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Saturday, January 27th

Laurie and Lynn speak to Diane Baldi, President & CEO of Hospice of the Sacred Heart about the effect hospice has on people.


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Following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and. It's time for Laurie in live. Just don't you only did rights and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK yeah. Good morning good morning hour I'm good how are you doing today I am doing very well thank you. You're listening to learn Hamlin show folks in case she didn't know man. But. Well we're taping on Thursday and it is beautiful day today isn't it sun is out. Andy nice is son's hand yes thank the god can I that was a school keys into what you're fairy zero Eagles beat. Things of ice simply put I mean I. It's unbelievable to me yeah I was just so high the one guy called an icebergs and that's exactly what it looked like. Indeed did wow that was I had pretty scary for those west Pittston people could. I mean it's just like Wanda and here we down cleaning flooding volume it's well. Maybe opened up a wall with a landing they don't wanna cities that it tell you I get well. I think and that's scary is that it's really scary kid play is something that is indeed. Mother nature. Yeah yes those funny listening to someone last night and the news he talked about a mother nature doing this man the F and he said. She doesn't know what he's doing excuse me that's my letter mother nature ask you a yeah. Gosh well whenever but anyway regardless fast and things hurricane now we have some rain coming this weekend BNSF. I have both the point is that could create the same issue and now. But as we are fortunately living in a place you and I and Indiana Ohio. And we don't have to worry help. Are right now I do you water in my basement allow the time you know off. I was sump pump and it was gone the other day. Yeah Alia once and that floods that limited January 2000 or 1990 he said was paralyzed yes things I learned. My basement the water. Was. Just forthcoming. In the like a river to my basement the fire department was it was terrible. It's an old done more basement you know I guess so I am Nia yucky. So here's some news to share via. Your children once Tyler. Yeah. Well my sun shine and can fully he has been applying to oaks. A host well he applied to eleven loss schools can't ten all of the top ten and Georgetown which is fourteenth. And so far he has heard from seven. Schools that he's been accepted it that's his. Favorite so far. And where we were screaming and crying at the same time came on Tuesday. Two days after his 24 birthday. Two days after the Eagles won my feet to the whatever and then these NFC championship. And John's favorite team. I was accepted to Harvard Law School yeah so he is. As am I delighted and the other day somebody said something tiger excuse me do you think I don't know that my son's going to Harvard mocked. The so funny. Anyway you had to be you're pathetic yeah but it was so good it was so it's just says those IE eight and worked so hard and she's such a good boy and I am just. I'm tickled pink farm I told her don't fans want his phone is delighted. And I faced so many people have been reaching out to us and you sang I can graduating and it just it he's Anton is since remarkable. And we're thrilled so that's crazy good news for Shawn Jay son yes. Including Arab buy in and mr. Mike Brown. Who's my friend. Mike Brown pharmacy mr. Martin might browns browns pharmacy might have already I don't know him. You don't know mine blew in my exit and dear friend of flowers and his son Ryan who was just accepted to TC MC's medical college Sean and Ryan are best friends. And so he's sending this wonderful taxed and then I'm shuns uncle was in none. Ed Brown's the other day. And he was talking about Mike and then Mike Allen speaks so highly of shine and it's just such a nice so nice thing because that they're just such good friends and I am not a good feeling to have them and so we thank them everybody is so great then. When Nelson went there was something else is gonna tell you know there's an organization. That I don't know if too many people. Know about it and northeastern Pennsylvania and I think more people should know about. I'm gonna take them this opportunity is with our. Air time to talk about it it's called and the EPA. Network curse. And it's a group that was started oh say five years ago. By some. People have been very interested in wanting to keep. Business in northeastern Pennsylvania and to have. People who do loan businesses do business with people in northeastern Pennsylvania. Which has been your mantra for many times about going to places that are. Primarily known rather than the big box yeah yeah and so. They had. A network meaning they did this I know office every month or every other month. But they try to move that around northeastern Pennsylvania and last week. There in January meeting was at the Radisson in Scranton. And they had quite turn out there must have been about fifty or sixty people there which was really great. Some of the people that where there are people that have been at every meeting and that's the standbys are always there. But there are many people on what really. Inspired me was a lot of younger people who had businesses that they had started in northeastern Pennsylvania. And the number one question I kept asking is why here. I mean that's their Monterrey is why here you know why not us and why now