because you're not gonna ever have a chance. This is what I love about this is take it really turns side. And this is a woman coale and her former life she was a organizational trainer she's 68 years old. And see actually decided that she was going to become a dog walker. Because she loves animals and said she makes about 40000 dollars a year doing dog walking. She and her comment was so you want your clients overnight so being proactive and positive and don't give up you have to knock on doors. BO going in self confidence builder web site and be willing to sell from out. Another guy who formerly was. A visual artist. And an attorney. And he's decided that he was going to become an organic farmer. So he grew a brand new farm and he says he makes a 100000 dollars a year in sales. Then another woman who was a flight attendants. Who is 66 years old she's decided she was gonna become. She says inventor. As she makes a 100000 dollars a year is an inventor. And she's a what you need to know is an entrepreneur you've got to turn on a dime as the business changes. And we have. Woman who was previously corporate philanthropist. That's for Microsoft. She's seventy years old. And she became a museum CEO. And makes a 100000 dollars a year. Another one coup was in law enforcement this guy is 66 years old. He decided to become an EMS manager and air rescue specialists. Can makes 53000. A year doing that. She's a Olympus and more education. Or training deter you. The joy of having a pension is doing what you want to do that what you have to do to pay two bills to think there's still time for media movie star yes. I'm glad you know. It is experience it's okay so yeah. Another person from the Lewis heard Pennsylvania. School he and his wife she she's 74 she's seventy. And they have had been a he was a Lutheran pastor family and consumer science teacher was wife. And they didn't they decided to become an keepers. So they have the only thing yet that it and they make a 160000. Dollars a year ago. And it's cold and then you have my guy who was an electrician. Whose 65 years old. And he's decided to go to law school and became a lawyer love it. Terrible I love that and that's a 65 years old he does that she's so another woman who was of who is. Was a pharmacist. Has become a flight attendant as she makes 38000 dollars a year she's 58 years old. As she's an attendant start at about 20000 that they the income can go up to about 80000 and she says he can't be the benefits. Yeah now so improve their Latina. OK so that's good kisses a little bit of an idea that you know all assault Lawson don't have that number. Okay you're taking quick break we'll be right back with this petty decision BL from fidelity bank you're listening to Larry Crenshaw it's. 30 in the morning a little Korean live. Freelance. I learning we're back my name is Linda Evans I am managing director of women of substance LLC which is age. Financial planning business and designed specifically to help baby boomer women I'm also the host of the podcast. Called power of the purse. And that's iTunes stature and Google play an unmarried kept me on the Lori Petty Enterprises. Which is a fundraising PR and special event business. And highly paid off. Cellular field at petty you know hey. Asia all I did I. I. I'm classic sounds of 30 Rock crash and some common. I'm Molly and are you happy for Laura why well yeah I wanna go with god. How quickly can really mean in January the Irish sisters yourself saying yeah road trip it. So you know patty is Cynthia here you're listening to who is with fidelity bank and Susan talk about some of the wonderful programs and fidelity have. Well thanks for having me back again ladies always a pleasure and I'm gonna really researched that create an act I. Frankly got something going on there. Is there pressure on sings yeah it's teen and begin the Aaron and found what I wanted to tell you all about this remind everyone. You know home banking is not something summary ego but it's something you do oh that's good it really is he knows the bricks and mortar regained his. It is important it's a great way for us to connect with our clients itself. He knows staple of the community com we even had a community events that are branches now I'm in do we know all kinds of things from wine tastings to. Cases and see after hours went so yeah I don't know yeah yeah and I wish I could have gone mad and how neat is that grape and cherry sued in doing his. Beating Nancy Tamar are her iron 103 inches and hosted a couple of what a quarter. And none so that's about but. Thirty events throughout the years 3040 minutes up. I'm we really hope people take a look at our web site Debbie Debbie Debbie bank act fidelity dot com. And I check out some of the events they would post them on FaceBook etc. she's a couple coming up one in none. Kinks and on February 10. For a we're doing I'm adding ten. The clarks summit festival of ice just coming up which. Is too cool and calm and I have a lot of excited people at my house because it's Harry Potter CE OL. As. And went over the you cool Sunday what's that 1617. Holiday presidents' weekend. Usually ends I think it's February 19 as I remember seeing on the posters he asks it says. Maria with the Friday as it. Shift Friday Saturday and Sunday and it is a wonderful event and I'm you know where Abington branches right next TV though the wonderful library there in the an intense and I'm you know we do some blood to meet programming together. I'm we have ice