now. So I said something about that since this one guy who. That had been here for well he went to the University of Scranton not from here he was from Manhattan I believe. And went back shared after she graduated and started working in decided that he wanted to own business. So he moved back here because he said when I was here. I loved this area I loved. The way people work the work ethic and love the fact that I could raise a family here now worry about the things I worry about. In Manhattan and it was really very uplifting. To hear someone say that. So that that was one when group and then they were probably three or four other people that. I talked to and all of them had great stories to tell but I. Just so impressed by the fact that these are all people under the age of thirty. It's nice to. Yeah that was going on around here that's really consider because I'm so sick of it including my own children. Who say you know. I would never come back Darren can't. Do what I wanna do it can rent money and wanna make and change you know and I hate I hate that but. There right so many ways you know bits and you have these younger kids who are here doing it and they're starting tech company I now. Good stuff I know really good stuff low very low overhead now how did you get involved. Well I was asked to be feet apart and then not skating but to some of them. The principles let's say no until organizations and while you join you know you're northeastern Pennsylvania business owner. You should still come over and to see what's gonna and so. I've been a member of probably about three or four years and the various. Meetings different places sometimes they have a speaker theme. And other times this is the literally networking that's what people do and then they hold these. I'm sure those acute term and I forget what it is where you just get a pop up kind of thing I love that's in other words okay they have pop up. Coffeehouse. Things so someone might say they're gonna sponsor. A pop up caution meeting on Friday morning. Or. Something on Tuesday air for lunch whatever it is people just get together and they they took if they can make it great if not they don't yet good is it. A FaceBook page any PA net workers. And the I think it would be. Very informative for anybody who has a business I would like to do more business in north and northeastern Pennsylvania or. Is looking and how to start a business because there's a lot of support there. Now do you think they aren't they. Brick and mortar is busy now they're not safe so they want some of the mark the I can't say no Osama Lamar but the majority of them. Our consulting businesses say our high tech their health sciences. At their a lot of different. Groups of people that are there and people who are CPAs and attorneys and you know all that sonus professionals there as well. A lot of venture capital people who you know would like to look for the next good thing to happen. So it's all good it's good to none of that's going on in northeastern Pennsylvania. Someone and promoted let other people know that that's out there. Give me you know when asked speaking of true I'm. Born and raised northeastern Pennsylvania again house we have to we have I'm. Birthday wish to birthday gals that are frenzy viewers how does that. Whose birthday when you're listening will be the day before Friday the 26 we have mr. brown is Broderick. Oh is down a buyer bedie. Okay same day same day so wow your holiday memories don't like let us know now yes. So now we're wishing big happy birthday. To Donna by Betty. And it grows Broderick got screwed beautiful talented Smart. Friends of virus very involved in the content on my god I'm you know leave the ball scramble he's source he's so. Happy birthday girl have a birthday yeah happy happy birthday and then and hour one more I have to say and hoses Tammy. How Tommy Antanas Foley's the fourth. Will be tomorrow the 27. So now today what you're missing the 27 should heed my boy my baby boy who isn't really my baby my first born will be 29 years old who. Was he prepared for the big. Transition. Zero he's never had doesn't ever. It's more as his mother prepare column only if it if she. I heard it here all I tell you look at the back. And they say and I'm not your older than me finally home she had a nice. I'm back in your mind it's I'm so happy for shaped my boys club of that's straight yes. Shimbun and I'm trying to think there was something else I wanted to say and I forgot melody and we can get the big shadow to a couple things number one mrs. scam and she is recovering nicely she had some I'm surgery. Another. And it back she's great I talked to the other day and so running into big shout out to mrs. scam lend. And this Gammon restaurant I ice I can Calder to just to check on her and she starting back next week. 'cause is function without I have no idea. We have no idea but why now restaurant one of our saves. And mrs. scam and so we wish you well and I am just. Do well next week when you come back she said she's coming back for a couple hours at the day so that's wonderful good and we'll now sanitize. I'll just in general. About this did this doing like to local people to come by and eat and they instead of the bigger Cheney type things it's okay to sprinkle that in but I just yeah again in which he said before let's focus on the people. Who. Are starting business and and doing what they can't keep things Mormon Mike Mansour is which we go to all the time. Ending in these are restaurants an end we're going to be at the tally is. You were going there tonight another local family run business I mean these are again places I personally I prefer to go to these places. Then two chains and it's just well because there. With a chain and that the people who work there and the people who aren't there could careless. I mean they don't have any accountability to the bottom line. You know so I think all of them and we I I live we mean but I I think instant death lies today is what I'm saying I admit but here's here's Borough and that's where I would say the differences. If you are driving around and you officer and feel I need to use a bathroom. You can launch into any McDonald's Burger King any of those chains. One great in his bathroom and leave and nobody really cares because the people behind the counter. Don't own the business right they don't care show. So there was this whole thing about people feeling good would you feel uncomfortable about walking in no place in using the bathroom and leave. I would more so be concerned about that if I was that tallies. Or if I had that the somebody who had a a a place in the community. You feel a little less. Comfortable doing that then you would if you watch and then McDonald's serves. Yeah I don't know that anyone would do that really they do but Eminem's I'm know known knowledge means to McDonald's they do what I've done it myself but there is now yeah I know my buddy that's my point is that there is some pit out now. Adele accountability yes yes sue to the public and the end of a sense that these accounts skylight would you. Park up to somebody's face Tuesday and a knowing you can use your bathroom yeah I mean look up. Sometime I de link you never know I don't know I think we don't know exciting. OK we're gonna take a quick trip. A quick break we'll be right back you're listening to Larry in my job. You're lowering inland. Hi everybody welcome back you're listening to Larry human shell I'm Lori had the honor of Larry can enterprises which is a fund raising. PR and special. And business and I am Linda Evans I'm the managing director of women of substance LOC a financial planning firm for baby boomer women. And also with a host of a podcast called power of the purse available on. ITunes. Stitcher and will play. Yes may I can kiss my answer thing I was gonna talk about I knew ahead. Yesterday. Which as we're speaking when a ban Wednesday. I recorded the show. Four. At a company is called tech bridge yeah which is a piece of this. North east. Pennsylvanian. Business network type thing I was talking about. And it. My friend Marty wolf is the host. And we did it adds. 94 point three in the talker. And believe we recorded the show leases both speak half an hour I think it was just as I am Johnny blood disappears when you set eyes are. I love Orlando right. Sorry that's the way it works season. And it was earlier it was a great conversation. About it. What I've done that why I decided to stay in northeastern Pennsylvania. And how I succeeded in a business. That was probably no one than a woman was supposed to six he said. We talked about I was thinking about you because we talked about the two choices most women had to. When we graduated from college was a nurse going to let her right thank you so I said well to that extent my mother. Faithfully fed that formula because my sister's the nurse and I hits her lips a and then I thought. About how many of us and we talked about this stuff for how many of us have gone to school for something. And for whatever reason it didn't work out and we did something completely different. We talked about this couple weeks ago. But I was saying I was thinking as I was leaving that you are another classic example of that when you started nursing school in just said knocked. Or yeah I guess I had hit it I knew it wasn't for me when I draft blood at the CMC is the candy stripe though. It was. Didn't go on the floor and just strap that I he carried a panel of Indian mound should the things she did back then then don't they don't do no like literally carrying a thing a blood yeah. I'm whatever it was an ounce plastic thank. And I am ice and in my spilled the water and that lady like the flowers the dollar I think yeah what was I did. Are you doing even thinking but that's because. That was drilled into your head yes they now. And I know I didn't wanna do is I and I think that I say this before but I just so happy and the guts to get the heck out of there. Because so many people just won't go against your parent. That's right and would now want to disappoint I know my parents for good usually disappoint enemy as I can be in my child yes. And it can be heartbreaking. And it's able when he did until the end and the thing is you know I. I think part of that fence from me was. After I graduated and had this degree that everybody says I should get. And I and I didn't have any problem getting it because I really wanted to teach and this is interesting them out this point that's where I'm going back to. I wanted to teach. Women about personal finances. So I'm I'm taking that skill set that I learn and and applying it now later in my life. But when I graduated and there were no teaching jobs I was angry at the world. Because I said hey I did my part was my ears yeah so we're a group where the jobs whereas they offer I don't have any. And so I really went into a messy depression. I go for at least six months to a year it was a mass till I finally crawled out of it myself and so woman there's something else I have to do because I can't just sit