sculpture and we're transforming our bank into your Harry Potter head you. It's the green God's arms green got its vault somewhere at the bank for all the wizards go to get their treasures are. Cold for the kids so there's going to be very very clock on. As a fan I need to I love hearing deal I. I have to Harry Potter heads at night as they come empire heads again that in the term but they're very excited we have to cost you and her my own. I'm Scott and had was this big deal at our house so I'm regretting her scarf a big deal. Yeah section so that's exciting and then in a February 28 the pits in wine society is is having a wine tasting with one of our local wineries. I can still managed so for those 21 announcer it's a really nice evening to get out with lots of people these events and that's fine and great weekend. Cantu did community it's not about banking it's about being part of the community getting to meet friends and neighbors. Says that if Brad ask the branch. The brands and yes friend passed our kids in brand just just sits behind a nice so she's so wonderful environment. On another Palin and tend to let people know that is like this is fake he is not something somewhere you go to some key daily march so I'll. I'm brain how we ever really cool. I'm commotion going on over trying to encourage people to try out mobile deposit to know mobile deposit is Chilean. He's used to get the multiple times how convening connect these so when it's cold and it's you know those sub zero temperatures that Adams last few weeks. He used to leave your house to act upon taking action to right from your Smartphone. So on right now if you come into the branch on and you do not have mobile to Ponte contrite out. We will actually buy you a coffee on household can be. A little lack check that you can deposit ratings you're cam when you try. He mumbled to pass it and on he can he's FO MB alike and cop theory tear. On her car. Yes so it's a nice and I just a little actually try it out seeking get comfortable with using this service. And how convenient nappy you're on vacation and you have a birthday party. I knew that the holiday is a lot of people you know I think to get the chance to grant mind you misplace exodus list and wrapping paper. He immediately do with the phone goes right into the kids shouldn't they count murals that. Let me ask this and they never relinquish and we have also for our business customers which. You know they're our own line of business customers that talent on that talent do you do credit cards or only get you know would check every few months and I know I'm no my husband's business you. You know it's it's not like every week that your writing checks or getting texts large projects so you do it. So sometimes that can be really convenient ceded the time when you are so busy running to the bank. That's a wonderful neat new feature. On I. Also. You know online banking web bill paid and are really cool fidelity mobile banking cap. Which on you came down not earned that right from out I'm from none from. The App Store and ion. Great way to you to do anything nineteen you can 24/7 access your accounts and non gender money in each check on check all kind I don't know it is like raise your dilemma when you're traveling or are. To speed don't wanna leave or not this cold weather rainy London per share one and done. Just one Italy you know if they know about that and we also have the fidelity. Business mobile app so my business customers can take it as missing in serves as we have you know this isn't as god. Being self employed it's sometimes very hard to leave the office it's very hard to get out there and get consensus a great way to help you com. And done. That's that's what I really wanted to tell you guys about today and Nino come march will be starting a home equity credit or home equity. Aunt campaign to sell when I was a loan sales. Analysts say a hug the rail line of credit and home equity loans are a great time this very thing about what kind of rare strain of this assailant only. And you know we its promotional rate. They're Reno I. Feeling the tension and pressure that explains this month but is the perfect time it's for home improvement coming only language they used for and me and and you don't appreciate this is what are some great times you riled if you're planning to. Mortgage. I mean it's a great time rates are starting to creep up so they're still rates are still really really traditionally low. So super wonderful opportunity intent to take advantage that you're planning to do it on you can contact our. Mortgage consultant bill who's married various programs that we offer construction loan programs I knew com. And they're really really well versed in Britain in the number one mortgage lender for seven years in a row in northeastern Pennsylvania South Korea will take good care the air. So that's my plan for today I now. I'm how wonderful we action but it's a great place kids and tank we care about our community and we really you know what else they need to talk about that I don't think we. Have had a chance to talk to. It's about is the fact that. Fidelity bank is now listed on the east stock exchange. Yes that was amazing win. CNN guy that was so that was really great it was playing the rock it was like rock stars and imagine what an impressive. I was back at the office watching all the feeds into everything that are coming over do you what a well oiled machine NASDAQ would be you would call. Inside it's a major