here. And it's just evolved after that one thing after another after another. So now when I see young people who are really having a hard time at school and they. Don't know that they want us day and everybody says just stay get the degree. I don't know let them sense you're living example of that you know you didn't get the degree now all kinds. You don't need it. Internet you know what a pity you know what felt it when you think about it you it's it all happens and everything happens for a reason Ali. But I know once I got into banking and I looked around and I was Smart enough to to pay attention to the people who were above me can. And the lack of college degrees they had and we are they were are and where I knew I wanted to go out I knew it really didn't matter back well and then in 197. In 1980. It didn't matter. It matter how good you were at that Kraft and I knew better I was it was not gonna stop me and it didn't and I just kept learning. And doing everything I could. To learn and to hone those skills so that I could get to where I wanted to get that world. And then after you've got to worry wanted to get through in that world than last more than I changed I when I did other stuff yeah 'cause. You know. He's just how once you reach something it's like OK so what where when I go now into and really money right dad and then I'm. Is it I did so you just change it around and that's why should I I never you know I used to be. It's very embarrassed because a girl like some it might aid should not not have an education a college degree. And I would be embarrassed to tell people I didn't so I kinda stay and now I like I tell people I Wear like a badge of honor from him because I told you attempt and my our good friend Betsy fans are asking me to speak against each what's the name of Dayton now American Association of University Women pray and ask me to speak and I said. Sure. I'm and it's simple think about what you want lists talk about sun I called ice bats I had an idea she's so what's that I said. I think someone to tell you ladies who lives college educations that duke. That I how how I succeed without it she goes that's fine you're so. An ice obviously. I'm all about higher education and motion with my children but it wasn't what I needed. Right. So now I just came to conclusion which it says that for years is that now I tell people. Look at I finished nursing in seven months you people take us up every contreras before and I get yeah very quick. I'm so anyway that's. Yet but it's it's not always does and always work out that way but it ten MO that's true. It doesn't and then I think it's rich it is exactly what you said it is the mindset you have. About your. Choices and your ability to death to make the choice yeah and the and the thing is you get yourself an and that tunnel vision of if I don't have a degree I can't do desk. But there's no encouragement from the outside about what do you do if you don't have a college degree. Because everybody has other things one on the the other choices it can you should go to a technical school until things well I was right now now it's well going back to back. Yes and that's because those people make a lot of money spent you know what I really wanted to do when doing any side going to Hollywood. I am was. She was. I wanted to go to cosmetology I want it to be I wanted to do hair and makeup that's what I wanted to do. Okay and now I was not even that when they weren't even from. I could even utter the words in our house contacts. And I still think about that tees and say I like I just think that's so neat like I could definitely be. Q can I could do and that's just something I always love I think it's wonderful how does your sister how to concentrate now OK but she went to. Floral designing school when she determined that she. Knew what she wanted to do she went to school and was trained and dash cam day yes listen parents yes because she. Barbara Dooley decided that this that was and she didn't know where she would kind of which road to go and that's what she did and that's what her living has been and she's hone that skill beautifully it's an art it's a it's a four it's an art form ten minutes so big she is getting this specialized training and that. Yeah okay none of them my brother Jimmie does not sure when do you I think for almost three and a half years didn't finish. And I met my brother Timmy graduated from Johnson with three in cart with a degree in an associate degree and non carpentry so it's every year program he did yeah. But now and who. It's everybody. Is an entrepreneur our family. Eccentric Tammy who got the college degree yes and he is the one. Who works for someone else because he's in construction management does he's in Florida there's the work is very abundant cash and left here 'cause that wasn't and went there. And must set but doesn't need is that he doesn't need to be on a zombie is not like he's a Foreman he loves what he's doing and loves working for people in that hole. You know that whole. And a bit and he's not looking to do anything else but my sister my brother and I my mother you could say because she was sent private duty nurse that was around business and my father so we all kind of had that. I say serial entrepreneur Norris you know via. Well we you know we grew up in a family of I'm I'm the third generation. Of entrepreneurs. My brother who lives in Florida. He does doesn't he doesn't think. The last six weeks at the University of Scranton and says this is not for me yes and he works with my