production and you know our our president I'm just he just looks so presidential I had. At the podium with mr. Levine yeah it was so so cool and I'm really you know and really an historic event for the bank for. Current board for our community first senior management it was really neat and just so neat to see that they. Entire where Dell is low now that I want to lose all that really neat it's really really lives his day ethically the interviewed by anybody and CNBC. No. They were and I thought maybe I liberation hooked an app for the gas and Bob May merely get Bloomberg or something out and a man is found. And we didn't movie bring it where I guess they weren't quite as newsworthy as somebody other folks what I was there it was newsworthy for I. I thank you I knew Lazio we have wonderful coverage by the local media. Oh I'm we are very appreciative of it. This is great to see as you said that that on the NASDAQ I'm digital billboard update Acheson yeah. Infidelity logo analytical stuff you really really was very easily get a good shot and that. Oh yeah there's pictures honor I was in on the web site on the web site know that he's a page Tim. And is. So exciting yeah I was angry things happen and make things happening now that where you know on the NASDAQ stock exchange to tell that hasn't made any difference it with anybody and insiders any. Traditionally when your NASDAQ Q did you find that there are. Institutional Kennedy's that would now start looking at the bank and and putting them into trust accounts and pension funds and stuff like that. So it can't because they're Ben major. Blocks of your stock. That's been sold. I can actually speak to that but I can't say that mean when they reason that we decide to who has to be able to you to have that opportunity yeah because it has been such wonderful steady growth for. Fidelity bank. Of course has been interest yeah I mean we deathly you'll see the earnings on release just came out her own the last quarter of 27. And I yesterday and throughout Sonnen and it's I was really Sasser is a local his policies hey I have seen in the local paper by Saturday after so long. Yeah serious ideas instead he's been wonderful Ann and Herbert throws with the art community has supported us send them. And our clients and our Austin employees house of course. We're actually getting married next picture and that that is really it's it's sad and it's a big celebration for our bank we ever. Annual bankers meaning being her orange and it's at at that cultural center. It's going to be quite a fun event for all of us I can't win I'm getting my. Necessarily I think is an okay thing yeah I don't know the night doing a every year there's scenery and it doesn't have the one where you name those despray AM yes no yes we had the three on. Last year I hung and and we assume rock stars in the contend in contention this year so I'm. I wait to see how. I'd be hard decision so you don't know until our there's you know there's only one you know as a match that there's only one person who knows who can tallies the votes I ate. Don't even now. So you down our. Ali you have. There is yeah. Personality. Under aliases they say really as patty do you will you live will some going to be here at the end of the month so. I'll make sure we have we on now just to announce it consent of the U salute in a beyond our web site now. I love all kinds of information now thanks very very proud of our people son now I think it's great. Grants in advance to whomever will Wednesday. Tell everybody how they can get TO sure sell our 800 number is 803. Day. 38843801803884380. And our website is WWW. Bank acts and that's AT. Fidelity dot com there we just. Hi great columnist Cynthia thank you almost think she's on my luck in Cuba you know beyond everything good that's a good thing. You want and are going to take a quick break we'll be right back with attorney Tunisia Arora you're listening to Larry and when shock. It's Saturday morning with Lori DeLeon and oh really. So in fact could my name is Linda Evans I am me benching director of a company is called women of substance LLC. Is a financial planning firm designed. For the financial needs of baby boomer women I am also. The host of A podcasts called power of the purse. And it's available on iTunes. Stitcher and Google thank. And I am Larry Kenney owner Clark Kent enterprises such as a fundraising PR and special. As this and we are here with the lovely. Attorney nation or our new General Counsel for ER a one source realty she PRA has about a hundred. Realtors in its seven offices in ten counties. And lots happening and it's. Still February so. Misha and show you have lots to tell us not stay where. Hi everybody. But it's happening and we had our first in new law Asian employees. And I ask my name cheese changing trend continuing thirtieth. And we had a bunch of very fancy people from corn bread come down and speak to everybody which is cool. Hey guys I nice article is in the newspaper about I. I'm the president and CEO seeking an accountant I she's the president and CEO ERA realty services which is. Our corporate off fast times a lot of you don't know that. Really edgy as I am basically a huge conglomerate actually naming. I'm sure if there's always voted one of the best companies to work for. I'm real IG is the parent company ability actually owns. More than one subsidiary real estate franchise so it's really easy arms. ERA called a bank or better homes and our end. Joseph Corcoran Group somebody's. Hands. I'm theorizing that I want more than 29 maybe centuries when you're on the idea I'm so basically when you take a our franchise service in theory yet our parent company is on the same. I'm always different and out ERA is that CEO who we have seen income. Obviously a woman she better than nine has a female CEO TO I'm. But she has focused. Herb. Is this with the brokers I reverse triangle monolith that she spoke to our agents about saying that it brokerage it's kind of her clients. Where it's the client spend your acting like a bullet brokerage is drafting a lot. Senior leadership dies first the other way around so I really listening at the ground and the ground level where agents are saying the I'm another interesting thing that she's fat was that ER day as a franchise has the highest. Her purse and production of any of the other franchise as. So that means. Back each AJ and add eat throughout the area franchise corporation produces. Our closes more sites per person. That any of the other franchise next so that's pretty interesting to hear that because if eyewear real jerk and I are deciding where to Colin you know. A franchise obviously offers you. It's kind of more of a global background in a lot of things that locally owned company can do just because of its cost prohibitive. And through the technology tools that we have I couldn't offer if we have the franchise behind us for sure just because it would be impossible since code all that. Have to say you know pay almost apps and everything. I'm glad. Well realtors are looking for replacing how. It's interesting to know that this is why it is behind this yum that's a sign of thanks signing incorrect some AR. In Kingston and that marriage can be he's kind. Through building in one big building when you go on and there's that global link her arm. Okay. And hey this doesn't need iron to bit quicker group has like a little corner in the middle OK is there a little bit smaller number yet it's cool so. We learned a lot about this are new tools and technology. And we had. Compared to members of the agents attends. An event ends I am now apparently the resident and am planning to hold up the you didn't sign up for their right helps us. And not good at planning events I like out I had kind of held Sony shout outs Maxine and Kenny and on and Gloria. Eli holly played together I. I'm. Well Linda Kelly at our race card sign off as well as Dion. And about eighty people and. I am including on people from corporate that was cool I ate we fed up wife Ingrid he bones and fuel costs and to whom. I mean projector and their parents spoke a million small group sessions in fact there's been punched. And they shouted my dad. If you have a million fans I mean. But she. Yeah New Hampshire south and he came Sam's Club some things staff for helping us with out because I hang careless cases design around water without him. Gary and Blanche you Rhode island institute is awesome enhancement engineering trillion. That's good so we had two days of learning hand style is. I was a lot for everyone today Josh splat really. What I learned it was fat rituals that this company can provide CU as a buyer or seller aren't going to be. In looking at it from my perspective as a consumer I would want to take you mention all those tools. I really wouldn't want. Some money he didn't have access to stuff like that's representing me and transaction and likewise one of the things that I didn't superior and there are. Yeah look I'm a lawyer right so I like statistics really figures highlight to see. Some facts beast and then some in fact you're getting hits on my property. Lawyers tour is I met her automatically generated and you can call and it and see how many views. You've had your property. In the past week. And does an average for you and it does unique visitors each property gets its own maker's diet she can see honey visitors are on your site. There's text ERA which is chilly located codes are going to be unveiling a so you Khamese summer can be standing outside and Europe how that's listed. In texts. Content. One sources are code to 36820. I think he's enamored I don't call me and I. And then you automatically get attacks backs your phone about all the info about the house neat plot. He's worked on your location itself. Your passing by you say and how that's really cool let me look out there are my friends looking for a house or you know I just wanna know what's up price status brain extorting me. You don't have to talk to anybody. Just amazing because it's not everything you don't always wanted to talking everyone split. All right I mean pressured by sales per cent tea. And then all of a web based tools first home searching in everything I think iron. Super user friendly all mobile compatible. Everyone Ron fellows fellows really hard to search on its not easy to search around it's not real sharp comments easier ERA dot com is easier than And even just when you list as we talked about a couple times before with your. These days parred that no one stimulant sort of stop promoting what you're pushing it again this year there's fellas you're 80 and yeah I mean those are things that none anyone else offer so yeah it's a good thing and then they're rolling out expressed well I'm so actually GRE the only franchise to offerings seem programs COI. I'm just kind of I guess what speaks once got express out is that you can get an offer and that day on your property if you analyst and felt that day. Wow them so it's currently live in