sister in law and they've developed a business. She does a lot of training corporate training programs. And then my sister is the only one who really. Did that route she has so an undergraduate degree from Mary would Collins was nursing. At the time. If you could do three years and become a registered RA was she chose to do the extra which was unusual. Yeah that was not I mean there's some wonderful schools that had but not and then he bragged. She was I think the last graduating class from sands say. I'm with nursing degree and so she got them then bachelor's degree in nursing she finished theme requirements for that. And then when she went to Philadelphia she also went to Villanova and got a master's degree. So she's the one who has the most. Formal education. Now yes three of us but they entrepreneurial thing is very much a part of my world yes I do you know that's that's how we were raised in that world and they were the ups and the downs in my gut for their ups and downs but. They know that's the way it works you have to have that tolerance for that kind of a variation and in your life and insanity the volatility of what it is and if you can't and you need a job. Yeah and the other thing is when you think back of where you went in the road she chose and which I think we talked about a little bit last week yeah it's amazing. It to come out. And I miss I know I can't I if these things just keep surfacing for me and it MO ever so even based. In the week with China and is it with good stuff I know what you do with your kids and and it's just staring into stuff that happens it's just think can an easy this thing Jay did to get into that and that could see the pain and that's. I don't wanna say east suffering because that's not the right word but then there's tribulations. And trials and tribulations that go along. With getting their so the good and the bad. The fear of the Annie yeah lots it's in the lost sleep all that tennis and I just keep trailing please please. On an antenna that's in anything ma yeah. But I think more so when you're not a norm because the buck stops here how do you yes choices you make are significant for everybody else tells her oh. Yeah Pennsylvania where it is and as. But everything. Is coming up roses let me just take singing that plays so well. Well we're going to take our leave the field and so bad after one more segment mind you scoop we have tell him all these hot she is these CEO. President and CEO of hospice of the sacred heart she's joining us today and we moment. That fidelity bank was supposed to be careless. I'm and we in the limo. Something went on where they couldn't get here so we will see them next month probably for a double hit I told JoAnne Lynn so we'll take care then next I can't. But anyway we will be right back you're listening to the Larry Allen shot. Here Gloria and win. Hi we're back my name is Linda Evans Siam city. Managing director of a new company I created in just a short time ago called women substance LLC. I am also the host of a podcasts cult power of the purse. Available on iTunes stitcher and go will play and a whole bunch of others simply don't know about yet. Above the. That fear and I'm Larissa and Mia and I'm sorry ten enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business and your listen business. And you're listening so are you in shock and our guest today is so lovely. Diane ball DR Rand. 'cause we have to play off that and had an RN stuff Diana is the president and CEO of hospice of the sacred heart. One company that I hold dearly and sold as Glenn. Having had Aaron hunt gold. I'm feet taking care of so well and Rae Lin makes adrenaline up the F extremely. And Diana's with the same when you talk a little bit about all things going and then. And I need to do I think it's important let's talk a little bit about should the misconception. Is a hospice. What people think it is I think most people think it is just the last three days of your life and it's so not that it's so much more than that could we kind of I mean yeah I know you've other things to say but could you kind of clear that I push what the average stay is which I. Thought you told me once and I repeated it and every mom was like no way I said India. But it's been his. It's such as complicated. And confusing. Part of very British life and I think when people hear hospice. They think just like you said three to five days to come and that steps a lifespan and it truly is and that it all. Now across the country ever since essays about 65 days so that's two months to truth of the matter is. It's a six month benefits or really even beating they need that way they need to add our average daily census and harmonization is about 61 days so. That's a good news I think people are terrified I just had a a neighbor of very good neighbor more than his brother was going to come into the program. And when they heard the word hospice I often tease I caught DH toward because it's like a curse her and she gave for so terrified. Because they think it equates staph an an unnecessarily. Told you this before that I. One guy gets satisfaction surveys back from the from the survivors. The marries the only one of the few complaints says I was who knew about this sooner. Because to try to get the word out and nobody really wants to sit around Thanksgiving Day and talk about. Hospice care and HR and because it's supposed to talk about death diet. I would there is a time to do that and you certainly may Jewish is known in my aunt. And I think Kostis is a very