Florida and Georgia and Tennessee think am I spending north sell it to corporate backed program obviously. There's a lot of legal issues that go wrong with that sound you know when you counting they're working now all speaker he free to gain. I think goes hopefully we should have gotten the next six hunter's hotel. I'm into Ukraine because. Say you have to move for more quote SY. And if there's a difference there's. If ER I buy your house. And then you purchase you have to purchase another. House during the hearing franchise obviously it's not free of Australia's they're saying requirements I have to be mad. Asked. How so it's really like a no risk. Not the kind of a no brainer. And the absences and I might be I had to keep his mind well. Network I had. My admiration a lot of places and I seen a lot of different things. And that stock is amazing think it was really really awesome to see the agents who I've been linked. I guess when you someone tells you something every day I sort of became like their nagging mother and they were really listening to anymore. When sue told him about that Allen Davis shot his social medium large Kurdish Graham Greene County cash even inter enterprise and everything is it was like a collective. Everyone's minus collectively blow and because they can't believe that they can just. Do all that stuff and they had at all and it was but it's always been there I love it. It's just a matter of looking around to learning curve so. How I was are exciting to gays how did. Does it help I have to wonder drug tests from the outside looking at this. I know what it takes. It's a sell someone on financial services soon but how does all of this stuff and upheld thing. The sales agents to sell and then I need audio listening got to get going but more often. I want you to see all life. I like to use this platform to educate the consumer and say you know I have to live with our company and not a saint and I think he shot and by the end you know you should fight you should educate yourself on one out and you want your aging can Austria. Does your agent have certifications that certifications are realtors can you just like. Anyone else seen on financial planning yet other certifications. You should be dealing with someone who's qualified. To help you got three's all you want which is obviously the best price for your home. But you have to trust that person many thanks that this property prices need to be reduced that they're just not trying to pump money in their pocket. More quickly and not gaps for you the best price we have tools. That pulled from the market statistics. Help show you the absorption rain for the county show leaves are trained for many hard show you are trained for that street if there's been more than three console and artistry in the past year pledges is for sure just how long it would take for our property to be sold at. Current market conditions that I think that. And it will get Dina Kraft for our. What pricing mean CBS he sold like it basically gives you an overlap. Of what the best prices. Beyond his. Some people say okay. Vice nasty competitively competitively is holding today's. Mean you just did everything he or spoke seemed to get the house ready like if you patch up a lot to get an appraisal Ugandan inspection. We do all the things on an eerie agents can recommend. And that house without any any price competitive we don't want it sitting there and getting stale house is Kenneth out. And an offensive difference that then the person who says. Ask for a raise and they say OK and they said I should ask for more county area is about. No different it's just that that was the right time and debut dance you know. And maybe you what is it holds for more how do you president Norma menial wrestled for Amare and Boris sun and there yeah anyone out there for six times and you had to go through ten open house is in Tony by shelling and what's your cost than ever going to present value money you know can't. It's bad edge if you want and you make a decision. And try your mind sad that it can call complacency you're Asian. Ask them for the scalability ratios are the scalability rating we have all of these forms that are agency can lose an excel spreadsheets. That resonates well with me because I like to see actual. Statistics and I mean so you're gonna say OK if you prices counted 200000 dollars you're scalability. You know eat it's your house is prodding and found six months I say I'm building a house I'm not an rushed six times is a good time frame for me I think that's up. Stereo right or I'm moving to California and my kids are starting school any telecast next week. This is different clearly can't different situation yeah so need physical tip to DM Brooke attends. Bring this all full circle telling him how they can get in touch with someone you can get ERA once allele I'm I'm. And then using had a fantastic web say it steady at WW dot ERA the number one dot com. And you combine all of our office numbers there feel free call the office is closed this year if you're looking for me I am and normally and to examine office 570. Five days and then 9999. And I'm someone is always available if you're looking for a specific property Google I click on an annual engineering real tense do you combat I know I. You don't look thank you nations thank you know. And we will see you next week. And thanks everybody for listening and happy birthday Lar even relay thanks you. And we'll see as Sony. Be safe and please be nice I.