complicated. In everybody's mind. Because it's really it's only used it to kingdom into being in 1983 so it's kind of Aaron neophyte in terms of health care so. But it is it's a wonderful. Program that Natalie hopes the patient. It's also whose family. Because when a patient that you know and love this and your family and you're sick you that in essence her sake as well the whole family suffers from the illness so. Desperate I think that the important news is too bad about hospice care Colin and see what we can do see how can help you fix is just not the patient. Who'll give all the finest clinical and spiritual emotional care to but also family. And the other thing is staying in the summit and people think that that means you're actually in the inpatient unit turned area and correct and that's the own. Only way that's what it is an end and now I'll honesty before I started doing. Some work with you I think that's what I thought and and it's so so not that it right. And actually when hospice was established him in this country. All the patients for home. And because there is a lot of caregiver and women world in the workforce as much you know back in the early eighties. And they weren't there to take care of the patients harmed. And then as C inpatient unit started to develop may be. Twenty years ago it seemed that the that the public side of hospice is building. It is not it's wherever you call home and I think that that is a very confusing thing we do provide services to. How were you call home he could be your residency could be an assistant living. Personal care or nursing home. Teachers as we had a patient at about four or five years ago who actually lived in the tent. Steve park and that was I'm. Considered home and we we went to provide services to America's so I think that's the confusing part but it is to building the hospice unit is a short term. That's that's for kind of a crisis management I caught the hospice icu it's in that length of stays really only about five to six days to get. So that's what I think people think it's only that and that's why he's so important to let people understand. And then the final left Diane that you do beach and the debris men's issue now. That's part of its components. That's the followed by no I was telling you the other day when I don't know if I told you I was talking to Jerry know Terry Annie and commissioner Terry Manning about something. And I said something about hospice and he said. I can't believe it because I just you know the other day my phone rang I didn't know who was is he said that I answered it. He said and it was hospice calling house is a sacred heart calling. To see how. We were asked him did he said at the death of my mum and the death of my mother's husband his step dad new and different things that he did you just don't think like Al this time after action and their filing on and that's it's not this that's so important because. Even with iron. The new leaf founded can't peeling hard cinch and what we did this year with the arts community and the wonderful artist Diana and these children who. R&B. The legacy of the people thing you've had the privilege of taking care of and but there's still look at a loss. So sure they are and they think Tom Medicare when they put together I. Only in those people who drafted very original Medicare hospice benefit bill. We're Smart Tom because the end suggest as an end you know when that patient dies she could you do as you said you have. A group of survivors and that's so important to deal with them because they for the length of time think sometimes it's years to take care for this patient. And how we're gonna care for them. I'm very proud to say that our programs are so. Worthwhile and so well thought out because they're not always takes care of children as you mentioned but adults and people lost a mom people Boston dad people lost a spouse. And there's so many programs are programs are tree to the community just not to patients feeling so we've cared for a very open to do community. I strongly encourage if you're having. I did a problem with the Los please call us because there aren't counselors always available in May be just that you intra programmed. Even if it's a 101 session that might benefit you because. The pain. It did in Israel and grieving Israel and everybody grieves in different manner. And for as much different length of time national someone who thought they had it licked in a couple of years after it hits a reminder write an anniversary. But Nancy you're saying even if you weren't cared for your runner and your loved one by house this year is sure everything is open to the absolutely what one thing we need to talk about I think one should learn problems that you do I'm a monthly basis at this center for. I am education I'm montage mountain road that she is on going at twist in a little bit this year right you wanna talk it's how it's a little bit of a twist that you'll. And I think it's a great twist because for this year and thank you to John and Michael for Betty for sponsoring this shared. As a disaster yes this year we're doers highlighting and showcasing other area nonprofits. I'm besides hostesses say comparison for every month we have. Local. Not for profits for example would be and we have voluntary action serie a Marlins mission ran dress for success shows is efficacy caught up keystone national host. The different nonprofits to. Be able to let our community that comes into our lunch and learn learn about them he gives him a little bit. I opportunity to use talent that community what's going on in their arm because he is they don't always had the advertising dollars more the a way to get information about what to do they're great services and there's it's a hundred nonprofit consumer gonna do twelve they hopefully do you can't necessarily do out everywhere. At times but he has so far Malcolm how can we handle a wonderful response should because those organizations and and being from a nonprofit it's sometimes it can be thankless and Neil I think everybody knows he's doing. In terms of getting your message out but it does helps those who wonderful programs do that. What the other thing I think can win you would agree because you're involved in so many things still. The collaboration. There between non profit and nonprofit celebrate each other and and me and using your good. Where will amazing you been able to accomplish and you have a little a budget to do. To help the others who maybe can't com or like until and can't do it and you bring him and that's I'm looking forward to it because I'm nick I'm gonna have an education yeah. Hey that's tonight aren't sure what each movie I would nonprofits doing what they specialize in it's it's important when you know from a granting standpoint. They all want collapse. Operation short oh yeah I I was gonna say it's event even though I've had a personal experience with hospice. I didn't realize a lot of say what you just send loans available to the general public. And I mean I do understand that hospice has opportunities for people to stay at home maintenance do all that different sixty plus days. I don't know that it that that anybody ever mention anything about that to my uncle. You know he was he was hospitalized. For awhile. But he did go home and then he came back to the hospital. When he was at home he should've had that kind of care but I don't think anybody in the system memory talked to him. How to quit and that's that's tough. Did it on and you know yes facing valley forge Pennsylvania can't avoid blame and I certainly am not a position to do so but I think that. And it's it's really do education right education peace through. The hospitals you know social services case venues while Noah but sometimes it's almost it it's still and complicated confusing as they say to most health care professionals. And they may think or don't call hospice she had because they're and then when they do cause to say because there's nothing else I can be done yeah. I ask Ali your uncle we're actually there is something Yankee brand we can provide the pain management provides support to families surprised soap opera to support to the patient. And I think bad C education I came flaming out thirty years later Russell saying about his sister was I mean so they don't. ATI traders were at that time saying it but I think people are it is unless it's a share factor. Yes I'm sure does yeah so I and I'm glad to know list and his there's an elephant. I was also been asked how many people do you get to these constant learns well it depends because we do as far as CP and has been known a world of Aristide he's been. I'm Maria says Iranians are things held true. I'm depending on topics and went on I was say average of fifteen years to seventy has potential we plan for drugs just even my nine inch yeah we have a wonderful crowd's anger on Sunday and so never regulars. And it gives them an opportunity. To come out for lunch it's free wonderful lunch. And have to be educated on something and then they may go shopping for their you know what I mean so if you're at the moment there. Early break there so well his first taste so well already have great questions and I'll know where regret and I always ask yours and we have everything is the first time you've been here assists. And it's always a couple hands so besides a regular Bristol getting some new customers as advertised in the paper money and it shows what do you know when it is and it is it's cute little lunch Saturday so. And let's give a shout out to and if you newest employees would you like to mention madness. I would be happy to re doing MCI. Own was a friend to many times and tell us. And weren't very grateful and thankful that Randy is with us now he's you know he's my moral compass and on many things and but true our wonderful. Advertising executives. And he's doing our he's now play as our director of communications. And we're very happy to have them yeah he's the torn homeland Nancy SEC east and as Diana said we think she's really London. Crayons I did say. Daily and it could you let everybody know. All the information on where they can get in touch with anyone who they may need to talk to pass that's sure I am gonna give you everybody in the main number and this area code 570706. Tony 400. For any questions if you have certain bereavement questions and know about the programs that are available we have. Probably about ten to twelve programs that are available Stephen Carr center for education a montage mountain road directly at 570. 3449027. And no pitch for antitrust on. I councils in that department and your web site. Pasta sacred heart dot org we can. So there you heard it. There's more information you know a little bit more about it please call them and they are truly a wonderful organization led by a very competent and escalating. So we thank you for joining us Diane have a very good weekend for men and enjoy your weekend next weekend this super. So will talk to will see you next week thanks for listening. He's safe and please be nice and I.